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Aiper AIPURY1500 Review: Pool Cleaning Robot

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Our tests of the latest Aiper Smart pool vacuum cleaner are finally here. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the Aiper Smart AIPURY1500, a cordless robotic pool cleaner that launched earlier this year. It comes with a large 8,600 mAh battery, powerful triple motors, and smart sensors.

Dreame’s Self-Emptying Robot


Aiper Smart AIPURY1500

The Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 is the first wireless pool cleaning robot equipped with triple motors. It has excellent wall climbing abilities and can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. Plus, it requires no installation. You simply switch it on, drop it in the pool, and let it do all the hard work for a hands-free cleaning experience.Check Price


  • Cordless design
  • Wall-climbing function
  • Large filter basket 
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Anti-rollover technology
  • Suitable for large in/above ground pools


  • Short battery life
  • Minor navigational issues


Cordless Pool Cleaning Robot
  • Design - 93%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 88%
  • Value - 90%


The Aiper AIPURY1500 is a cordless robotic pool cleaner that covers surfaces of up to 1,615 square feet. It features a four-wheel-drive system, a powerful battery, and wall-climbing abilities. The large filter basket can trap leaves, sticks, and other debris without getting clogged, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency. I would recommend this robot cleaner for large residential pools or those located near trees and bushes.

Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 Design 

With its compact design, the Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 resembles a robot vacuum cleaner. It has a slightly rectangular shape, four large wheels, and top load filter cartridges. It drives around, sucks stuff up, and has an internal bin that you can remove to empty leaves, dirt, and debris. 

Front of the Aiper Aipury pool cleaning robot
Front of the Aiper Aipury pool cleaning robot

Featuring a triple-axis motor, smart sensors, and advanced gyroscopic navigation, it ensures a hands-free cleaning experience. We were impressed with its wall-climbing function, too. Other notable features include its dynamic dual scrubbing brushes and the large battery. 

As you expect, the AIPURY1500 is waterproof. Your only job is to press the switch button and place it in the pool. The robot will automatically stop near the pool walls after completing a cleaning cycle or when the battery level is low. 

Aiper Aipury 1500 pool cleaning robot
Aiper Aipury 1500 pool cleaning robot

Its overall design is pleasing to the eye, with shades of black, white, and gray. The on/off switch is located next to the charging port on the top of the robot. There’s also a yellow button that you’ll have to press in order to access the dust bin, or filter basket. 

The dual scrubbing brushes can be found in the front of the cleaner. Their role is to pick up leaves, bugs, and debris and transport them into the dust bin. The anti-rollover system prevents the robot from turning upside down in the pool. 

Size and Dimensions 

The AIPURY1500 is about 3x as heavy as a robot vacuum, weighing 23.4 pounds.

It measures 19.5″ x 17″ x 11.8″ and has a compact design. 

Robot vacuums, by comparison, are about 12″ or 13″ wide and 3″ to 3.5″ tall.

Height of the Aiper Aipury 1500
Height of the Aiper Aipury 1500
Width of the Aiper Aipury 1500 pool cleaning robot
Width of the Aiper Aipury 1500


Overall, the Aiper AIPURY1500 looks and feels really well made. It’s like a mini tank. It also has good weight and balance, which allows it to stay on all four wheels and navigate your pool smoothly. 

The robot pool cleaners I have used in the past lasted no more than three or four years. Granted, most of those units are $300 to $400.

The Aiper is sturdy and considerably more expensive than other models, and the build quality feels solid. Considering these aspects, we expect it to last longer.

Aiper AIPURY1500 debris

What’s in the Box?

The Aiper comes with a user manual, a wall charger, and a hook attachment. You will use the hook to pull the robot out of the water. 

Hook to retrieve the Aiper Aipury 1500
Hook to retrieve the Aiper Aipury 1500

This robotic pool cleaner is as simple as it can be. You don’t have to replace the filter or carry a bunch of accessories with you.

Mesh debris basket for the Aiper Aipury pool cleaning robot
Mest debris basket – Aiper Aipury 1500

The mesh basket is easy to access and remove, which allows you to clean the filters as needed. 

Installation and Setup

As mentioned earlier, the AIPURY1500 requires no installation. Simply follow these steps to get it started: 

  1. Press the power button and dip the front end of the robot in the pool.
  2. After a few seconds, it starts to churn water and air out the top of the unit. This process removes the air from your robot cleaner. 
  3. Next, you can fully submerge the robot and let it sink to the bottom of the pool. 

In our initial test, the Aiper still seemed to keep churning out air for another 30 seconds or so once it reached the bottom of the pool. After that, it started cleaning. 

Aiper AIPURY1500 robot cleaning the bottom of the pool
Aiper AIPURY1500 robot cleaning the bottom of the pool

How Does It Work?

The Aiper AIPURY1500 can clean pools of up to 1,640 square feet. What makes it stand out from other models is its innovative four-wheel design, which allows it to climb and scrub the pool walls. The large 8,600 mAh battery is quite impressive, too. 

Personally, I was surprised by the speed at which it moves around the pool. It does cover a lot of ground fast. It was able to go from one end of a pool to the other (a 30-foot distance) in just three to four minutes.

Aiper AIPURY1500 robot cleaning the bottom of the pool
The Aiper crosses the length of the pool pretty quickly.

Aiper’s latest robot cleaner also has a surprising level of suction and grip. The combination of tank-like wheels and suction allows it to climb all the way to the tile line, evening cleaning the tile.

In our initial test, the robot almost flipped over on its back. It had cleaned up a curved bottom section of the pool and got on its back two wheels. It stayed on just 2 wheels for about 10 seconds or so before regaining balance and getting on all four wheels.

Buttons on the Aiper AIPURY1500 pool robot

I was also happy to see that it was able to drive over an in-pool wall light without losing suction or falling back to the bottom. These are fairly common in the pools in Arizona—where I live.

Aiper AIPURY1500 Cleaning Performance 

Aiper’s cleaning performance was a bit of a mixed bag. 

After testing it for several days, I can say that it does a pretty nice job. It cleans better than any other traditional pool vacuum I’ve used in the past. 

Paddles on the Aiper AIPURY1500 pool cleaning robot

However, there are some issues that ought to be considered:

  • Floating navigation issue. One common problem we have experienced was when the robot would clean to the surface, release pressure, and then float back down to the bottom. When it does this, it would often end up in a different position on the bottom compared to where it started its wall ascent. As a result, it could miss large sections while cleaning up the wall.
  • Another issue is related to its short runtime. Most pool vacuums run daily, so using this machine every day means a lot of work. Charge it up, put it into the pool, let it run, take it out of the pool, dry it off, charge it up, empty the basket, and then repeat daily.
  • Small battery. In general, I like the concept behind this cordless pool vacuum. However, the battery capacity needs to be improved to the point that I don’t have to charge it every day. Solar charging would be an option, too. 

In our cleaning tests, the robot got stuck once on a built-in bench. Beyond that, it was able to handle the interior spaces of the pool without getting stuck. 

While the AIPURY1500 is not perfect in the way it paths around the pool, its performance is still quite good overall. When I checked the filter basket, it was full of dirt, leaves, sticks, and other debris. Therefore, the Aiper really gets the job done. 

Plus, it was quite effective at cleaning up the walls, all the way up to the tile line.


Where the robot lacks is more in terms of cleaning usability rather than cleaning performance.

The 90-minute runtime is fairly short, especially for bigger pools. This means you’ll need to charge the robot every time you use it.

Other pool vacuum cleaners can run for up to eight hours, but they are considerably slower. 

Back view of the Aiper AIPURY1500

When the battery runs low, the Aiper will drive to the edge of your pool. From there, you’ll use the hook (along with your multi-attachment pool pole) to pull it out of the water. Charge it for about seven to eight hours before using it again. 

Contents of the debris box after cleaning - Aiper AIPURY1500
Contents of the debris box after a few days of cleaning – Aiper AIPURY1500

The filter basket is fairly easy to clean, but you may need a hose to get the dirt, leaves, and other debris out of it. Open up the doorway, take the dust bin out, remove the debris, and then rinse the mesh.

Aiper AIPURY1500 Features 

The Aiper’s navigation system is quite impressive. 

This robot pool cleaner uses the SmartNav 2.0 scanning technology, anti-rollover technology, and advanced gyroscopic navigation.

On top of that, it includes an accelerometer. Such features allow it to navigate the pool with ease and avoid obstacles. 

Power cord for charging the Aiper AIPURY1500
Power cord for charging the Aiper AIPURY1500

Let’s see other notable features:

  • 8,400 mAh lithium battery—The AIPURY1500 has a larger battery capacity than any other Aiper robot pool cleaner. This makes it ideal for large pools. 
  • 4-Wheel drive system—This feature allows it to climb the pool walls with ease. 
  • Anti-rollover technology, which prevents the robot from turning upside down while cleaning your pool
  • Self-dock technology—The robot stops near the pool walls when the battery is dying or after completing a cleaning cycle. 
  • IPX8 waterproof—This technology allows you to submerge the robot in water deeper than one meter (3.2 feet). 


The Aiper AIPURY1500 requires minimal maintenance. Your only job is to clean the filter basket when it gets full. 

How to remove the debris box on the Aiper AIPURY1500
How to remove the debris box on the Aiper AIPURY1500

Is the AIPURY1500 a Good Value?

Overall, this robot cleaner offers excellent value for the money. It’s compact, sturdy, and fast, making it easier to keep your pool clear year-round. Plus, it navigates the pool with ease and comes with a large mesh basket that can store loads of debris. 

While the performance is definitely good, the usability is such that personally I’d have a really hard time wanting to use this robot. There’s just too much work. 

My traditional pool vacuum isn’t great, but I also don’t have to think about it at all. It just does its job without any work from my end.

Aiper AIPURY1500 cleaning the bottom of the pool

If your pool doesn’t have a built-in vacuum cleaning system then the value of the AIPER definitely goes up, as it could function as a full replacement to a more traditional cleaning system.

Who Should Buy the Aiper AIPURY1500 Robot Pool Cleaner?

I would recommend the Aiper AIPURY1500 if you’re looking for these features in a robot pool cleaner:

  • Cordless design for increased convenience and maneuverability
  • Large mesh basket with superior filtering abilities
  • Up to 1,614 square feet (150 square meters) of coverage 
  • Great suction power 
  • Wall-climbing abilities
  • Can be used for cleaning in/above ground pools

All in all, the AIPURY1500 is easy to use and offers incredible suction. Plus, it’s a good choice for large pools, regardless of their shape. 

Cleaning paddles on the Aiper AIPURY1500

Note, though, that this isn’t a budget robot cleaner. You’ll want to make sure you actually need these features before paying the price. 

For more information on the Aiper AIPURY1500 robot pool cleaner, check it out here. 

Aiper AIPURY1500 Specifications

Dimensions19.5″ x 1″ x 11.8″
Weight23.4 lbs.
Cleaning SurfaceIn-ground or Above-ground pools
Coverage1,615 sq. ft.
Maximum Depth6.56 ft (2 meters)
Battery8,600 mAh
Battery Life90 minutes
Charge Time7-8 hours
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty2-year limited
Check PriceCheck Price

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  1. Why does the 1500 run back works so much? I believe the cleaner brushes and the machine are to be going forward mostly?
    It seems to be doing a lot of wheelies as well , thus missing areas to be cleaned

  2. Stats show that it has a maximum of 6.56 Ft depth. Is that correct and accurate? My pool is 9 ft deep, will it work?

    • Unfortunately, I’m not sure. That’s a question for the manufacturer. But I would doubt it.

  3. Hi Derek,

    1. I bought Aiper 1000 and returned it because cleaner picked up oak tree leaves 3.5 inches max. The rest leaves up to 5 inches are left in my swimming pool. I cannot find details about leave size for this model 1500. Any idea?
    2. Amazon’s product info does not provide details about depth and bottom slope. I see in your review the max depth is 6.56 ft. My pool has a slope about 15 degree and depth from 3 ft to about 7.5 ft. Can I use this cleaner for my swimming pool?

    • 1. We didn’t have any super large leaves to test against, but I will say I would be surprised if it could handle 5″ leaves.

      2. I don’t think you’d have any issue with the bottom slope. Since the machine is capable of climbing walls all the way to the surface it’ll have no issues with that slope.