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Albany Park Sofa Review

Derek Hales

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Albany Park is a sofa company that designs and manufactures modern, flat pack sofas, right from the heart of Texas. It boasts a simple design, with flexible options.

Fast, Affordable, Modern Sofas


Albany Park Sofa

Albany Park sofas come in three different collections and have a good selection of options without being overwhelming. These sofas are easy to assemble. During our tests it only took us around 15 minutes. In addition, the 3 different collections offer 3 distinctly different feels and firmness levels. Based on our usage tests, we found the Albany Park sofa supportive, while still having plenty of pressure relief and comfort. It’s great for sitting, lying, all while looking aesthetically beautiful.Check Price


  • 3 different collections available with different fabric and finish options
  • Assembles in about 15 minutes without any tools
  • Free shipping with 3-5 business delivery (provided it’s in stock) time from when you place the order


  • 10% restocking fee upon return or 20% restocking fee if original packaging is not used


Fast Assembly, Excellent Quality & Comfort
  • Design - 97%
  • Performance - 96%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 95%
  • Value - 95%


The Albany Park lineup offers 3 different collections—Albany, Park, and Kova. Within these 3 styles, there is a good range of firmnesses, design aesthetic, and flexible fabric options. When we tested the Park sofa in-house, we found the sofa to be high quality, quick to assemble, and comfortable. Support foams feel above average, while the comfort layer of polyester fiber and down blend is a dense enough mix to pressure excellent pressure relief.

Prefer to watch rather than read? We’ve got our Albany Park review video below:

Who is Albany Park?

Albany Park builds and sells modern sofas, loveseats, armchairs, ottomans, and more. The business model is based on simplicity, easy assembly, and fast shipping—essentially taking all of the worst parts of buying a sofa and eliminating them.

Albany Park sofa
Albany Park sofa

Where is Albany Park located?

The company is based in Texas with its main office in Houston and the warehouse in Humble, TX—a 20-minute drive between the two locations.

The Collections

The Albany Park lineup consists of three different collections—Albany, Park, and Kova.


Albany sofa - Albany Park
  • Medium Firm
  • Pocket Coils + 2 Foam Layers
  • 5 Fabric Options; 2 Leg Options
  • Sofa, Sectional, Loveseat, Armchair & Ottoman


Park sofa - Albany Park
  • Medium Plush
  • 2 Foam Layers + Feathers
  • 4 Fabric Options; 2 Leg Options
  • Sofa, Sectional, Armchair & Ottoman


Kova sofa - Albany Park
  • Cloud-Soft
  • 100% Feather-Fiber Blend
  • 2 Fabric Options
  • Modular Configurations

Each collection is available in a couple of different designs, with varying finishes and sizes. The Kova collection also has an accompanying console table.

Relaxing on the Albany Park sofa
Relaxing on the Albany Park sofa

The mark of Albany Park is that all of their collections assemble in about 15 minutes and ship to your door in 3-5 days (provided it’s in stock).

Albany Park Materials & Design

Each collection of Albany Park sofa is made from a similar set of materials. The part include:

  • Legs
  • Seat
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Cushions

How does it go together?

The seat, back, and arms all connect with a tool-free assembly that is fast an easy for one person to do alone.

Albany Park sofa
Sitting upright on the Albany Park

The legs screw into the bottom of the base with a single bolt that can be tightened with an Allen wrench (provided).

All cushions are loose and can just be set directly on top, that’s all.

What is it made of?

Overall, this sofa is a blend of 90% polyester fiber + 10% polyurethane foam.

The back and arm cushions are 100% polyester fiber.

Polyester fiber seems pretty standard. It’s packed to a moderate density, so it still has a reasonable level of pressure relief and give, while providing good support.

Sofa seat cushion filling (polyester fiber + down blend)
Sofa seat cushion filling (polyester fiber + synthetic feathers blend)

The seat cushion is a 3 piece assembly.

  1. Synthetic feathers+ polyester fiber
  2. Support poly foam (top)
  3. Support poly foam (base)

The top comfort layer of the seat cushion is a blend of synthetic feathers and poly fiber. Looks to be about a 50:50 blend, but that’s just a guess. In any case, pretty comfortable feel to it.

Seat filling on the Park sofa by Albany Park
Synthetic feathers + polyester fiber blend in the seat cushion

The top layer of synthetic feathers and polyester provides initial comfort and softness, while the poly foam underneath provides support and pressure relief.

Support foam on the Park sofa - Albany Park
Seat cushion layers

The glue layer is pretty thin between the two layers of support foam and it was easy to pull together apart. However, I’m not sure that’s a huge deal since most consumers will never open / cut into these foam layers.


There are three different leg styles available from Albany Park, depending on which collection you select.

  • Straight leg (Albany collection only)
  • Tapered leg (Park collection only)
  • Club leg (Kova collection only)
Legs on the Albany Park sofa
Tapered black steel leg

Regardless of which style / collection you go with, the legs all attach to the base in the same way and have a sleek look to them.


The seat, back, and arms all connect together with a metal connection that simply slides into place, no tools required.

Base of the Albany Park sofa
Base of the Albany Park sofa

Shipping the base unassembled allows the Albany Park sofa to ship quicker and cheaper than if the sofa were shipper assembled. It also makes it easier to move the sofa, if needed.


There are three kids of seat cushions from Albany Park.

  • Albany Sofa: Pocket Coils + 2 Foam Layers
  • Park Sofa: 2 Foam Layers + Feathers
  • Kova Sofa: 100% Feather-Fiber Blend
Seat styles on the Albany Park sofas
Seat styles on the Albany Park sofas (From left to right: Albany, Park, Kova)

Although the exact details may vary between collections and exact sizes of sofas / sectionals, the Albany and Kova sofa generally have divided seat cushions, while the Park sofa uses one long cushion for the seat.

Seat cushion for the Albany Park sofa
Seat cushion without the cover on


The arms of the Albany Park vary based on which collection you shop from. The Albany and Kova arms are a bit more structured with square tops.

Frame of the Albany Park sofa
Arms of the Albany Park sofa

By comparison, the Park arms are quite a bit thinner and have a cushioned look to them.

In addition to the actual arm, there is also an arm cushion, which sits loosely on top of the seat.

Albany Park sofa arm pillow
Albany Park sofa arm pillow

The arm cushion has a zippered closure and an inside lining that contains the loose polyester fiber.

Inside filling of the Albany Park sofa arms (Park sofa shown)
Inside filling of the Albany Park sofa arms (Park sofa shown)


The back of the Albany Park sofa has loose cushions that sit freely against the solid back.

Back cushion of the Albany Park sofa
Back cushion of the Albany Park sofa

As mentioned above, the back panel installs easily into the base of the sofa.

Albany Park sofa back cushions without the cover
Albany Park sofa back cushions without the cover

Albany Park Sofa Testing

At Modern Castle we try to bring a testing-driven approach to all of our reviews. For sofas and couches we complete six different tests to help showcase the feel and comfort attributes.

The following is based on the model we tested, the Albany Park Park sofa in the distressed vegan leather.





Pressure Relief




Motion Transfer




Bounce Test

To test bounce we drop a 12 pound medicine ball from around 18″ above the primary seat cushions and see how high it bounces back up.

Bounce on the Albany park was low. The thick comfort layer of polyester fiber and synthetic feathers absorb much of the energy.

Sinkage Test

To test sinkage we place three 12 pound medicine balls across the sofa so you can visually see the sinkage depth.

Sinkage on the Albany Park sofa
Sinkage on the Albany Park sofa

Since the comfort layers are so soft you’ll get several inches of sinkage and then hit the core support foam.

Pressure Relief Test

Overall we found pressure relief to be excellent. The thick comfort layer does a nice job of creating a comfortable surface to lie or sit on, relieving pressure in all positions.

Support Test

I only weigh around 140 pounds, so I certainly don’t put as much pressure on the support foams. While I personally felt well supported by the foams I think users who are heavier may find it lacking.

Sinkage tests at the edge of the sofa
Sinkage tests at the edge of the sofa

To that end, you may want to choose a firmer sofa, as the specific model we tested is likely best suited for consumers less than 200 pounds.

Motion Transfer Test

To test motion transfer we drop medicine balls to assess movement across the seat cushions, in addition to abruptly sitting on the sofa.

Just as bounce was minimized due to the comfort materials, so was motion transfer. Most of the energy was absorbed, so motion transfer is low.

Firmness Tests

We tested the Park sofa and found it to be quite comfortable. The Park sofa falls in the middle in terms of firmness. The Albany sofa is a bit firmer. And the Kova sofa is softer.


Medium Firm


Medium Soft


Cloud Soft

Overall, I found the sofa to be comfortable with a nice balance between, sinkage, bounce, and responsiveness.

The Park sofa isn’t ultra-soft or too firm. It falls somewhere in the middle, which matches up with the Albany Park firmness assessment as well.

How to Assemble an Albany Park Couch

Assembly on the Albany Park sofa is fast. It only took us about 15 minutes (with 2 people). All of the pieces arrive in a flat-pack style and no tools are required (besides the Allen wrench provided for the legs.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get it done:

  1. Unbox all pieces and cushions.
  2. Set the base on its side and screw in the legs (using the allen wrench provided). Set upright.
  3. Slide the arms and back into the base (no tools required).
  4. Loosely place the seat cushion and back cushion.
  5. You’re done.
Underside of the Park Sofa during assembly
Underside of the Park Sofa during assembly

FYI: If you think this sofa may not work out, be sure to save the original packaging. Albany Park charges a 10% restocking fee for returns, but that number goes up to 20% if you need to return without the original box.

The was one of the simplest sofas we’ve put together and I appreciated the tool-free nature of the assembly.

Having a sofa that arrives disassembled can make it easier to take the sofa to your room or to relocate when you’re moving.

How to Buy An Albany Park Sofa?

There is no brick-and-mortar storefront for the Albany sofa. All sofas are sold online with a 30-day return window if it ends up not working out.

Here’s how to place an order:


Online, you can select from the 3 different collections—Albany, Park, or Kova. Within each collection, you can scroll through available pieces and make a selection.

Albany Park sofa - how to order
Albany Park sofa – how to order

Each furniture piece will include pricing, images, and the ability to make some selections regarding fabric and metal finishes.

The listing page also includes information on:

  • Dimensions and Details
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Shipping and Returns


Most Albany Park sofas should arrive at your door within 3-5 business days after it ships. To be safe, maybe give it a week, but that’s still a lot faster than the traditional wait times for large furniture.

Trials & Returns

All Albany Park items have a 30-day trial period and return window. If you decide the sofa is not right for you within that window, you can return, but keep in mind… returns aren’t free.

All returns (except for those based on manufacturer defects or damage) will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

And that number jumps up to 20% if you try and return the item without the original packaging.

Should You Buy the Albany Park Sofa?

So all things considered, is the Albany Park sofa right for you? It’s simple, offers basic customization, and has a sleek aesthetic to fit a variety of design styles.

I would recommend Albany Park for people who are looking for the following in a sofa:

  • Faster turnaround: The turnaround time of the Albany Park sofa is impressive and quick. Generally, items ship next-day and arrive at your door within 3-5 days. Compared to traditional turnarounds, this is pretty speedy.
  • Simple options: You can’t select from 100’s of fabrics and finishes, but Albany Park provides a nice selection of basic options with a couple of different finishes per style. It’s customizable without feeling overwhelming.
  • Tool-free assembly: Albany Park sofa don’t require any extra tools to get them together and have a hardware system that simply slides into place. It makes the assembly process incredibly quick and simple.
  • Excellent Quality & Comfort: We were extremely satisfied by the build quality and comfort of the sofa. It’s a balance of solid support and good pressure relief. The mix of synthetic feathers and polyester fiber provides a good deal of softness, without simply sinking straight through.

To learn more about Albany Park or shop from their collection, click here.

You can also view the exact Park Sofa we tested in our review here.


  • February 25, 2021 – Corrected an error where we said the Park sofa included down, when it is actually synthetic feathers. Also, clarified that the shipping is 3-5 business days, but the product needs to be in stock. Removed a mention that Albany Park is a warehouse store. Albany Park requested these error corrections. We agreed to make them as they were objective errors and not a reflection of our views or opinions of the product.
  • February 24, 2021 – Initial version of the review is published.

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  1. I saw some terrible reviews on reddit. Did you test and can you vouch for comfort on Kova pit from Albany Park? Thank you.

  2. I have read reviews about the cushions losing comfort over time and about pillage building up fairly quickly with light use… did you see anything like that in your tests? my main concern seems to be about the quality of the polyester fabrics in the cushions and whether it will hold up over time in our living room.

    • That’s not something we’ve experienced yet. However, we don’t have a ton of hours on it yet either.

      If anything, I feel like the cushions are a bit softer and more comfortable after breaking in a bit.

      In any case, I’ll be sure to list any updates to long-term durability and comfort if we notice any issues.

    • It’s pretty taut, which gives it a super clean aesthetic, but loses a bit in terms of comfort relative to other leather sofas I’ve tried.

      If you’re looking for a super soft plush feel this is not the right sofa. It’s a bit on the firmer side. I would still characterize it as a comfortable sofa, but some users may find it too firm for their liking. So that’s the big thing to keep in mind before purchasing.