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Amarey A900 Review

Derek Hales

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The Amarey A900 is a mid-tier robot vacuum with wifi connectivity, a slim profile and solid cleaning performance. But is it better than some other well-known bots on the block?

Let’s find out as we dive into a full review of the Amarey A900 robot vacuum.

Mid-Range Robot Vacuum with Good Usability


Amarey A900 Robot Vacuum

The Amarey A900 has a long 100-minute run time, excellent usability, and a solid cleaning perfromance. If you’re looking for a good vacuum, but don’t need an excessive amount of bells-and-whistles, this model could be a good buy. Check Price


  • Wifi-connectivity lets you easily control the vacuum directly from your smartphone or voice control and received real-time cleaning status and the option of custom cleaning cycles.
  • Self-adjusting suction power for variable floor types helps to preserve battery for when you need it most.


  • Struggled with cleaning performance on carpeted floors
  • Lacks digital or infrared boundary markers

Amarey A900 Design

The design of the Amarey A900 is pretty basic and easy to operate. It has a sleek, black body with limited physical buttons on the vacuum itself.

There is a power on / off button in the middle of the vacuum with the digital on-board camera right above.

Amarey A900 robot vacuum
Amarey A900 robot vacuum

Considering the lower price point, I was actually a little surprised to see the on-board camera, a feature that is usually only included with upper-tier models.

What other controls are on the vacuum?

Aside from the on / off button and the camera, there are limited other controls on the vacuum itself.

All other features and controls must be accessed using the smartphone-based app or by using the physical remote control.

What’s under the Amarey?

On the underside of the Amarey includes the:

  • Contact sensors: tells the robot when it has reached the charging base for charging between cleaning cycles
  • Central brushroll: a spiral brushroll with a mix of traditional bristles and rubberized sweeper
  • Dual spinning brushes: cleans edges and corners by sweeping debris into the central cleaning path
  • Wheels: 2 large wheels on the size to help navigate flooring transitions and 1 directional wheel at the front of the vacuum for navigation
Amarey robot vacuum underside
Underside view of the Amarey A900 robot vacuum

The Brushroll

The brushroll on the Amarey A900 robot vacuum uses a combination of bristles and rubberized sweepers designed along a spiral axle.

Amarey A900 robot vacuum brushroll
Amarey A900 robot vacuum brushroll

For simple maintenance you may want to keep an eye on the brushroll to watch for tangles or knots. If debris gets tangled, you’ll want to cut away the knots to keep the brushroll from working properly.

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Size & Dimensions

The Amarey robot vacuum is similarly sized to most other robot vacuums on the market. It’s round body has a a diameter of 12.7″ and is 2.7″ tall. This model weighs about 5.7 pounds.

  • Diameter: 12.7″
  • Height: 2.7″
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs.
Size and dimensions of the Amarey robot vacuum
Holding the Amarey A800 robot vacuum (same size as the A900 version)

These specs make it lighter and slightly smaller all around compared to Roomba robot vacuums.

Accessories & Parts

The Amarey A900 comes with a standard accessory pack for robot vacuums.

Amarey A900 robot vacuum accessories
Amarey A900 robot vacuum accessories

It includes a:

  • HEPA filter (2 total, 1 to install and 1 spare)
  • Spinning side brushes (4 total; 2 to install and 2 spare)
  • Remote control
  • Cleaning tool
  • Physical boundary markers

What can you do with the remote control?

You can control the Amarey A900 with the on / off button on the top of the vacuum, with the app, or with the physical remote control.

Amarey A900 remote control - detail shot
Amarey A900 remote control – detail shot

Using the remote control, you can:

  • Turn auto mode on / off
  • Start / stop a cleaning cycle
  • Manually direct the robot
  • Spot clean
  • Boost mode
  • Edge cleaning
  • Send back to the charger
  • Wifi connectivity

How does the Amarey navigate?

The Amarey A900 navigates around using the on-board camera and navigational sensor on the top of the vacuum.

This sensor can “see” up to 145° around any given room and pairs that view with mapping technology that turns the views into a physical digital map.

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Cleaning Performance

To evaluate cleaning performance, we put each vacuum through a series of cleaning tests, scoring it on a three different floor type (hardwoods, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet) and against a variety of debris size and densities (cereal, kitty litter, rice, and sugar).

The cleaning performance of the Amarey A900 was good overall, but did have a few weak points.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning performance
Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning performance

What were the issues?

As a general note for cleaning performance, the Amarey A900’s main weakness was cleaning fine debris (like sugar) from carpeted floors (high pile or low pile).

The performance for the other cleaning tests was good and certainly a quality robot vacuum against most debris types.

You can read more about each flooring type explained below.

Hardwood Cleaning

The Amarey A900 cleaning performance on hardwoods was basically flawless. As you can see below, the A900 breezed through all of the varies debris and left a clean floor at the end. No complaints here.

Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning hardwoods
Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning hardwoods

The Amarey collected approx. 98% of all debris from the hardwoods flooring.

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

On low pile carpet, the performance was still not bad. It captured basically all of the larger debris and only really struggled with the fine sugar debris, where it left 19% of the total debris in the carpet (but it was mostly sugar).

Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning low pile carpet
Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning low pile carpet

The Amarey collected approx. 81% of all debris from the low pile carpet.

High Pile Carpet Cleaning

On high pile carpet, the performance showed a little bit of a dip from low pile carpet, but again, it was mainly just sugar where it struggled. It captured basically all of the cereal, kitty litter and rice, and left approx 22% of debris in the carpet.

Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning high pile carpet
Amarey A900 robot vacuum cleaning high pile carpet

The Amarey collected approx. 78% of all debris from the high pile carpet.

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Check out the Roomba e5 or the Dyson V10.


Using the Amarey was straightforward and intuitive. It has a couple integrated features that made it easier to set up and use this vacuum. We’ll review those below.

Amarey A900 usability
Amarey A900 usability

Setting Up the Amarey

First off, let’s touch on setting up this robot. The Amarey A900 was quick and easy to setup. All I had to do was:

  1. Remove all parts from the box.
  2. Snap on 2 spinning brushes.
  3. Charge the vacuum.

Once it was charged up, it was ready to go.

User-Friendly Features

A few features that the Amarey comes with which makes it easier to use include:

  • Wifi-connectivity: Being able to control this vacuum from your smartphone or from your voice is a nice addition and makes it easier to play with custom settings on your vacuum.
  • Remote control: Many times, when a robot vacuum has an app, it rarely has a physical remote control as well. With Amarey that wasn’t the case and it was nice to see the remote control included. A physical remote can be handy if you don’t always have your phone handy or don’t want the hassle of setting up wifi.
  • Voice control: When the wifi is setup and connected, the Amarey robot vacuum can also be controlled via Amazon Alexa (when paired with an Alexa device like Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot.)
  • Long run time: The Amarey robot vacuum has a 100-minute run time
  • Intelligent suction: The Amarey A900 offers intelligent suction, which basically means that it can automatically adjust suction, based on the floor type that it’s currently cleaning. This helps to conserve battery when you don’t need it and have that extra boost when you do (like for carpeted floors).
  • Scheduled cleanings: Scheduled cleaning is another feature of convenience. You can use the app on your smartphone or the remote control to schedule cleanings in the future so that the robot will run only when you want it to.

How to maintain the Amarey A900?

Proper maintenance of the Amarey A900 is simple. For the best cleaning performance, be sure to take care of regular maintenance and replace parts as necessary.

Close up of the Amarey A900 dustbin
Close up of the Amarey A900 dustbin
  1. Empty the dust bin.
  2. Check the brushroll for clogs and tangles.
  3. Clean filters regularly; replace as needed.
  4. Replace battery as needed (typically every 2-3 years for most brands.)

Is the Amarey robot vacuum a good value?

So all things considered, is the Amarey a good value? While the Amarey may lack some more advanced bells-and-whistles, it is definitely a step above a basic robot vacuum.

Amarey A900 cleaning
Amarey A900 cleaning

The digital mapping and advanced navigation is step-up for this model and the option of wifi-connectivity or a physical remote control add points for usability.

There were struggles with cleaning performance when cleaning up fine debris (namely sugar), but for most other debris, the Amarey still did a solid job.

Amarey A900 Specifications

Below is a table showing the full list of specifications of the Amarey robot vacuum:

SpecificationsAmarey Robot Vacuum
Amarey A900 robot vacuum
Weight5.7 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery2,600 mAh
Run Time~100 mins
Dust Bin Capacity~0.4 L
Washable FilterYes; pre-filter only
ReturnsYes (usually), Varies by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Amarey A900?

I would recommend the Amarey if you’re looking for the following features in a robot vacuum:

  • Wants hands-free control: The options of wifi-connectivity, Alexa control, or a physical remote control are handy additions to this robot vacuum if you’re looking for more options of how to control the vacuum.
  • Want great cleaning performance on hardwoods: If you’re looking for excellent cleaning performance on hardwoods, the Amarey A900 is a great option. It offered nearly flawless results against all debris types that we tested — cereal, kitty litter, rice, and sugar.
  • Want budget digital mapping: If you want digital mapping, but don’t want to spend a lot, this robot vacuum certainly fits the bill. The navigation technology helps the Amarey to drive in straighter paths and bump into fewer obstacles.

To learn about or to buy the Amarey A900, click here to check it out here..

Easy to Use, Struggles with Fine Debris
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 86%
  • Quality - 92%
  • Usability - 94%
  • Value - 93%


The Amarey A900 is a solid robot vacuum with a long run time, good navigation, and cleaning performance. It is best for hardwoods floors and had some issues with fine debris on carpeted floors, but overall it was a good vacuum for the price.

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