Cheapest Way to Soundproof a Room

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a sprawling suburban home, soundproofing can be an issue that effects all home types. You may be addressing exterior noise, like traffic and outside businesses, or interior noise, like loud neighbors or noisy kids....

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Window Seat Ideas & Designs

Looking to add more seating, storage, or just a little character to your home? If you've got a window, you've got everything you need to create your own window seat. Adding a window seat is the perfect way to make a small area feel more custom and meet the specific...

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How To Vacuum

Turn it on and drive it around your house; pretty simple, right? While there's no "right way" to vacuum, learning tips and tricks about how to vacuum may help make your cleaning sessions more efficient. This guide is going to cover some important topics...

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House Cleaning Schedule [Printable Infographic]

House cleaning tasks piling up? Get a little help with this printable house cleaning schedule. Click here to enlarge or for printable version. Is this infographic interesting? We'd sincerely appreciate it if you shared it with this link or use the embed code below to...

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21 DIRTY Spots in Your Home That Need Vacuuming

You know vacuums are good for floors and in between couch cushions, but there are so many more ways you could be using your vacuum in your home. Whether you prefer the portability of handheld vacuums, the power of upright vacuums, the maneuverability of...

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What Is Dust Made Of?

While you may not notice it all the time, when you pass by a beam of light or slap a hand onto an old couch, that dirty dust tends to appear. But what exactly is it? Depending on the environment that it's in, dust can be made up of a variety of things. This guide is...

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