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Dyson Corrale Review: Cordless Hair Straightener

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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The Dyson Corrale is Dyson’s new high end hair straightener. It looks to be amazing, but is it worth the crazy high price tag?

Ultra High-End Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale

The Dyson Corrale is a high-end hair straightener. It uses a cordless design for improved ease of use. The flexible copper plates are designed to both shape and gather hair. Battery has a 30 minute max run time and it takes 70 minutes to charge. No question, it’s expensive, but the cordless design is a big win.Check Price


  • Cordless design for greater usability
  • Flexible heating plate designed to shape and gather hair
  • Styles hair with less heat which means less damage and breakage


  • One of the most expensive hair straighteners on the market
  • Limited 30-minute run time and 70-minute charge time may not work for all professional stylists depending on the time between appointments

Corrale Design

Dyson’s Corrale hair straighter is not Dyson’s first hair product to reach the market. Entering with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Dyson found a foothold among professional stylists and home hair enthusiasts alike.

Dyson Corrale (close up)

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This straighter is different from other hair straighteners for two big reasons:

Cordless Design

It can be used for up to 30 minutes before needing to juice up, which should be sufficient to style a complete head of hair.

That being said…

You’ll need between 40-70 minutes of charge time between uses, which may or may not work for all professional stylists.

Charging for 40 minutes will get you about 90% battery power and charging for 70 minutes would get you full power.

Dyson Corrale straightener comparison

Dyson’s cordless design does make it easier to style hair without the hassle of a rotating cord or short cord length to cause problems.

The charging cable has a magnetic attachment which simply “clicks” onto the base of the straighter when it’s time to charge up.

Flexible Heating Plates

The heat plates on the Corrale are copper alloy plates that are designed to shape and gather hair while flexing to prevent breakage. The flex also allows you to style beachy waves or other textured looks.

Dyson Corrale hair straightener

There are three different heat settings you can pick from:

  • Low: 330°F
  • Medium: 365°F
  • High: 410°F

The Colors

The Corrale comes in two different color options:

  1. Black Nickel & Fuscia
  2. Purple & Black
Dyson Corrale hair straightener - Pink
Dyson Corrale hair straightener – Black Nickel & Fuscia
Dyson Corrale hair straightener - Purple
Dyson Corrale hair straightener – Purple & Black

How Big Is The Corrale?

The Corrale straightener is pretty comparable in size to other hair straighteners.

  • Length: 11.5″ long
  • Height: 1.8″ high
  • Width: 1.6″ wide
  • Cord Length: 10.9 feet
Size of the Dyson Corrale hair straightener
Size of the Dyson Corrale hair straightener

What’s In the Box?

The Dyson Corrale comes with a simple set of parts and accessories. In addition to the hair straightener itself, the Corrale system also includes the following:

  1. Charging dock (left)
  2. Heat-resistant travel pouch (middle)
  3. Charging cable; magnetic (right)
parts and accessories for the Dyson Corrale hair straightener
charging dock (left), travel pouch (middle), charging cable (right)

Should You Buy the Dyson Corrale?

I would recommend the Corrale if you’re looking for the following in a hair straightener:

  • Multiple styling options. The Corrale is made to provide safe styling for a variety of hair types and a variety of and with a variety of results (smooth and straight or voluminous beachy waves).
  • Less heat and less damage. Flexible heating plates are designed to provide superior styling without the excessive heat and damage to your hair.
  • Professional results. If you use a straightener multiple times a day, you’ll likely get a better value of the Corrale than you would if you plan to use the straightener only on occasion.

Click here to read more or to buy the Dyson Corrale hair straightener.

The Hair Straighten 2.0
  • Design - 98%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Quality - 98%
  • Usability - 98%
  • Value - 95%


The Dyson Corrale is a powerful, cordless hair straightener that is designed to shape and gather hair while also straightening it with less heat. It is a professional styling tool for multiple types of hair. As potential downsides, the price tag is pretty steep with this straightener, so it may not be worth the cost for casual styling. That being said, the cordless Dyson only has a battery life of around 30 minutes and up to 70-minute charge time. Depending on how often you need to straighten a head of hair, this could be problematic for professional stylists as well.

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