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Braava Jet m6 Review

Best Mopping Robot Ever?


Braava m6 Robot Mop

The Braava m6 robot mop is the only current robot mop from iRobot with wifi-integration, Imprint Link technology, zoned mapping, and Recharge & Resume features. It performed great in our cleaning tests and offers the best cleaning we’ve tested to date. It’s incredibly well built, easy to use, navigates well, and is a great dusting and mopping robot. Easily our favorite robot mop currently.Check Price


  • Dry sweeping pads or wet mopping pads automatically change cleaning cycle when installed
  • Can clean large areas and use zoning technology to adapt to difficult layouts
  • Pairs with the Roomba i7 or Roomba S9 for vacuum / mopping duo
  • The best cleaning performance in a robot mop we’ve seen to date


See how Braava m6 compares to the other iRobot Braava robots. Click here. (jumps down the page).

Want to watch instead of read? See our Braava Jet m6 video review right here:

Braava m6 Design

The design of the Braava m6 robot mop is basically a more advanced version of the Braava 380t.

Braava Jet M6 mop

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Braava Jet m6 under side cleaning pad

What does it look like?

The Braava m6 has an all white body with silver and gray accents. With simple on-board controls or more advanced controls available when using the controls available on your smartphone.

Braava Jet m6 robot mop

How does it work?

The Braava m6 cleans using a physical mopping pad or a spray jet that wets the floor directly in front of the mop.

Front of the Braava Jet m6

Build Quality

Over the last several years we’ve tested almost everything iRobot has to offer, in addition to dozens of other robot vacuums on the market. In our view, iRobot products feel like they are a notable level better than many others on the market in terms of build quality.

Braava Jet m6

That said, the overall build quality on the Braava m6 feels like a step up even from what we normally expect from iRobot (something we noticed on the new Roomba S9+ also). The m6 looks and feels incredibly solid. The matte finish with black / silver accents looks excellent.

All of the parts, accessories, docking station, and even the mopping pads (both resuable and washable) feel well made and built to last.

1. Imprint Mapping

The Braava m6 uses Imprint Technology to effectively navigate the area and determine where cleaning needs to happen. When paired with the app, you can assign different names to zoned spaces for a more accurate display of cleaning.

iRobot Roomba app smart mapping

Zoned cleaning even allows for the Braava m6 to be paired with a voice-control device, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This makes it easy to activate the m6 with simple commands, like… “Braava, clean the kitchen.”

2. Imprint Link

Imprint Link is a secondary part of the Imprint Technology that allows the Braava m6 to communicate with the Roomba i7, i7+, S9, or S9+ robot vacuum.

iRobot Roomba Braava Imprint Link
Using the Imprint Link feature within the iRobot app

Using the combination of these smart robot vacuums and the m6 mop, these two different styled devices work in tandem to vacuum, dry sweep, and wet mop all of the floors in your space.

Under the hood of the m6

When the vacuuming is done, the i7 or S9 will communicate back to the Braava m6 and let it know that it’s time to clean.

3. The Mopping Pads

The Braava m6 uses different mopping pads designed for different messes:

  • Wet mopping pads
  • Dry mopping pads
Braava Jet m6 washable mopping pad
Braava Jet m6 washable mopping pad
Braava Jet m6 washable dusting mop pad
Braava Jet m6 washable dusting mop pad

Depending on the pad that is installed, the Braava jet will automatically adjust its cleaning mode to fit the appropriate pad.

4. Recharge and Resume

The Braava m6 doesn’t list a difinitive run time, as it can vary based on what cleaning pad you have installed. That being said, it does have the ability to Recharge & Resume.

The technology allows the mop to clean until the battery is low, return to the charger to juice up, and then continue cleaning after a charging cycle. It will automatically return to the last place it mopped.

This effectively allows the m6 to run for as long (or as little) as it needs in order to finish cleaning your home.

Braava m6 vs. 380t vs. 240

Before we dive more into the weeds, let’s talk a quick look at how the Braava m6 compares to the 2 other iRobot mops. It’s Braava m6 vs. Braava 380t vs. Braava Jet 240.

Braava m6
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10.6 x 3.5″
  • Water Tank: 480ml
  • Dusting Coverage: Multiple Rooms
  • Mopping Coverage: Multiple Rooms
  • Run time: Recharge & Resume
Braava 380t
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.5 x 3.1″
  • Water Tank: 0.12 L
  • Dusting Coverage: 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Mopping Coverage: 350 sq. ft.
  • Run time: ~150 mins.
Braava Jet 240
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 7 x 3.3″
  • Water Tank: 0.15 L
  • Dusting Coverage: 200 sq. ft.
  • Mopping Coverage: 150 sq. ft.
  • Run time: ~180 mins.

Below we have more detailed spec comparisons between the Braava m6 vs. 380t vs. 240.

 Braava m6Braava 380tBraava Jet 240
Braava 380t mopBraava 380t mopBraava Jet 240
Dimensions10 x 10.6 x 3.5"9.6 x 8.5 x 3.1"6.7 x 7 x 3.3"
Weight4.85 lbs.4 lbs.2.7 lbs.
Water Tank Capacity0.48 L0.12 L0.15 L
Sweeping CoverageMultiple rooms & large spaces1,000 sq ft.200 sq ft.
Mopping CoverageMultiple rooms & large spaces350 sq ft.150 sq ft.
Run TimeRecharge & Resume~150 minutes~180 minutes
NavigationiAdapt 3.0 with vSLAMiAdapt 2.0 with 'North Star' Navigation CubeiAdapt 2.0
Cleaning Modes2 (Sweep, Mop)2 (Sweep, Mop)3 (Sweep, Damp Mop, Wet Mop)
Mode Selection Automatically select mode based on cleaning padManually select modeAutomatically select mode based on cleaning pad
Remote ControlYes, with iRobot appNoneNone
ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Price Check Price Check PriceCheck Price

Size & Dimensions

Concerning size, the Braava jet m6 is the largest mopping robot to be manufactured by iRobot to date.

Braava Jet m6 size

The full dimensions are:

  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 10.6″
  • Height: 3.5″ tall
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds

Below are the dimensions of the Braava Jet m6’s docking station:

  • Width: 11.5″
  • Depth: 12.5″
  • Height: 4″ tall
Braava jet m6 docking station size

For comparison, here are full specs on the other mopping robots in the Braava family.

Braava m6

iRobot Braava m6 mopping robot review
10 x 10.6 x 3.5″
4.85 lbs.

Braava 380t

Braava 380t mop
9.6 x 8.5 x 3.1″
8.82 lbs.

Braava Jet 240

Braava Jet 240
6.7 x 7 x 3.3″
3 lbs.

Accessories & Parts

Included with the mop itself are a few basic accessories.

The Braava jet m6 comes with:

  • Braava m6 mopping robot
  • Dry sweeping pads (qty: 2)
  • Wet mopping pads (qty: 2)
  • Mopping cleaning liquid
  • Charging base
  • Power cord
iRobot Braava m6 mopping robot with accessories

Mopping Pads

The Braava m6 comes with 2 designated cleaning pads, one type for dry sweeping and one type for wet mopping. Once the pad is installed, the mop will automatically adjust cleaning cycles based on which pad is installed.

Braava Jet dry cleaning pads
Braava Jet dry cleaning pads
Braava Jet mopping cleaning pads
Braava Jet mopping cleaning pads

Cleaning Liquid

While you can technically use whatever liquid cleaning agent you prefer (or water), iRobot does equip the m6 with a small bottle of cleaning agent to get you started.

Braava Jet m6 cleaning solution

Here’s a homemade hardwood floor cleaner recipe.

Charging Base

This mopping robot will automatically return to the charging station when any given cleaning cycle is complete. It may also return in the middle of a cleaning cycle if the battery gets too low to continue cleaning.

Braava Jet m6 power cord

In this case, the m6 may charge up and then return to the last spot it cleaned once the battery has been sufficiently charged (Recharge & Resume).

Back of the Braava Jet m6 charging base
Back of the Braava Jet m6 charging base

The charging station also includes a handy cord wrap on the backside. This is a really nice touch and helps keep the cord organized, while improving the aesthetic of where you place the m6 in your home.

Cleaning Tests

The Braava Jet m6 performed great in our cleaning tests.

To put the m6 to the test we prepared our tile testing lane with the following messes to clean up:

  • Water – dyed green for visibility
  • Mud – a potting soil mixed with a little bit of water so it spread more easily
  • Honey – a few lines of normal honey
Our testing lane before the Braava Jet m6 cleaned
Our testing lane before the Braava Jet m6 cleaned

We loaded the Braava m6 with a single use wet mopping cleaning pad, filled the tank with water, and slightly damped the cleaning pad before starting.

Braava Jet m6 cleaning tile

After that, we simply let it drive around and do its best to clean.

The results?

Braava Jet m6 after cleaning
Braava Jet m6 after cleaning

Overall, very strong results, especially for a robot vacuum.

  • Water – The water was 100% removed and soaked into the pad.
  • Mud – The vast majority was removed. Some of the larger chunks remained on the lane, but most were pulled into the mopping cloth.
  • Honey – All of the visible honey was removed. There were a couple of spots that still had a little stickiness left behind, but these were minor, in our opinion.

Here is what our cleaning pad looked like after the cleaning compared to an un-used cleaning pad.

Braava Jet m6 before and after cleaning

This is easily the best performance we’ve seen from a robot mop on our mopping tests. In truth, these tests are probably more difficult than any normal cleaning conditions.

Braava Jet m6 spraying water

So while there were some struggles we still think the cleaning performance was excellent.

Hardwood Floor Tests

In addition to our lane tests, we also tested the dry mopping performance in our studio. Our photography studio has engineered hardwood floors, so we used the washable dry mop.

Here’s what it looks like after a couple of passes:

Braava Jet m6 after dusting hardwood floors
Braava Jet m6 after dusting hardwood floors

Visibly, it’s more difficult to tell just looking at the dry dusting pad. However, where we really noticed it was just walking around our studio.

The floor feels notably cleaner without the fine layer of dust (a common problem considering the number of vacuum cleaners we test). We’ll likely keep the dry duster attached to the m6 and allow it to dust on a daily basis.

Setup & Usability

Like its Braava mopping predecessors, the Braava m6 is incredibly easy to set up and use.

Braava Jet m6 buttons
Braava Jet m6 buttons

There are cleaning buttons directly on the mop itself or you can access advanced features via smartphone app.

From the mop, you can:

  • Start a cleaning cycle.
  • Send back to the charger.
  • Spot clean a small area.
iRobot Roomba smartphone app
iRobot smartphone app

Using the app, you can:

  • View the cleaning performance.
  • See a digital map of your space.
  • Establish zones.
iRobot zone cleaning & keep out zones
iRobot zone cleaning & keep out zones

How to use the Braava m6?

Once you know how the controls work, getting started is as easy as:

  1. Insert a cleaning pad.
  2. Fill up the water reservoir (if needed).
  3. Press clean (on the mop or the app)

If you keep a clean mopping pad and filled reservoir you can start the m6 on a schedule or remotely at convenient times.

Maintaining the Braava m6

Keeping the Braava m6 in working order is also pretty easy (as you might have imagined).

The m6 includes disposable cleaning pads, but you will almost certainly want to add washable cleaning pads (link for dry and wet mopping combo pack).

Braava Jet m6 water tank
There is a small cap on the back of the water tank

As for the water reservoir, just make sure that it is full before starting a cleaning cycle. If the Braava detects that it has run out of water during a wet mopping cycle, it may return back to the charging dock prematurely.

Is the Braava m6 a good value?

The overall value of the Braava m6 basically boils down to features. If you’re looking for a less expensive robot mop, the Braava 280t and the Braava Jet 240 certainly provide less expensive alternatives.

Braava Jet m6

But if the advanced features of the m6 have caught your eye, it might make sense to bite the bullet and go for the m6.

Here’s exactly what you’re getting as “new features” on the Braava m6:

  • Jet Sprayer – provides a direct stream of mopping liquid (only available on the Braava m6 or Braava Jet 240 – not available on the Braava 380t)
  • Imprint Mapping & Zoned Cleaning – makes it easier to navigate larger spaces or complicated layouts (only available on the Braava m6)
  • Imprint Link – allows the m6 to pair up with the i7 or S9 robot vacuum series (only available on the Braava m6)
  • Recharge & Resume – sends the m6 back to the charger when the battery gets low in the middle of a cleaning, allowing it to juice up and then get back to cleaning when the battery is sufficient (only available on the Braava m6)
  • Wifi-Connectivity – makes it easy to partner the m6 with your smartphone for more advanced controls (only available on the Braava m6)

Braava m6 Specifications

ModelBraava m6
Weight4.85 lbs.
Floor TypeAll hard surfaces (indoor)
Water Reservoir480 ml
Zones CleaningYes
Imprint LinkYes (compatible with Roomba i7 and S9 series only)
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Braava m6?

Wondering if the Braava m6 mopping vacuum is right for you?

Overall, the m6 is an excellent robot mop and really excels at navigating large floor plans, integrating with smart technology, and cleaning performance.

We would recommend the Braava Jet m6 to users who:

  • Want top tier cleaning performance: The m6 performed great in our cleaning tests. It’s easily the best cleaning performance from a robot mop we’ve seen to date.
  • Want excellent navigation: The advanced sensors as well as Imprint Technology make it easier for the m6 to navigate around large or complex spaces. Zoned cleaning and keep out zones puts more power in your hand and takes the guesswork out of what and where your m6 is cleaning.
  • Want wifi-connectivity: The Braava m6 is currently the only exclusive robot mop by iRobot that comes with wifi connectivity. This makes it easy to control it from your smartphone or even voice control (when paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device).
  • Want a partner for the i7 or S9: If you’re looking for the perfect partner for your robot mop, the m6 could be “the one” as it easily communicates directly with the Roomba i7 or S9 robot vacuums for a truly collaborative home cleaning experience.

For more information or the buy the Braava m6, check it out here.


  • June 9, 2020 – Corrected m6 water reservoir capacity based on our updated tests.
  • October 3, 2019 – Added the correct water reservoir capacity.
  • October 1, 2019 – Updated our review with new testing data, photographs, improved formatting, corrected errors, and added more information based on our tests. Design, performance, quality, and usability scores improved, resulting in a total score improvement from 96% to 99%.
  • June 5, 2019 – Initial version of the page was published.
Arguably the Best Robot Mop Ever Built
  • 100%
    Design - 100%
  • 98%
    Performance - 98%
  • 100%
    Quality - 100%
  • 100%
    Usability - 100%
  • 95%
    Value - 95%


The Braava m6 robot mop is the newest mop to launch from iRobot. It has wifi-integration for smartphone control or voice control, as well as the ability to link up with other robot vacuums (including the Roomba i7 or S9 series). Recharge and Resume helps to make sure that the area is clean before ending a cleaning cycle, while zones cleaning keeps you in the loop about where the m6 has or has not cleaned. If you’re looking for an ultra-smart robot mop, the m6 is arguably the best robot mop every built.

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  1. does the m6 require as much vacant space around it like the 9+?
    I have limited floor space here so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to designated as much space to it

    • Yes, it needs a couple of feet on each side.

      That’s a pretty standard requirement of most robot vacuums and mops, unfortunately.

  2. Just had Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring installed. Was told to be careful about cleaning solutions. Is the Braava m6 cleaning solution safe on LVP?

    • I would think it would be fine. However, it’s always best to ask your flooring manufacturer directly.

      I would recommend you reach out to your flooring manufacturer.

  3. The moment angered me at the M6 was the constant “fill the tank”.
    After about a hundred attempts (50/50 negative and possitive) to make it stop asking to “fill the tank”, I discovered a simple trick – after filling the tank, just pull the M6 out of the charger and then sit back, this will lead to an erase an error and make M6 ready to clean….)

    • Hrm…that’s interesting. We’ve not encountered that problem, but that does indeed sound very annoying. Glad you found a work around.

  4. Hey, bought roomba 9s+and brava m6. Don’t know how to add matter bathroom with brava as it’s not climbing carpet and mapping whole house. It has to cross living room and master bedroom(thick carpet) to reach bathroom. Also how to add another floor?
    Thanks in advance

    • Place it in the new area. Hit the “Smart Maps” button at the bottom. Then hit the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Click “Training run”.

      The new map will appear there after the run. Though it may take 2-3 runs to fully map the area before you can use the new map.

  5. It’s me again I thought with a smart phone and iPhone That you do not need Wi-Fi I don’t need it for anything else I have again not understanding any anything would help thank you have a blessed day and be safe

    • You need wifi.

      The m6 needs to be able to connect to the internet. It does that by connecting to your router via wifi.

  6. I have a smart phone but I do not have Wi-Fi so will it not work for me I’m not technical savvy so I don’t understand I am handicapped and it would really be a big help OK thank you be safe

    • That’s correct. You need wifi so the m6 can connect to the router and communicate with the internet.

  7. Thanks for a great review! I want to get an M6 and currently have a 6 series Roomba. I know that it’s not made specifically for this, but how would the M6 dry sweeping (on hardwood floors) compare to the 6 series Roomba vac?

    • Do you mean the e6? Or a 600 series Roomba (ie, 690, 650, 675, etc.)

      I am not aware of any 6 series Roomba.

    • Really depends on your hardwater situation, Anna.

      If you have especially hard water you should just play it safe and always used distilled water.

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