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Comfyer Cordless Spin Mop Review

Derek Hales

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Cordless Electric Spinning Mo


Comfyer Spin Mop

The Comfyer spin mop is a battery powered cordless mop. Included are mopping pads that can be used dry or wet, in addition to course pads for waxing. The mop does a nice job at polishing floors, but wasn’t great at deep cleaning during our tests. For light to moderate floor mess or if you need to polish large flooring areas the Comfyer can get the job done.Check Price


  • Cordless design
  • Includes both mopping and waxing pads
  • 50 minute run time
  • Can stand on its own


  • Not a very deep clean
  • Water tank is only large enough for one medium / large room (about 500 sq. ft.)

Comfyer Cordless Spin Mop Design

The Comfyer Swift cordless spin mop is a battery powered mop. A 2,000 mAh battery powers the mop, which can run for up to 50 minutes on a single charge.

Comfyer cordless electric spin mop

How does it work?

There are two basic cleaning functions on the mop:

  1. Water jet
  2. Spinning cleaning pads

On the front of the mop there is a water jet that sprays water out in front of the Comfyer mop. A button at the top of the handle allows users to add water as needed.

Water sprayer on the front of the Comfyer
Water sprayer on the front of the Comfyer

On the rear of the unit you’ll find the water reservoir.

On the bottom of the unit you have two spinning cleaning pads. These cleaning pads can be used to mop or wax (need to change pads).

Cleaning pads on the bottom of the Comfyer
Cleaning pads on the bottom of the Comfyer

Lastly, there are two adjustable speeds available. One may be better / worse depending on the floor type you’re cleaning.

Floor Types

According to the the manufacturer, the Comfyer can be used on:

  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Marble
  • Laminate

What does it look like?

The Comfyer spin mop has a primary white body with black trim accents. The handle is a chrome-like material.

Comfyer spin mop

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Size & Dimensions

The Comfyer cordless spin mop is a fairly standard sized mop.

  • Height: 43.3″
  • Width: 15.8
  • Depth: 11″
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
Comfyer spin mop dimensions and size

Accessories & Parts

The Comfyer mop includes just a few basic accessories, including:

  • Mopping cleaning pads x 4
  • Waxing cleaning pads x 2
  • Rear absorbing pads x 2
  • Charging cable
Comfyer spin mop accessories
Accessories and cleaning pads

The mopping pads appear to be a typical microfiber. They are a decent thickness, so they can absorb quite a large amount of water, dirt, and other debris.

Comfyer mopping cleaning pads
Comfyer mopping cleaning pads

The waxing pads are about the same thickness, but rough and porous.

Comfyer waxing spin pads
Comfyer waxing spin pads

Cleaning Tests

For our cleaning tests we cleaned our photography studio hardwood floors and the hardwood floor / tile of my personal home.

Overall performance was a bit of a mixed bag.

The Comfyer mop excelled at polishing floors. The hardwoods definitely looked better and unlike our recent tests of the Comfyer steam mop, it left very few streaks.

Hardwood floors after cleaning with Comfyer
Our hardwood floors after cleaning with Comfyer

The combination of generous water spray alongside dual spinning cleaning pads allowed the sizable cleaning head to easily glide across floors.

While polishing was good, where the mop really disappointed me was the depth of the cleaning. The design of the mop largely prevents significant downward force.

Cleaning pads are our cleaning tests
Cleaning pads are our cleaning tests

As a result, the cleaning power is left entirely up to the spinning brushes. Suffice to say, they just don’t generate enough agitation to clean as deeply as I would expect of a mop in this price range.

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Setup & Usability

Setting up the Comfyer spin mop takes about 5 minutes. It comes disassembled into several major pieces.

Battery charging indicator lights on the Comfyer
Battery charging indicator lights on the Comfyer

The pieces intuitively and simply snap together. Once assembled, you’ll want to fully charge the mop before using it the first time.

AC charger for the Comfyer
AC charger for the Comfyer

The Comfyer mop takes 2.5 hours to fully charge (to go from 0 to 100%).

Using the Comfyer Mop

Once everything is setup using the mop is fairly straight forward.

There are two buttons at the top of the handle:

  1. The bottom button turns the mop on / off and also changes from low to high power mode
  2. The top bottom, while held down, will spray a continuous stream of water

The Comfyer mop easily glides across the floor, being propelled by the spinning mopping pads. When the floor is more substantially wet the mop slides much easier across the floor and maneuverability is also easier.

Buttons on the Comfyer handle
Buttons on the Comfyer handle

On the plus size, the mopping head is wide and deep, which allows you to cover a lot of ground in wide open spaces.

However, in general I was not thrilled with maneuverability. The mop can really only be pushed back and forward, as there is no axis to turn the handle.

Comfyer spin mop can lay nearly flat
Comfyer spin mop can lay nearly flat

This fact, combined with the larger size means it’s not great to clean around furniture, under tables, or near other obstacles.

The Comfyer spin mop would work best in homes where you don’t have to clean around many obstacles and/or just need to cover a lot of ground quickly in long back and forward movements.

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Maintaining the Comfyer Spin Mop

There is not much maintenance required on the Comfyer spin mop.

  • Ensure the water tank is full prior to cleaning
  • Periodically wash the cleaning pads as they become excessively soiled. They can be machine washed.
  • Charge the mop up before use. Takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge.
  • Eventually you may want to replace the cleaning pads
Filling water tank up
Filling water tank up

Is the Comfyer worth it?

I would say in general, it’s worth it, but the value is sort of on the fence.

This is not a cheap mop by any stretch. So it has a pretty high bar to live up to.

Comfyer cordless electric spin mop

On the plus side it’s great for covering a lot of ground quickly, providing you have a more open floor plan. When used with a generous amount of water it glides fairly easily.

On the down side, this is an expensive mop and really didn’t clean all that deeply. The design of the mop means you really cannot apply much downward pressure, meaning the cleaning power is all on the spinning heads.

During our tests it was fine at cleaning light messes, but where it really excelled was just polishing up the floors.

The Comfyer spin mop is best if you are mostly going to be polishing and cleaning up other light to moderate mess. Where it’s not great is deep cleaning floors.

Comfyer Spin Mop Specifications

The table below lists the important specifications for the Comfyer Swift cordless spin mop:

TypeElectric Spin
ModelSwift Cordless Spin
Weight8.6 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Water Tank160ml
CordlessYes; 2,000 mAh battery
Run Time~50 mins.
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
Check PriceCheck Price

Who should buy the Comfyer spin mop?

The Comfyer cordless electric spin mop is best if:

  • You mostly want to polish floors – the dual spinning brushes do a great job at polishing floors. The large cleaning head allows you to cover ground fairly quickly.
  • Your floors mostly get light dirt – in general, we aren’t amazed with the deep cleaning performance of the Comfyer. If your floors get seriously dirty you should buy something else. But if you’re mostly needing to clean light mess and polish your floors the Comfyer is a good fit.

For more information on the Comfyer spin mop see here.

Good Polisher, Not Great Deep Cleaning
  • Design - 87%
  • Performance - 85%
  • Quality - 92%
  • Usability - 89%
  • Value - 84%


The Comfyer Swift is an electric cordless battery powered spin mop. During our cleaning tests it was good at polishing floors, but not great at deep cleaning. Maneuverability is a bit of a mixed bag also, with easy gliding forward and backward, but no turning radius. This combined with the large cleaning head makes it difficult to clean around furniture and other obstacles. The Comfyer left much to be desired, but could be a good fit for polishing large open areas.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the review. What do you mean by no deep cleaning. Can you explain it pls. I read that the motor on the head rotates 250+ rotations per minute. Won’t that create enough agitation to do deep cleaning? Thanks

    • To clarify, I just don’t think it’s great at deep cleaning because the design of the mops prevents you from really pushing it down harder into the surface (like you would an ordinary mop). This prevents you from generating enough pressure to remove really stuck on stains.

      While the rotations per minute metric is great, in our tests, that did not translate into improved cleaning performance.