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Comfyer Frigate Cordless Vacuum Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Our Comfyer Cordless Vacuum review is finally here!

Cordless Upright Vacuum


Comfyer Frigate

The Comfyer Cordless Frigate is an upright, bagless vacuum with a wide cleaning head that’s perfect for hard flooring. With its 110W high-rotation motor and long-lasting battery, it’s a great vacuum built especially for commercial use, but can be utilized in some households as well. Check Price


  • Wide cleaning path
  • Cordless design
  • Relatively inexpensive for a cordless upright vacuum


  • Struggles with cleaning high pile carpet
  • Has difficulty with large debris like cereal
  • No brushroll
  • Tendency to drop debris back onto the floor after it has been turned off

Comfyer Cordless Design

The design of the Comfyer upright Frigate vacuum is different from most I’ve seen. As far as looks go, it hass got a clean white-and-silver design that’s an interesting mix between retro and modern.

Comfyer Frigate cordless vacuum cleaner
Comfyer Frigate cordless vacuum cleaner

Also, thanks to its wide cleaning head, it has a decidedly industrial look.

The main body of the Comfyer Cordless vacuum cleaner is pretty slim and, along with the rotating cleaning head, makes it easy to handle.

As the name suggests, this Comfyer vacuum is also cordless, which is always convenient when you’re cleaning a large area like a commercial space or big home.

Unlike many cordless vacuums, the Comfyer Cordless cleaner can stand on its own without a wall mount. That’s a plus as far as storage goes.

Removable battery on the Comfyer vacuum
Removable battery

Also, the battery of this cordless vacuum is removable, which makes charging it a lot easier if finding space near a plug is an issue for you. It also means you could have an extra charged battery on hand and switch it out if you plan to be cleaning longer than the vacuum’s designated runtime of 65 minutes.  

Comfyer pop out carrying handle
Comfyer pop out carrying handle

Finally, the Comfyer upright cordless vacuum has a carrying handle on the main body, which makes it easy to transport up stairs or down long hallways.

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How Comfyer Cleans

When you look at the underside of the Comfyer Frigate upright vacuum, you’ll notice there’s no brushroll. Instead, the ultra-flat bottom of the cleaning head has an array of thin suction channels and slots with mini-brushes inside.

Underside of the Comfyer vacuum
Underside of the Comfyer vacuum

A brushroll typically is used to help agitate or move debris toward the areas of suction on a vacuum’s cleaning head. The Comfyer Cordless vacuum uses powerful suction to make up for the absence of a rotating brush.

Its 110W high-rotation motor works with its Dual Side Cleaning design to gather debris.

Specifically, there are three main suction holes—one in the middle and two to the sides—where dust and debris are collected into the dustbin. Channels lead from the front and sides to these areas of suction. When using this Comfyer upright vacuum, you can feel the air being pulled in from all sides.

Comfyer Frigate vacuum cleaner head (top view)
Top view of the cleaning head

Two wheels on the back flank both sides of the cordless vacuum Comfyer has designed, and there are two smaller roller wheels at the front. All the wheels are rubber and seem fairly durable.

Because of this design, the Comfyer Cordless does well on hard surfaces and low pile carpet (cereal excluded), but really struggled on high carpets.

Check out our Cleaning Tests below to see if our initial assessment was right!

How big is the Comfyer?

The Comfyer Cordless vacuum cleaner measures 43.3” long, 15.74” wide, and 10.2” high. It weighs approximately 8.37 pounds.

Comfyer cordless vacuum size & dimensions

The cleaning head is extra wide. In theory, this means fewer pushes across the floor are needed to pick up all debris on the ground. However, our tests below show this isn’t always the case.

  • Length: 43.3”
  • Width (cleaning head): 15.74”
  • Height: 10.2”
  • Weight: 8.37 pounds

At 1.6L (or 0.42 gallons), the Comfyer Cordless’s dustbin is quite large, which isn’t all that surprising given its design likely intended more for commercial use.

Inserting the Comfyer frigate dust bin
Inserting the Comfyer Frigate dust bin

This makes it convenient to vacuum a large space, because you won’t have to empty the dustbin as often.

The Comfyer Cordless vacuum is bagless, which means you empty the debris from the dustbin directly into the trash.

Comfyer vacuum power button
Comfyer vacuum power button

As compared with lots of vacuums that store the dustbin along the body of the vacuum, the Comfyer’s dustbin is installed inside the cleaning head. In fact, you can see inside the top of the cleaning head and visually observe how full the dustbin is.

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What Accessories Come With the Comfyer Vacuum?

Unlike other types of vacuums (such as robot vacuums like the Roomba S9+ and the Roborock S6), the Comfyer upright commercial vacuum doesn’t have a lot of extra accessories.

All that comes in the Comfyer cordless vacuum box is the vacuum itself (packaged in three pieces that are very easy to put together), an owner’s manual, and a charging pack.

Comfyer Frigate charging power brick
Comfyer Frigate charging power brick

The vacuum comes installed with a HEPA filter and removable battery.

Cleaning Tests

Want to know how the Comfyer upright cordless vacuum performs on a variety of surfaces for different types of debris?

As part of our Comfyer vacuum review, we conducted Cleaning Tests to find out the information we’d want to know if purchasing this vacuum for extended use in my own home.

We tested the Comfyer Cordless cleaner on three different floor types, including hardwood floors, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Overall cleaning performance on hardwood floors was good. 3 of our 4 debris tests were 99-100%. However, the Comfyer really struggled with cereal.



Kitty Litter






Because the vacuum cleaning head is so close to the floor it has a tendency to simply push cereal (and probably other large debris) forward. As a result, it was only able to remove 27% of the cereal in our cleaning tests.

Comfer vacuum hardwood floor cleaning tests
Comfer vacuum hardwood floor cleaning tests

Low Carpet Cleaning

Low pile carpet definitely seems to be the sweet spot for the Comfyer cordless vacuum. It scored 99% on all 4 of our cleaning tests.



Kitty Litter






It wasn’t perfect, as there was still a visible amount of debris left behind or simply falling out when we turned off the power (more on this below). However, of the debris it left behind, it wasn’t enough to measure on our scale.

Comfer vacuum low pile carpet cleaning tests
Comfer vacuum low pile carpet cleaning tests

High Carpet Cleaning

The high pile carpet test weren’t good.



Kitty Litter






Cereal and kitty litter missed about half of the debris, while rice and sugar missed 23%. The lack of a spinning brushroll for agitation is a major design mistake, in our opinion.

If you have high pile carpets we would not recommend the Comfyer vacuum.

Comfer vacuum high pile carpet cleaning tests
Comfer vacuum high pile carpet cleaning tests

Debris Falling Out

This isn’t a normal section that we include, namely because we don’t see it all that often. But in this case we think it’s warranted.

Debris Comfyer dropped during our high pile carpet test
Debris Comfyer dropped during our high pile carpet test

During our tests and photo shoot the Comfyer Frigate had a tendency to simply drop debris out of the dust bin and back onto the floor. Each time we turned the vacuum off or returned it to a standing lock position it would empty a few bits of debris to the floor.

Debris dropped back out during our photo shoot
Debris dropped back out during our photo shoot

Over the course of our tests it was a substantial amount of debris. It’s unclear why this is happening, but we would guess some type of design flaw that isn’t fully bringing the debris into the dust bin.

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How Easy Is the Comfyer vacuum to Use?

Operating the Comfyer vacuum cleaner really couldn’t be simpler.

The vacuum itself comes in three pieces that you have to assemble, but you pop them together in two simple steps—no screws or small pieces required.

First, you insert the handle into the upper body, then insert the upper body into the cleaning head. It took us literally 30 seconds to assemble the vacuum.

How maneuverable is the Comfyer vacuum?

Maneuverability is a bit of a double edged sword with the Comfyer.

On one hand:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Easily rolls
  • Is cordless
  • Has wide cleaning path

However, the cons are not insignificant.

The biggest complaint we have with the Comfyer is simply that it effectively has no turning radius. It can only really be moved backward and forward.

As a result, it’s far better used in a commercial setting, like an office or business.

Because it cannot turn it’s hard to maneuver around obstacles and furniture. However, if you just have lots of wide open space to clean it should serve you well.

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How easy is it to empty the Comfyer’s dustbin?

If you want to empty the dustbin of the Comfyer Cordless vacuum, it’s actually fairly easy. Just pop the dustbin from the cleaning head by pulling up on one end.

Emptying Comfyer dust bin into the trash
Emptying Comfyer dust bin into the trash

Then, turn the dustbin upside down and press the large buttons on either side to release the lid. Turn it over and dump the debris into the trashcan, then close the lid and put the bin back inside the cleaning head.

Comfyer Cordless Vacuum Maintenance

When considering the maintenance of this cleaner in my Comfyer vacuum review, I primarily took into account the filter and the battery life.

The HEPA filter is washable and, according to the manufacturer, captures 99.99% of allergens and dust.

Comfyer washable filter
Comfyer washable filter

However, when I tried to find replacement filters online, I did not find them available for purchase.

How long does the battery last on the Comfyer vacuum?

The battery on this Comfyer vacuum cleaner is an 18V 4.4A lithium-ion. It reaches a full charge after 2.5 hours and can run continuously for 65 minutes before needing to be charged again.

Comfyer vacuum charging (blue light indicates charge level)
Comfyer vacuum charging (blue light indicates charge level)

A battery indicator bar across the front of the vacuum’s upper body tells you how much relative power you have left.

One interesting feature about this battery is that it can be removed from the upper body of the vacuum for charging separate from the vacuum.

As mentioned, that means if you were able to purchase a second battery that was fully charged, you could potentially run the vacuum for two rounds of cleaning in a row—a nice perk if you have a large industrial space or home to clean.

However, once again, it seems difficult to locate a spare battery for purchase, so you’d probably have to contact the manufacturer to buy one.

Is the Comfyer vacuum cleaner worth it?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. While this vacuum worked great on hard flooring, it struggled more on carpet, especially higher carpet. That was to be expected thanks to its lack of a brushroll.

So, if you have a lot of carpet in your house, I’d say this probably isn’t the vacuum for you. But if you’re looking for a vacuum to clean a large space with hard flooring, the Comfyer Cordless vacuum very well could be right for your needs.

This is especially true if you’re in search of a commercial vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, the price of the Comfyer industrial vacuum is right in line with what you’d normally pay for an upright, cordless cleaner.

The Comfyer is worth it if:

  • Good value if…You’re going to use it for residential or commercial use and you have hard surfaces and/or low carpet and open space that needs to be cleaned
  • Poor value if…You’re going to use it for residential or commercial use and you have a floor plan with lots of obstacles or you have high pile carpets

Comfyer Frigate Specifications

Here is a list of specifications and features you’ll find on the Comfyer Cordless vacuum:

TypeCordless upright
SuctionModerate (exact AW unknown)
Width (inches)15.8"
Weight8.37 lbs.
Floor TypeAll
FilterWashable lifetime
Dust Bin1.6L
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Comfyer Cordless Upright Vacuum?

I would recommend this Comfyer Frigate vacuum to people who:

  • Have a floor plan with lots of open space – the Comfyer Frigate cannot easily turn and mostly just moves back and forward. As a result, it’s best cleaning spaces that are wide open and don’t have many obstacles in them.
  • Have mostly hard surfaces or low pile carpet – the cleaning performance on high carpets wasn’t good. However, performance on hardwood floors and low pile carpets was pretty solid overall. If you have high carpets you should buy something else, but for hard surfaces and low carpets it’s a good option.
  • You want a simple cordless upright – this vacuum is pretty stripped down and basic. No accessories, no tools, and no attachments. However, as a result it’s notably less expensive than many other full sized cordless vacuums. If you want an inexpensive cordless upright this can be a good choice.
  • You don’t mind the vacuum dropping a few debris at the end – personally, the Comfyer’s tendency to drop debris when you turn it off or lock it upright would really bother me. So make sure this isn’t a deal breaker for you before considering a purchase.

You can learn more about the Comfyer Cordless vacuum cleaner or purchase it here.

Best for Commercial Use
  • Design - 87%
  • Performance - 85%
  • Quality - 87%
  • Usability - 90%
  • Value - 87%


The Comfyer Frigate is a cordless vacuum cleaner designed with a wide cleaning head. It includes no accessories or attachments and has no turning radius. As a result, it’s ideally suited to large open spaces and/or commercial environments. The cordless design is a nice touch, especially at this price point, which does help to aid in overall maneuverability. Long term maintenance is a bit of a concern, as we weren’t able to find replacement batteries for purchase. Performed well in our hardwood and low carpet tests, but had a poor showing on high carpets. A good option for offices and other commercial environments, but not something we would recommend for most homes.

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