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Coredy R3500 Robot Vacuum Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Basic, Yet Powerful Robot


Coredy R3500

The Coredy R3500 robot vacuum is a basic model, but has a long 120-minute run time, XL dust bin, and washable filter. There’s no digital mapping, but if you want a budget-friendly model, the R3500 could be right for you. Check Price


  • Long 120-minute time is sufficient for most spaces
  • Includes a remote control for accessing different features wirelessly
  • Automatically adjusts suction for varying floor types


  • No digital mapping capabilities
  • Does not have Recharge & Resume
  • Struggles with cleaning along edges and in corners

Coredy R3500 Design

The design of the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum is extremely simple and easy to use. It has a sleek, black body with minimal silver and bright blue accents.

Coredy R3500 cleaning hardwood floors
Coredy R3500 cleaning hardwood floors

The Controls

The controls on top of the vacuum are very limited.. in fact, it’s just one button.

Pressing the button turns the vacuum on and allows you to start a cleaning cycle.

Remote control for the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum
Remote control for the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum

All additional controls and settings can be adjusted using the remote control. The controls on the remote control includes:

  • Run auto mode cleaning cycle
  • Return to charging base
  • Schedule a cleaning
  • Spot clean
  • Edge cleaning
  • Max mode
  • Manual directional steering
Coredy R3500 Brushroll
Coredy R3500 Brushroll

What is on the underside of the Coredy?

The bottom of the Coredy R3500 looks similar to other models in the Coredy lineup, like the R500+ robot vacuum. See our R500+ review here.

Underside of the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum
Underside of the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum

It has:

  • Side spinning brushes (qty: 2)
  • Bristle-style brushroll
  • Contact sensors (for charging)
  • Edge sensors (for drop detection)
  • Clear view into the dust bin
  • Wheels (qty: 3)
  • Power switch

Designed into the dust bin, there is also a washable HEPA filter. This helps to reduce maintenance costs, while still effectively removing those finer debris particles.

Cleaning Modes

The Coredy R3500 has a few different cleaning modes which can be handy for variable cleaning jobs.

  • Auto Mode – This cleaning mode will automatically adjust suction based on floor type. Although this model does not have digital mapping technology, it is able to clean until the battery gets below 15%, which is when it will automatically return to the charging dock.
  • Edge Cleaning – When edge cleaning, the Coredy R3500 will navigate around the perimeter of the room, using the spinning side brush to capture debris along baseboards, edges, and corners.
  • Spot Clean – For spot cleaning, you place the robot vacuum in the area you want cleaned. It will move in a circular pattern, working its way further outward until the area is clean.
  • MAX Clean – In Max mode, the R3500 will run at its maximum suction power. This mode is designed for higher traffic areas or high pile carpets or area rugs.
Coredy R3500 robot vacuum cleaning carpets
Coredy R3500 robot vacuum cleaning carpets

Size & Dimensions

The Coredy R3500 is a little smaller than other robot vacuums on the market today. This is especially true for the height, as not many robot vacuums are under 3″ high.

  • 12.5″ in diameter
  • 2.7″ tall
  • 5.6 pounds
Size of the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum
Size of the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum

Accessories & Parts

The Coredy R3500 comes with a basic set of parts and accessories for general use. I will add that the remote control is a nice addition, as not all robot vacuums comes with that tool.

Parts and accessories included on the Coredy R3500 vacuum

What’s in the box?

  • Coredy R3500 robot vacuum
  • Spinning brushes (qty: 2)
  • HEPA filter (qty: 1)
  • Multi-floor brushroll
  • Charging base
  • Remote control
  • Cleaning tool
Spinning brush on the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum
Spinning brush on the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum

Coredy R3500 Performance

The cleaning performance of the Coredy R3500 was just okay in my opinion. It consistently had a problem with pushing debris along edges and into corners and then was unable to clean it from there.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

On hardwoods, the Coredy R3500 had the best cleaning performance of any floor test.


The results of the hardwood cleaning test were pretty good.

On average, this robot vacuum was able to capture about 92.5% of the cleaning debris.

Coredy R3500 hardwood cleaning test
Coredy R3500 hardwood cleaning test

The debris that it struggled with was consistently pushed along the edges or into the corners of our testing lane.

Once displaced, the Coredy had a hard time picking up debris from these tight spaces.

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Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

On low carpet, we noticed a similar trend, in terms of performance.

The Coredy R3500 was only able to capture about 76.5% of debris tested on low pile carpet.

Similar to the hardwoods, the Coredy pushed debris to the outer edges of our testing lane and was then unable to pick up the debris from there.

Coredy R3500 cleaning low pile carpets
Coredy R3500 cleaning low pile carpets

This was mainly a struggle for finer debris particles which is why the image above looks like it cleaned most of the debris, but in reality, there were some issues.

High Pile Carpet Cleaning

Different floor type, similar story. On high pile carpet, the cleaning performance was identical to the performance on low pile carpet.

The Coredy was able to capture about 76.5% of all debris tested on high pile carpet.

Like with the other flooring types, the Coredy struggled here with debris along edges and corners.

Coredy R3500 cleaning high pile carpets
Coredy R3500 cleaning high pile carpets

If you have a mostly open-concept floor plan, the edge and corner cleaning may not be as big of an issue, but it’s certainly something to consider.

Usability & Maneuverability

The usability of the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum is pretty good and intuitive.

To setup this robot vacuum for a cleaning, you’ll need to:

  1. Charge the vacuum. (can take between 4-5 hours for a full charge)
  2. Start a cleaning cycle by pressing ‘start’ on the vacuum itself or by using the remote control.
  3. Let it get to work.

Initial Setup

Coredy R500 Robot Vacuum Assembly
installing the spinning brushes on the Coredy

Before first time use, there is also a bit of unboxing and setup you’ll have to do. These tasks and simple though and include:

  1. Unbox the vacuum and remove all packaging.
  2. Install spinning brushes.
  3. Install HEPA filter.

How does it navigate?

Like most other robot vacuums, navigation is pretty self-directing on the Coredy R3500.

Coredy R3500 profile view
Coredy R3500 profile view

It doesn’t have any mapping technology or on-board camera, but it still does a pretty good job of cleaning the space.

Instead of “seeing” where it is going, it simply uses a “bump and continue” approach, lightly bumping into obstacles and then continuing into a different part of the room.

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Removing and Emptying the Dustbin

The dustbin on the Coredy R3500 is similar to the design of the dust bin on the Coredy R500.

To remove the dust bin, pinch down on the latch located along the perimeter of the vacuum and pull the dustbin out, away from the body of the vacuum.

Coredy R500 Robot Vacuum Dustbin Removal

From there, you can open up the dustbin by squeezing the two orange tabs on the top of the dustbin and pivoting it away from the body of the dust bin.

When it’s time to clean the HEPA filter, this is also where you can do that as well.

Coredy R3500 Maintenance

Maintenance on the Coredy R3500 is simple and low cost.

Here’s a short list of the items you’ll need to take care of to keep your Coredy running smoothly:

  • Wash the filter / replace as needed
  • Clear brushroll from tangles
  • Empty dustbin

You can wash the HEPA filter with regular cold water and allow it to air dry. Generally, it takes a solid 24 hours for these types of filters to air dry enough to be reinstalled into the vacuum.

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Is the Coredy R3500 worth it?

All things considered, I would say that the Coredy is worth it. It has a nice collection of features and the remote control is pretty handy.

It also has a long run time (up to 120 minutes) which helps to make up for the fact that it doesn’t have Recharge & Resume functions or digital mapping like other advanced models.

Coredy R3500 on charging dock
Coredy R3500 on charging dock

Cleaning performance was decent, although it definitely performed better on hardwood floors.

If you don’t mind the random navigation of the Coredy R3500, it is certainly a solid option worth considering.

Coredy R3500 Specifications

Below you’ll find a complete table listing the important facts and features about the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum cleaner:

Width (inches)12.5"
Weight5.6 pounds
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Dust Bin0.6L
Suction Power1700Pa
Battery Size2600 mAh
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Should You Buy the Coredy R3500?

Still wondering if this robot vacuum is a good choice for you and your home? Well, at the end of the day, it depends on a few factors.

I would recommend the Coredy R3500 if you’re looking for the following in a robot vacuum:

  • Want a long run time: The Coredy R3500 can run for up to 120 minutes which should be more than enough time for the majority of cleaning jobs.
  • Don’t need digital mapping: More and more robot vacuums are coming out with advanced digital mapping and wifi-integration. This can make it easier for your vacuum to navigate and for you to see where it has been. Of course, if you don’t need this feature, you can generally save a few bucks, as is the case with the Coredy R3500.
  • Want an XL dust bin: This robot vacuum can hold up to 550 mL of debris in the XL dust bin. Translated into cups, that’s about 2.3 cups of dry debris.
  • Want a budget friendly robot: The R3500 is priced in a sweet spot below many other robot vacuums on the market. True, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but performance is still pretty good considering the price point.

To learn more about the Coredy R3500 robot vacuum, check it out here.

Budget-Friendly, Fair Performance
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 82%
  • Quality - 90%
  • Usability - 92%
  • Value - 90%


The Coredy R3500 is a budget-friendly robot vacuum with basic features. It was okay in our performance tests, removing 82% of total debris. It’s greatest struggle was on low and high pile carpet, where it only removed 77% (not bad for high carpet, but mediocre for low carpet). Nevertheless, given the price point, it’s still a good value and a good option if you’re looking for a basic vacuum bot.

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  1. What causes my coredy r3500 to start involuntarily in the middle of the night? Does the coredy charge when in the stand- bye mode?

    • I would start by checking to make sure you don’t have a schedule accidentally set. That’s the most likely.

  2. When I hold the blue on and off button to put the vacuum on stand by mode it beeps twice but light remains on. (Book says light will shut off but it does not.) does the two beeps mean it is in stand by mode? Which is better for the unit and battery if am not using it but once a week, turn it off with switch on bottom of vacuum or just leave it in stand by mode? Thank you, Judy Vaughn

  3. I lost my remote control and I can’t find in the internet or amazon it only appears for Models 350 500 700 750 but for r3500 I can’t find one.

  4. My grandson pushed buttons on the remote of my Coredy R3500. Now it only runs for 40 minutes and also starts daily on its own. I have called and emailed for support and they tell me to read the manual. I have and yet I cannot get it back to factory reset. Can you help?

    Thank you .

    • Take the batteries out of the remote and out of the robot. Leave them for 5 minutes.

      The machine will be reset.

  5. Why does the unit go into the charging station and set for a few seconds and then beeps 4 times and the indicater turn red

  6. My Coredy 3500s model turns on a single wheel and stops, it doesn’t work anymore, what will it be? please help me

    • Unfortunately, you will need to reach out to Coredy support for help. It sounds like that wheel needs to be replaced. If it’s within the warranty period they should replace for free.

    • 1. See if there is a schedule set within the app and also try to reset all of the settings within the app

      2. Unplug the battery and leave it unplugged for a couple of hours, then plug it back in

      3. If 1 or 2 don’t work you’ll need to contact Coredy

  7. Why does the vacuum occasionally give out 5 beeps every 15 seconds about 5 times when it’s on the dock?

  8. I am having a difficult time finding filters for the R3500.
    Can you tell me is the 300 and 500 a replacement for this model?

  9. We’re returning ours. It doesn’t get the corners or edges of our room unless you guide it. This vacuum wants to return to the same room all of the time. It gets caught on heavy throw rugs. I still had to run around and swifter or vacuum myself our home afterward.

    • I’m sorry to hear you had so many issues with it.

      Unfortunately, the issues you’ve described are more likely with a budget robot vacuum like this one (and others).

      If you’re looking for something different consider checking out the new Roborock S4 – – It’s definitely more expensive, but does a better job with respect to navigation, edges, and corners.