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DEENKEE DK600 Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Budget Robot Vacuum



A robot that boasts its ability to tackle pet hair, the DEENKEE DK600 provides a great bang for your buck. With six cleaning modes and a sleek, thin design, this is a solid purchase for those who want a more basic robot vacuum that won’t break the bank.Check Price


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent cleaning performance overall
  • 6 different cleaning modes
  • Remote control


  • To get the best cleaning performance on carpet you need to use MAX mode (which lowers battery life)
  • No smart home integration

DEENKEE DK600 Design

In this DEENKEE robot vacuum review, we’ll tell you about the DEENKEE DK600’s basic design and functionality so you can see if it’s a vacuum that will fit the needs of your home.

The Controls

The DEENKEE DK600 boasts a sleek and modern look that offers a nice upgrade over the basic black of other robots. Specifically, concentric circles span the whole cover, and an oblong shape on top of those circles encompasses the Clean button up top and the company name at the bottom.

Deenkee DK600 robot vacuum

The main controls of the DEENKEE DK600 include the Clean button on the top of the unit and the power button that turns the unit on and off. The latter is located under the unit behind one of the wheels.

The Underside

When comparing the underside of the DEENKEE DK600 with that of other robots, the differences are not immediately apparent. That’s because it includes most of the same parts as others—from the two main wheels and the front swivel wheel to the two side brushes, the brushroll, and the power switch.

Under side of the Deenkee DK600

However, the brushroll does appear to be proportionately smaller than those on many other robot models.

Interestingly, this does not seem to affect the manufacturer’s claim that the DEENKEE DK600 is especially designed to pick up and hold pet hair in its dustbin.

Deenkee DK600 brushroll

Despite the compact main brushroll the spinning side brushes are a fairly typical length and design.

Deenkee DK600 side brush
Spinning side brush

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At 0.6L, the size of the DEENKEE robot’s dustbin is right in line with industry standards. It’s a slight improvement over the manufacturer’s earlier i7 model, which was a combined vacuum and mop and came with a dustbin capacity of 0.55L.

Deenkee DK600 dust bin
Dust bin (open to show capacity)

The dustbin is located at the back of the unit and is simple to take out, empty, and reinstall for further use.

Cleaning Modes

In addition to the ability to manually clean by using the arrows on the remote, the DEENKEE DK600 comes with six main cleaning modes:

  1. Auto cleaning mode
  2. Spot cleaning mode
  3. Single room cleaning mode
  4. Timed cleaning mode
  5. Edge cleaning mode
  6. MAX cleaning mode
Deenkee DK600 cleaning modes
Different cleaning modes available via the remote control

Auto Cleaning

The AUTO button on the DEENKEE DK600’s remote—located in the top left corner under the time display—functions just the same as pressing the Clean button on the unit.

Specifically, it starts the robot and cleans as necessary depending on the level of dirt, dust, or debris in its path.

Spot Cleaning

If there’s a specific area you would like cleaned within a 3-foot space, you can use the spot clean mode on the DEENKEE DK600. This mode will cause the vacuum to rotate in circles until it has cleaned the entire area.

The spot clean button is located on the left hand side of the remote underneath the clock button.

Single Room Cleaning

The button underneath the spot clean button—located at the bottom left of the remote—is the one you use if you want to clean just one room. The vacuum will run for 30 minutes and then return to its charging base when finished.

Timed Cleaning

Next to the clock button is the button you press to schedule an auto or timed cleaning. This allows you to set a specific time for the DEENKEE DK600 to run.

Edge Cleaning

Edge cleaning helps your robot to focus on making sure all dirt and debris are suctioned away from the walls and edges of the room you’re currently in.

Spinning side brushes help pull debris away from edges
Spinning side brushes help pull debris away from edges

The button is located to the right of the spot cleaning button on the DEENKEE DK600 remote.

MAX Cleaning

The MAX cleaning button is perhaps the easiest to locate, as it is labeled MAX. This mode ramps up the suction power on the DEENKEE DK600 to 1500 Pa.

Sensor Technology

Built-in infrared sensors allow the DEENKEE DK600 robot to avoid falling off ledges and colliding with walls and other objects that may be in its way. These sensors are located on all sides of the vacuum.

Deenkee DK600 sensors
Sensors run along the outer perimeter of the DK600

Bumpers along the front of the bumper help to protect your robot as well as your furniture and walls from damage as the DEENKEE DK600 cleans.


With its upgraded motor and lithium-ion battery life of 2600 mAh, the DEENKEE DK600 defaults to a power suction of about 1000 Pa. However, its MAX cleaning mode—which can be accessed using the remote control—brings the Pa to 1500.

Deenkee DK600 on charging dock
DK600 charging up on the dock


When it’s running at its lowest power setting, the DEENKEE DK600 hits around 55 decibels. Be aware that using the MAX power setting will increase the noise level slightly.

Auto Recharge

It takes approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge the DEENKEE DK600. The vacuum has a run time of up to 100 minutes using normal power settings.

When we tested it on MAX mode it ran for about 35 minutes on MAX power before needing to be charged.

When it has less than 20 percent of its power remaining, the robot will return automatically to its charging base and recharge for another round of cleaning.

Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of the DEENKEE DK600 are similar to those of other new robot models. 

Here are the specs for the DEENKEE DK600 robot:

  • Diameter: 12.4”
  • Height: 2.8”
  • Weight: 8.82 lbs.

At a height of 2.8”, the DEENKEE DK600 is one of the slimmest robots in the game (though others like the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S are similar in height). This thin design allows the robot to clean under furniture without getting scratched or stuck.

Deenkee DK600 profile view
Side profile view of the Deenkee robot

While the DEENKEE DK600 weighs more than some other robots in its category (like the Eufy RoboVac 11 at 6.7 pounds), its weight is fairly standard when compared with many Roomba robots, like the Roomba 980 (8.7 pounds).

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Accessories & Parts

The DEENKEE DK600 includes the following accessories:

  • Charging base
  • AC adapter
  • Remote (batteries included)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spinning brushes x 4 (2 to put on and 2 extras)
  • Filters x 2 (1 that’s installed and 1 extra)

Charging Base

As with most robots, the DEENKEE DK600’s charging base should be placed in a flat space that is clear of debris near an outlet.

Deenkee DK600 charging dock
Charging dock

Unlike most, it has a slot where you can keep the vacuum’s remote control, a nice feature that prevents you from misplacing it.

Cleaning Brush

The cleaning brush that comes with the DEENKEE DK600 is handy for clearing debris from the brushroll and wheels.

Deenkee DK600 cleaning brush
Cleaning brush

There’s even a small blade on the tool that can be used to cut strings, fibers, or hair caught in the brushroll.


Because the DEENKEE DK600 doesn’t have an app, its remote is one of its most essential features. With buttons that allow you to select cleaning modes, set the robot’s autoclean feature, and manually control the vacuum, the remote is something you’ll need to keep somewhere safe.

Deenkee DK600 remote control
Deenkee DK600 remote control

That’s why the fact you can store it in a slot on the DEENKEE DK600’s charging base is very helpful.

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning performance on the DEENKEE DK600 was quite good. It easily cruised through our hardwood floor cleaning tests, doing nearly as well on carpet.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floors

The DK600 removed 99% of all debris on our hardwood floor cleaning tests. It wasn’t quite a perfect showing, but still got very close.

The only debris it wasn’t able to remove was a small clump that got pushed into the corner. All other debris that it could easily reached was removed from the testing lane.

Deenkee DK600 hardwood floor cleaning tests
Our hardwood floor cleaning tests

Our tests definitely push the limit of what the dust bin can hold. The bin is spec’d to hold 0.6L and we test with 0.6L of debris. When we picked the DEENKEE up off the floor and set it back down there was some debris that fell out.

Deenkee DK600 cleaning on hardwood floors
Deenkee DK600 cleaning on hardwood floors

It wasn’t a huge amount, but it was something we noted. Under most cleaning situations this should be a non-factor, but if you find yourself routinely filling up the bin you may run into this issue more often.

Debris that the DK600 missed in the corner
Debris that the DK600 missed in the corner

Low Pile Carpet

Low pile carpet was excellent as well, removing 97.5% of all debris on the lane.

The only debris it wasn’t able to remove was very fine debris, including a small amount of kitty litter and sugar.

Deenkee DK600 low pile carpet cleaning tests
Our low pile carpet cleaning tests

It should be noted, we ran both our low pile carpet and high pile carpet tests using the MAX mode. While it’s great to see what the vacuum can really do at the highest power settings, while using MAX mode you use more of the battery.

As a result, if you have lots of carpets and want to utilize MAX mode you should know the battery life will be notably reduced in this mode.

High Pile Carpet

Our high pile carpet tests were similar to what we saw on low pile carpet. The DK600 was able to remove 95% of the debris we tested on the lane.

Deenkee DK600 high pile carpet cleaning tests
Our high pile carpet cleaning tests

As with low pile, on high pile carpet we used MAX mode also. Based on our tests and the before / after photos you can really see the level of suction generated through the robot’s cleaning lines.

Deenkee DK600 cleaning high pile carpet
Deenkee DK600 cleaning high pile carpet

Overall, excellent cleaning performance on high pile carpets.

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Setup & Usability

All new technology involves a bit of a learning curve, but once you’ve got the basics down, the DEENKEE DK600 is pretty user friendly.

Setting Up the Vacuum

The DEENKEE DK600 has a super simple setup. The unboxing takes less than 2 minutes, and the only installation required is to plug in the charging station and pop on the side brushes.

Putting spinning brushes on the DK600
Putting spinning brushes on the DK600

After that, you simply put the vacuum on the charging base and wait for the flashing orange light of the Clean button to turn blue. That indicates it’s fully charged and ready to be used.

Deenkee DK600 filter
Dust bin’s filter on the DK600


Learning how to use the remote and what the various modes mean is probably the most time-intensive part, and even that doesn’t take very long with a bit of experimentation.

Emptying Deenkee dust bin
Emptying Deenkee dust bin

Is the DEENKEE DK600 worth it?

So do we think the DEENKEE DK600 is worth it for most consumers?

For a robot that costs as little as it does, yes.

Despite the cost, it’s cleaning performance is great, includes a remote control, and has a variety of cleaning modes.

However, there are a lot of “extras” missing, such as Wifi capability, an app, and advanced dirt detection technology. If those things are important to you, then you probably won’t find the DEENKEE DK600 worth the money.

Nevertheless, if you just want a basic robot vacuum that cleans well the DK600 is a good choice.

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DEENKEE DK600 Specifications

SpecificationsDEENKEE DK600
Weight8.82 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery2,600 mAh
Dust Bin Capacity0.6 L
Includes Virtual WallNo
ReturnsVaries by retailer, other retailers will vary
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the DEENKEE DK600

The DEENKEE DK600 is a basic, but inexpensive robot vacuum. It’s not exactly bleeding edge, but still includes a number of features most will want in a robot.

I would recommend the DEENKEE DK600 if you:

  • You want great cleaning performance – The Deenkee DK600 performed excellently in our cleaning tests, removing an average of 97% of all debris on our 12 cleaning tests. While you will need to use MAX mode on carpets (which will decrease battery faster), it’s still a solid performance given the price point.
  • You want a variety of cleaning modes – the DK600 includes 6 different cleaning modes, including spot, edge, and MAX. Having these extras modes is really nice if you want more control.
  • You don’t need smart home integration – this robot does not integrate with a smart home, so you cannot connect it to your phone. However, it does include a remote control, so you’ll still be able to easily control.

To learn more or purchase the DEENKEE DK600, go here.

Budget Bot, But Affordable
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Quality - 90%
  • Usability - 92%
  • Value - 95%


The DEENKEE DK600 is a budget-friendly robot vacuum. It has basic features and solid cleaning performance. Is it a bleeding edge robot? No. But it’s inexpensive, has most features that typical consumers want, and performed well in our cleaning tests. For the price point, the DK600 is a great pick up.

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    • If it’s on the app you should be able to just delete it. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the app.

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