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Dreame D9 Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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The Dreame D9 is a mid-range robot vacuum (that also mops) with a long run time, good area coverage, and solid performance… without breaking the bank.

Balanced, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop


Dreametech D9

The Dreame D9 is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and robot mop. It has a 570 mL dry dust bin capacity and 270 mL water tank capacity. It’s about to run for up to 150-minutes. When we tested, I was impressed with the cleaning performance and the navigation technology. It feels pretty advanced despite the slightly lower than expected price tag.Check Price


  • Large area coverage (~2700 sf vacuuming or ~2100 sf mopping)
  • Up to 150-minute run time; also has Recharge & Resume
  • Has 4 suction modes, up to 3000Pa and 3 mopping modes as well


  • Struggled a bit with ultra-fine debris on carpet
  • Didn’t seem to use much of the water in the reservoir during our test


Long Run Time & Big Coverage
  • Design - 95%
  • Performance - 96%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 95%
  • Value - 96%


The Dreametech D9 is a mid-range robot with 2-in-1 capabilities for dry vacuuming or damp mopping cycles. It has a long run time (up to 150 minutes) with lots of bells and whistles like zoned cleaning, Alexa integration, 4 different vacuuming cycles, 3 mopping cycles, and very advanced digital mapping and navigation. During our tests it excelled at nearly all debris types we threw at it with the one exception being fine sugar, where it struggled a bit to get all of the particles out of the carpet we tested on. Despite that limitation, it’s still a fantastic robot and a solid value.

Cleaning Performance

To be able to make a fair assessment on cleaning performance, we do testing in our lab testing lane and our larger Modern Castle office and studio space.

Dreame D9
Dreame D9

We use three types of floors:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Low-pile carpet
  • High-pile carpet

We spread the following items along each type of flooring to test the vacuum cleaner:

  • Rice – 0.5 ounces
  • Dry Cereal – 0.5 ounce
  • Kitty Litter – 0.5 ounces
  • Sugar – 0.5 ounces

We use an engineered hardwood floor as our base test.  Low-pile and high-pile carpet inserts are laid over the hardwood floor to do the carpet testing. Debris is scattered over each type of floor covering one at a time.

We use the same vacuum cleaning process to test all our vacuum cleaners. This creates a true to life real world, consistent and fair atmosphere to provide the performance assessment.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Measure each type of testing debris by weight.
  2. Create a debris field in the testing lane by spreading the variable debris mix.
  3. Release the robot vacuum to clean the testing lane and debris.
  4. Run a high powered vacuum over the test lane to remove any debris left behind
  5. Empty and weigh any debris that we were able to remove in step 4.

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Dreametech D9 Cleaning Data

Here’s the data from our Dreame D9 cleaning tests.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The Dreame D9 had a solid performance on hardwood floors. Really, it just missed a couple of specks in the deepest part of the corners, but not even really anything that was significant or measurable on our scale.

Dreame D9 robot vacuum - Hardwood floor cleaning
Dreame D9 robot vacuum – Hardwood floor cleaning

Low-Pile Carpet Cleaning

Our tests on low pile carpet, the D9 was able to capture approximately 93%. This is a bit lower than I would typically like, but in the case of the D9, it really only missed the sugar, which is not that uncommon for robot vacuums.

Dreame D9 robot vacuum - Low carpet cleaning
Dreame D9 robot vacuum – Low carpet cleaning

High-Pile Carpet Cleaning

On high pile carpet the performance was similar to low pile. Overall, it captured 96% of debris and the majority of what it left was sugar.

It’s a bit odd that it performed better on high pile carpet than low pile carpet, when faced with the same debris.

Dreame D9 robot vacuum - High carpet cleaning
Dreame D9 robot vacuum – High carpet cleaning

In many cases, the higher pile height of a denser carpet is more difficult for a robot vacuum to clean, simply because of the suction needed.

The Dreame D9 has a max suction of 3,000 Pa, which is impressive for a robot vacuum of this price point.

Mopping Test

For our mopping test, I would say that the D9 did a good enough job, pretty much on par with other similar systems we’ve seen from Roborock and others.

How does it work?

The microwiber cloth attaches to the bottom of the mopping reservoir and allows the water to seep through during the cleaning cycle.

As it cleans, dirt, dust, and debris are collected on the mopping pad, which can then be thrown in the washing machine or rinsed out in the sink after a cleaning cycle.

Dreame D9 mopping pad after mopping test
Dreame D9 mopping pad after mopping test

Mopping Results

One issue is that it didn’t seem to be releasing much, if any, of the water in the on-board tank.

We got the cloth wet beforehand, per the instructions, but at the end of our mopping cycle, the tank was still basically full.

It’s a bit unclear what the problem is here. It could be a defective valve (ie: something specific to our exact unit) or it could be a model-wide issue.

Dreame D9 Design

The design of the Dreametech D9 feels pretty similar to what we’ve seen from other robot vacuums on the market, and specifically shares some design overlaps with Roborock S Series.

How are they similar?

The Dreametech D9 is a Xiaomi Mi sub-brand. Xiaomi works heavily with Roborock, which is no surprise that the D9 looks similar to many Roborock models.

Top view of the Dreame D9 robot vacuum
Top view of the Dreame D9 robot vacuum

Getting back to the root of the design, the Dreame D9 has a classic look with a simple user interface. It has a series of LIDAR sensors on top of the vacuum which helps to accurately map your space and avoid obstacles. Directly above those sensors are the central controls for the D9.

These controls tell the vacuum to:

  1. Spot clean: cleans a small area using a radial pattern and then turns off, does not return to the dock
  2. Power: starts or stops a cleaning cycle, can also turn the entire vacuum on or off
  3. Home: sends the vacuum back to the home base from wherever it is located

What’s on the bottom of the vacuum?

The bottom of the D9 is your basic setup. It has a centrally located brushroll in the middle between two larger wheels, which helps to navigate flooring transitions.

Spinning brush on the Dreame D9 robot vacuum
Spinning brush on the Dreame D9 robot vacuum

The 3-arm spinning brush on the side of the Dreame is the same as other robots with a similar feature. It spins during the cleaning cycle to pull debris from along edges and corners and into the path of the brushroll.

A smaller wheel in the front is for steering and more detailed movements.

Edge sensors along the top perimeter of the Dreame D9 helps to prevent fall hazards or drop zones like lofted areas or stairs.

Underside of the Dreame D9 robot vacuum
Underside of the Dreame D9 robot vacuum

If you’re opting for a mopping cycle, you can snap the mopping reservoir into the bottom half of the vacuum, directly below the brushroll.

With this installed, it will gently damp mop the hard surface flooring after it has been vacuumed.

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Cleaning Modes

There are four different cleaning modes you can select from on the D9, with varying levels of suction and power.

More powerful modes have higher suction, but can also drain the battery more quickly. Lighter modes are good for quick cleans and allow the robot to clean more area before going back to charge.

The 4 vacuuming modes on the D9 include:

  • Standard mode: Use for standard multi-surface cleaning from hardwoods and low-pile carpet to high-pile shag carpets. The updated features and powerful suction power are great whether you’re vacuum hard or carpeted surfaces.
  • Silent mode: A great option when a quieter decibel level is needed, Silent Mode isn’t truly silent, but it’s notably quieter than the other cleaning modes.
  • Turbo mode: When needed, Turbo mode provides maximum suction power.
  • Strong mode: Maximum suction for the deepest cleaning.

The D9 has a 570mL dust bin reservoir and can cover up to ~2700 square feet.

When mopping, there is a different selection to choose from, based on floor material.

Mopping modes include:

  • Hardwood: releases the least amount of water
  • Cement: releases a moderate amount of water
  • Tile: releases the most amount of water

The D9 has a 270mL mopping reservoir and can cover up to ~2100 square feet.

Size & Dimensions

Compared to other available robot vacuums, the Dreametech D9 robot vacuum is pretty consistent in size and weight to other models we’ve tested.

Profile view of the Dreame D9 robot vacuum
Profile view of the Dreame D9 robot vacuum

Here are the exact specifications for this 2-in-1 robot:

  • Diameter: 13.8″
  • Height: 3.8″
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds

Accessories & Parts

The Dreame D9 includes a simple set of accessories for vacuuming and mopping.

Parts and accessories for the Dreame D9 robot vacuum

What’s in the box?

Here is a list of everything included in the box with the Dreame D9:

  • Charging station: charges the vacuum in between uses
  • Power cord: connects the charging dock to the wall outlet
  • Mopping attachment: contains a small water reservoir and a washable microfiber mopping pad
  • Spinning brush: snaps into the corner of the robot and allows the vacuum to pull debris from edges and corners and deposit it into the cleaning path of the main brushroll

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Dreame D9 Features

The Dreame D9 comes with a well-rounded collection of features and functions.

It doubles as a robot vacuum and mopping robot with great coverage.

Here’s some of my favorite specs about this particular model:

Run Time

Up to 150 mins

Area Coverage

Up to 2700 sf vacuuming or 2100 sf mopping

Wireless Control

Yes, smartphone app or voice control

Wondering what else is included on the D9? Check out the list below.

#1. App Control

The Dreame D9 works with a smartphone app to access more features and functions with the robot.

You can use the app to:

  • Start / stop a cleaning
  • Send the robot back to the charging base
  • View digital map
  • Draw “No Go Lines” for custom boundary cleaning
  • Establish zones or send the robot to a particular spot

#2. Smart Navigation & Mapping

For navigation and mapping, the Dreame D9 uses LIDAR sensors to navigate the space.

When we ran a test run, this vacuum was able to easily navigate our entire studio / office space and make it back to the charging dock on the first try.

The Dreame D9 docked and ready to start cleaning
The Dreame D9 docked and ready to start cleaning

In full transparency, we did clean up some of the larger obstacles, but there was plenty of stuff for it to still navigate around and get stuck on.

The only thing it got stuck on was a power cord that got wrapped around the mopping attachment.

How does it work?

The D9 scans the room at 300 revolutions / minute and can map the floor plan of each space down to +/- 2 cm. It’s actually an impressive mapping technology based on LIDAR.

The LIDAR system is similar to others we’ve seen and seems to work just as well. All that mapping data is fed into the app, which generates map of your space.

Digital map generated by the Dreame D9 smartphone app
Digital map generated by the Dreame D9 smartphone app

The map shows just how aware the D9 is of its present location within any given area.

#3. Zoned Cleaning

The digital map allows you to zone out a particular space with colors or names on the map. With zones established, you can skip entire areas or send the Dreame D9 directly there for a targeted cleaning cycle.

#4. Recharge & Resume

Although the D9 has up to 150-minute run time, it does also offer the ‘Recharge & Resume’ function.

This function allows the D9 to clean a large area and then if / when the battery gets low it can return to the dock, recharge, and return back to the last space it cleaned.

For larger floor plans, high traffic areas, or complicated layouts, this feature can be a good way to make sure that the entire area gets cleaned.

Usability & Maneuverability

Regarding usability and maneuverability of a robot vacuum, a lot of it comes down to user interface and navigation. A robot vacuum that gets stuck all the time and can’t properly navigate the space (and return to the dock) will likely be more of a nuisance than an aid.

So how does the Dreame D9 size up?

The D9 certainly gets some points for usability.

This vacuum offers:

  • App control
  • Scheduled cleanings
  • 570 mL dustbin capacity (less time emptying the cup)
  • 4 level variable suction; up to 3,000 Pa
  • In-app maintenance status for parts like battery or filters
Digital map generated by the Dreame D9 smartphone app
Digital map generated by the Dreame D9 smartphone app

For maneuverability, we consider the size of the vacuum as well as the navigation technology it uses. Here’s what the D9 has going for it:

  • LDS laser navigation
  • SLAM smart planning
  • Navigates in straighter lines
  • Digital mapping

In terms of size, here are the exact specifications:


8.34 lbs





It’s small, but has solid performance and still retains good size dust bin and mopping tanks with impressive area coverage.

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If you’re looking for a well-balanced robot vacuum, the Dreame D9 certainly checks quite a few boxes.


Maintenance tasks for the Dreame D9 are pretty typical of what you’d see with other mopping robots.

Here’s a quick review of the tasks you’ll need to do:

  1. Regularly empty the dust bin: This is the most common maintenance task. The dust bin should be emptied after each cleaning cycle.
  2. Replace HEPA filters (as needed)
  3. Replace battery (as needed): Most robot vacuum batteries last 2-3 years thought this is just an estimate as the manufacturer does not give a lifespan on the included battery.
  4. Remove obstructions from brushroll: You’ll want to periodically remove the brushroll to remove hair and any other obstructions.
  5. Wash mopping pads (as needed): There are machine washable and can just be tossed in the washer on cold or hand-washed in the sink.

Is the Dreame D9 worth it?

With all the specs, features, and technology we’ve listed here, is the Dreame D9 worth it and a good value for your money?

Overall, I would say yes. The value of the Dreame D9 seemed to be pretty well balanced considering everything that it comes with. The digital mapping, navigation, and smart controls (in-app or voice control) are all really nice features for the D9.

In addition, I was also really impressed with the mopping coverage area, over 2,000 sf.

COMPARE: For comparison, the Braava 380t by Roomba has a max coverage of 350 sf. and the Braava Jet 240 offers less than half of that at only 150 sf.

Dreame D9 Specifications

SpecificationsDreametech D9
Weight8.4 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Suction Power3,000 Pa
Battery5,200 mAh
Run Time150 mins
Vac Cleaning Area~2,700 sq. ft.
Mop Cleaning Area~2,100 sq. ft.
Dust Bin Capacity570 mL
Water Tank Capacity270 mL
Zoned CleaningYes
Digital MappingYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer, other retailers will vary
Warranty1-Year Limited
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the Dreame D9?

The Dreame D9 is best if you are looking for the following in a robot vacuum:

  • Large area coverage: The D9 can cover up to 2,700 sf. in a single vacuum run or up to 2,100 sf. in a mopping cycle. It also has an XL dust bin capacity (up to 570 mL) as well as a decently large mopping tank (up to 270 mL). Combined with the 150-minute run time and Recharge & Resume feature, the D9 is simply designed to clean for a long time without interference by users.
  • Advanced mapping: This robot used LIDAR technology to generate advanced digital maps, documenting obstacles down to +/- 2 cm. The in-app maps are impressive and make it really easy to see exactly where the D9 has (or hasn’t) been cleaning.
  • Zoned cleaning:  Within the app, you can also set up zones for particular spaces in your home which can be identified by name and color— user friendly. Once the zones are set up you can block certain zones or send the D9 directly to that area if needed.

For more information on the Dreametech D9 robot vacuum, click here.

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  1. Nice review.

    Picked one of these up and only have a few issues.

    1) App drains iphone battery super fast.
    2) Gets stuck under some furniture but I set no go zones to avoid that
    3) Mop isnt that great even compared to passive tanks
    4) seems to pick up way more hair/dirt/dust than my roborock, but does worse with larger debris like cat liter in my environment. Tough compromise.