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Dyson Attachment & Accessory Compatibility Guide

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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The Dyson vacuum lineup has grown to an extensive collection, considering corded, cordless, canister, upright, handhelds, and stick models.

Many of their vacuums come with a large number of tools and accessories with a simple one-touch connection.

Dyson accessory guide
Dyson accessories from popular models

The simplicity of the Dyson tools may lead you to wonder—are any of the tools compatible between models?

If you have an older model and looking to upgrade, can you use some of the same tools?

The answer is a bit of a gray area, but this guide will take a shot at breaking down the compatibility and cross-use between models.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

What Dysons attachments are compatible within the V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11?

The answer is complicated as there are a couple other questions that likley need to be asnwered first.

Two of the biggest questions being:

  1. What models are you crossing?
  2. What tools are you crossing?

Some models simply don’t play well with others, namely the Dyson V6 (and anything older than the V6).

The V6 cleaning heads are only compatible with other V6 variations as the V6 uses the old grey button accessory system.

Cleaning Heads

V7, V8, V10, and V11 cleaning heads are compatible with each other. At least to the degree that they will click in and turn on.

However, because the higher end vacuums have more power and suction their cleaning heads require more power to operate.

Dyson accessory guide - V Series brushrolls
Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11 cleaning heads

As a result, you may get less than ideal performance when using cleaning heads from the more recent models with older vacuums.

For example, while the V11 Outsize cleaning head will attach to and turn on with the V7. However, the V7 struggles to operate the V11 Outsize’s cleaning head and cannot operate at all on max mode.

This is because the V7 just doesn’t have enough motor power. In general, you want to use cleaning heads that are within 1 generation. For example, if you have a V11 cleaning head, but want to use it with a V10 body, that should be fine.

Dyson V10 and Dyson V11
Dyson V10 & V11 in handheld mode.

As the V10 has sufficient power to operate those cleaning heads.

However, you wouldn’t want to use V11 cleaning heads on a V7 or V8, as the relative motor and battery performance of those lower end models will struggle to operate the higher performance cleaning head.

Wall Charging Mounts

What about compatibility between wall charging mounts—can you cross different wall chargers?

Dyson V Series Wall Mounts Compared
Dyson V Series Wall Mounts Compared

In general, no, but there are a few models that are cross-compatible.

Model Compatible With
V6V6 only
V7V7 and V8
V8V7 and V8
V10V10 and V11
V11V11 only

Dyson V6

Only the V6 is able to fit on the V6 wall charging mount. It will not fit on any other mount and no other model will fit on the V6 mount.

Dyson V7 & V8

The V7 and V8 are cross-compatible with each other. A V7 can work on a V8 wall mount and vice versa. 

Dyson V10

Only the V10 will fit on the V10 wall charging mount. However, the V10 can also work on a V11 charging mount.

That said, it is slightly too narrow for the dock, so it will not fit as snugly as it should. In general, we would not recommend docking the V10 on a V11 mount.

Dyson wall mount
Dyson wall mount

Dyson V11

The V11 Torque Drive, Animal, and Outsize all use the same charging dock. They are cross-compatible with each other, but the V11 cannot be docked on any other wall charging dock.

In general, the reason why many of the wall charging docks are not cross-compatible is that the handle, motor, and canister design is slightly different.

As a result, a slightly modified wall charging station is required to create a snug wall mounted fit. 

What attachments are compatible on the V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11?

Dyson V6

Nothing is cross compatible on the V6. Only accessories designed for the V6 will work on the V6.

As mentioned above, the V6 uses a gray, one-touch connection. You simply press the button and pull the two pieces apart.

Dyson V6 accessory connector
V6’s legacy tool attachment system

Dyson V7, V8, V10, and V11

With the V7, Dyson launched a new system that used a red one-click button. A new color also insinuated a new design.

All accessories on the V7, V8, V10, and V11 are interchangeable and will work on any of the aforementioned models. All of these vacuums use Dyson’s red button clickable accessory system.

Dyson accessory red button system
Dyson accessory red button system

Are Dyson V6 and V7 parts / attachments interchangeable?

Dyson V6 and V7 parts are not interchangeable. The parts and accessories designed for the Dyson V6 will only work on the V6. 

The Dyson V6 has a different clickable system and different features than the V7. This means you cannot use the same soft roller head, brushes, and other accessories for both models. However, you may use special adapters to attach non-powered V6 accessories to a V7, V8, or other models.

Dyson V6 attachments are also incompatible with the V8, V10, V11, and V15.

Are accessories compatible with each other?

If the question spans different vacuum types, like canister, upright, cordless stick, or handhelds, the answer is going to be no, in general.

But within the same family of vacuum types, there is some cross-compatibility.

Dyson Cordless Vacuums

Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums (the V-series) mostly use the same red button clickable system. The V6 is the only vacuum within this series that has a special system that only it uses. But the V7, V8, V10, and V11 are all cross-compatible and interchangeable with each other.

The crevice tool on the V8 is attached by a quick release button
The tools attach by a quick release button (Dyson V8 shown)

Dyson Upright Vacuums

Dyson’s uprights use a system similar to the V6’s grey click system. Most of Dyson’s newer uprights use this accessory system. As a result, many Dyson upright models have cross-compatible accessories with other Dyson uprights.

Attachments & Tools on the Dyson Animal 2
Attachments & Tools on the Dyson Animal 2

Dyson Canister Vacuums

Dyson canister vacuums use the red button clickable system, similar to the same system that the V-series uses. However, it is not actually the same.

The wand tubing has a slightly larger diameter, as a result, V-series accessories will not be compatible with the Dyson canister vacuums. However, like the Dyson uprights, other Dyson canister vacuums will be compatible with each other.

Dyson canister vacuum - connection system
Dyson canister vacuum – connection system

Can you use a new model battery with an older model?

Can you use a higher capacity battery from a more recent Dyson V-series vacuum model (like the V10 or V11) on an older Dyson cordless vacuum to increase run time?

In general, no. 

People usually want to do this to get better run time performance out of old models. However, the batteries are not cross compatible.

Click the battery into the base of the V11 Outsize
Click the battery into the base of the V11 Outsize

That said, you can buy batteries made by 3rd parties. These are designed for the specific model, but usually have an upgraded capacity compared to the stock battery that Dyson includes. As a result, you can get more run time out of older V-series models.

Please note, using a non-Dyson made battery will void your warranty. We wouldn’t recommend a 3rd party battery until you are beyond your warranty period.

RELATED: You can find replacement Dyson batteries here.

Can you buy a standalone Dyson soft roller brush?

Many people want a Dyson soft roller brush, but don’t want to pay the extra price for the Absolute models.

If you already have an older model soft brush there is a good chance it will work with your newer Dyson.

Dyson soft roller brush cleaning head
Dyson soft roller brush cleaning head

You can also buy a standalone Dyson soft roller brush here.

Or buy a compatible Dyson soft roller brush made by a 3rd party here.

What about other Dyson accessories, attachments, and stands?

Many 3rd parties make a wide variety of accessories for Dyson that Dyson may not offer, including:

NOTE: With any 3rd party accessory double check that it works with your specific model. Just as with Dyson branded accessories, 3rd party accessories have to use the special click-in system for that model to be compatible.

Warranty Concerns

Regardless of which model you have or are upgrading too, all Dyson vacuums are subject to potential warranty issues when cross-using accessories among models.

You should note that using accessories that are not explicitly designed for that model has the potential to void your warranty.

If you’re outside of the warranty period it’s probably fine, however, if you still are within the warranty period we would recommend always using accessories designed for that specific model.

Dysons cordless stick vacuums have two different styles of accessories.

  • Dyson’s red button clickable accessories: V7, V8, V10, V11
  • Dyson’s gray button clickable accessories: V6 only

While red button clickable accessories look similar, they are slightly different between different model types.

Dyson canister vacuums use the red button system also, however, the wand tubing is slightly larger, so the V-series and canister vacuum accessories are not cross compatible with each other.

Same issue with Dyson’s uprights, while they look similar in many cases, they are in fact different.

In general, the more recent uprights are compatible with more recent uprights…more recent canister vacuums are compatible with more recent canisters…and more recent V-series are compatible with more recent v-series

Dyson Accessory Compatibility Summary

Here are some other general guidelines to keep in mind:

Passive accessories are always okay, provided they will click in (includes tools like the crevice tool, dusting brush, basically anything that isn’t powered).

Dyson V6 dusting brush
passive upholstery tool - Dyson

Powered accessories in most cases will work between models, but may not be ideal.

Mini motorized brush tool
Dyson turbine cleaning tool

For example…

  • A V11 High Torque cleaning head will work with a V7 vacuum, however, the V7 motor and battery weren’t designed to power the increased demands imposed by the V11’s cleaning head
  • A V7 vacuum can attach a V11 Outsize cleaning head, however, the V7 really struggles to run it at all. As a result, performance may be as good and it could potentially damage the motor.

It probably also will void your warranty.

If you want to use different model accessories more safely then you should try to use older accessories with newer models.

For example, use a V7 soft roller brush with a V10 cordless vacuum. This way, the V10 has more than enough power to run the V7’s brush, since it’s new and has better performance.

If you’re using newer accessories with older models I would suggest finding accessories that are only 1 generation removed.

For example, using a V10 soft roller brush cleaning head with a V8 vacuum would be fine.

Soft roller cleaning head - Dyson

Or using a mini motorized brushroll from the V8 on a V7 would also be fine. You just want to avoid using stuff that’s several generations different. 

Still have questions?

Have questions that we didn’t address? Feel free to ask us your question down below in the comments.

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  1. Hi, I have a V11 and I’m wanting to get my hands on just the head attachment for the 15v submarine the mop part as it’s sealed and doesn’t actually suck, only mops I’m wondering if it will still be compatible with the size of the v11 and work on that? Thanks for your help

    • It is not compatible (I verified it yesterday as our Submarine just arrived).

      The Submarine head seems to only be compatible with the Submarine body (which is a V15 body that is designed only to work with the Submarine head).

      Yesterday, Dyson chat also confirmed that they have no plans to sell the Submarine head as a standalone attachment.

  2. Hi. I have a cyclone v10 animal. My son accidentally trod on the wand and has dented it. Will this affect performance? Also were I to get another wand, which model’s wands downwards are compatible?

  3. Hi again, sorry, Ray here, I put the wrong number of my Dyson v11 Animal Extra on my last message. It should be SV17, (not SK17), my apologies. Thanks Ray

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    Welcome suggestion where to locate parts for a DC17? Filters belts…

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  7. We have lived in various countries… I have a D36c and a cordless V7 – both on different connector systems. I also have a soft rolling brush and two mini heads from a previous purchase that won’t fit either machine! Are there any adapters I can purchase to make it work?

  8. Hi Derek,
    Thank you for all your useful information.
    I have just purchased battery adaptors that my 18v Bosch battery to goes on to. So now I run my V6 & V8 on my18v bosch batteries.
    They make adaptors for most top 18v brands like Bosch, Makita, Dewalt etc
    V6, V8 V10.

  9. Hi,

    I have an older Dyson DC61, and just bought a new V7. I can not use some of the attachments from DC61 to V7.
    Is there an adapter form DC61 to V7?

  10. hello,
    I have a v10 head and I tried with my V8 slim fluffy; the brush rolls when pressing the bottom but when touching the floor it gets stuck and only rolls when I move the vacuum. Do you think it can break the v8 slim fluffy engine?

    • Yes, you can break it. I’m surprised it works at all. Slim additions should only be used with only slim accessories / bodies.

  11. I have a v6 but my mini motor cleaning head will not fit any reason why. It is the grey release on my head but stops when connecting at the power connectors

    • Not sure…it’s possible it’s from an older accessory pack, or it’s possible you have a special international version of the V6.

  12. First off, you are a Saint for the attention you pay to these comments. I think it shows your wonderful passion and possibly the lack of support from Dyson.

    I have a V10 Furry that I bought in Singapore. Now that I’ve moved to Vietnam the models they carry and support are different. Currently they only offer replacement heads for the V8 Slim Fluffy and the V12 Detect Slim Absolute/ Extra. Will either of these work?

    I can’t just buy these online either, I’m in a back and forth email chain with Dyson where I’m forced to verify that I own a unit and give them my first born before they’ll work with me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, they will not, since they are “slim” versions they are smaller than the V10 you need.

      You need a standard version of the Dyson V7, V8, V10, or V11. Anything marked as “slim” won’t work.

      Hope that helps!

  13. What kind of gaget is used to remove brush from holder to clean the brush. I already have striped several of them by using a quarter trying to turn it to unrelease brush to clean it..

  14. I have a Dyson kinetic big ball purple animal model UP14. What size attachments do I need to purchase cause I don’t have any.

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  17. Can u tell me please,
    The strips in the motorised floor attachment of a v7 motorhead are 1 black 1 red.
    I ordered just the generic strips on ebay and they are both too wide however the red one will fit where the black one should be?
    Does it matter if I put 2 red strips in it as the original red one is fine it’s only the black one that is worn down.

  18. Hello
    Is there an adapter to use a v11 motorized floor tool on a v10 absolute?
    The v11 wand is smaller diameter than the v10 and the electrical contacts on the v11 tool are different to those on the wand of the v10.

    • The standard V11, V11 Outsize, and V10 absolute are all cross compatible.

      I’m not sure what version you have where the wand is smaller.

  19. Do you know if the attachments for the upright slim ball will fit the upright Animal 3? Just bought attachments for the slim ball but it stopped working and am considering getting Animal 3 instead but already invested in attachments for slim ball.

  20. Is there a attachment (reducer) that will enable me to connect my big ball Multifloor 2 to the Dyson car cleaning kit?

    Thank you

  21. the V6 and the V6 slim have different shaped plugs on the motorized accessories.
    one is shaped like this ) and the other like ] .
    why they did this I don’t know.

  22. I have an Omni Glide stick Dyson. It came with a small carpet attachment. Can I use another model’s attachment?

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    Is the a connector I can buy to do this?

  24. I need a new brush bar on v7 model which has 3 prongs. I can’t source one anywhere. I notice the v10 has 3 prongs. Are they interchangeable? Any other options? Thanks

  25. I need attachments for the animal 3 dyson vac. Dyson told me none of the attachments fit my unit.I see the QVC demo and they are useing the attachments on the animal 3, can you help me with the truth

    • Anything that fits on the Dyson Animal 2 or Dyson Multi Floor 2 will also work on the Dyson Animal 3.

  26. Hi have an old Dyson v6 and would like to know if the various colour
    coded attachments are interchangeable.

    Many thanks

    • Other color versions of the V6 are interchangeable, but not other versions of the V-series (IE, v7, v8, v10, etc.), which are also different colors.

  27. I have quite a few tools for the corded dc39 model. Are they compatible with any current Dyson vacuums?


  28. Hi Derek,
    I’m sure you have already answered this question within your very helpful information above, but just wanted to confirm.
    I have a V10 cordless and the direct drive cleaner head stopped rotating, as the actual head (not machine itself) was still under guarantee Dyson agreed to send me a replacement.
    However, when I received confirmation it shows they have ordered a torque drive cleaner motorhead. On contacting Dyson I was informed once received I can send back & then they will then order the correct head. So my question is, would the torque drive cleaner motörhead work with my V10? Here’s hoping it will! Thank you

    • Torque Drive cleaning head will work and is in fact the better head. Torque Drive cleaning head came with the V10 Absolute, the most expensive version. And it was also standard on the V11.

      So what you’re getting no only works, but is a substantial upgrade from your direct drive cleaner head.

  29. Hi Derek, i thought I submitted a question but i no longer see it here. The question i asked was
    I have a TheDyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal and went on Dyson to get a new handle but they’ve been out if stock for sometime and im curious if another handle in the DC series work for mine.
    Thank you in advance,

    • There may be some, but I don’t know of any off the top of my head that are compatible. When it comes to handles there is very little cross model compatibility for Dyson.

  30. Hi Derek

    The handle on my dc33 has broke and I want to get a replacement. On searches no mention of dc33 but dc32, dc36 and dc37 are mentioned. Would any of these be compatible with my dc33.


    • I don’t believe any of those are compatible. You’d need to find an upright (all of these others are canisters) near that series to find any chance at compatibility.

  31. Hi why would a dc37 power head – all of a sudden – not work? I cleaned it all out and everything is nice and loose and turn very easy but will not spin when connected

  32. I have a Dyson dc33 vacuum cleaner and the handle needs to be replaced. Could I replace it with a handle for a dc32, dc37 or are they not compatible?

  33. Hi Derek, not sure if you can help me or not but here goes. Derek, i have The Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum and my handle is broken. I tried to get it from Dyson but they are out of stock. I found this -Garbage fighter Replacement Parts for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner DC19 DC23 DC26 DC29 DC32 DC36 DC37 Wand Handle Assembly, Vacuum Accessories- on Amazon and it looks exactly mine but the DC78 isnt listed. Would you happen to know if it would work since i can’t get it from Dyson?
    Thank you in advance,

    • It’s possible that would work…I am not 100% certain if the 78 is cross compatible with those models.

  34. Have an old dc59 that works fine with the head attached without the stick and the brush turns but when the stick is attached the brush won’t turn. do I need to buy a new stick?

  35. I just got a Dyson Ball Animal 3. The tangle free turbine tool for the uprights has changed, and the new one is sold out everywhere.

    Do you know know what the difference between the old and new turbine tools is and if the old one would fit directly to the big tube of the animal ball 3? There are not enough pictures online to tell.

    • I don’t know the precise differences between those two, only that the older ones are generally not compatible with newer uprights.

  36. What accessories will fit and work well for the dyson outsize ( the original outsize) I need replacement hard floor head and would like several other attachments such as cone head and flexible crevice tool. I am not sure if all V11 tools are appropriate

    • All of those available with any recent V-series vacuum (V11, V11 Outsize, Outsize, V10, or V15)

  37. Hello, I’ve tried to find an answer to my question for a while but no luck so far. I hope you can help. I currently have 2 Dyson Vaccuums; the V7 and the Big Ball absolute 2, but unfortunately I can’t use the attachment of the older v7 on the newer big ball absolute. I’ve been searching for an adapter but I could only find adapters for v6 to v7 and from v7 to other brand vacuums but not the one I need. Maybe it doesn’t exist or maybe I just don get how this works 🙈. Just giving it a try here and hopefully you know of a solution.
    Thank you!

  38. Hi I need two parts for a dc 72 which are
    Mini Motörhead part #966086-01
    Motörhead part #966084-01.
    Are there any part numbers that are compatible with the above.

  39. I have a Dyson V-10 Allergy, does the power screw hair attachment of the V-10 animal work on my model. If so what is the part number and where can I purchase i?

  40. Can I use a Dyson Torque Drive motor head on a Big Ball Animal canister vac model CY22 without causing any damage to the vac? Warranty is not an issue, past validity date.

  41. I’m looking to buy a “stick with a beater bar” for my V7. However, I’m not sure where to find it. I’ve looked on and emailed them but I never get a response.

  42. Hi I need a new wall mount for a V6. There are many advertised that say they fit a V6 but have a different T code to mine which is T103239. Is it likely that a different code will fit mine if it says it’s for a V6 ie are all V6 wall mounts interchangeable.?

    • If it says “V6 Wall Mount” then it will work. Don’t go by the T-code, they are all over the place based on the specific model variant.

  43. Hello
    I think I may have had a brainwave – could I put a v7 dust bucket on my v6a to make it compatible with other accessories?

    thanks, Nicole

  44. I have Dyson V8 Animal stick vacuum and since it original charger didn’t serm to work anymore (the new battery didn’t get charged) I ordered a new charger thinking it’s at fault. It came and so I tried to plug it into vacuum. BUT IT DOESN’T FIT!! How come? I thought there wouldn’t be any differences. Is this an example of third party spare part???

    • You need a charger that’s compatible with the battery. Make sure that you have a V8 battery and a V8 charger.

  45. I have a Dyson ball animal 3 upright and I also just received the grooming clippers for the Dyson V6 is there an attachment so I can use the electric clippers? Hope you can help!
    Thank you

  46. I have a v8 absolute but want to upgrade to a v10 for more run time and more debri capacity. If I purchase the v10 motor/body and debri cup, do I still need to buy a new battery charger, or will my v8 charger work on the v10 motor? Thanks so much for this article!

  47. Are there any accessories compatible to the CY22 or is there any adapter to connect either V6, V7 or V8 accessories to a CY22?

  48. Do you know whether a Musclehead will work on a cordless (V8 I think)? I am looking for a head that is more gentle on pure wool carpets. I find the rotor heads (even the fluffy head) are all too aggressive.


  49. According to your pictures I have a V7/V8 Charger but I have light gray buttons for attachments like the V6?? Its a DC59

  50. Hi Derek.
    The head on my Dyson Animal Light Ball Animal (VY3-UK-KJA7638A) broke recently and as Dyson didn’t have a date for the part to come in (and it was still in warranty) they replaced the whole machine last week with a newer Animal Ball model (U1N-UK-RNB2173A). A couple of years ago I purchased a ‘Home Kit’ of Dyson accessories which don’t fit with the new model. Dyson basically told me to source it myself and I am aware eSpares and Partmaster offer adapters (Part no: 2812885PM on the latter’s site) but they are both vague in listing if the part works with my specific models. Like many other online sites, you can’t call them and they take days to answer emails. Your knowledge appears impressive. Would you happen to know if this adapter would work?
    Many, many thanks.

    • I wish I had a better answer for you, but I too am unsure about that exact part compatibility.

  51. Hi
    I need a new motor for my DC65. Can i interchange the complete roller mechanism with a DC40 rather than trying to change the motor?

  52. Hi, I have the wand and roller power head with the number 06-85153 on the bottom of the head, what is the model number of the unit this fits. It has a grey click attachment not red. Thank you

  53. Hi,
    I have a Dyson DC23 cannister model. I’m looking for a mini power head attachment ( sometimes referred to as a pet hair attachment).
    Dyson was not much help and referred me to a universal model. Ebay has items with various similar numbers, but I’m not sure of which models they fit. Dyson could not even find the original number for the DC23.Will part number 915022-02 fit? or 915022-01, or915022-03?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  54. I have an old DC35 that’s still kicking, but the cleaner head brush gets clogged with cat hair. Most Dyson models now come with non-tangle heads. Will any of those heads be compatible with my DC35?

  55. I bought a replacement main body for my v8 but it doesn’t fit. It’s like it’s too short to fit in the battery piece. Do you know why? Thank you

    • I don’t know. My guess would be that you have a V8 version that is not compatible with your replacement part.

  56. Hi, I have a Dyson V7 Fluffy and a Dyson V8 Total Clean. The Fluffy heads are interchangesble and both spin on both machines, but the V8 carpet head brush spins on the V8 but does not spin on the V7. Is this right?

  57. Hello,

    I have a V6 absolute, with a non motorised head.
    Can I buy the motorhead attachment? Will that work on it?


    • I have never heard of a V6 Absolute without a Motor head. If you do actually have a V6 Absolute then yes, a motorhead will work.

  58. Our Ball Canister has three heads which produce greatly reduced suction i.e. hard floor head, large carpet head and stair carpet head.
    Are the replacement heads to correct these faulty designs?

  59. I have a dc61 handheld mini vacuum. Can I put a longer wand and floor brush on it? And if so do you have a link for those accessories?

  60. I have a V10 dok and is planning to purchased a new model dyson as my V10 is damaged. Which newer model(s) is compatible with the V10 dok?

  61. Hello, I have a Dyson DC 65 animal complete and a Dyson multifloor 2. Will the extensions,not power tools work on these models if they are for a V8? thank you so much. Your reply is appreciated.

  62. Is Dyson V10 or V11 wall docking station compatible with V12? The V12 docks are out of stock on Dyson site and have been for a while, so I was wondering if I could get a v10 or v11 dock instead.

  63. Hi! I have a V7 Trigger handheld. Can I buy and use a stick extension to use with the mini motorized attachment?

    Also, can I buy and use a bigger floor attachment for use with the trigger and an extension?

  64. The trigger on my Dyson V10 stopped working. I cannot replace it because the inside circuit board is covered in silicone. Is it possible to replace the V10 engine with a V11 engine. I am referring to the entire motor compartment including trigger, battery location etc. Will the canister from a V10 fit the V11 housing? Will the battery from a V10 work with a V11 motor assembly? I know i would need new filters but I would ike to know if I can upgrade the vacuum in this way. Thanks!

    • I am not aware that Dyson sells a standing dock for the V7. You’d probably have to go 3rd party to get one.

  65. Hello. Recently purchased V10 cordless Dyson and wanted the battery adapter to hold a DeWalt 20v battery for longer life. Attached is ad from Amazon …” Brand: TPDL
    4.4 out of 5 stars42 Reviews
    DW20V8 Adapter for DeWalt 20V Battery Work for Dyson V8, SV10 Animal, V8 Motorhead, V8 Absolute, V8 Fluffy Vacuum Cleaner for DeWal t Batteries DCB200 DCB205 DCB204(Only Adapter) would it fit?

  66. The head on my DC-39 needs to be replaced.

    I’m trying to find what is compatible with it. Any help would be appreciated.

  67. Hello, I have a Dyson Big Ball Allergy 2 but the pneumatic head is so noisy on my tile floor. Is any soft brushroll head compatible?
    Thank you.

  68. Have a Dyson big ball allergy plus, and need to replace the carpet attachment. Beater bar not spinning. Do they make a replacement?

  69. Will the turbo head for a dc11 canister vac fit the dc19?
    Am trying to replace failed head and have been offered a dc11 for parts.

  70. Hello,
    I have a DC 19 upright Dyson. When I entered my serial number on the website, it shows DC 18. I can’t seem to find an accessory kit for either. What other model accessories will work?

  71. Hello! I have an Animal V8+ and want a head to clean my delicate Moroccan rugs that are quite large- one with very short hair and another with longer. I have read that Dyson recommends the Flat head tool. Do you? Is this tool compatible with my vacuum. Thank you so much! It’s hard to find a clear answer on this!

    • Yes, any flat / straight suction attachment will work. I believe your V8+ should have included a tool like that.

      Really you just want a tool that doesn’t use a brushroll. Straight suction only.

  72. Can you use a dison7 wand and Power head on a dison 10. Dison 10 motor on powered head roller making noise. What to do.Asking the 7 compactable to the power head on the 10 .Another question the Dison 10 wand that goes into vacume cleaner in the middle of the vacume is getting loose. Any thoughts

  73. hi, firstly thank you for providing this great service to all those confused dyson owners. i have a cy22 – should have brought pet version, can i get a turbo/brush head for this and is it compatible with the big ball cinetic animal version? cheers

  74. Hey there, I’ve searched far and wide for a direct answer to this with no success and hopefully I’ve finally come to the right place.

    I found a perfect accessory for my pet hair cleaning needs and then found this quick release version of it:

    Dyson Quick Release Tangle Free Turbine Tool – DC77 and UP17 models

    It visually looks like it has the same connector as the V7-11 but looks can be deceiving and I can go the adapter route if necessary.

    Here’s a link to the ebay listing for the item in question:

    Cheers and thanks in advance!

    • This is for the upright models. It won’t work on the V-series. I don’t know of any adapter the works for this.

  75. I have a Dyson V12 slim cordless stick vac. I want to use the combo tool for my dyson big ball canister vac. I see many adaptors for sale on Amazon. Will any of them allow corded accessories to fit onto cordless stick vacs? Thanks!

  76. Hello, is there an adapter to run electronically powered accessories from the Dyson V7 and up on the Dyson DC35? I would like to use a mop attachment, which unfortunately is not available for the DC35.

    • I would have thought it would work. But it’s possible that the V8 doesn’t have sufficient power to run that attachment.

  77. Where could I buy a replacement wand for digital slim fluffy? The replacement wand digital slim fluffy is different to other cordless vacuum?

  78. Hello

    We have a V7 that will not function on max. We have two batteries in good condition. Is it possible to use the V7 batteries to run any other vacuum Dyson vacuum cleaners?


  79. Hi there
    Can you tell me if the Dyson Soft roller cleaner head is compatible with the big ball multi surface 2 model? The big ball cleaning head has completely ruined my wooden floors as it has a sharp metal strip running across it so I need to find an alternative solution.
    Many thanks for any help you can provide!

  80. what size screwdriver do I need to remove the wheels on a Dyson v15 detect absolute laser brush to remove trapped fur. Dyson stated a T15 but it is too big

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to that. I’ve always just had all of my tools out and used whatever one seemed correct.

  81. I have a reconditioned SV11 which I bought from Dyson. The brush head is worn (the brush head holder appears genuine with logo and QR code sticker) and I ordered a genuine replacement part from eBay (part no. 967157-01). On second look I realised that my part has 3 prongs and the part I ordered says it is 4 prongs and not suitable for the 3 prong version.
    I got in touch with Dyson who said they don’t supply a 3 prong version but supply the part no 967157-01 as above which will fit my SV11 (they had the serial no. too of my machine)
    What are you thoughts on this please as don’t want to try the parts in my machine if it definitely won’t fit. Many thanks

    • I’m not totally sure here. It sounds like what you bought from eBay is a 3rd party part. If you’re worried about incompatibility I wouldn’t buy anything except parts directly from Dyson.

    • There are numerous tangle free turbine tool. You’ll need to confirm your exact multi floor model to determine compatibility.

    • Hi I have the V12 slim animal dyson and when trying to find an electric mop attachment it seams to only fit V7 V8 V10 V11 and V15. us it nit compatible with V12 or it should be alright to use?
      thank you in advance

    • I don’t know of any “electric mop” that Dyson makes at all, let alone one that would fit the V12 Slim.

  82. Morning! can I charge a dyson v6 slim battery on a dysonv15 detect charger? I’ve recently bought a new v6 battery and it doesn’t appear to be charging!

  83. I need a replacement hose for my dyson roll ball VR6-UK-JKA2331A
    But I am finding it hard to find. What can I use instead

  84. I have bought Reach-under tool. I have Small Ball Allergy Upright. Dyson say that it works with all the model DC19 and upwards except for cordless and DC24. I am not sure how to attach the Reach-under tool to DYSON – Small Ball Allergy Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Can you please help?

    • It attaches to the wand. If it’s not easily attaching then that means you have an incompatible reach under tool.

  85. have a secondhand animal dc50 but accessories don’t clip into place and fall off in use. on the end of the wand there is no clip mechanism am I missing a part or is there an adaptor available?

  86. Can I use my v11 min motorized head 158685-05 ( 16.2v 30w ) for my v8 which can with a mini motorized head 158685 16.2v 20w ) ?


    • I don’t think there is much cross compatibility. You’d just need to find a Dyson Animal 2 (doesn’t have to be Total Clean…any Animal 2 works).

  87. Hi Derek , thanks for the information.
    I have a dyson outsize , I was wondering If I could use a smaller head like v11 torque drive maybe?
    Do you think it could put pressure on the motor?

  88. I need a new roller brush for my Dyson SV12. I can not seem to find a replacement . Would the V11 roller brush replacement work on the SV 12.

  89. Hi
    I’ve brought 2 replacement brush rollers for what I believe is a v8 animal ( I brought directly from Dyson) the first a 3rd party & so thought it just wrong as different diameter to mine. I have now brought an original part ( so the box claims 967485-01)
    Again diameter is wrong.
    Mine is approximately 45-46mm & the ones sent have been approximately 50mm. Please could you advise me as don’t know what to do next?

    • It’s possible you have a V6 or a V12 Slim.

      Given that you’re using metric I assume you’re outside the US. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Dyson’s larger international model range is more limited…so it’s possible it’s something else.

  90. I have a V 10 vacuum in moving house I lost the soft head wot I want to know is if I buy a soft roller only can I remove the hard roller and replace it with soft roller

  91. I have a dyson animal2 UP20 TJ7-US-JHD0105A that is missing the powerhead.
    The powerhead from my dyson ball multifloor UP13 MG9-US-JBA8600A seems to be compatible. do you know what other models are compatible?

  92. I have just purchased a replacement head for v6 vacuum dyson but now discovered my model is V 6 Absolute. The head will not fit . Is there a specific different head fitting for the Absolute model.
    Yours in anticipation.
    Margaret Madden

    • That’s strange…perhaps you have some type of sub-variant of the V6. Any V6 head should work for Absolute or other standard variants.

      Do you have an image of the model you have?

    • The V6 has two types sv03 and sv05(Absolute) the powered attachments are NOT compatible. The sv number is behind the bin on silver label

  93. I am thinking about downgrading from a dyson v10 to a dyson v8 so I can buy a dewalt battery adapter, will I notice the downgrade? Will my v10 power head still work on the v8? Or would I be better off to buy a couple replacement batteries for my v10? Thanks!

    • Yes, you will notice the downgrade.

      V10 head will work on the V8 though.

      I’d just buy replacement batteries for the V10.

  94. Have stripped down a dyson V8 motor-head and it is the connector which has broken wires my intention is to solder new pieces of low voltage replacement wire of the same specification but I cannot remember how these are routed as they were installed in 2 wire shaped grooves and then again routed around the connector itself

  95. What an impressive site.

    I’ve been searching for a few days for replacements for my Dyson and it is so confusing. I have a V7 Absolute (aka F6J UK), I’m looking for a replacement brush bar for the direct drive cleaner head and a replacement mini motorhead tool. And filters.

    It has red click buttons, so not sure if this means it is compatible with other V7/8 etc accessories, as this model is rarely mentioned anywhere.

    Any advice much appreciated.

    • You are correct. It’s compatible with V7 / V8 accessories and attachments.

      Even the V10 would work on it.

      Technically, V11 and V15 also work…though due to the power consumption of those models I wouldn’t recommend it. Go with V7, V8, or V10 attachments.

  96. Derek, I want to connect a 1 1/4 shop vac hose to my older DC40 Ball-type Dyson. What sort of aftermarket adapter should I look for? There seem to be many, but it’s hard to determine if they’ll click into the end of the wand or hose or not.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know much of anything about those types of adapters. In theory, they exist, but I’ve never gone looking for them.

  97. I have a DC24, the motor head died, I was wondering if there are any upright vacuum motor heads that are compatible with the DC24, thanks

    • For sure the DC24 is compatible if you can find it…but that’s the only one I could with 100% certainty.

    • That’s not something I know how to do or would recommend. I expect you’d void your warranty by doing so…and it’s also possible dangerous.

  98. Derek – Have you tested 3rd party soft ‘fluffy’ roller attachments with V10 model? Any you recommend that delivers high performance?

  99. Hi there I have a dyson v10 cyclone, the battery life is going fast. I have seen battery adapters that look great. I have newer Dewalt cordless tools with a number of batteries, not sure what adapter to choose.Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



    • Unfortunately, that’s an area I really don’t know anything about. I wasn’t aware they made battery adapters and I have never tested any.

      Sorry, Steve.

  100. I have a Dyson V7 but have misplaced the battery charger pack. Do any other dyson chargers fit this model? Or is there a generic charger that would fit as very expensive to replace with the Dyson charger

  101. Hello!! I have Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum (CY23 index) and looking for mop head for this. What the model number of this head and how can I find it on Amazon for example?

    • Look for the exact model number of your vacuum, should be somewhere on the vacuum itself. Then look for accessories for that attachment, as opposed to trying to find an exact model number for the cleaner head. I don’t know what the individual model number of attachments are.

  102. Hi Derek, is there any adaptor to connect the passive heads from the old DC08 yellow quick release to newer V11 red quick releases?

  103. Bought a pet groom tool and it comes with a 2 inch square plastic box with a funny red plastic thing. It looks like a nibs red licorice with a black tab at one end. What is it for and how do you use it.

  104. Thank you for your prompt reply. I forgot to mention my Dyson is a V6 Motorhead cordless stick vac. The regular hardwood floor attachment for other V6 models doesn’t fit on this one. I’m wondering if there is one for the V6 Motorhead version. Thanks.

    • That is news to me. I thought the Motorhead and other versions were cross compatible with the V6.

      If that’s the case then I don’t know of any solution. Sorry 🙁

  105. I have a Dyson V6 fuchsia cordless stick vac and hardwood floors. Is there a brush assembly/brush for hardwood floors that is compatible for hardwood floors for this model?

  106. I have a dyson canister vacuum and it is an awesome machine . I would like to see if I could change my roller on the beater bar for some that doesn’t allow human hair to tangle in it .

    The only number I have been able to get is a serial number BR6- US-BGA0456B

    • I have not heard of the exact model…it looks like it may be a different labeled V6. If so, then yes, anything that works on the V6 will work on it.

  107. Hey Derek, I have a Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2 and looking for a replacement head, but don’t particularly want to pay the €80(ish) for the Dyson pneumatic musclehead floor tool – is there a simpler/cheaper option that would be compatible with that model

    • Unfortunately, nothing that I am aware of.

      3rd party part support for the canisters / uprights is very limited, especially when it comes to cleaning heads.

  108. Hello I’m trying to change the brush motor,and brush head on model
    UP 19. Nothing comes up with matching model part numbers. They look the same or at least similar?

    • I’m not familiar with UP19, it looks a bit like a Dyson Multi Floor, but not quite. Not sure what parts would be compatible with it.

    • What do you mean by “non-animal one” There are several variants that are not the animal.

      But in general…yes. If it has a HEPA filter then it is cross compatible across all variants within that model series.

  109. I have a Dyson V11 Outsize. I have heard that is discontinued. I need a roller replacement or the entire head. No outsize head is available. Will the regular V11 head fit my red tube V11 outsize?

    • Regular V11 head will fit, as will the new Dyson Outsize.

      Dyson V11 Outsize was basically rebranded as the Dyson Outsize. Same machine though.

  110. I have just ordered a V8 absolute cordless to replace my V6 model. Will the electric cable for the V6 be ok to use with the V8. (My husband has hidden the V6 cable behind contiboard).

  111. Hi, I have dyson big ball multi floor canister, which attachment< soft roller brush or cleaner head will work on my canister?

    • I don’t have a comprehensive list for that model.

      DC23 head is the only one I could say with confidence.

  112. Hi, Can we fit the Slim Fluffy Laser Head to the V10 Absolute? I got a reply from Dyson that it wouldnt be possible, but I would like to double check. Pls let me know. Thanks

    • In this case Dyson is correct. They are not compatible (button / hole configuration just doesn’t match up).

      I just double checked with my Dysons here.

    • In most cases, very little.

      Cheaper versions might have a worse red button attachment that breaks sooner, but for $30 I’d risk it all day.

      Wand is a non-moving part. Very little chance of issues compared to other attachments.

  113. Any attachments available for omniglide? Or converter that is compatible? Want to be able to add a horsehair attchment I ordered from amazon. Thank you

  114. I had a DC23 canister style Dyson for about 12 years and recently bought a V15 Detect Absolute. Is there an adaptor available so that I can use some of the old tools on the V15?

  115. I have a Dustin v7 fluffy , and find it very difficult to push on carpet , can I get a regular beater bar to interchange with it ?

    • Fluffy head is not designed for carpet. That’s why it’s hard to push on carpet

      Yes, the regular beater bar can works on the fluffy version.

  116. I notice that the large bin on both the V10 and the V11 measures out to be the same size. (11.3 c/m by 19.6cm) Are the bins interchangeable?

  117. Hi Derek,

    I have a Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner main body with battery. Can I use the tube and accessories from other lower models? Thank you.


  118. Hi there
    I’ve 2 questions please:
    Will a V6 slot into the top of the Dyson multi Slim Floor Dok, v11 (,possibly Part No. 969944-04)?
    And will a DC35 charger power a V6?

    • V6 will not work on a Slim Floor Dok. It only fits V11.

      I am unsure if DC35 charges a V6. Very few charges are cross compatible. If I had to guess, I’d say no.

    • It’s very hard to find parts for older machines. I don’t know of any good place where you can find a DC23.

  119. Is there a generic chordless stick vacume that is compatible with any of the Dyson power heads? I own a Fluffy and my Dyson has so many issues with it that it is time to replace it. I can’t afford a new Dyson so I am wondering if there are any generic knock offs that can use the powered Fluffy head. The fluffy head is incredible and works better than anything in an all hardwood house. Do you know any off brand chordless vacumes that can use a Dyson Fluffy head? I have so many Dyson attachments I want to be able to use them with the new vacume cleaner. Ultimately I will buy another new Dyson but I need a second vacume for a detached den to have on hand and do not want to spend the money for a new Dyson. I know there are a lot of really good stick vacumes that are less than $150 but trying to find one that can use the Dyson Fluffy head or has a Fluffy head of its own. Any help would be great. I can’t seem to find any info on knock offs that can use the Dyson Power attachments. Thanks

  120. Hi Derek,

    We have mostly hardwood in the home but already have an older generation stick animal vacuum (not red button) and are looking for a whole home option and leaning towards the “Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor”.

    While i know the V series and canister have different diameter attachments, Are you aware of any attachment converter which would allow for the V series soft roller heads to be attached to a dyson canister vacuum. Unfortunately I do not see that there are any soft foam brushes directly available for the canister series and as such we are wondering if there are any converters available or any recommended 3rd party attachments for this.

    Thank you in advance,


  121. Hello,

    Is it at all possible ( any converters available) to to attach a fluffy hardwood type floor beater on a dyson canister big ball vacuum – or do you have any other recommendations.

    We have almost all hardwood, but like the canister type vacuums and are looking to see if it can be connected (even if not typical).

    Thank you in Advance,


  122. Hi
    I’ve just purchased the V11 torque drive cordless vacuum and I would like to know if I could put a fluffy bar in the same head or would I have to get a whole new fluffy head attachment.
    Regards Julie.

  123. Hi Derek, I hope you can help, we are Dyson Lovers and have a variety of Dyson equipment. On the vacuum side the early corded DC1, the midsized corded one (very powerful) and three battery handhelds from early days to the latest one we have, a V7. All excellent tools, all working well for many years with no failures. So the preamble question I have we like the new V15 particularly beacause of the beater bar head between the brushes BUT another Dyson seems daft, and it is expensive, verses the new Shark similar device being released in about 2 weeks. The reason for the question is we have moved home and bought fairly deep pile carpet with soft thick underlay (very nice to walk on) in the whole house, the problem is all our above units on any power setting just dig straight into the pile and the normal push pull vacuuming action is impossible. Only a rear walking action whilst dragging any Dyson will work. Do you know, does the V15 beater bar head attachment work, when attached to a V7 and does it allow the push pull action? Ie would this solve our problem OR is there a similar head supplied with any on the range V7 to V11 please? It seems that a power reduction system (like supplied on the V15 & Shark is necessary to effect easy vacuuming? Any help and advice appreciated. Cheers John H

    • V15 cleaning head will fit on your V7, but I would not recommend it. V7 doesn’t have the power needed to drive that cleaning head. It might work the way you want it due to the V7’s lower suction power, but it’s not advised. It could hurt the V7 or V15 cleaning head or both.

      As you noted, this is more an issue of variable suction than it is a problem with the cleaning head. The best way to reduce excessive suction issues is to get a Dyson with variable suction and a cleaning head that has the adjustable seal gates on the front of the cleaning head (which increases / decreases suction seal with the floor).

      V15 has both variable suction at the motor level and the adjustable seal gates, so you shouldn’t have any issues with the V15.

      But it’s a pricey machine, so the Shark could deliver similar performance for less money.

  124. Hi Derek, do you know anything about V8 Absolute soft roller heads missing the rear brush bar? I bought mine exactly one month ago while on sale and haven’t noticed any issues with the soft roller head while using it until I went to clean it today – the manual says there should be a second, smaller rear brush bar but I only have the large main one. I tried scouring the internet for answers but only found one reddit post mentioning the same thing.

    I’m wondering whether a replacement rear brush bar will even be compatible with my soft roller head, or if I need to replace the entire cleaner head. On the other hand, the V8 Absolute for sale on the dyson website doesn’t appear to come with the soft roller head anymore – instead it comes with the new “fluffy” head. I’m assuming this fluffy cleaner would still work with my V8A, since it’s still considered the same model, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts before I start replacing things!

    • Fluffy and Soft Roller head is the same thing. Dyson usually calls it Fluffy, but sometimes you’ll see it listed as Softer Roller.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about roller heads missing the rear brush bar.

      I just looked at my V10 soft rolled head and it does have the rear brush bar. However, that bar does not spin or move. As such, I don’t think it’s super important. Most likely it’s just a design change that Dyson is making.

  125. Hi, I have a V11 animal vacuum with screw in battery. The main body (engine) does not work and I have not been able to find a new (not refurbished) replacement. Are there any other bodies (e.g. V10, V8, etc) that would work with the all the V11 vacuum attachments, including the charging station?

    • V7, V8, V10, V11, and V15 will all work with the V11 attachments.

      However, you need the charging station and charging plug that goes with each respective model. That is not cross compatible.

  126. I have a Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner but the main brush head looks like it’s 3 prongs and all I can see is replacement for 4 prongs ( never even knew there was 3 or 4 pronged version )
    Everything works fine I just need a new brush roller as it’s worn the strips down

  127. I bought the V11+ A year ago and would find the new (hair) anti-tangle brush head that’s now with the V15 very useful. Can I purchase it anywhere? Thanks for great article 👍🏼

  128. How does the new V8 tangle free motorhead compare with the basic V8 motorhead, in performance? Does either one pick up better? Are all V8 models the same in performance or have they been improved since first generation until now? Suggestion of which V8 is best performance to buy for 50/50 hardwood/rug household?

  129. Hi Derek, thanks for the above site. I have both a 240V cinetic big ball and have just purchased a V11 stick. Both have a number of passive attachments. Can I purchase a conversion attachment to interchange them?
    Thanks in advance.

  130. The switch has broken on my dc31. I have seen a used motor/switch assembly for a dc35 for sale. Are they compatible?
    Would appreciate your comment.

  131. Hello . I have got the dyson DC40 and the dyson v6.
    I have just got the dyson mini turbo head but have not got the adaptors to attached it to the machines.could you please tell me what adaptors that I need.Thank you.

  132. Hi Derek,

    Great place to find helpful Dyson information.
    I wonder if you would know if the old DC-16 attachments will connect to V6 Trigger [DC-58]
    I’m told no but that was from Dyson who have brand new models to sell.
    Many Thanks

    • In this case, Dyson is correct. They will not connect and I am not aware of any adapter (3rd party or otherwise) that exist.

    • Hi Derek,

      You recently confirmed the DC16 handheld attachments were not compatible with V6 Trigger [DC-58] which I was advised by Dyson here in Australia. Since that time I have connected the DC16 originally supplied attachments combination tool and crevice tool successfully to the V6 Trigger [DC-58].
      As well as those attachments a separately purchased tool kit of attachments PN. 12679-01-01 also fit as well as the separately purchased Flexi Crevice Tool PN. 08184-05-01. Only the DC16 specific motorhead will not connect with the V6 Trigger DC58.
      Was there some confusion with regards to which attachments I meant?

    • My apologies for the mistake, Tracy. Looks like I was just wrong on this one.

      I was under the impression that the connection between V6 and earlier cordless Dyson models was different.

  133. Hello. I am looking for the red quick release that locks the canister to the vacuum cleaner, but I have not seen on being sold. Can you tell me where I can get one. My Dyson is a DC 41 thank you.

  134. I have Dyson dc54 cinetic, apart from dc54 turbine head which turbine head can be used with dc 54? Is there any soft roller brush that can be used with dc54?

  135. Hi, I have a dyson DC29 and would like to purchase the Dyson DC39 DC39i DC47 Vacuum Cleaner Stair Tool Brush. The original one that came with the vacuum has gone missing. Would the item above be compatible.

    Thank you.

  136. Hello! I have a Dyson DC65 that needs a new cleaner head. Can I use one from a different ball/animal upright vacuum or does it have to be specific to my model?

  137. I’m a little confused.. I have a v12 absolute with the red button quick release.. is it compatible with any other quick release red button models? Thanks for a clear answer.

    • It is compatible with all other V-series quick release red buttons. Basically everything from V7 to V15 (excluding the Slim models. If you have a V12 slim it would only be compatible with other V-series slim models.

  138. What other Dyson models have compatible heads with the Dyson Big ball 2 (CY28)? It’s difficult to find any second hand accessories that claim CY28 compatibility.

  139. Great article!!! super informative! Quick question. i have the V7 Dyson stick and i want to replace the back filter that is grey. In other YouTube videos the cap just twists off. i can’t seem to get that to happen. Is this model not supposed to be replaced/cleaned? Here is my model # TY4-US-MAF5484A

  140. I have a DC17, I am needing the crevice and brush attachments. What series would be compatible? I cannot find any specific to DC17 except on eBay
    Thank you

  141. Sorry if you have answered this already and I have missed it in the comments

    I have a V11 which no longer works – if I upgrade to a V15 will the attachments work?

    Thank you

  142. Hello Derek,

    Do you have any idea how I can connect a pet groom tool part no 921000-02, that originally fits most of the DC models to my v10


  143. Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the great article. I have a question though…what is the attachment that is pictured on the bottom right of the first photo you posted? The one that looks like a pipe under the sink. It came in the box of the V12 but it’s not in the manual and can’t find info online. Thanks!

  144. Hi Derek, I have a v15 and want to buy a couple of spare filters. Can you tell me if they are same as the size as the v11 I had, and would they fit the v15.
    Also is it ok to use an air compressor to clean the filter, they take a few days to dry when I wash it. Thank you.

  145. I have Dyson DC35 that is a few years old but works well. I would like a wider head. The current head is 8.5 inches wide. Are there wider heads I can get that will work? My model has the grey buttons to change heads. Thanks.

  146. I purchased the Dyson v10 allergy vs Absolute because it was deeply discounted but want to soft roller head since I have majority hardwood floors.
    Can I purchase a soft roller to replace the Allergy or purchase an entire head replacement? Appreciate your thoughts!

    • That’s a very old model. I don’t know of any other models on the market now that could use that.

  147. Hi there, I have a dc20 stowaway animal and I’m struggling to find nozzles and attachments for it. I ordered a set from Amazon which were stayed as comparable with a dc20 but they didn’t fit. Do you know if it’s comparable with any other model numbers do I can try and order accessories for those which might fit? Many thanks

    • That’s a pretty old / niche model. I don’t know of anything available today that is compatible.

    • I have a dc 37. The part I ordered is coming from England. It is the power head as mine has stopped and not repairable. Will take 2 weeks or so to get it. Dyson is originally from England. I went through Amazon. Locally in Vancouver/canada I cant find anyone who carries what is require for my dyson

  148. Hello. I have a Dyson stick vacuum model C35. I really need the soft sponge head but I don’t know if my vacuum will support it. If it doesn’t , is there another brushless cleaning head that I can use?
    Cheers Susan

    • It’s too old I am afraid. I don’t think there is any soft fluffy head that is compatible.

  149. Thank you for the great article! You may have said it and I missed it but i have dyson dc17. But no accessories for it I can find tools for that model. Are tools for dc14 or others compatible?

  150. I have bought a Dyson V12 stick vacuum and am looking for more none powered accessories ( soft brush, mattress tool, extension hose).
    Will any of the none Dyson made accessories fit?

  151. Hello! Thanks for the article. Is it possible to convert the V6 trigger origin handheld to a stick vacuum? It’s a DC58. Thanks!

  152. Thanks for this article. We have a Dyson v7 Trigger – the short stem handheld version. Could we add a v7 Animal long wand to it? It connects with red buttons.

    • It will attach, however, I don’t recommend using it. I’m not 100% certain of the power difference between the Animal 2 and DC40 motorhead. My fear is that it would damage either the vacuum or motorohead or both.

  153. First off, thank you for such a thorough and helpful guide, Derek!

    I have a question about the new Omni-Glide+. While it’s great for its original intent — cleaning hard floors, many articles claim it can take on carpets, too… which I found not to be true. It’ll pick up some surface dust, but my V7’s bin fills up after I go over a rug I just vacuumed with the Omni-Glide.

    Keeping both isn’t ideal, so I’m looking for a carpet attachment for the Omni. I’m pretty sure none of the ones listed above will fit… Help!

    • You’re very welcome!

      Unfortunately, you are correct, none of the multi-surface cleaning heads fit the Omni-glide. The Omni-glide has a vary narrow extension connection, such that there is nothing else compatible with it in Dyson’s line up (even the slim V-series versions are too big).

      I am afraid there isn’t a good option.

  154. Are there any Mini Micro Tool Attachment Pieces Set that is compatible to Dyson DC25? I want to use it for narrow areas inside other dusty devices and unreachable areas inside the house. I bought one set from Amazon but it is not compatible! Any ideas?

  155. Hi Derek,

    Great article, although it would have been great if you had also included V15 accessories.

    Do you know if the V15 Laser Slim Fluffy head is compatible with the V10?

    • It is compatible, yes.

      V15 came out after we did this attachment guide, but you make a good point. I’ll try to update that at some point.

  156. I have a Dyson V6.
    Am looking for another head style to use on tile floors that I currently have. From pictures I am not able to see the underside of the floor heads. I’m wondering if there is another style that can be used on tiles as well as carpet.

  157. I have v6 Slim.. and thinking of buying V10 .. are they the same batteries? cuz I just bought new ones..

  158. I have 8 accessories (one motorized) for my older DC25 Animal Ball upright vacuum cleaner. EVERYTHING works perfectly (including the motorized one) BUT the power head will not lay flat on the floor. Dyson says I have to buy a new machine. What to do with the older one — that works perfectly EXCEPT for on carpet as I have the flat floor attachment for wood and tile. I am wondering if my 8 accessories can be used on a new Upright ball machine or will they not fit.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t believe the DC25 attachments are compatible with Dyson’s newer upright vacuums. Sorry

  159. Hello,

    Do you know if the Dyson Ball Animal 1 parts will work on the Dyson Ball Animal 2? I foolishly mixed them up when I replaced my 1st vacuum after 9 years of heavy use. The 1 came with a bigger assortment of accessories.

    Thank you in advance.

    • I don’t believe there is any dedicated hardwood floor cleaning attachment for the Multi Floor canister.

      However, the multi-surface cleaning head that comes with the Multi Floor canister will work fine on hardwoods.

  160. I also have a problem with the handle joint on my cinetic squeaking horribly when it flexes. Any solutions? Only 2 years old.

  161. Hello, I have a cinetic big ball origin and the head on it is hopeless for carpet. I am considering getting a cordless V8 or similar, will the head on this fit my cinetic to improve the pick up of hair?

    • It will not fit. Big Ball and V-series cleaning heads are not cross compatible with each other.

  162. I have a new V11 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum. I would like to use the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Upholstery Tool. What adapter or converter do I need? Some people said that Dyson makes one for $37, but when I called Dyson they said that it doesn’t exists. Then I saw one on Amazon for $8, but not sure if that one would work.
    Any suggestions?

    • I don’t think Dyson makes one, but there may be a 3rd party one like you saw on Amazon. Trying that is your best bet.

  163. I have a Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum But the hose is very tight to move it around when you are using wand. I saw dyson canister vacuum has flexible hose , My question is does the canister hose can be fitted to my dyson ball animal 2 through anyway like an adapter or so ? any third party adapters ? Please let me know. Thank you.

  164. I have just purchased a set of accessories from eBay advertised as being for Dyson small ball. When I received them they were all too small in diameter. Could they be for a different small ball variant or likely a completely different machine? Thanks.

    • Honestly, it’s just not enough information for me to even say.

      Could be a different small ball, could be a different Dyson, could just be a scam, could be another vacuum. Ebay is a bit of the wild west.

  165. I have a Dyson barrell (Cinetic Bigball origin) vacuum and want to use a soft roller brush cleaning head.
    Which sort is compatible? Do you sell them

  166. Hi Derek, I have a Dyson DC23 (very old…but still going) and a Dyson DC45 and most of the tools are interchangeable. However I am looking for a new good hard floor tool for my timber floors. Would the soft roller brush head fit? Both of my Dysons have a grey button!

    Thank you


    • I don’t know of any soft roller brush that fits the older grey style button connection.

  167. Hi Derek,

    I have a Dyson V7 Trigger Pro vacuum with Mini Motorhead. Is a V series wand and Motorhead Part no. 968266-04 compatible with the vacuum I currently have?

  168. Hi,

    Is there a low reach adapter compatible with the dyson v12 detect slim absolute? I bought the adapter compatible with the v11 but it wont the v12.

  169. Hello
    I have the dyson v7 animal extra with the 3prong roller. It needs replaced but I find they are no longer made, only 4 prong rollers.
    Other than buying a new machine what are my options?
    Thank You
    [email protected]

    • I am afraid you really don’t have many options.

      If you cannot find a 3 prong roller somewhere you will simply need a new machine. Sorry I don’t have better news.

  170. Hi there just a quick question can you use different cyclones for all Dyson big ball vacuums, I have the Dyson big ball multi floor and need a new cyclone but it is out of stock.

  171. Please advise what I can do . I have a Dyson DC05, which works perfectly . However the telescopic wand is stuck fully extended . Is there a replacement ?

  172. Hi there I have a dyson v8 motohead was wondering if the attachments from this,will it fit the dyson canister vacuum.

  173. Hey Derek and Fellow Dyson Devotees,

    I’ve wanted to get the Outsize for a while now, however, it’s always out of stock. (Granted I exclusively look on Dyson’s website, as it’s my preference to order from.)

    The main reason is for wanting the Outsize is the bigger XL (XL Cleaner Head) which comes standard. The v15 Detect would be perfectly sufficient for my home, aside from some larger rugs and carpeted areas, where the XL would be super handy to have.

    To summarize: Would the V15 Detect body be compatible with Outsize’s XL Cleaner Head?

    My thoughts: yes, they’re compatible. This conclusion is based on the fact that the Outsize Absolute includes the Fluffy Laser Cleaner Head, which is standard with the v15 Detect.

    Any input is appreciated!

  174. Hi there, thanks for all this information. Can you tell me if the V8 charger is the same as the V10/V11? I couldn’t see it mentioned above. Many thanks

  175. Hello, does dyson v8 slim fluffy cleaner head/accesories compatible with dyson digital slim or V12 slim? Since all these are under slim series. Thanks

  176. I have Dyson Vacuum aaccessories(total clean kit) including soft dusting brush,flexible crevice tool ,combination tool for series DC 21,23,26,29,36,37,42, and 43 for upright vac.QUESTION: Will these tools fit a V11 upright?

    • There is no vacuum called the V11 upright. I assume you’re talking about the V11 cordless, and the answer is no, they will not fit.

  177. Hi – will Dyson SV12 vacuum bin Model number 969509-01, fit on a v11 body? Looks to be same design but says “big bin”. Thanks