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Dyson V8 vs. V11

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This Dyson head-to-head comparison is going to be looking at the Dyson V8 vs. V11. The V11 is the newest Dyson model to hit the market, while the V8 continues to be one the best Dyson vacuums for the value shopper.

Are the upgraded features of the V11 worth the added cost? Or are you better off saving some cash and opting for the tried-and-true V8 model?

Find out in today’s Dyson cordless stick vacuum comparison.

Dyson V8
  • Max Suction: 115 AW
  • Run Time: 40 minutes
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Dustbin: 0.54 L
  • Cleaning: 95%
Dyson V11
  • Max Suction: 185 aw
  • Run Time: 60 minutes
  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.
  • Dustbin: 0.77 L
  • Cleaning: 99%

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Prefer to watch rather than read? Check out our Dyson V8 vs. V11 video comparison below:

What is the Dyson V8 & V11?

The Dyson V8 and Dyson V11 are cordless stick vacuums and part of Dyson’s V-Series lineup. Both vacuums use a multi-surface brushroll that’s powered by a digital motor. The motor is designed to fit into the handheld portion of the vacuum, allowing it to operate as a handheld or cordless stick vacuum.

Dyson V8 vs. V11

The Dyson V8 was released in 2016 and the Dyson V11 was released in March 2019.

There are a couple different versions between these two models.

In late 2020, Dyson updated the design of the V11 so that all models now include a click-in battery system. The V8 still uses a permanently installed battery.

Dyson V8 vs. V11 Design Differences

First up, let’s talk about the main differences between these two models.

There are quite a few difference between these two models. We’ll briefly touch on each difference in the list below:

Overall Design

Both the V8 and V11 models are 2-in-1 vacuums, that function as powerful stick vacuums or portable handhelds. The difference is how the parts look when assembled.

Dyson in-line configuration vacuum comparison
Dyson V8 shown on top; Dyson V11 shown on bottom

The V8 design has the extension wand intersecting with the handheld motor and dust bin at a perpendicular angle (like a “T”). The V11, by comparison, rotates the dust bin canister 90 degrees for more of an in-line assembly.

According to Dsyon, the design decision to bring the wand, dust bin, and body inline on the V10 and Dyson V11 was done to improve performance.

Digital Screen

The Dyson V11 also comes with an advanced digital screen located behind the motor that displays features like cleaning mode, estimated remaining run time, and performance and maintenance videos (videos with the V11 Torque Drive model only).

Selecting a cleaning mode with the Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The V8 model does not include any digital screen or video notifications.

Suction Power

The Dyson V8 has a maximum suction power of 115 AW, while the Dyson V11 maxes out at 185 AW.

Dyson claims that in-line design of the V11 increases air flow and suction power, which could definitely be a contributing factor

Dyson V8 in handheld mode
Dyson V8 in handheld mode

In addition to raw power, the Dyson V11 also has intelligent suction. This allows it to automatically adjust suction based on the floor type and level of debris. Using the power where you really need it may mean saved battery power and less time on the charger.

Dust Bin Capacity

The dust bin of the V8 is also slightly smaller than the capacity of the V11. The V8 can hold up to 0.54 L of debris while the V11 can hold up to 0.74 L of debris.

Dyson V11 handheld mode
Dyson V11 handheld mode

Digital Motor

The digital motor in the Dyson V8 can spin at up to 108,000 rpm, while the Dyson V11 can spin at up to 125,000 rpm (the same speed as the V10 motor).

The faster spin speed is another way that the V11 can generate greater suction than the V8.

Cleaning Head

The Dyson V8 comes with the Direct Drive cleaning head (included with the Absolute or Animal versions) or the Fluffy cleaning head (included with the Absolute only).

Dyson V8 Direct Drive cleaning head

The Dyson V11 comes with the Torque Drive cleaning head. This head is similar to the Direct Drive cleaning head, but has 20% more suction power.

Dyson V11 cleaning head
Dyson V11 Torque Drive cleaning head

The V11 does not include the Fluffy cleaning head, which can be a handy tool for primarily cleaning hardwoods or suctioning large debris from hard surfaces.

Included Accessories

There are also some differences in included accessories, but this detail feels less significant compared to the other points.

The exact differences varies slightly based on exactly which version of each model you choose. See below for a full list of accessories that come with each model.

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How Does the V8 & V11 Clean?

Both models are powered by the “trigger” switch, which allows you to hold down the trigger when you want cleaning power, and it turns off when you don’t hold it down to avoid any wasted battery life.

Both the V8 and V11 also rely on cyclonic suction to generate their power. These cyclones are built directly in front of the motor and add a classic Dyson aesthetic to the look of these vacuums, as well as being functional.

Cleaning Head Comparison

As mentioned above, cleaning heads is another area where these two models differ.

For everyday cleaning, the Dyson V8 comes with the Direct Drive cleaning head while the Dyson V11 comes with the upgraded Torque Drive cleaning head.

Both of these cleaning heads use a spiral brushroll to help agitate carpets and lift debris into the vacuum. The Torque Drive cleaning head is the newer model and offers 25% better performance over the Direct Drive head (according to Dyson).

The V8 Absolute also offers the Fluffy cleaning head. This head is a soft roller style head that is perfect for gentle cleaning hardwood floors or for capturing large debris.

The Fluffy cleaning head is not available on the Dyson V11, but can be found with the Dyson V10 Absolute or Dyson V8 Absolute.

Fluffy soft roller cleaning head
Fluffy soft roller cleaning head

Dyson V8 vs. V11 Cleaning Heads

2-in-1 Design

Both the V8 and V11 can operate as a stick vacuum or handheld vacuum.

Switching between the two styles is easy. The assembly order is the same with both vacuums. It goes:

  • Handheld
  • Wand
  • Cleaning Head

Each of these points uses the same type of quick connection, a bright red button to attach or detach parts as needed.

  • For the stick vacuum, you’d attach the parts as mentioned above: Handheld to Wand to Cleaning Head
  • To get an extended reach handheld, you’d attached the parts as: Handheld to Wand to Attachment Tool
  • For a standard reach handheld, you’d attach the parts as: Handheld to Attachment tool
The crevice tool on the V8 is attached by a quick release button
The crevice tool on the V8 is attached by a quick release button

Since all tools have the same connection it’s quick and easy to have exactly what you need for each cleaning job.

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How big is the V8 and V11?

Considering size, the difference isn’t really all that critical between the two models.

The V11 is slightly heavier, wider, and a hair deeper than the V8 but I wouldn’t consider any of these differences to be real “difference makers”.

Dyson V8 Size

  • Height: 49″
  • Length: 9.8″
  • Depth: 8.8″
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs.

Dyson V11 Size

  • Height: 50.6″
  • Length: 9.8″
  • Depth: 10.3″
  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.

What accessories come with the V8 & V11?

The included accessories also varies a bit between each mode and between each version of each model.

Accessories included with the Dyson V8
Dyson V8 accessories – 1) wall mount, 2) charger, 3) cleaning tools, 4) wand, and 5) motorized brushroll

The Dyson V8 Absolute comes with the following parts and accessories:

  • Fluffy cleaning head
  • Direct Drive cleaning head
  • Extension wand
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Mini motorized brushroll
  • Docking station
  • Charger

Similarly the Dyson V8 Animal comes with all of the same parts and accessories listed above except for no mini dusting brush and no Fluffy cleaning head.

Dyson V11 cordless vacuum - accessories
Dyson V11 accessories

By comparison, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive comes with the following parts and accessories:

  • Torque Drive cleaning head
  • Extension wand
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Docking station
  • Charger

The Dyson V11 Animal includes all of the same parts and accessories listed above except for no mini dusting brush.

Dyson V11 - soft dusting brush
Dyson V11 – soft dusting brush
 Dyson V8 Dyson V11
Digital motorV8 motorV11 motor
Suction115 AW185 AW
Run time~40 mins.~60 mins.
Click In BatteryNoYes; 1 included
Dust Bin0.54 L0.76 L
Weight5.75 lbs6.68 lbs
Power Modes23
Direct Drive cleaning headYesNo
Torque Drive cleaning headNoYes
Fluffy cleaning headAbsolute OnlyNo
HEPA filtrationYesYes
Crevice toolYesYes
Combination toolYesYes
Docking stationYesYes
Mini motorized brushrollYesYes
Mini dusting brushAbsolute OnlyTorque Drive Only

Here is a quick rundown of the function of each accessories noted in the table above:

  • Charger: plugs into a wall outlet and connects to the handheld portion of the vacuum for charging the batter before cleaning cycles
  • Docking station: connects to the wall and allows you to hang up your Dyson
  • Extension wand: provides extra length when using as a stick vacuum or an an extended reach handheld
  • Mini soft dusting brush (quick release): includes soft bristles that are close together, great for cleaning furniture, blinds, and fans
  • Combination tool (quick release): doubles as a crevice tool and dusting brush, combined into one quick-action tool
  • Crevice tool (quick release): is longer and narrower than the crevice tip of the combination tool; great for reaching into couch cushions or hard-to-reach spaces
  • Mini motorized tool (quick release): motorized brushes spin in opposite directions from each other and is great for capturing pet hair off of upholstery, without the risk of tangles

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Cleaning Tests

At Modern Castle, we put all of the vacuums through our standard vacuum cleaning tests.

These cleaning tests are designed to test a vacuum’s full range of cleaning performance, from large debris to small.

We perform a total of 12 debris tests, using 3 different flooring types and 4 types of debris. We test on engineered hardwoods, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet.

Dyson Cleaning Test Performance

Dyson V8


Dyson V11


For more detailed cleaning tests and performance notes please see our full Dyson V8 review and full Dyson V11 review.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

When cleaning hardwoods, the Dyson V11 definitely had an advantage, scoring 99% against the Dyson V8 score of 89%.

While their performance against kitty litter, rice, and sugar is pretty much the same, the results against cereal showed the V8 significantly struggling.

The V8 was only able to capture 58% and the V11 captured 100% of cereal dropped during this test.

Dyson V8 Results



Kitty Litter






Dyson V8 hardwood cleaning performance test
Dyson V8 performance on hardwoods

Dyson V11 Results



Kitty Litter






Dyson V11 hardwood cleaning results

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

For carpet cleaning on low pile carpet, the results between these two models were similar, both scoring between 97-100% on all debris types.

Although the V8 and the V11 do use two different cleaning heads, I didn’t notice any drastic difference in performance between these two.

Dyson V8 Results



Kitty Litter






Dyson V8 low carpet cleaning performance test
Dyson V8 performance on low pile carpet

Dyson V11 Results



Kitty Litter






Dyson V11 low carpet cleaning performance
Dyson V11 low carpet cleaning performance

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High Pile Carpet Cleaning

Similar to low pile carpet, the high pile carpet results were similar to low carpet.

The performance of cleaning up the rice was slightly decreased on the V8, but it was still able to capture 93%. The V11 was 100% on all debris types, except for cereal where it scored 99%.

Overall, a really great performance.

Dyson V8 Results



Kitty Litter






Dyson V8 high carpet cleaning performance test
Dyson V8 performance on high pile carpet

Dyson V11 Results



Kitty Litter






Dyson V11 high carpet cleaning performance
Dyson V11 high carpet cleaning performance

How easy is it to use the Dyson V8 & V11?

Regarding usability, many aspects are the same, but there are also a few notable differences.

We’ll do a quick run down of usability below.


Out of the box, both the V8 and V11 come basically assembled. It’s just a matter of “quick connecting” the desired parts to make the style of vacuum you need, stick vs. handheld.


Both models include a wall dock that allows you to hang up your vacuum when not in use, as well as the ability to store two tools.

Dyson wall mount
Dyson wall mount

If you have power located on the wall, you can thread the charger through the dock, allowing you to charge and store your vacuum at the same time.

Daily Use

As far as daily use goes, there are many similarities between the models as well as a few key differences.

Both the V8 and the V11 use the “trigger” control to turn the vacuum on and off. This helps to prevent any unnecessary battery usage when you’re not cleaning.

The V8 has a small light that shows you remaining battery life, but it’s pretty discreet. On the other hand, the V11 has a large digital screen on the back of the motor that is more prominent and provides a number of different details.

Dyson V11 on vacuum display
Dyson V11 LCD display and clenaing modes

On the V11 screen, you can see remaining battery life (as icons on the V11 Animal or as a numerical run time countdown on the V11 Torque Drive). You can also select a cleaning mode, Eco, Auto, or Boost.

For reference, the stronger the cleaning mode, the stronger the suction, and the faster your battery may drain.

Emptying the Dust Bin

Emptying the dust bin is another area where these two models differ.

V8 Emptying: To empty the dust bin on the Dyson V8, there is a pull level behind the cyclones that allows the cyclones and filter to rise up and the debris to fall out into a trash can below.

To release the dust bin flap pull up on the red tab on the top of the V8
To release the dust bin flap pull up on the red tab on the top of the V8

V11 Emptying: To empty the dust bin on the Dyson V11, it’s more of a “point and shoot” technique. Instead of a pull lever on top of the vacuum, there is instead a lever down the side of the dust bin that you slide.

Dyson V11 - emptying the dust bin

When you do, the dust bin canister shoots forward, opening the dust bin canister lid and forcing the debris out.

It should be noted that to empty the dust bin on the V11 you’ll need to remove any attachements.

The V8 doesn’t require removal of the attachments, but it is certainly easier to empty if you remove the attachments.

Dyson V8 vs. V11 Maneuverability

The maneuverability of the Dyson V8 vs. V11 is another area where the two models are quite similar.

Both models are basically the same size and have similar style cleaning tools and attachments.

Dyson V8 cordless vacuum
Dyson V8 reaching out flat

The biggest difference is the position of the dust bin, since the Dyson V8 has the dust bin located in the “T” orientation with the extension wand, while the Dyson V11 uses an in-line configuration.

That being said, both models have a great recline and can easily fit under most furniture and swivel around obstacles or to make tight turns.

Dyson V11 cordless vacuum - fully reclined
Dyson V11 cordless vacuum – fully reclined

I would say that the in-line configuration does make the V11 feel slightly heavier when used as a handheld just because the center of gravity is further from your wrist, making the handheld slightly longer than the V8 overall.

What are the Dyson V8 & V11 maintenance costs?

The maintenance costs for the Dyson V8 vs. V11 is another point where there are some differences.

In the 3 year span between the release of the Dyson V8 and the V11, there have been pretty significant jumps in battery power.

Although the run time on the V11 is only 20 minutes longer than the 40 minute run time offered on the V8, the battery is claimed by Dyson to last up to 5 times longer.

The battery for the Dyson V8 should last around 3-5 years, but the battery for the Dyson V11 is said to last up to 15 years (according to Dyson).

V8 Costs: Annual maintenance costs on the V8 really depend on how long the battery lasts. A new battery for the Dyson V8 is around $50. So if it lasts 5 years, that’s an average annual maintenance cost of $10.

V11 Costs: The long life span of the battery makes annual maintenance costs essentially $0 / year on the Dyson V11.

Lifetime washable HEPA

Both the V8 and the V11 comes with lifetime washable HEPA filters. This is a nice addition, as it protects the user from costly or frequent filter replacements.

Dyson washable V11 HEPA filter
Dyson washable V11 HEPA filter

PRO TIP: To keep these filters operating at their best, wash once per month with cold water and allow to air dry for 24 hours.

How long is the run time?

The Dyson V8 can run for up to 40 minutes, while the Dyson V11 can run for up to 60 minutes.

And that’s just comparing batteries. The V11 model has a few other inclusions that help the battery to last longer, listed below:

  • Intelligent suction control: The Dyson V11 has the ability to automatically adjust suction based on whatever floor type it is on. This prevents the vacuum from using too much suction power on areas where it’s not needed, and saving the power for the deep cleaning. Of course, you always have the option to manually adjust the cleaning mode to your desired level of suction (Eco, Auto, or Boost).
  • Remaining battery display: The V11 also includes the digital display behind the motor which helps to keep track of your remaining battery life. The V11 Torque Drive will show a numerical run time countdown and the V11 Animal will show a receding battery icon. The current cleaning mode will also adjust the amount of remaining cleaning time available.

In addition, the Dyson 11 (all model variants) include a click-in battery. You only get 1 battery, but you can purchase additional batteries if you want an extra long run time. V8 does not use a click-in battery system.

Is the V8 or V11 quieter?

Concerning noise, the Dyson V11 is quieter to operate than the Dyson V8, but these results may vary based on the exact cleaning mode or flooring type that you’re dealing with.

Below, you can see a full comparison of how the V11 and V8 fared compared to all current Dyson V-Series models.

Dyson V6 vs. V7 vs. V8 vs. V10 vs. V11 noise comparison chart

To get our results, we measured the noise output from 3′ away while each vacuum was running on the selected cleaning mode.

Dyson V8

73 dB

Dyson V11

70 dB

Dyson V8 Noise (by cleaning mode)

  • Standard mode: 73 dB

Dyson V11 Noise (by cleaning mode)

  • Eco mode: 70 dB
  • Auto mode: 75 dB
  • Boost mode: 78 dB

What’s the Best Bang for the Buck?

The Dyson V8 vs. V11 share the same general design, but have many different features and aspects that could make one or the other a better value, depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

The Value of the Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 is a lower price which would conceivably make it the better value for many users.

Dyson V8 cordless vacuum
Dyson V8 cordless vacuum

It has a great cleaning performance (average of 95%), a 40-minute run time, and includes the Direct Drive and Fluffy cleaning head (Absolute model).

The Value of the Dyson V11

By comparison, the Dyson V11 is more expensive, but also brings a number of new features.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless stick vacuum cleaner review
Dyson V11 cordless vacuum

It has better cleaning performance (average of 99%), a 60-minute run time (20 minutes longer than the V8 model), and includes the Torque Drive cleaning head which is stated by Dyson to clean up to 25% better than the Direct Drive cleaning head.

The V11 also has intelligent suction technology, a larger dust bin, and the digital screen which lets you change cleaning modes, access remaining run time, and view maintenance and performance videos.

Dyson V8 and V11 Specifications

SpecsDyson V8Dyson V11
Weight5.75 lbs.6.68 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)All (indoor)
Dustbin Capacity0.54 L0.77 L
Click In BatteryNoYes; 1 included
ReturnsVaries by retailerVaries by retailer
Warranty2 Year limited2 Year limited
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Should You Buy the Dyson V8?

The Dyson V8 is a great mid-range Dyson cordless stick vacuum. It has many advanced features over the more basic models, like the Dyson V6, but is also less costly than the most advanced Dyson V11 model.

You Should Buy the Dyson V8 If You…

  1. Want the Fluffy cleaning head – If you primarily vacuum hardwoods or if you frequently find yourself cleaning large debris spills, the Fluffy cleaning head can be a nice addition. This head is only available on the Dyson V8 Absolute and is not available on any of the Dyson V11 models.
  2. Want great cleaning performance – On average, the Dyson V8 model still scored 95% overall. Despite the slightly less powerful suction, I was still very impressed with the cleaning performance of the V8.
  3. Want a lower price – If you’re driven strictly by dollar signs, you’ll be happy to know that the cost of the Dyson V8 is about half that of the Dyson V11.

For more information or to buy, check out the Dyson V8 here.

Should You Buy the Dyson V11?

The Dyson V11 is the newest model in the Dyson lineup and offers the most advanced features of all cordless stick vacuums in the V-Series. If you’re looking for the latest Dyson technology, the longest run time, and exceptional cleaning performance, the Dyson V11 may be the right option for you.

You Should Buy the Dyson V11 If You…

  • Want a digital display screen: The V11 is the only current Dyson model that offers the digital display screen. This is a bleeding edge feature, allowing you to quickly change cleaning modes and see estimated remaining run time.
  • Want stronger suction: Compared to the V8, the V11 offers stronger suction, maxing out at 185 AW. (The V8 maxes out at 115 AW.) This is the highest level of suction in any cordless stick vacuum we’ve reviewed to date (or that we’re even aware of), putting the suction on par with many full size upright vacuums.
  • Want intelligent suction: The intelligent suction is a nice addition to the V11, allowing the run time to stretch even further and also allows the vacuum to run quieter when additional power and suction is not needed.
  • Want click in battery: The click-in battery is a nice extra as it allows you to more easily replace the battery in the future (if it ever dies) and also lets you swap in charged batteries on the fly. This lets your further extend the run time and cleaning range on the V11.

For more information or to buy, check out the Dyson V11 here.


  • December 1, 2020 – Dyson recently updated the design of the V11 so that all model variants now include a click-in battery. We have updated the page to reflect this change.
  • April 11, 2019 – Initial version of the page was published.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for all the information !
    Would you have a recommendation for a wheelchair user? It seems that the wireless and compact aspect of these vacuums would allow a wheelchair user to perform a useful task. However, I’m having a hard time selecting the correct equipment. Info on Dyson website doesn’t answer my specific questions.

    The standard pipe is quite long and this size has been chosen to be optimal for people using the Dyson from an upright (walking) position.
    A 20 – 30 cm length pipe that would be ideal to vacuum from sitting position doesn’t seem to exist. The flexible pipe won’t work.
    I’m considering using the Up top adapter in straight position between the Main unit and the Torque Drive/Direct Drive cleaning head. I think these cleaning heads have motors inside that take power from the battery. Would you happen to know if the Up top adapter provides electric power to the Torque Drive/Direct Drive? Would the curves in the Up top adapter be an important disadvantage for suction power? It also seems that Dyson is selling different Up top adapters for the V8 and V11 models.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t believe the Up Top adapter provides electric power. It’s intended for the non-powered accessories. The curve in the neck isn’t ideal for suction, but it’s still more than serviceable for most needs.

  2. I currently have a Dyson V8 Absolute and am considering upgrading to the V11 Origin. I know that different wall mounts are needed BUT my question is will my existing screw holes match the V11 mount or will it be necessary to make additional holes in my wall?

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for great review on both V8 and V11 models.
    I just bought V8 but with your review I am thinking to replace it with V11.
    One question I have is about Using this vacuum on persian carpets.
    Persian carpets are very delicate and I was wondering either V8 or V11 can cause any damage to the carpet?
    I really appreciate your recommendations .
    Thank you ,

    • It’s possible. I would suggest you reach out to the carpet manufacturer to see what they recommend.

      In many cases with delicate floors they will recommend a vacuum with straight suction and/or the ability to turn off the brushroll. Since you cannot do this with the V8 or V11 then you might need something different.

      Or if it’s only a small amount of Persian carpet, you could use one of the straight suction tools included with the attachments.

  4. I am looking for an option that will not scratch my engineered hardwood floors. Which one would you recommend? Will V11 scratch hardwood floors in the long run? I read so for Animal versions, that it tends to start leaving marks on hardwoods after 3-6 months of use.

    • In my experience, no, the V11 nor will any other Dyson multi-surface brushroll scratch hardwood floors. I too have engineered hardwoods floors and thus far I have not seen any scratch or mark anywhere.

      However, some people do say they scratch…so it probably depends more on the finish of your hardwoods than anything else.

      If you want to be safe, get the soft roller brush.

      If you have a high budget, get the V11 with the soft roller brush addition here –

      If you need to save some money, get the V10 Absolute here –

  5. I have 0ne bedroom flat all on same level with carpets apart small kitchen area and bathroom and I cerebral palsy and walk with a limp which Dyson would you recommend And easy to use the V8 animal or V10 Animal or V11 Animal. I don’t have a lot of money but I want something that’s long-term 5/10 years and better value for my one bedroom flat


    • V10 Animal –

      It’s a bit lighter than the V11, but also more powerful than the V8. Recently V8 and V10 have been quite similar in price, so all the more reason why the V10 offers the better value.

      V10 and V11s batteries are supposed to last the life of the machine, unlike the V8, which is more like 3-5 years.

    • I went for dyson V8 animal extra here in the U.K. Mainly because of cost as I found the V10/V11 to expensive and I had a very limited budget and this is my first dyson.

  6. Thank you for a very comprehensive review. I this helped me make up my mind which machine is going to be best for me.

  7. I don’t know if you were avoiding mentioning it or what, I can’t see how you missed it, but you did not mention that you have to remove the accessories in order to empty the dust bin on the V11.

    It almost seemed as if you weren’t willing to score a mark against the newer product, which leads me to question your integrity.

    Anyway thanks for the otherwise thorough review.

    • We didn’t mention it because we didn’t think it was that important of a difference.

      While you you are able to keep the attachments on the V8, V7, and V6, it’s easier to empty if you remove them (in our opinion).

      In any case, we did update our review update to clarify the difference for any other Modern Castle readers who find this an important distinction. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  8. hi thanks for your great review, I have a V8 Absolute which is now broken, will the soft cleaner head on the V8 Absolute fit on the V11 Torque or Absolute? thanks

  9. An acquaintance would like to know: He has a V8 Absolute wall mount already in place and would like to upgrade to a V11 Torque. Will the V11 Torque vacuum fit into the V8 Absolute wall mount? Otherwise, he’ll have to take of the V8 wall mount and put up the V11 wall mount. Thank you.

    • It will not. You’ll need to install the V11 wall mount. The V8 wall mount cannot cradle the V11 Torque Drive.

    • With respect to sofas, hardwood, and other relatively easy areas, not really.

      When hair is more deeply embedded in the carpet is where you’re more likely to see improvements. The V11 simply has a much higher max suction, which allows it to produce greater cleaning performance in some cases.

  10. Very useful information. I’m trying to decide between V8, V10 and V11. Cost is not a concern for me, rather all items related to the fact that I’m “old”, weigh 106 lbs, 5’3″, etc. So most functionality for my age and weight. No kids, no pets, etc. with 50% hardwood and 50% carpet. However, if I’m cleaning anything…I want my efforts to go as far as possible (I’m very picky and fastidious regarding everything).

    • If cost is no option then I’d say get the V11 Torque drive here –

      It is objectively the best vacuum among these 3.

      It is just slightly heavier than the V8 and V10, but otherwise, everything is is notably better on the V11. Better suction, better cleaning performance, longer run times, greater usability with the LCD screen. It’s just an amazing machine from top to bottom.

  11. In the section “The Value of the Dyson V11,” there is a typo.
    “It has better cleaning performance (average of 99%), a 60-minute run time (20 minutes longer than the V8 model), and includes the Torque Drive cleaning head which is stated by Dyson to clean up to 25% better than the *Drive* Drive cleaning head.”

    *I believe you meant to write “Direct” Drive*

    Great review, thanks! I really wanted it to lead me towards the v8 since the v11 is so expensive, so I’m sure I’ll just keep pushing off buying either since I feel like the v8 is settling, and I can’t afford the v11! haha thanks again!

    • Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention. We’ve fixed it.

      And thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to hear that you found our comparison help!

      If you’re thinking about the Dyson stick vacuum check out the Dyson V7 Animal – – It’s on sale for Prime Day at a very compelling price point. I know it’s not the V8, but given the price, it’s worth considering.

      If you want something closer to the V11, but not quite as expensive, the Tineco PURE ONE S12 is also on sale for Prime Day – You can see our review on the S12 here