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Frontpoint Security Review

DIY Home Security, Made Easy

Frontpoint security system

Frontpoint Security System

The Frontpoint home security system comes in four different packages with the ability to add on additional devices, sensors, and cameras as needed. System flexibility is a major selling point for Frontpoint, allowing for more customized installs. Add 4G LTE backup and professional monitoring it feels like a mix between total DIY and full-service security.Check Price


  • 4G LTE cellular backup and battery backup in the event of a power outage
  • Compatible with many smart home devices
  • Easy to add on devices for custom packages
  • Professional monitoring


  • A little pricey for monthly monitoring ($45-$50 / month)


Customizable Install, But More Expensive Monitoring
  • 95%
    Design - 95%
  • 95%
    Performance - 95%
  • 95%
    Quality - 95%
  • 95%
    Usability - 95%
  • 90%
    Value - 90%


The Frontpoint security system is user-friendly and provides a professionally monitored system at a fraction of the cost you would pay for traditionally installed security systems. There is a variety of packages to choose from and you can add on additional devices as needed. This system offers smart control, app control, video surveillance, and more. The prices for monthly monitoring were a more than other DIY brands, but it does offer a good number of features for what you pay. If you want a professionally monitored security system that can be adjusted to meet your needs (and without having to pick up a phone or talk to a salesman), the Frontpoint system is a solid buy.

Pricing & Packages

There are four different tiers of packaging available for the Frontpoint security system. Depending on the size of your space or how closely you want to monitor each area may help determine which package is right for you.

You can add additional items and add-on devices to any of the packages below to build a completely custom setup.

Safe Home Starter

Frontpoint Safe Home Starter Package


  • Frontpoint Hub & Frontpoint Keypad (x1)
  • Door/Window Sensor (x2)
  • Motion Sensor (x1)
  • Yard Sign (x1)
  • Window Decals (Set of 3)
  • Door Sticker (x1)
Check Price

Safe Home Everyday

Frontpoint Safe Home Everyday Security Package


  • Frontpoint Hub & Frontpoint Keypad (x1)
  • Door/Window Sensor (x3)
  • Motion Sensor (x2)
  • Yard Sign (x1)
  • Window Decals (Set of 3)
  • Door Sticker (x1)
Check Price

Safe Home Select

Frontpoint Safe Home Select Security Package


  • Frontpoint Hub & Frontpoint Keypad (x1)
  • Door/Window Sensor (x4)
  • Motion Sensor (x2)
  • Glass Break Sensor (x1)
  • Smoke and Heat Sensor (x1)
  • Yard Sign (x1)
  • Window Decals (Set of 3)
  • Door Sticker (x1)
Check Price

Safe Home Preferred

Frontpoint preferred security package


  • Frontpoint Hub & Frontpoint Keypad (x1)
  • Door/Window Sensor (x5)
  • Motion Sensor (x2)
  • Glass Break Sensor (x1)
  • Smoke and Heat Sensor (x1)
  • Indoor Camera (x1)
  • Yard Sign (x1)
  • Window Decals (Set of 3)
  • Door Sticker (x1)
Check Price


All packages offered by Frontpoint are professionally monitored by a team of specialists. There are two different monitoring plans you can choose from, which can be applied to any of the packages listed above (or a custom package).

The two monitoring plans include:

  1. Interactive Plan
  2. Ultimate Plan


$45 / mo


$50 / mo

These plans are a bit on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but they do come with a wide range of features so the higher price may be justified to some.

Aside from the difference in price, here is a complete list of similarities and differences to note.

Similarities include:

  • 100% Wireless & Cellular
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Automated System Check
  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Expandable and Portable
  • Geo-location Services
  • Mobile Alert and Notifications via Email and Text
  • Remote Access and Control
  • Sensor History
  • Unique User Codes

Additional features available with the Ultimate Plan only include:

  • Motion Triggered Alerts
  • Night Vision Enabled
  • Light Control
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Smart Lock Control
  • Video and Image History


There is a pretty vast range of equipment offered under the Frontpoint umbrella. Depending on your needs, you can easily choose from the packages listed above, or mix and match the equipment below to create a custom package.

All of the equipment with a Frontpoint system can be broken down into two categories.

  1. Included with Packages
  2. Add-On Items

The items included with packages are listed above, but here is a list of some quick details.

#1: Items Included with Packages

The items that you get with all Frontpoint security systems include:

  • Keypad
  • Door / Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Yard Sign
  • Window Decal
  • Door Sticker

The Select and Preferred Packages include all items listed above as well as:

  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Smoke & Heat Sensor

The Preferred Package includes all items listed above as well as:

  • Indoor Camera

#2. Add-Ons Items

Other items not listed above would be categorized as “Add-On Items”. Any device not included with your original package is considered an “Add-On”, but Frontpoint makes it easy to use these add-ons to customize the perfect system for your needs.

Add-On Items include:


  • Doorbell Camera
  • Indoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Premium Indoor Camera


  • Touchscreen
  • Keypad


  • Keychain Remote
  • Panic Pendant
  • Yard Sign
  • Window Decals (set of 3)
  • Door Stickers


  • Door / Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Garage Door Tilt Sensor
  • Smoke & Heat Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Flood Sensor

Smart Devices

  • Smart Door Lock
  • Frontpoint Smart Thermostat
  • Wireless Light Control
  • Smart Light Bulb

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#1. Hub & Keypad

The hub and keypad serve as the central command center for the Frontpoint security system. It allows you to turn the system on or off using a unique code as well as change modes. It will emit an audible sound in the event of an emergency and also let you know when the battery is running low.

Frontpoint security system - hub / keypad
Frontpoint security system – hub / keypad

This device uses a 100% cellular connection with wifi backup built-in in case of a power outage or targeted attempt to damage the device by an intruder.

#2. Door and Window Sensor

The door and window sensor by Frontpoint is nearly identical to the other sensors like this that we’ve tested. It’s a 2-part system that installs partially on the door frame (or window sill) and the other part on the moveable door (or operable window).

Frontpoint security system - door / window sensor
Frontpoint security system – door / window sensor

When the two units are in contact, the system can be armed. But if the door or window opens and the units are disconnected, an alarm will sound or mobile notification sent to your phone.

#3. Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is a wireless device that installs quickly and lets you know when motion is detected in any given space.

Frontpoint security system - motion sensor
Frontpoint security system – motion sensor

Sensors on the device can tell the difference between people and pets, which helps to ensure that you only get alerts for the motion you care about most.

#4. Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor listens for the audible sound of glass breaking and sends an alert when it hears it.

Frontpoint security system - glass break sensor
Frontpoint security system – glass break sensor

This sensor can work within 20′ of any window, which may mean a larger coverage area without having to buy an excessive number of devices.

#5. Smoke & Heat Sensor

The smoke and heat sensor detects unusually high temperatures and small amounts of smoke in an open space.

Frontpoint security system - smoke & heat sensor

The benefit of syncing up a smoke detector to your central security system is that you will receive mobile alerts in the event of an emergency or professional monitoring can deal with the issue directly if you are away.

#6. Indoor Camera

The indoor camera only comes with the Safe Home Preferred package, but you can add it onto any of the smaller packages as a separate item.

Frontpoint security system - indoor camera
Frontpoint security system – indoor camera

Adding a camera to your home security system can provide clear video surveillance for spaces of higher priority. You can add as many cameras as you need and Frontpoint offers indoor or outdoor cameras.

#7. Signage

Frontpoint includes a wide variety of decals, stickers, and other signage with all of their packages.

Regardless of which package you go with, you will receive:

  1. Yard Sign (x1)
  2. Window Decals (set of 3)
  3. Door Sticker (x1)
Frontpoint yard sign
Frontpoint yard sign
Frontpoint window decal
Frontpoint window decal
Frontpoint door sticker

As many people tend to believe, one of the best forms of defense against intruders is simply making them aware that you have a security system active.

Many intruders are much less likely to attempt a burglary or break-in if they know they’ll be up against a fight. Properly placed hard signs, decals on the windows, or stickers on the doors at your main entry points can be a great way to spread awareness and improve perceived security.

Installation & Setup

Frontpoint follows a “do it yourself” approach to installation and setup. DIY security systems may mean more work for you on the front end, but it also can mean big savings on the back end.

Here is a quick side-by-side comparison of DIY systems vs. traditional security systems.

DIY Systems

  • Contract-free
  • Flexible packages
  • Wireless or battery-powered
  • Easy to take the system with you if you move
  • Inexpensive cost per month

Traditional Systems

  • Lengthy contracts
  • Costly start-up fees
  • Require professional installation
  • May have penalties if you move or cancel the contract before the term is up
  • Tends to lack transparency


So that’s the rundown of what all you get with the Frontpoint security system, but what all does it do?

Let’s do a dive into the complete list of features of the Frontpoint Security System.

#1. Accessibility

How can you control the Frontpoint security system? The five main ways include:

  1. Touch screen: central hub which serves and the main command center
  2. Keypad: use a unique numeric code to arm or disarm the device
  3. Keychain: can be added to your keys for remote control on-the-go
  4. Panic pendant: a wearable device to signal for help in the event of an emergency
  5. Mobile app: see notifications and alerts right from your smartphone

The five methods listed above for control make the Frontpoint system highly accessible whether you’re home or away.

Generally, I would say that this is a solid range of control options and makes the Frontpoint system more user-friendly.

#2. Smart Integrations

Frontpoint is compatible with smart home devices. They offer the following smart home add-ons:

  • Smart Door Lock
  • Frontpoint Smart Thermostat
  • Wireless Light Control
  • Smart Light Bulb

In addition to this short list, Frontpoint is also compatible with any existing or third party smart device as long as it supports the Z Wave smart home technology (which is a huge collection of devices).

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#3 The Modes

Frontpoint Security offers three different standard modes as well as the ability to bypass certain settings for custom modes.

The three standard modes offered are:

Arm – Stay

  • Disarms interior motion sensors
  • Arms door / window sensors

Arm – Away

  • Arms interior motion sensors and door / window sensors
  • Arms smoke or water sensors active


  • Disarms all sensors and cameras

The App

The app works like most other smart security apps. You can access a range of features and turn on specific notifications and settings so that you’re alerted only for the things you really care about.

Frontpoitn security system - app
Frontpoitn security system - app

Using the app, you can:

  • Arm or disarm the system
  • Verify an alert or cancel it
  • Set up scenes (like Home, Away, Sleep, or Wake Up)
  • View activity history or live feed (Ultimate subscription only)
  • Smart control (Ultimate subscription only)
  • Get instant alerts sent to your smartphone

Customer Service

Customer service for any home security system can really make or break the user experience of any home security system.

Good customer service is divided into two main components:

  • Part 1 is support when making the initial purchase.
  • Part 2 is support when / if things go wrong after install.

Balance of both of these parts is important to ensure that the buying process, as well as the maintenance, are both easy to do.

#1. Making the Initial Purchase

Making the initial purchase with Frontpoint is simple and relatively quick. The website breaks it down into a series of steps.

  1. Start with your security base.
  2. Select add-ons.
  3. Select a monitoring plan.
Frontpoint security website

If you have questions or concerns along the way, there is an online chat that connects you to a real person who responds quickly and I found to be helpful.

I used this chat tool during the workweek as well as over the weekend and received an answer to my question within a couple of minutes each time. Overall, I was happy with this performance and customer service.

You can also call or email then directly if you’d like them to build a custom package and / or send a quote.

#2. When Things Go Wrong

Once you purchase a system, you become an official customer and can log in to see details about your system or troubleshooting support.

There is an entire Support Center which has details on:

  • Installing your new system
  • Installing additional equipment
  • Using your system
  • My Frontpoint account
  • Products
  • FAQs
Frontpoint security system - help support

Overall, I found the Help Center to be helpful and had a range of topics covered.

For any topics that weren’t included, you can call, email, or reach out through the online chat to speak to a live agent.

The Bottom Line

I was happy with the performance and product lineup of the Frontpoint security system. It’s moderately priced and has a lot of flexibility in terms of building custom packages or choosing a pre-set system.

It’s a bit pricier for their monthly monitoring, but I feel like they do a good job of providing some good value features for the price that you pay.

I would recommend Frontpoint if you’re looking for:

  • Wide range of features: This system supports nice upgrades like video streaming, custom scenes, smart integration, app control, and a variety of interesting devices.
  • Custom setups: You can choose a preset package or build your own system using “add-on devices”. The website walks you through the process and the whole thing is simple.
  • Backups: Frontpoint offers 100% cellular connection with a backup battery with WIFI connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have pay for a monthly subscription?

Yes. All Frontpoint systems require a monthly subscription, either the Interactive or Ultimate package.

What if you don’t like it?

The Frontpoint system offers a 30-day trial where you can test out the equipment and return for a full refund anytime in that window if you end up not liking it.

Can you buy more sensors after you’ve already made the initial purchase?

Yes. There is a huge lineup of other devices that can be purchased after the fact. Frontpoint makes this part simple.

Does Frontpoint offer security cameras?

Yes. There are currently four different camera options—indoor, indoor premium, outdoor, and a doorbell camera.


  • March 16, 2021 – Initial version of the review was published.

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