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ILIFE A11 Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

Published on:

We test the latest robot vacuum from ILIFE, the A11. It is a 2-in-1 vacuum / mop robot, but how did it do in our tests? Let’s find out.

Robot vacuum with mopping features

ILIFE A11 robot vacuum


The ILIFE A11 is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum that can mop as well. It performed well in our cleaning tests with 95.48% debris removal by weight and had solid performance while mopping. Additionally, the A11 handled long hair and pet fur moderately well, navigated our space without getting stuck, and came with a range of features and accessories that improve usability. It comes with a remote control, app connectivity, and overall, is a budget-friendly robot vacuum that can handle everyday cleaning tasks. 


  • Vacuuming & mopping capabilities
  • Can use remote or app to control device
  • Long battery life
  • Budget robot vacuum


  • No auto empty / auto clean features
  • Have to change attachments for mopping / vacuuming


Budget friendly robot vacuum and mop
  • Design - 94%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Quality - 94%
  • Usability - 98%
  • Value - 96%


The ILIFE A11 robot vacuum had solid performance in our tests. While vacuuming, the A11 removed 95.48% of total debris by weight, only struggling somewhat with smaller debris types. It uses LiDAR to navigate, build a digital map, and avoid getting stuck while cleaning. Additionally, the A11 has mopping functionality and while it requires switching attachments, is a great feature to have at this price point. It comes with a remote for wireless control, or app connectivity with digital mapping, no-go zones, and more. Overall, it’s a budget-friendly robot vacuum with good performance and great features.

In This Review

Cleaning Test | Mop Test | Hair Test | Pet Hair Test | Navigation | Usability | Noise | Specs | Summary

Performance Tests

Our testing series includes 7 different tests that help us measure key factors, like cleaning performance, navigation, and usability. 

ILIFE A11 robot vacuum
ILIFE A11 robot vacuum

Our tests include:

  • Cleaning test
  • Mop Test
  • Hair test
  • Pet hair test
  • Navigation test
  • Usability test
  • Noise test

Cleaning Test

To test the cleaning performance of the ILIFE A11, we placed it on 3 different floor types (hardwood, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet) and placed 4 different debris types (sugar, kitty litter, rice, and cereal) in the direct cleaning path.

We ran the A11 on the max suction power and measured the amount of debris removed by weight. 

Here are the results:





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Overall, the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum performed well in our tests, removing 95.48% of total debris across all floor and debris types.

ILIFE A11 hardwood - before cleaning test
ILIFE A11 hardwood – before cleaning test
ILIFE A11 hardwood - after cleaning test
ILIFE A11 hardwood – after cleaning test

In our tests, we found the A11 to struggle the most on low pile carpet. While it still had a 90.15% removal rate, it seemed to struggle with the smaller debris types, sugar and kitty litter.

ILIFE A11 low pile carpet - before cleaning test
ILIFE A11 low pile carpet – before cleaning test
ILIFE A11 low pile carpet - after cleaning test
ILIFE A11 low pile carpet – after cleaning test

Across the board, the robot vacuum seemed to miss sugar and kitty litter, to varying degrees. Regardless, an overall removal of 95.48% is still great performance. 

ILIFE A11 high pile carpet - before cleaning test
ILIFE A11 high pile carpet – before cleaning test
ILIFE A11 high pile carpet - after cleaning test
ILIFE A11 high pile carpet – after cleaning test

Mop Test

To test the mopping functionality of the ILIFE A11, we set the vacuum to mop our office and studio space. 

ILIFE A11 before mop test
ILIFE A11 before mop test

The ILIFE A11 is capable of mopping and vacuuming at the same time. To activate the mopping feature, you need to:

  • Remove the dustbin from the A11
  • Fill up the 2-in-1 water tank
  • Place the water tank in the A11
  • Attached mop cloth to duster component
  • Attach duster component to the A11

From there you can choose between 3 different water flow levels depending on the cleaning job at hand.

ILIFE A11 2-in-1 water tank lid
ILIFE A11 2-in-1 water tank lid

Overall, the mopping functionality on the A11 is good, but not great. As you can see from the pictures there is some dirt and debris on the mop cloth, but not much. In general, the A11 is great for maintaining a clean floor while a dedicated mop would be better for larger messes.

ILIFE A11 after mop test
ILIFE A11 after mop test

While the A11 can vacuum and mop at the same time, it doesn’t have features to keep the mop out of the way while cleaning carpet like we see in some other robot vacuums.

This was disappointing to see, as when you need to clean vacuum carpet, the best practice is to switch to the normal dustbin and remove the duster component. 

Long Hair Test

Our long hair tests whether the robot vacuum is capable of removing long strands of hair and keeping the strands from tangling around the brushroll.





The ILIFE A11 did an excellent job at completely removing the hair from the floor. However, there was a large portion of that hair tangled around the brushroll after the test. 

ILIFE A11 brushroll after hair test
ILIFE A11 brushroll after hair test

While there was a lot of hair, it was incredibly easy to remove thanks to the included cleaning tool. This tool attaches to the body of the vacuum cleaner, and has a small brush as well as a hooked part with a small blade.

ILIFE A11 cleaning tool
ILIFE A11 cleaning tool

This hook / blade combo is perfect for removing any tangled hair around the brushroll.

Pet Hair Test

For the pet hair test, we spread pet fur across high pile carpet and ran the robot vacuum over it seeing how much it removed. 

Our testing showed the ILIFE A11 did a good job at removing pet hair, but it could have been better. After the test, I noticed about 75% of the pet fur was removed from the high pile carpet, but there were still strands nestled in the fibers. 

ILIFE A11 after pet fur test - dustbin
ILIFE A11 after pet fur test – dustbin

Additionally, I found pet fur had been statically attached to the bottom of the A11. This isn’t a major issue, as it can simply be wiped off, but it is possible the vacuum could drag it around as it cleans. 

To test navigation, we run the ILIFE A11 in our office and studio space, checking to see if the robot can successfully navigate the floor and return to the base after cleaning. 

Returned to Base?


Fully Cleaned?




Our office is often cluttered with various products, film equipment, cords, and more. Regardless, the ILIFE A11 was able to successfully navigate the space and return to the base without getting stuck. 


The A11 uses LiDAR to map the area and navigate the floor it is cleaning. In tandem with infrared sensors and boundary sensors, the A11 does an excellent job at navigating the home. 

ILIFE A11 infrared sensors
ILIFE A11 infrared sensors

Unfortunately, the ILIFE A11 does not have any form of object recognition. So, you will want to make sure to keep the floor clean of objects that you would rather the robot vacuum avoid. However, at this price point, the ILIFE A11 had fantastic navigational performance. 

Cleaning Speed

The cleaning speed of the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum is good. It has a large capacity battery that allows for long cleaning times without recharging. 

Cleaning Area

~2,690 sq. ft.

Cleaning Time

~150 min.

In cases where the robot needs to recharge in the middle of cleaning, the A11 is able to return to the base, recharge, and continue cleaning where it left off. 

Usability Test

Usability for the ILIFE A11 is excellent. It has a range of features and accessories that allow the robot to be more versatile and easier to use. 

ILIFE A11 accessories
ILIFE A11 accessories

Here is what comes in the box:

  • A11 main body
  • Rubber brushroll
  • Brushroll (pre-installed)
  • 2-in-1 water tank
  • Dustbin (pre-installed)
  • Duster component
  • Mop Cloth (2x)
  • Filter (3x; 2 pre-installed)
  • Side Brush (2x)
  • Remote control
  • AAA batteries (2x)
  • Cleaning tool (on vacuum body)
  • Power Adapter
  • Charging dock


Setting up the ILIFE A11 is simple, but can be a little more involved due to the vacuum /  mop capabilities. 

ILIFE A11 robot vacuum
ILIFE A11 robot vacuum

While the robot vacuum comes partially charged, ILIFE recommends fully charging the device before cleaning. 

Here are the steps to set up the ILIFE A11:

  • Unbox and remove packaging
  • Connect power cord to bottom of dock
  • Place A11 vacuum on dock

From there, the setup depends on what job you want the ILIFE A11 to perform. The A11 is capable of just vacuuming, or vacuuming and mopping at the same time depending on the attached accessories. 

ILIFE A11 attaching mop cloth
ILIFE A11 attaching mop cloth

While some consistent setup is needed if you switch between hard floor and carpet, it is easy to perform and takes 1-2 minutes at most.

Controls & Remote

The ILIFE A11 has multiple ways to be controlled. It includes a 2 button design on the body of the device that can send the robot home or start a new cleaning cycle. 

ILIFE A11 buttons
ILIFE A11 buttons

Additionally, the A11 comes with a remote control. The remote can adjust the majority of the settings of the robot vacuum.

These include:

  • Current time
  • Scheduling
  • Manual control
  • Suction switch
  • Water output control
  • Edge mode
  • Start / stop cleaning
  • Return home

Including a remote is a nice touch from ILIFE for people who would rather not use the app. It runs on 2 AAA batteries included with the A11 and functions well.

ILIFE A11 remote
ILIFE A11 remote

The buttons are responsive, although in some cases I found if I was too far away the A11 wouldn’t always react to the press of a button. 


To access all the available features the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum has, you will need to connect to the ILIFE VAC app. In our testing, we ran into issues with the connection process, but we expect that to be resolved with future updates. 

ILIFE A11 robot vacuum
ILIFE A11 robot vacuum

The app gives you access to all the same features as the remote, as well as a few others.

Through the app, you can set up and manage maps, including:

  • Multi-floor mapping
  • No-go areas
  • Room cleaning

Additionally, you can set up a more robust schedule than on the remote. This includes custom cleaning times for every day of the week, as well as a custom schedule for cleaning each room. 


Maintenance for the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum is split between two different types: day-to-day and as-needed tasks. 

ILIFE A11 removing dustbin
ILIFE A11 removing dustbin

For the day-to-day maintenance, the dustbin will need to be emptied, the water refilled, and the mop cloth cleaned (if the mopping feature is being used). Beyond that, maintenance tasks will be done on an as needed basis. 

These include:

  • Cleaning brushrolls
  • Cleaning sensors
  • Cleaning wheels
  • Replacing filters, side brushes, or brushrolls

Luckily, none of these tasks are too difficult or time consuming, and require few tools. 

Noise Test

For our noise test, we run the vacuum on a high pile carpet and measure the level of noise outputted by the ILIFE A11 on each mode. We measure the sound from about 3’ away with a sound meter. 

Power 1

45.4 dB

Power 2

48.3 dB

Power 3

53.5 dB

Our testing showed the ILIFE A11 to have a decibel range of 45-54 dB. This level of noise is similar to a quiet library or the hum of a refrigerator.

ILIFE A11 front wheel
ILIFE A11 front wheel

Additionally, the ILIFE A11 has voice lines to notify you of the current status of the device. While this can be helpful, you can turn it off via the app if you so wish.

Common noise levels

  • 20 dB – rustling leaves
  • 30 dB – whisper
  • 40 dB – quiet library, babbling brook
  • 50 dB – refrigerator, moderate rainfall
  • 60 dB – normal conversation, dishwashers
  • 70 dB – traffic, showers
  • 80 dB – alarm clock, telephone dial tone


TypeRobot vacuum
Weight7.71 lbs.
Floor typeAll (indoor)
SensorLiDAR, infrared, boundary
Runtime~150 min.
Charge Time~180 min.
Dustbin Capacity Vacuum450 mL
2-in-1 Dustbin Capacity300 mL
2-in-1 Water Tank Capacity200 mL
Noise Level48.3 dB (power 1)
Zone CleaningYes
Room CleaningYes
Digital MappingYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum?

I would recommend the ILIFE A11 if you’re looking for the following features:

  • Good vacuuming and mopping performance: Whether vacuuming or mopping the ILIFE A11 had solid performance in our tests. When vacuuming, the A11 removed 95.48% of total debris. In addition, our mopping tests showed it is a great choice for an everyday mopper. Furthermore, when cleaning on hard surfaces, the A11 can vacuum and mop at the same time.
  • Budget friendly robot vacuum: While the ILIFE A11 may lack some of the cutting edge features, it has solid performance and includes a range of key usability features. The A11 comes with a remote, digital mapping, app connectivity, and many other great usability features. 
  • Long battery life: The ILIFE A11 has a large battery capacity with a runtime of 150 minutes. Depending on the floor, this means it can navigate 2,960 sq. ft. on one charge. This is an incredibly long battery life and in cases where that doesn’t cut it, the A11 can recharge on its own and resume where it left off.

For more information, or to buy the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum, click here.

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