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LG CordZero vs. Dyson V11

Derek Hales

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In this LG CordZero vs Dyson V11 comparison, we take a closer look at too high-end stick vacuums. Which is the right choice for you? Let’s find out now.

LG A9 CordZero

Suction: 160 AW Run Time: ~56 mins Dus tbin: 0.99 L Weight: 5.95 lbs. Cleaning: 86%

Dyson V11

Suction: 185 AW Run Time: ~82 mins Dust bin: 0.77 L Weight: 6.68 lbs. Cleaning: 99%

Table of Contents

Cleaning Tests | Design | Size | Specifications | Summary

Cleaning Tests

First, let’s talk about how the performance of the two vacuums compared. Both of the LG CordZero and Dyson V11 are high-end and performed well during our testing series.

Did they get the job done?

To find out, we put each vacuum through a 6-part performance test where we looked at various factors:

  • Cleaning test — how well it cleaned a mix of debris on three different floor types
  • Long hair test — how well it managed long strands of hair
  • Pet hair test — how well it removed pet hair
  • Run Time test — how long the battery lasts
  • Noise test — how loud the vacuum is while running
  • Usability test — how easy is it to use the vacuum
LG CordZeroDyson V11
Overall Cleaning86%99%
Hair Tangled?MinorMinor
Pet Hair Removed95%99%
Run time (low)56:10 mins84:45 mins
Noise (low)54.5 dB70 dB

Cleaning Performance

We designed these tests to assess the vacuums’ full range of cleaning performance. We perform a total of 12 debris tests, across 3 different floor types and 4 different debris types

The following scores are a reflection of the total percentage of debris removed in our tests by weight.

Floor TypeLG CordZero Dyson V11
Low Pile Carpet84%100%
High Pile Carpet90%100%

We test on engineered hardwoods, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet. The scores below indicate an average debris removal by weight across all flooring types, by each model.

Overall Cleaning Scores





On each of those floor types, we test rice, dry cereal, kitty litter, and sugar.

LG CordZero A9 Cleaning Performance

The CordZero did well across all 3 floor types, with results in the 83-90% range. We used the universal power nozzle (aka, the standard full cleaning head) for these tests.



Low Pile Carpet


High Pile Carpet


These scores don’t quite tell the full story as the LG CordZero was able to remove the majority of the sugar, rice, and kitty litter. But, it really struggled to remove cereal. 

LG CordZero All in One attaching wand
LG CordZero All in One attaching wand

During our testing, the vacuum would clog while removing the cereal. After which, it would spit the cereal back out on the testing lane. While this is a common issue among cordless vacuums, it was still disappointing to see.

If you remove cereal from the equation then the CordZero performed notably better.

Below are the cleaning results when the cereal tests are removed:





Low Carpet


High Carpet


This issue persisted across all floor types, regardless of suction power.

LG CordZero All in One hardwood floor before
LG CordZero All in One hardwood floor before test
LG CordZero All in One hardwood floor after
LG CordZero All in One hardwood floor after test

As you can see in the before and after photos, the CordZero was able to remove the majority of the smaller debris, and left mostly cereal behind. 

LG CordZero All in One low pile carpet before
LG CordZero All in One low pile carpet before test
LG CordZero All in One low pile carpet after
LG CordZero All in One low pile carpet after test

MORE: Click here to see full cleaning tests of the LG CordZero

Dyson V11 Cleaning Performance

The Dyson V11 had better overall cleaning performance due to its ability to manage larger debris. 



Low Pile Carpet


High Pile Carpet


Cleaning performance ranged from 99-100% on all floor and debris types. We ran these tests with the High Torque cleaning head. 

Dyson V11 hardwood cleaning results
Dyson V11 hardwood floor cleaning tests

The Dyson didn’t have the same issues with clogging that we noticed in the CordZero tests. It was able to successfully remove the larger cereal without clogging.

Dyson V11 Outsize cleaning low pile carpet
Dyson V11 Outsize cleaning low pile carpet

MORE: Click here to see full cleaning tests of the Dyson V11.

Hair Test

To further test the vacuums’ cleaning abilities, we assess how well they manage long strands of hair.

We place the hair in the direct cleaning path of the vacuum, and run it over the hair seeing how much was removed. We then check the brushroll and see if any of the strands were tangled in the brushroll. 

Dyson V11 cleaning head

For this tests we used the universal power nozzle on the Cordzero and the High Torque head for the V11. Both vacuums were able to remove the hair well during our tests. 

LG CordZero


Dyson V11


However, the CordZero did have some hair tangled in the brushroll after cleaning. It was a small amount, but important to note if you are cleaning long strands of hair often. 

LG CordZero

LG CordZero All in One tangled hair
LG CordZero All in One tangled hair

Dyson V11

Dyson V11 tangled hair
Dyson V11 tangled hair

Just like the CordZero, the Dyson V11 also had some hair tangled in the brushroll after cleaning. While it is important to keep in mind if you clean long strands of hair often, the amount of hair tangled was minimal.

Pet Hair Test

We perform the pet hair test using similar methods to the hair test. We place pet hair / fur on high pile carpet and test the vacuum’s abilities to remove it. We also check if any pet fur is tangled in the brushroll.

Both the V11 and CordZero did a great job at removing the pet fur.

LG CordZero


Dyson V11


We use the High Torque head on the Dyson V11 for this test. It did an excellent job at agitating the carpet and removing all the hair. I only noticed minimal amounts of pet hair remaining on the carpet after the test.

LG CordZero


Dyson V11


The LG A9 did come with a pet fur nozzle, so we used that for the tests. The pet nozzle did a great job at agitating the carpet, and managing the incoming fur. However, the LG CordZero did leave more pet hair on the carpets compared to the V11.

Run Time Performance

Depending on the power mode chosen, the run times can vary between the CordZero and V11.

With either of these vacuums there are three different suction levels to choose from–Normal, Power, and Turbo on the CordZero and Eco, Auto, and Boost on the V11.

LG CordZero

  • Normal: 56:10 mins
  • Power: 29:06 mins
  • Turbo: 7:11 mins

Max Run Time: 60 mins*

Dyson V11

  • Eco: 82:45 mins
  • Auto: 47:40 mins
  • Boost: 7:30 mins

Max Run Time: 60 mins*

*This max time is the number listed by the manufacturer.

The Dyson V11 has a longer run time thann the LG CordZero on normal and regular power modes. LG edges out Dyson slightly on the max power mode, but only by 19 seconds.

LG CordZero All in One attaching battery
LG CordZero All in One attaching battery

The CordZero comes with an extra battery that can charge in the docking station. This allows you to quickly switch out and continue cleaning with a new battery effectively doubling the CordZero’s runtime.

For a single battery the Dyson is the clear winner, however if you consider LG’s second battery, than it’s run time is longer.

Noise Test

Additionally, we test loud the vacuums are while they run. We use sound meter to measure the noise generated on the different power modes.

LG CordZero Noise Tests


55 dB


58 dB


63 dB


66 dB

The sound made by the CordZero falls in the ~55-66 dB range. This is similar to the hum of a refrigerator or a running dishwasher. While it isn’t too loud, it isn’t quiet either.

Dyson V11 Noise Tests


70 dB


75 dB


78 dB

The V11 generated noise within the ~70-78 dB range, which is a degree louder than the CordZero. The level of sound is similar to that of a shower running in the background.

Common noise levels:

  • 20 dB – rustling leaves
  • 30 dB – whisper
  • 40 dB – quiet library, babbling brook
  • 50 dB – refrigerator, moderate rainfall
  • 60 dB – normal conversation, dishwashers
  • 70 dB – traffic, showers
  • 80 dB – alarm clock, telephone dial tone

Usability Test

Overall, setting-up and using both of these vacuums were comparable. They both come with a variety of accessories that allow you to manage various cleaning situations. 

Here’s how the CordZero and V11 look in handheld mode.

LG CordZero (left) vs. Dyson V11 (right) handheld
LG CordZero (left) vs. Dyson V11 (right) handheld

They do have a different design but are similar in overall size. Additionally both vacuums were easy to manage and handle. 

Both of these stick vacuums are designed to be maneuvered easily. The CordZero and V11 are equipped to make tight turns and lay nearly flat on the ground. 

There are some major differences with the two different vacuums.

As I mentioned previously, the CordZero comes with an additional battery, but it has some other key differences as well.

  • Auto Empty base
  • Telescoping wand
  • App
  • Compressor

The Auto Empty base that comes with the CordZero is an excellent addition. It stores your accessories, as well as empties the dust bin of the A9 when you place it to charge.

This reduces the amount of maintenance you need to perform. This base also charges the 2nd battery included with the vacuum.

LG CordZero All in One open base
LG CordZero All in One open base

The telescoping wand can be expanded or contracted depending on the situation. This gives the vacuum extra length for those hard to reach places.

The LG ThinQ app will give you reports on the usage of your vacuum and let you know the current status of the device.

LG CordZero All in One using compressor
LG CordZero All in One using compressor

Finally, the compressor on the body of the vacuum extends the amount of time you have before needing to empty the dust bin. 

The Dyson V11 has its own unique ease of use features. 

  • “Point and shoot” style dust bin
  • Automatic suction adjustment
  • Battery charging anywhere

The body of the vacuum is designed to be emptied easily. This “point and shoot” is the same style they have been using since the V10.

Dyson V11 - emptying the dust bin
Dyson V11 – emptying the dust bin

The V11 also includes floor sensor technology that automatically adjusts the suction as needed to accommodate floor types. This allows you to vacuum without worrying about being on the right mode for the job.

Finally, the battery can be charged anywhere there is an outlet. This is a great option for charging when needed, and picking right back up where you left off.


The CordZero and V11 have similar features as far as overall design goes.

LG’s CordZero and the Dyson V11 both include:

  • Multi-floor cleaning head
  • Click-in cleaning tools
  • Extension wand
  • In-hand dust bin (about the same capacity)
  • 3 suction levels
  • Washable filter
  • Solid cleaning performance

Samsung Jet 90

LG CordZero All in One
LG CordZero All in One

Dyson V11

Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless stick vacuum cleaner review
Dyson V11

Some of the differences between these two models include:

  1. Digital display
  2. Alternate cleaning heads
  3. Auto Empty Base
  4. Vacuum bodies

#1. Digital display

The Dyson V11 includes a digital display on the back of the in-hand portion of the vacuum. This display can quickly communicate what cleaning mode you’re in, estimated remaining run time, and any active maintenance alerts.

Dyson V11 cleaning mode selection

By comparison, the LG CordZero only has a battery display on the body of the vacuum.

#2. Cleaning Heads

The big difference here is that the CordZero comes with an additional pet nozzle. The pet nozzle is designed to remove and manage pet fur and does a great job with it.

You can purchase additional nozzles that work with the A9 as well. We were able to test the mop attachment, which adds mopping functionality to the vacuum.

LG CordZero


  • Universal Power (multi-floor)
  • Pet Nozzle (pet fur)
LG CordZero All in One universal power nozzle
LG CordZero All in One universal power nozzle
LG CordZero All in One pet nozzle
LG CordZero All in One pet nozzle

Dyson V11


  • High Torque 1.0 (multi-floor)
Dyson V11 Torque Drive cleaning head
High Torque 1.0 cleaning head (multi-floor)

The V11 only comes with the High Torque 1.0 cleaning head, which is designed for multiple floor types

You can purchase the Fluffy cleaning head separately from Dyson or a third-party version for something similar. But it will cost you a little extra on top of the initial sticker price.

#3. Auto Empty Base

The CordZero comes with an auto empty base that reduces the amount of overall maintenance needed. It automatically empties the debris from the vacuum when it is docked.

Additionally, the base can charge another battery, which allows you to continue cleaning when the first battery runs out.

LG CordZero All in One base
LG CordZero All in One base

The base can also hold the various attachments and nozzles with convenient storage. This keeps all the accessories for the A9 in one place.

The V11 does include a wall dock to hang the vacuum on if you choose, but the dock is minimal. It is designed to be wall mounted and allows you to quick grab your vacuum as needed, but doesn’t include any other features.

#4. Vacuum Bodies

The body of the CordZero vacuum includes a compressor. This can be pressed on to compress debris into the bottom half of the body, and helps reduce clogging.

LG CordZero (left) vs. Dyson V11 (right) vacuum body
LG CordZero (left) vs. Dyson V11 (right) vacuum body

The Dyson’s body is designed to be emptied manually. It has a small lever on the side that when pressed shoots out the debris from the bottom, emptying easily.

These different designs service different people. LG’s compressor is great to have if you often vacuum pet fur. However, the Dyson’s “point and shoot” style make emptying the dust bin quick and easy.

Size & Dimensions

LG CordZero

  • Length: 44.1″
  • Width: 10.2″
  • Depth: 10.6″
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs.

Dyson V11

  • Length: 50.6″
  • Width: 9.8″
  • Depth: 10.3″
  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.

The A9 and V11 are similar in size, having comparable width, depth, and weight. However, the Dyson is notably taller than the LG vacuum. This extra length can make reaching places easier.

LG CordZero (left) vs. Dyson V11 (right) size comparison
LG CordZero (left) vs. Dyson V11 (right) size comparison

The CordZero does have a the telescoping wand which can extend to 44.1″ long and adds variable length to the device. This can be a nice feature for shorter users or more compact storage, but not really that great if you’re super tall.

Taller people would find the Dyson more comfortable with their height.

Accessories & Parts

The LG CordZero comes with your standard set of cleaning accessories, plus some notable extras. The bolded items below indicate unique features.

  1. All-in-One Tower
  2. Vacuum Body
  3. Telescoping Wand
  4. Pet Nozzle
  5. Combination Tool
  6. Universal Power Nozzle
  7. Crevice Tool
  8. Click-in battery (qty: 2)
  9. Extra pre-filter
  10. Tower debris bags (qty: 3)
LG CordZero All in One Accessories
LG CordZero All in One Accessories

The list on the Dyson is a little different, but still pretty exhaustive in terms of providing a well-rounded selection of tools.

  1. Dyson V11 stick vacuum
  2. Wand (non-telescoping)
  3. High Torque 1.0 cleaning head
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Mini-motorized tool
  6. Combination tool
  7. Soft dusting brush
  8. Stubborn dirt brush
  9. Charger
  10. Wall mount
Dyson V11 cordless vacuum - accessories
Dyson V11 Torque Drive accessories

Where are the differences?

These lists really show a good picture of what each model comes with so what are the big differences?

The main differences can be highlighted with a couple of specialty tools.

LG CordZero All in One pet nozzle

Cleaning heads: The CordZero comes with an additional Pet Nozzle beyond the universal tool. This nozzle helps to clean up pet hair without it getting tangled in the brushroll.


Dyson V11 - soft dusting brush

Dusting brush: Dyson also comes with a soft dusting brush for cleaning hard surfaces, like furniture or automotive interiors.

WINNER: Dyson V11

Dyson V11 dirt brush

Dirt brush: The Dyson also comes with a dirt brush that uses stiffer bristles for breaking down ground-in dirt.

WINNER: Dyson V11

LG CordZero All in One wand

Telescoping Wand: The A9 and V11 both have an extension stick, however the A9’s is able to expand and retract as needed.


LG CordZero All in One attaching battery

Battery: Both models include a click-in battery. However, LG’s base is able to charge an additional battery. This can quickly replace your dead battery so you can continue cleaning.


LG CordZero All in One base
LG CordZero All in One nozzle storage

Auto Empty Base: The Dyson includes a single wall mount that allows the V11 to hang from the wall.

LG includes a free-standing base that automatically empties the dust bin whenever the vacuum is set on it. This greatly reduces the amount of maintenance needed for the vacuum.

The V11’s base can hold 2 attachments, however the LG’s base stores all of the attachments and includes a slot to charge a battery.

There is a level of preference here, but most people would enjoy LG’s base due to its usability.


Dyson V11 Torque Drive vs. Animal vs. Outsize vs. Absolute

The V11 has a few different models that come with different accessories and have different functionality. See our comprehensive Dyson V11 Torque Drive vs. Animal vs. Outsize comparison chart below:

 V11 Torque DriveV11 AnimalV11 AbsoluteV11 Outsize
Digital motorV11V11V11V11
Run time~60 mins.~60 mins.~60 mins.~120 mins.
Dust Bin0.76 L0.76 L0.76 L1.89 L
Weight6.68 lbs.6.68 lbs.6.68 lbs.7.85 lbs.
Max Suction185 AW185 AW185 AW220 AW
Power Modes3333
Digital Display Screen TypeLCDLED LCDLCD
Run-time countdownYesNoYesYes
Automatically adjusts suctionYesYesYesYes
Low battery notificationYesYesYesYes
Clickable BatteryYes, 1 includedYes, 1 includedYes, 1 includedYes, 2 included
Extension WandYesYesYesYes
Torque Drive cleaning headYesYesYesYes; XL version
Mini motorized brushrollYesYesYesYes
Combination toolYesYesYesYes
Crevice toolYesYesYesYes
Mini dusting brushYesNoYesYes
Stubborn dirt brushYesYesYesYes
Docking stationYesYesYesYes
ChargerYesYesYesYes; 2 included

While the accessories vary per model, there are some key features that are unique to some versions.

The V11 Torque Drive comes with an LCD display that displays performance in real time. While the V11 Animal is the more basic version without the LCD screen.

The V11 Outsize is a larger version that has more suction, a larger head, and larger dust bin.

The V11 Absolute is the only model that includes the soft roller brush.

Beyond that the models are similar and an interested buyer could choose the one that best fit their needs.

LG A9 Cordless vs. All in One vs. Limited vs. Charge vs. Ultimate

Just like the V11, the A9 has multiple versions that have different features and come with different accessories.

Here is our comprehensive LG A9 Cordless vs. All in One vs. Limited vs. Charge vs. Ultimate comparison chart:

 A9 CordlessA9 All in OneA9 LimitedA9 ChargeA9 Ultimate
Digital motorA9A9A9A9A9
Run time~40 mins.~60 mins.~60 mins.~60 mins.~60 mins
Dust Bin0.40 L0.99 L0.40 L0.40 L0.40 L
Weight5.95 lbs.5.95 lbs.5.95 lbs.5.63 lbs.5.63 lbs.
Max Suction160 AW160 AW140 AW140 AW140 AW
Power Modes33333
Dust Bin CompressorNoYesNoNoNo
Low battery notificationYesYesYesYesYes
Clickable BatteryYes, 1 includedYes, 1 includedYes, 1 includedYes, 2 includedYes, 2 included
Number of Batteries12222
Telescoping WandYesYesYesYesYes
Universal Power NozzleYesYesYesYes; XL versionYes; XL version
Crevice toolYesYesYesYesYes
Combination toolYesYesYesYesYes
Power Mini NozzleNoYesNoNoNo
Power Punch NozzleNoNoYesNoYes
Power Floor NozzleNoNoYesNoYes
Wall MountYesNoNoNoNo
Portable Charging StandYesNoYesYesYes
All in One Auto Empty BaseNoYesNoNoNo
Extra FilterNoYesYesYesYes
Color OptionsMatte SilverMatte WhiteVintage WineMatte Gray
Matte Red
Matte Gray
Matte Red

The vacuums are very similar in specifications with some minor differences in suction power and run time.

The most notable differences are the included accessories.

The A9 All in One is unique in that it includes the auto empty base and charging station as well as the Power Mini Nozzle.

The A9 Limited and A9 Ultimate both include the Power Punch Nozzle, Power Floor Nozzle, as well as an extra battery.

The A9 Charge and A9 Cordless are similar, however the Charge includes an extra battery and the Cordless has a wall mount.

There are other versions of the A9 that come with different color options and additional accessories.

  • A9 Kompressor (A927KVMS): Vintage Wine; Power Punch Nozzle, 2 batteries
  • A9 Kompressor (A927KGMS): Iron Grey; Power Punch Nozzle, 2 batteries
  • A9 Kompressor (A929KSM): Matte Silver; Power Floor Nozzle, Slim Power Floor Nozzle, 2 batteries
  • A9 Kompressor with Power Mop (A929KVM): Vintage Wine; Power Mop Nozzle, 2 batteries
  • A9 Cordless (A916BM): Iron Grey; Power Mini Nozzle, 2 batteries
  • A9 Cordless (A912PM): Blossom Pink; basic accessories


SpecsLG CordZeroDyson V11
ModelA9 All in One Auto EmptyV11
Weight6.0 lbs.6.68 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)All (indoor)
Dustbin Capacity0.99 L0.77 L
Click In BatteryYes; 2 includedYes; 1 included
Run TimeUp to 60 minsUp to 60 mins
ReturnsVaries by retailerVaries by retailer
Warranty1 Year limited2 Year limited
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
ReviewRead ReviewRead Review

Should you buy the Dyson V11 or LG CordZero?

So all things considered, should you buy the LG CordZero or the Dyson V11?

Both of these vacuums are lightweight, 2-in-1 models with an assortment of handheld tools, an extensions wand, and an in-hand dust bin.

LG CordZero

Read Review

Dyson V11

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dyson-v11-animal.jpg

Read Review

Should you buy the LG CordZero All in One?

I would recommend the LG CordZero All in One to people who:

  • Auto Empty Base: This all in one base is the perfect companion to your vacuum. It stores all the accessories, charges an extra battery, and empties out the vacuums dust bin automatically. This reduces overall maintenance needed on the vacuum, and is a convenient place to charge your device.
  • Want two batteries: The vacuum comes with another battery that can be charged in the base. These batteries can run for nearly an hour on their own, adding the other battery effectively doubles the run time. If your vacuum runs out while cleaning, you can swap in the charged one and continue vacuuming.
  • Want good performance: On all floor types the A9 removed 86% of all debris by weight. It did struggle with larger debris like cereal, so if you remove that from the equation it removed 98% of all debris. This is solid cleaning performance.

Click here to check the LG CordZero All in One price.

Should you buy the Dyson V11?

I would recommend the Dyson V11 to people who:

  • Want a digital display: The LG only includes a battery indicator on the vacuum. Whereas the V11 has a robust display. Including this tells a lot of good information like estimated remaining run time, cleaning mode, and any relevant maintenance alerts.
  • Excellent cleaning performance: The cleaning performance on the V11 is fantastic. It removed 99% of all debris types across all the floors we tested it on. Unlike the LG, it had no issues handling larger debris. Additionally, it has more suction than the A9 with 185AW. Overall, excellent cleaning performance.
  • Don’t need the Fluffy cleaning head: Unfortunately, the V11 does not include the Fluffy cleaning head (excluding the Absolute version, but it’s not widely available), which can be a useful tool for cleaning hardwoods. However, this tool may not be necessary, especially as the High Torque head manages hardwood floors well.

Click here to check out the Dyson V11 price.

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