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Lupe Pure Cordless Review

Designed by two former Dyson engineers, the Lupe (pronounced ‘loop’) is a cordless vacuum ready to hit the market. But will it really be different from the rest of the market? Let’s check out the specs and find out.

Cordless Design with a New Aim


Lupe Pure Cordless

The Lupe Pure cordless vacuum was created by two ex-Dyson engineers. Convinced they could build a better vacuum, they spent 3 years in development and launched a Kickstarter campaign. In July 2020, the first units hit the production line and made some pretty big claims in terms of performance, adaptability, and suction power.Check Price


  • Has up to a 60-minute run time
  • Washable filters
  • Designed by former Dyson engineers


  • Limited units in production at this time
  • Only available in Europe (as of early August 2020)
  • Startup with unknown replacement part availability

How is it different?

  • Can stand on its own
  • XL 1-liter dust bin capacity
  • Removable battery
  • Interior housing accessible for better lifetime maintenance

Lupe Pure Design

The design of the Lupe vacuum has been modified over a 3 year period with 18 months spent in crowdfunding and initial batch production.

Lupe gained momentum from a Kickstarter campaign that was launched in May 2019 and the first models rolled off the production line in July 2020, ready to ship into homes and businesses globally.

Lupe cordless vacuum design

This cordless vacuum is a 2-in-1 vacuum with simple parts, a redesigned brushroll concept, and a different approach to in-hand vacuuming.

From the desk of two Dyson engineers, the Lupe vacuum is designed to be different. Instead of promoting new models and updates releases, Lupe is able to be upgraded and have all parts properly maintained and replaced as needed.

How does the Lupe work?

From top to bottom, the Lupe takes a different approach. But does different equate to better? Let’s check it out.

Breakdown of assembly of parts - Lupe vacuum

The Breakdown:

  1. Battery pack
  2. Brushless motor in removable housing
  3. Washable filter
  4. Access panel
  5. Cleaning head
  6. Dust separation system
  7. Re-programmable control electronics

The Lupe design is founded on transparency and lifetime usability. Parts can be reordered, replaced, or reprogrammed as things wear out or as your needs change.

Lupe Pure cordless vacuum - breakdown of parts

The image above is a full breakdown of every single part that was designed into the Lupe Pure cordless vacuum.

The Top

The top of this vacuum has four main controls designed right below the handle.

Controls include:

  1. Power on / off
  2. Increase suction
  3. Decrease suction
  4. Brushroll override
Lupe vacuum controls
The controls are located right below the handle on the Lupe

Unlike the Dyson V-series, which uses a “trigger” that only powers the vacuum when you hold down the button, the Lupe has a simple on / off button. Press it and have continuous power until you press it again. Intuitive and simple.

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The Mid Section

The middle of the Lupe has the expanding hose and detacbale battery on the front and the dustbin on the back.

Lupe vacuum battery
The midsection has the battery and dust bin.

It’s easy to pop the battery out when it’s time to charge it up. A vertical row of simple LED lights indicate the remaining battery life.

How does it look?

Here’s a profile view of what the vacuum looks like from the side. As you can see, it is very different.

The canister holds up to 1.0 liter of debris and there is a gap between the canister and the housing for the motor and expandign hose.

Canister of the Lupe Pure Cordless

Cutting out this extra material helps to keep the unit lightweight and portable.

The Cleaning Head

The Lupe cleaning head uses a dual brushroll system. In the front, there is a soft roller brushroll that helps flatten debris and provide a seal between the agitator and the floor for better suction.

Lupe Pure Cordless cleaning head

The second brushroll is a spiral bristle roller that agitates carpet fibers and rotates in the opisite diretion of the soft roller.

These two rollers work in tandem to increase suction and improve overall performance.

How does the Lupe cordless vacuum work

How big is the Lupe?

The Lupe is quite a bit smaller than the Dyson V Series vacuums and also smaller than the Shark IONFlex DuoClean, two competing vacuums in the same market.

One difference in how all of these vacuums operate is in handheld mode. With the Lupe, the dust bit canister stays at your feet (or in the other hand) which makes it easier to reach high spaces or nooks and crannies.

Size of the Lupe cordless vacuum
Size of the Lupe cordless vacuum

This design also may put less strain on your wrist since you are not holding the canister high and away from your body.

  • Length 41 ″
  • Width 10.2 ″
  • Weight (total) – 6.68 pounds
  • Weight (in-hand) – 1.1 pounds

What’s in the box?

Right out of the box, the Lupe cordless feels different. It has a simple design and the parts are separated for easy install and compact shipment.

Whats in the box? Lupe cordless vacuum

Here’s a complete list of everything that comes in the box, from left to right in the image below:

  • Vacuum body: Body of the vacuum, which has the controls, dust bin on the back, and expanding hose; can sit upright on the floor
  • Rechargeable battery: The battery offers a 60 minute run time and charges up in about 3.5 hours.
  • Power adapter: Use this to charge the battery from any standard wall outlet.
  • Cleaning head: The cleaning head uses a dual brushroll system that improves suction on hard surface flooring while also agitating debris from high fiber flooring like carpet or area rugs.
  • Wand / handle: This piece connects to the top of the vacuum body and can create an in-hand portion for portable cleaning or the upright handle for a stick vacuum.
  • Tool clip: The clip allows you to attach the tools to the wand of the vacuum.
  • Mini brushroll: This brush is used for cleaning upholstery, car interiors, etc, while in handheld mode; attached to the wand.
  • Combination tool: The combination tool can serve as a crevice tool or a soft dusting brush, and also attaches to the wand for cleaning narrow spaces or dust furniture.
Parts and accessories with the Lupe cordless vacuum

The handheld tools, shown below, are simple and easy to attach. Just connect them to the green connection point on the wand and you’re good to go.

Two dusting brush attachments with the Lupe cordless vacuum
Two dusting brush attachments with the Lupe cordless vacuum


Right now, the Lupe is still only available for pre-test review since the units just started shipping out. Once we get a unit in-hand, we’ll be able to put this vacuum through all the standard Modern Castle tests and see how it really performs.

Until then, we’ve made a few guesses about how this model will do based on specs and features.

Here’s the rundown.

#1. Expected to resist clogs in the brushroll.

The Lupe vacuum uses a dual brushroll system that combines the agitation of a traditional spiral brushroll with a soft roller front head (good for capturing large debris or hardwood floor messes).

#2. Expected to have strong suction.

Coming from the brains of Dyson, the vacuum uses cyclonic suction and has an airtight seal at the base (between the two brushrolls) to help improve suction and cleaning performance.

#3. Expected to produce long cleaning cycles.

The stated run time on this cordless vacuum is up to 60 minutes, which matches that of the Dyson V11. This should be more than sufficient for most cleaning jobs.

Setup & Usability

Again, while we haven’t personally gotten the chance to set up this vacuum, based on specs and design features, it looks straightforward.

  1. Unbox the vacuum.
  2. Install the HEPA filter (if it doesn’t come already installed).
  3. Charge it up and install the battery once charged.
  4. Install the cleaning head (for stick mode cleaning) or the desired tool (for handheld cleaning).
Cleaning with the Lupe cordless vacuum

Lupe Maintenance

Maintenance is one area where the Lupe vacuum really strives to be something unique and different.

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Unlike traditional models that are more or less designed to be replaced by new models, the Lupe vacuum allows you to properly maintain all parts, even those within the housing of the vacuum itself.

Maintenance on the Lupe includes a few basic steps, like:

  1. Empty the dust bin.
  2. Wash the HEPA filter.
  3. Recharge the battery.

The Lupe makes it possible to remove the back of the housing to the vacuum and access nearly all of the internal parts. If something goes wrong, you can assess and replace the individual part instead of buying a new unit.

How to charge the battery?

When the LED lights indicate battery power is low, simply press down on the green button to release the battery back from the vacuum unit. It can be charged separately which takes about 3.5 hours to generate a full charge.

Lupe cordless vacuum detachable battery

How to wash the filter?

There are two filters on the Lupe vacuum and both are quick to remove. You can clean with cold water or by simply dusting off the surface of the filter with a small brush. Make sure the filter is 100% dry before reinstalling it into the system.

Washing a filter is a great way to extend te life and keep annual maintenance costs down.

Lupe vs. Dyson vs. Shark Specs Compared

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on this Lupe vacuum as well as how it compares to two other big players in the present market:

Run Time60 mins60 mins40 mins (per battery)
ModelPure CordlessV11IonFlex
Weight (total)9.26 lbs6.68 lbs.8.7 lbs.
Weight (in hand)1.1 lbs6.13 lbs5.0 lbs
Floor TypeAll (indoor) All (indoor) All (indoor)
Dust Bin Capacity1.0 L0.76 L0.3 L
Agitator On / OffYesNoYes
Removable BatteryYesNoYes
Upgradable BatteryYesNoNo
Warranty3 years (2 years on battery)2 years5 years (2 years on battery)
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Lupe Vacuum?

The Lupe is designed to be powerful, usable, and easy to maintain over the long run. Those are traits most consumers are looking for, and rarer than ever in many cases.

I would recommend the Lupe if you’re looking for the following features in a cordless vacuum:

  • A long-lasting unit: With quality parts and a design that encourages replacing individual parts as needed instead of the entire model, the Lupe can be attractive to buyers looking for something different from other options on the market.
  • Easy handheld cleaning: The design of this vacuum allows for a vacuum with strong suction, but also light in-hand. It works similarly to a canister in that you can hold the dust bin and body of the vacuum down low and use a handle with extension wand in the other hand to direct your cleaning.
  • XL dust bin capacity: The Lupe has a dust bin capacity of 1 liter which is among the largest for this class of cordless vacuum.

For more information or to buy the Lupe click here.


  • August 3, 2020 – Initial version of the review was published. The initial version was a pre-test, meaning we have not yet personally tested it (see more about our pre-tests here). Our information in the review is based off of information available on Lupe’s website, as well comparisons to other vacuums we have tested. We are hoping to get a Lupe for testing soon, at which point we will update this review with our full testing data and a review score.

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