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The Coziest Day of the Year, According to Science

Updated October 23, 2018 by Derek Hales

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Phoenix, Arizona, United StatesOctober 23, 2018 — Researchers complete study and release report revealing the coziest day of the year in each of the 50 United States.

According to a research study completed by consumer education platform,, there is a “coziest” day of each year in each state. The study used temperature, precipitation, national survey data, and almanac data to formulaically determine a single most cozy day within each state.

Cozies Day of the Year - by state in America - HIGH RES

When asked about the research study, Modern Castle Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Derek Hales said, “the most difficult part of the study was coming up with an “ideal” cozy temperature for each state.” Hales goes on to say, “Ultimately, we felt it was critical to incorporate survey data from real people in each state to better understand where the subjective temperature cut off was between cool and cold, since temperature is such a huge factor in what feels cozy.”

The research study utilized survey data from’s 2016 Sweater Weather survey, in addition to using temperature and precipitation data from the National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA). The utilized NOAA dataset compiles 30 years of weather data, from 1981-2010.

According to the published study, cozy days begin as early as October 6 and end as late as December 21. However, each state will vary depending on precipitation, temperature, and the local population’s views on when the weather feels cold.

In general, the study found that many states along the southern side of the USA, including Arizona, Texas, and Florida experience their most cozy day in December. Many Northern states, including Montana, Michigan, and Maine, have a cozy day during October. Lastly, many coastal and centrally located states prefer their cozy day within November. According to the study, 20 states have their coziest day during October, 23 within November, and only 7 in December.

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