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Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Camera + Bright Spotlight 2-in-1


Ring Spotlight Cam

The Ring Spotlight Cam is an all-in-one security device with a smart camera and motion activated spotlight. When motion is detected, the light turns on (optional) and a push notification is sent to your phone (customizable). During our tests we found the video quality to be great and the app easy to use. From there, you can speak directly through the camera using 2-way audio or turn on an audible alarm. With a subscription, video feeds can be saved for up to 60 days. The Ring Spotlight Cam is a good option for an outdoor security solution for simple, DIY surveillance. Check Price


  • Bright light output + security camera; all in one
  • Pairs well with other Ring cameras, doorbells, or security devices
  • Video quality was great


  • A little bulkier and harder to install compared to other Ring outdoor cameras
  • Pricier setup as well

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.96 x 2.72 x 2.99 in.
  • Resolution: 1080p at
  • Operating Temperatures: -5°FF to 120°F
  • Field of View (camera): 140°
  • Field of Light (spotlight): 270°
  • Light Output: 375 lumens
  • Live Feed: Yes; need a subscription to record and save
  • Subscription Cost: $3/mo and up
  • Zoom: No

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10 SECOND SUMMARY: The Ring Spotlight camera was fairly easy to install and setup (though it did require a more open spot along the wall, due to the size). Once installed, app setup and usability is quick and painless. Overall, video quality was crisp and clear. Audio is good, provided subjects are relatively close. In general, a solid outdoor security camera that doesn’t require continuous power.

Video: Day vs. Night

Ring Spotlight cam daytime video feed
Ring Spotlight Camera – daytime

During the day, the video quality is clear and the colors are true to reality. There’s a fair amount of contrast and shadow play, but even in shadows, the figures are easy to see.

Ring Spotlight camera video feed - sunset
Ring Spotlight Camera – sunset

Around sunset (or also at sunrise), we do notice a bit of glare from the camera. Of course, if your camera is not in the line of direct sunlight, you likely won’t notice this.

Even with the glare, the video quality was still good, in my opinion.

Ring Spotlight Camera - night
Ring Spotlight Camera – night

At night, the video quality was still in color and it did not switch to grayscale as some other cameras may do. The screenshot above was taken without the spotlight turned on.

Ring Spotlight camera day time video

When motion is detected close to the camera, a spotlight will turn on (optional) and illuminate the field, making it easy to see details and special features.

Ring spotlight security cam


Audio quality on the Ring is good and the 2-way sound is a pretty standard feature on this type of unit.

The audible siren is around 110 dB, or about the same loudness as a car horn.

Ring Spotlight Cam installed on home's exterior

The Ring App

The success of the Ring Spotlight camera relies heavily on its integration with the Ring app. For homes with multiple Ring devices, they will all use the same app, which makes it easier to control the devices and see the feeds from one central location.

Ring app security camera home screen

When motion is detected from the Ring Spotlight Cam, you have a few options. You can:

  1. View the activity video and / or watch a live feed
  2. Enable 2-way audio to speak directly from the camera
  3. Turn on an audible siren which emits a 110 dB alert / warning

Using the Ring app, you can also:

  • Review video footage
  • Watch a live feed
  • Adjust settings
  • Share the camera with other users
  • Connect and sync multiple Ring products
  • And more

Ring Design

The design of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is similar to other Ring products. It is all white and is designed to mount to the exterior of your home.

There is a bright spotlight at that emits approx. 375 lumens and illuminates 270° field of view. The camera has a 140° field of view.

The back of the camera has the mount and a reset button. There are also mounting holes for the solar panel, if you decide to opt for that accessory.

Back view of the Ring Spotlight Cam

Power Source

The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery has a quick-release battery that powers the camera. To charge the battery, it comes with a USB cord.

If you want continuous power that doesn’t need to manually charge up, Ring also offers this camera with a solar panel power option.

A Solar Powered Alternative for Ring Power


Ring Solar Panel

With the Ring solar panel, you don’t need to worry about charging the battery. Just a few hours of direct sunlight every day will keep the Ring Spotlight Cam charged 24/7. This accessory also works with the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery.Check Price
Ring Spotlight Cam battery compartment
Inserted battery. Note – there are 2 slots for batteries, you can buy an extra here if you want 2.


Some of the top features of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery include:

  • Motion Detection: sends a push notification to your smartphone when the camera detects motion in the camera’s view
  • Flexible Use: designed to be used indoor or outdoor and can sit upright on a shelf or be mounted to a vertical surface
  • 2-Way Audio: lets you hear what’s going on in the video as well as the ability to talk back, using audio output on the camera itself
  • 24/7 Live Video: can record footage for 24/7 live video playback
  • App Control: view the camera footage from your smartphone or other device using wifi pairing and cloud video storage
  • Multiple Pairing: pair multiple cameras together (indoor or outdoor) for whole-home security
  • Motion Zones: customize up to 6 different zones to ensure that the Ring Spotlight Cam is focusing on areas that are most important
Custom motion zones for the Ring security camera

How far can the Ring Spotlight Cam see?

The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery can detect motion from about 30 feet away. The camera essentially creates an arc and it will alert you when motion is detected within that range.

Ring Spotlight Cam - motion detection

When the motion is within range, a few different things will happen to help keep you safe and informed. The Ring Spotlight Cam will:

  1. Send a push notification to your smartphone
  2. Turn on the lights
  3. Start video recording activity
Ring Spotlight Cam - motion detection

What’s in the Box?

The Ring Spotlight Cam comes with a good assortment of parts and accessories.

In the box, you will receive:

  • Ring Spotlight Camera
  • Quick-release battery pack
  • Install tool
  • Drill bit
  • Install anchors
  • Install screws
  • Security sticker
  • USB cord
  • Mount
Ring Spotlight Cam - parts and accessories
Ring Spotlight Cam – parts and accessories

Setup & Usability

The Ring Spotlight Cam sets up about as quick and easy as other Ring devices. The prompts on the Ring app help to direct you through the steps for proper setup.

Ring Spotlight with lights on
Ring Spotlight with lights on

Let’s hit some of the most frequently asked questions about getting started.

How easy is it to setup?

For the initial setup of the Ring Spotlight Cam, you’ll want to unbox the camera and use the provided USB cord to go ahead and charge up the battery. Once the battery is charged, continue with the steps below:

  1. Download the Ring app to your smartphone or another device.
  2. Select “Create Account”. If this isn’t your first Ring device, you can simply log in.
  3. Select “Set Up A Device”
  4. Tap “Security Cams”
  5. Follow in-app prompts to complete setup. (The spotlight may flash during setup, which means the camera is updating. When it stops flashing, that means that it is ready to move on.
  6. Test the Live View in the Ring App. If it looks good, take the camera outside and prepare for install.
Ring app security camera home screen
Ring app – Home screen

How easy is it to install?

The install begins by selecting the best place to mount the camera. Be sure to pick a place that is close enough to your wifi router for a strong signal as well as with a good viewing angle to the area you want to monitor.

Ring Spotlight with lights on
Ring Spotlight with lights on

If you find your wifi signal too weak you may need to upgrade your router or invest in a wifi externer, like these.

Adjust the mounting place based on the position you want to install the camera.

If you’re mounting the camera on a wall, install the mounting plate with the ball socket facing down.

If you want to mount the camera on an eave, install the mounting plate with the ball socket facing up.

Mount the bracket to the appropriate surface and pop the Spotlight Cam into the socket. Position the camera to face the monitoring area and you’re ready.

Side view of Ring Spotlight Cam with mounting ball
Side view of Ring Spotlight Cam with mounting ball

How easy is it to use?

For the most part, using the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery basically boils down to two parts; pairing it to your smartphone (via the Ring app) and installing it on your home in a place where it receives a strong network signal.

The rest of the functions are pretty automated. As people come in the frame, the Ring spotlight will turn the light on and send a notification to your phone.

From there, you can decide how to respond.

  1. Ignore the notification
  2. Use 2-was audio to speak audibly from the camera
  3. Engage the 110 dB siren

If you opt into Ring’s subscription plan you can enroll in 24/7 monitoring, which means you don’t need to see the notification to know that help is on the way (if necessary)

Does Ring require a subscription?

You can use the Ring Spotlight Cam without a subscription and still do basic features, but to store any video footage, you’ll need to opt into one of their monthly subscription packages. The Ring subscription offers two different tiers:

  1. Ring Protect Basic
  2. Ring Protect Plus

Let’s see exactly what each plan type comes with.

Free Ring Plan: No Fees

Without a subscription, you’ll have access to all of the following:

  • Motion detect: detects motion from about a 30′ radius away
  • Push notifications: alerts your smartphone via a push notification to keep you in the loop of any activity
  • 24/7 Live Video: you can view the feed from the Ring camera at any time on the smartphone app
  • 2-way audio: enables you to speak remotely from your smartphone and have it output out of the camera
  • Spotlight: when motion is detected a 375-lumen spotlight will shine a 270° beam to light up the activity
  • Siren: for emergencies, you can engage a 110 dB siren directly from your phone, whenever needed

Ring Protect Basic: $3/mo or $30/year

With Ring Protect Basic, you’ll have all of the features of the free plan as well as:

  • All-in-One security coverage: seamlessly integrates all Ring devices under the same plan (includes indoor cams, outdoor cams, lights, doorbells, security system, etc.)
  • Cloud video storage: provides access to every motion detected activity or live event from the last 60 days
  • Review, share, and save videos: save the videos to a separate location or share with others

Ring Protect Plus: $10/mo or $100/yr

With Ring Protect Plus, you’ll have access to all of the benefits in the free plan and Ring Protect Basic as well as:

  • Ring Alarm: provides professional monitoring of your system so if there’s an emergency, your Ring can make sure first responders are alerts, even if you don’t respond to the push notification immediately

Which subscription plan is right for you?

If you just want basic DIY surveillance of one or two outdoor Spotlight cams to keep an eye on things, the free plan is honestly enough for you. It provides alerts when you need them and the bright spotlight really adds to the overall value.

If you plan on pairing the Spotlight Cam with a Ring Doorbell or Indoor Cam, the Ring Protect Basic plan is a solid option. It costs less than the “Plus” package but has all of the features you need to seamlessly pair together all of your Ring devices around your home.

If you want to monitor you don’t have to think about and have multiple cameras or other Ring devices, Ring Protect Plus is an excellent option. While the price is the highest, it performs all of the functions of the Basic plan, but also has a monitoring service that keeps an eye on your Cams, even when you can’t.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Specifications

SpecificationsRing Spotlight Cam Battery
ModelSpotlight Cam Battery
WeightNot Listed
Viewing Angle140°
Operating Temps-5 - 120°F
AlertsPush alerts based on motion detection
Motion ZonesYes
Night VisionYes
Spotlight270° beam at 375 lumens (brightness)
Siren110 dB
AudioTwo-Way Audio
StorageUp to 60 days with Ring Protect subscription; no storage without subscription
Orbit / PanNo
ReturnsVaries by retailer, other retailers will vary
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Should You Buy the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery?

I would recommend the Ring Spotlight Cam if you’re looking for the following in a security camera.

  • 2-in-1: If you’re looking for a camera with a powerful, spotlight as well, this security duo is certainly a nice option. The light is motion activated so as people, large pets, or cars approach, the light will turn on. This feature also sends an automatic push notification to your phone letting you know that activity has been detected.
  • Battery-powered: The Spotlight Cam Battery is powered by a compact, quick-release, battery. If you don’t have an exterior power source nearby and don’t want the added expense / install of buying a solar panel, the Battery Cam is a good option.
  • Pairs well with other Ring devices: If you have other Ring devices or want to build your own whole-home surveillance system, the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery makes a great addition. It uses the same Ring app as other devices like the Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam, or Ring Doorbell.

Click here to learn more about or to buy the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery.

2-in-1 Camera and Spotlight
  • Design - 96%
  • Performance - 96%
  • Quality - 96%
  • Usability - 98%
  • Value - 96%


The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is an outdoor camera that also doubles as a powerful spotlight, illuminating up to 270° with 375 of bright lumens. It is designed to work with the Ring App, emitting mobile notifications when motion is detected. With a subscription to Ring Protect, you can pair the Spotlight Cam to other Ring devices like the Indoor Cam, the Stick Up Cam or the Ring Doorbell.

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