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Amarey Robot Vacuum Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Basic, Yet Powerful Robot


Amarey Robot Vacuum

The Amarey robot vacuum is a strong performer on all indoor floor types and has the ability to run for up to 100 minutes in one cleaning cycle. Our cleaning tests revealed strong cleaning performance across the board, earning a debris removal score of 98%. The only major down side is there aren’t as many bells and whistles as other higher-end robot vacuums, so you will have to sacrifice a few things for the lower cost.Check Price


  • The Amarey robot vacuum offers a strong cleaning performance.
  • This vacuum is easy-to-use and contains a long run-time.


  • The spinning brushes on the Amarey seem to be low quality and have a tendency to fling debris around.
  • This vacuum moves at a slow pace compared to most other robot vacuums we have tested.

Amarey Robot Vacuum Design

The Amarey robot vacuum offers a simple, yet modern design. As a robot, it looks as if there is not much to this vacuum, but there is much more than what meets the eye.

Let’s take a look at the basic design:

For starters, the top of the Amarey robot vacuum is indeed quite simple.

There is only a power button and a home button. As expected, the power button turns the robot on and off while the home button sends the vacuum back to its charging base.

Amarey robot vacuum
Amarey robot vacuum

What’s on the bottom?

Once you flip the Amarey over, you’ll find the cleaning components on the vacuum.

Among these pieces are the:

  • multi-surface brushroll
  • two spinning brushes
  • three wheels
  • navigation / drop sensors
The bottom of the Amarey robot vacuum contains the cleaning components
The bottom of the Amarey robot vacuum contains the cleaning components

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But how does it look?

In my opinion, the Amarey offers a sleek design. It carries out the traditional robot vacuum look; built in a circle, slim profile, and modern style along the top surface of the vacuum.

Amarey robot vacuum cleaning on hardwood floors
Amarey robot vacuum cleaning on hardwood floors

Size & Dimensions

The Amarey robot vacuum contains a fairly traditional size. The diameter is 12.7″ and the height is 2.7″. Additionally, this robot vacuum weighs 5.7lbs.

  • Diameter – 12.7″
  • Height– 2.7″
  • Weight – 5.7lbs
Size and dimensions of the Amarey robot vacuum

Accessories & Parts

The Amarey robot vacuum cleaner includes the following parts and accessories:

  • 4 spinning brushes
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • 1 remote
Spinning brushes included with the Amarey robot vacuum

SPINNING BRUSH | The Amarey also includes four spinning brushes. These brushes are used to sweep debris into the cleaning path of the vacuum. Two brushes have to be snapped onto the vacuum before using it, but there are also two extra brushes.

HEPA filter included with the Amarey robot vacuum

HEPA FILTER | The Amarey includes two HEPA filters with the purchase of the vacuum. One is already inserted into the vacuum but the other is a back-up.

Remote inclued with the Amarey robot vacuum

REMOTE | A remote control gives users the ability to control the robot vacuum without having to actually touch the vacuum itself. The remote also shows the features of the vacuum in a more distinct manner.

Cleaning Performance

All in all, the cleaning performance of the Amarey robot vacuum was nothing shy of impressive. This robot vacuum dominated our cleaning tests on all flooring types.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The hardwood floor tests didn’t stand a chance against the Amarey. Each of the four debris were cleaned up to a level of 100%.

Amarey robot hardwood floor cleaning tests

When cleaning on the hardwood floors, the Amarey was able to easily get into corners and remove debris where needed. This robot vacuum did a great job cleaning efficiently throughout our hardwood floor tests.





Kitty Litter




Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

After completing the low pile carpet tests, we saw results similar to the hardwood floor tests.

Were there any issues?

All four debris were cleaned to a level of 97% or higher, but we did see the Amarey take a small step backward when trying to clean the kitty litter and sugar.

Amarey low pile carpet cleaning tests

Rice and cereal were both cleaned up completely, but there was still remains of rice and kitty litter on the Modern Castle testing lane. It seemed as if the friction between the carpet and the robot’s brushroll caused some problems for rice and kitty litter, as it was flung around more so than the other two.

That said, each of these debris were cleaned up to a level of 97%. This was still an impressive feat by the Amarey robot vacuum, but it was not quite the perfect results we saw on the hardwood floors.





Kitty Litter




High Pile Carpet Cleaning

We finished up the tests on the Amarey with a set of high pile carpet tests.

How did it perform?

Once again, the Amarey did not disappoint. The results after these tests showed a slight drop off from the low pile carpet tests, but the overall score still landed at 96%.

Amarey high pile carpet cleaning tests





Kitty Litter




Why was there a decline?

From what we could tell, two things affected the Amarey’s performance on high pile carpet:

  1. The thickness of the carpet – We noticed that the deeper the pile of the carpet allowed more of the debris to fall into a spot in the carpet that required super strong suction. The Amarey has a solid degree of suction, but it’s not quite strong enough to dig deeply into a high pile carpet.
  2. Friction – We happened to catch the spinning brush flinging debris initially and realized it was not able to clean it up afterwards. Reason being, the debris ended up in the corner of our testing lane and from there, the friction between the debris and the carpet did not allow the debris to be swept back into the cleaning path of the robot vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning Performance Summary

Although we noticed these issues, they only occurred against the kitty litter and sugar. As we saw on the low pile carpet tests, rice and cereal were no match for the Amarey.

The Amarey robot vacuum sucked up every piece of rice and cereal on the high pile carpets, but was only able to get 94% of the kitty litter and 90% of the sugar.

These are still great numbers, but they are slightly off from the hardwood and low pile carpet results.

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It doesn’t get much easier than using the Amarey robot vacuum. There is a short set up required, but not much.

What do you need to do to set up the Amarey robot vacuum?

Setting up the Amarey requires users to:

  1. Remove all parts from the box
  2. Snap on 2 spinning brushes
  3. Charge the vacuum
Pop on both spinning brushes onto the bottom of the Amarey robot vacuum
Pop on both spinning brushes onto the bottom of the Amarey robot vacuum

After you have completed these three steps, you’re ready to use the vacuum.

So how do you use it?

There are a couple of ways to use this vacuum cleaner:

  • Press a button on the robot itself
  • Use the remote control

Both methods are simple and effective, so it really just boils down to preference. If you want to send the vacuum into a random cleaning session, then pressing the button directly on the Amarey is your best bet.

To use the Amarey directly, press the power button on the top of the vacuum

To use the Amarey directly, press the power button on the top of the vacuum

On the other hand, users can use the remote to control the schedule, direction, and cleaning style of the Amarey.

This is going to be the more advanced option when it comes to using the vacuum, but by no means is it difficult to understand and use the remote.

One more small note..

Emptying the dustbin is another simple task to complete with the Amarey robot vacuum.

Depress the latch to remove and empty the dustbin on the Amarey
Depress the latch to remove and empty the dustbin on the Amarey

To empty the dustbin:

  1. Depress the latch on the side of the vacuum (which will release the bin)
  2. Press down on the two tabs containing arrows (this will drop the front of the dust bin)
  3. Empty into trash

Amarey Robot Vacuum worth it?

The value of this robot vacuum can be described in two words; above average. The cleaning performance you’ll receive for the price you pay is without a doubt worth the purchase. For most users, the Amarey is worth it.

Amarey robot vacuum thumbnail

We saw one of the top cleaning performances from the Amarey that we have seen from a robot vacuum.

Needless to say, we were impressed with the overall performance.

Additionally, the longer run time and recharge and cleaning schedule win this vacuum a few extra value points.

The Amarey is certainly one of the better valued robot vacuums we have seen to date.

Keep in mind…

Don’t forget, this vacuum is offered at such a low cost because you’re going to give up a few bells and whistles that more advanced robot vacuums, like the Roomba i7+ and Roomba 980.

That said, if you’re looking for an inexpensive choice with basic features, but great cleaning, this is a great robot.

Amarey Robot Vacuum  Specifications

Below is a table showing the full list of specifications of the Amarey robot vacuum:

SpecificationsAmarey Robot Vacuum
Weight5.7 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery2,600 mAh
Run Time~100 mins
Dust Bin Capacity~0.4 L
Washable FilterYes; pre-filter only
ReturnsYes (usually), Varies by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Amarey Robot Vacuum?

I would recommend the Amarey if you’re looking for the following features in a robot vacuum: 

  • Want an inexpensive (but great value) robot – As far as cleaning performance vs. price goes, this is one of the best robot vacuums we have tested to date. It did extremely well on all of our cleaning tests, only faltering a bit on the sugar high pile carpet test (but its performance was still better than most other robot vacuums).
  • Don’t mind a ton of extra bells and whistles – The Amarey doesn’t have many extra fancy features or bells and whistles. You won’t get cleaning reports, you cannot control it with your smart phone, and there are no virtual barriers. However, you do still get a remote control, scheduling, and a 100 minute run time.
  • Don’t mind buying from a lesser known brand – Amarey is a newer brand to the world of robot vacuums. This is my first experience with them. So far, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen, but I will personally feel more confident after an extended performance test.

For more information on the Amarey robot vacuum, see here.

Why did the Amarey robot vacuum score the way it did?

  • Design – A fairly standard design that we’ve seen many other times. Nothing wrong with it, but not breaking ground either.
  • Performance – Incredibly good performance across the board, especially for this price point.
  • Quality – Like design, quality is good, but doesn’t exceed expectations. We may take a 2nd look at this after an extended test.
  • Usability – No smartphone control, but it does include a remote control. Otherwise, usability is fairly typical for a robot vacuum.
  • Value – Simple design and features, but one of the best cleaning performance relative to the price point we’ve tested so far.
Surprising Performance at this Price
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 98%
  • Quality - 90%
  • Usability - 92%
  • Value - 94%


The Amarey robot vacuum is a strong performing unit with a good run-time and neat features. Users have the option of setting a cleaning schedule so that the robot will do all of the dirty work, even when you’re not home to turn it on. The price point of this robot vacuum is not too high, making it a great value overall. If you’re looking for an inexpensive robot vacuum with a solid cleaning performance, the Amarey could be a fine choice.

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