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Bobsweep vs. Roomba

Derek Hales

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For today’s comparison, we’re diving into bObsweep vs. Roomba robot vacuums. Both of these companies offer robot vacuums that range in price from budget to high-end. 

Roomba’s top-end model is within the $$$ pricing tier but comes with a wide range of fancy bells and whistles.

This robot vacuum review is going to be looking at the bObsweep PetHair vs. Roomba 690 model. Both of these models are a bit more affordable.

Don’t have time for the full breakdown? Click here and jump right to the end summary where we’ll help you decide which robot vacuum is best for you— the bObsweep PetHair or the iRobot Roomba 690.

Roomba vs. bObsweep – Which is Better?

The Roomba 690 reigned supreme for our robot vacuum battle against the bObsweep PetHair. Although a higher cost initially, Roomba offers better cleaning performance, wifi connectivity, a virtual barrier (included), a larger capacity battery (by 26.7%), and lower average maintenance costs ($86 / year less).Check Price

bObsweep Review

The bOBsweep PetHair is a budget-friendly vacuum that’s a little larger than comparable models, but has a 1000 mL dust bin capacity and large 3×5″ LED screen for setting and troubleshooting. 

Multiple cleaning modes and a remote control make this robot vacuum a real contender.

A Robot Vacuum for Pets


Bobsweep PetHair Robot

The Bobsweep PetHair robot vacuum is a good option for those that need a robot vacuum that can handle pet hair. As a downside, the battery tends to drain quickly, meaning you have to charge it more frequently during use.Check Price


  • XL dust bin capacity holds up to 1000 mL
  • Comes with remote control


  • It’s a little bulky.
  • Has a more complicated user interface.

Roomba Review

The Roomba 690 is an older model, compared to the Roomba 890 or 900 series vacuums, but still provides a great clean at a fraction of the price. It’s got wifi connectivity and includes one virtual wall for enhanced navigation. With a smart phone, you can also schedule cleaning cycles ahead of time.

An All-Around Great Vacuum


Roomba 690 Robot

The Roomba 690 robot vacuum is a good option for those looking for more convenient cleaning sessions. The 690’s dirt direction system means it can take a little longer to complete cleaning sessions, as it must first detect, and then eliminate dirt. However, the cleaning performance is still incredibly strong for a robot in the lower pricing tier.Check Price


  • Has wifi connectivity for easy pairing with an app.
  • Includes a virtual wall barrier for navigation.


  • Requires a little more initial setup for wifi.
  • Cleaning cycles take longer.

Roomba vs. bObsweep

The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus and Roomba 690 are comparable in price. So which one is the best? How does the performance compare? Follow along as we dive into bObsweep vs. Roomba and find out!


bObsweep Design

The design of the bObsweep PetHair is a little bulkier than comparable models, but the extra room does mean that it can fit an extra large dust bin.

bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum featires
bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum – features
  1. LED screen
  2. Sensor
  3. Bumper
  4. Dust bin release

The round body of the vacuum makes for easy 360-degree turns, but does make the corners a little more challenging. A bumper on the front of the unit helps to protect the vacuum— and your furniture— as it cleans, and a large LED screen displays things like cycle settings, scheduled cleanings, and battery life.

Roomba Design

The Roomba 690 has a simple and sleek design, with a matte black body and silver accents. Pops of bright green are also used to highlight user interface areas like the dust bin release and the handle.

iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum features
iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum – features
  1. On / Off Clean
  2. Handle
  3. Bumper
  4. Dust bin release

To start a new cycle, simply hit “CLEAN” in the center of the vacuum and Roomba will get to business. A bumper at the front of the vacuum helps protect the vacuum, and your furniture, as it navigates around the space.

How It Cleans

How bObsweep Cleans

The bObsweep cleans using a combination of roller brush, side spinning brush (for corners) and suction.

The spinning brush helps to push dirt in corners or along edges, into the cleaning path of the bOBsweep while the roller brush pulls the debris into the dust bin.

This vacuum also comes with ‘blindfold’ stickers for cleaning dark floors or carpets. These are used to cover the four edge sensors on the underside of the vacuum, which would be required for the bObsweep to clean them correctly. 

While blindfolded, the vacuum cannot detect stairs or edges so you’d have to remove these stickers for regular cleaning. 

This feels a bit like a “Band-Aid approach”- instead of actually solving the navigational issues.

bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum how it cleans
bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum – how it cleans
  1. Wheels
  2. Spinning brush
  3. Charging pins
  4. Roller brush
  5. Edge sensors

How Roomba Cleans

Roomba 690 cleans using traditional suction power, agitating roller brush, and a spinning side brush for edges and corners.

Drop detection and dirt detection help the Roomba to learn details about the space to better clean it.

Roomba 690 robot vacuum how it cleans
Roomba 690 robot vacuum how it cleans
  1. Wheels
  2. Spinning brush (edge cleaning)
  3. Charging pins
  4. Roller brush
  5. Dust bin release
  6. Edge Sensors

Both the Roomba and bObsweep use infrared light, but Roomba does not seem to have the same issues with dark carpet that bObsweep had. The Roomba 690 does not require blindfolded sensors to navigate these trickier areas.

One thing the Roomba does lack is a memory feature, so you may find it bumping into the same objects from time-to-time.

Size & Dimensions


The bObsweep PetHair is a little wider and taller than other robot vacuums we’ve reviewed. The larger size is one feature that allows such a large dust bin, but it may have some drawbacks, considering furniture and other obstacles in your home.

  • Diameter: 13.8″
  • Height: 3.9″
bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum size dimensions review


The Roomba 690 is shorter than the bObsweep PetHair vacuum (3.6″ vs. 3.9″), which may help it to navigate tight spaces and under furniture. The 13″ diameter of the Roomba is about half an inch narrower on all sides compared to the bObsweep.

  • Diameter: 13″
  • Height: 3.6″
Roomba 690 robot vacuum size dimensions

Accessories & Parts

bObsweep Accessories & Parts

The bObsweep PetHair comes with the following parts and accessories:

bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum accessories
bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum – accessories
  1. Brushes: The combination of roller brush and spinning side brushes helps to get a complete clean.
  2. Charging Station: Schedule cleanings using the charging station. At 15% power, the robot will return and self-charge.
  3. Mopping Cloth: This microfiber cloth can be damp for mopping or dry for polished.
  4. Remote Control: You can use the remote control up to 10′ away to start / pause a cycle, manual direction, or to select a particular cleaning cycle.
  5. Cleaning Tool: The cleaning tool is used for regular maintenance to limit dirt and dust build-up around brushes or crevices in the vacuum.

Regarding accessories, the bObsweep is a little light, in my opinion. The mopping brush is a nice addition, but the lack of including a bObsweep block for navigational control was a little disappointing.

*The bObsweep blOck serves the same basic function as Roomba’s virtual wall barriers. 

Roomba Accessories & Parts

The Roomba 690 comes with the following parts and accessories:

iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum accessories
iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum – accessories
  1. Virtual wall barrier: This barrier emits an infrared light, which prevents the Roomba from entering rooms it shouldn’t.
  2. Charging station: Roomba will return to the charging station automatically when its battery gets below 15%.
  3. HEPA filter: The HEPA filter helps trap fine particles and allergens.
  4. Cleaning tool: This tool is used for general maintenance and to clean out brushes and small parts.

Although not shown, the Roomba 690 does include a bristle-style rolling brush and side spinning brush like the bObsweep model.

Also, there is no remote control, but the Roomba 690 has wifi connectivity so your smartphone would serve similar functions as the bObsweep remote.

The only comparable accessory that the Roomba does not include is the mopping pad.

Cleaning Tests

The following vacuum cleaner tests are designed to show how the bObsweep Pet Hair and iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum cleaners perform on different surfaces, picking up a variety of debris types.

bObsweep Overall


Roomba Overall


We test on three different floor types, including hardwood floors, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet. For each floor type, we test the vacuum cleaner against:

  • Rice – 3 ounces
  • Dry Cereal – 1 ounce
  • Kitty Litter – 3 ounces
  • Sugar – 3 ounces
Cleaning test debris types
Testing Debris – From left to right: Rice (3 oz.), Kitty Litter (3 oz), Cereal (1 oz), Sugar (3 oz)

Hardwood Floor Tests



On hardwoods, the bObsweep Pet Hair model did an excellent job, regardless of the testing debris type. It outperformed Roomba by 4% on the sugar and was equivalent on other tests.

  • Rice: 99%
  • Cereal: 100%
  • Kitty Litter: 96%
  • Sugar: 99%

See before and after test images.



The Roomba performed very well during the hardwood test, collecting at least 95% of every debris type we tested. Also quick, the vacuum completed these tests is less than 8 minutes of run-time.

  • Rice: 99%
  • Cereal: 100%
  • Kitty Litter: 96%
  • Sugar: 95%

See before and after test images.

Low Pile Carpet Tests



On the low carpet, bObsweep did consistently well for the rice and cereal, but started to show some struggles with the finer debris types, especially sugar where it only picked up a little over half during our test.

  • Rice: 99%
  • Cereal: 100%
  • Kitty Litter: 91%
  • Sugar: 66%

See before and after test images.



The low pile carpet tests were also successful. The only material Roomba seemed to have an issue with was the sugar, where it only collected 72% of the debris we spread to test.

  • Rice: 100%
  • Cereal: 100%
  • Kitty Litter: 98%
  • Sugar: 72%

See before and after test images.

High Pile Carpet Tests



The results of the high pile carpet were similar to the low pile carpet tests, showing signs of struggle with fine debris types, especially sugar.

  • Rice: 93%
  • Cereal: 100%
  • Kitty Litter: 90%
  • Sugar: 51%

See before and after test images.



During the low pile carpet test, the Roomba performed similarly to the high pile carpet test, only collecting 66% of the sugar, and nearly flawless on the other debris types.

  • Rice: 99%
  • Cereal: 99%
  • Kitty Litter: 99%
  • Sugar: 66%

See before and after test images.


bObsweep Usability

Setting up the bObsweep Pet Hair robot vacuum was easy enough- unbox, screw in the brushes (screwdriver and screws included), charge it up, and you’re ready to clean.

During the actual cleaning cycle, usability was diminished a bit, in my opinion. The remote control was easy to use, but the LED screen was a little confusing.

bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum screen detail
bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum close up

There is a lot of information displayed on the LED screen, but it’s not entirely clear what each of the terms and buttons do. Users would need to really dive into the manual to use this vacuum at its highest potential.

Roomba Usability

To setup the Roomba 690, it truly is as easy as unbox, charge, and let it get to work. A cleaning cycle can begin by pressing the center “CLEAN” button or by using the app from your smart phone.

iRobot Roomba 690 - close up shot of the top
Roomba 690 robot vacuum close up

Pairing the vacuum to the app only took 2 minutes and I was ready to clean. The app is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. Using the app you’re able to start / stop cleaning cycles, track prior cleans, schedule cleanings, and more.



Overall: Good – It has the benefit of the round shape for easy turns and hugging furniture, but it has the disadvantage of the larger body.

This extra height and width may make it a bit harder to navigate under especially low furniture or tight spaces.

  • Weight — 7.7 pounds
  • Width — 13.8″
  • Height — 3.9″
  • Turning — 360 degree


Overall: Good – The Roomba 690 has a round body, making for easy 360 degrees turns around chairs or table legs.

At only 3.6″, it is a bit shorter than the bObsweep vacuum, making it easier to fit under furniture or cabinets.

  • Weight — 7.8 pounds
  • Width — 13.4″
  • Height — 3.6″
  • Turning — 360 degree


bObsweep Maintenance

The exact maintenance for bOBsweep was a little unclear, and from what we could find, the manufacturer did not provide many of the part replacement frequencies (with the exception of that for the filters).

Accessory / PartReplacement FrequencyBuy
Filter6 monthsCheck Price
Battery2 yearsCheck Price
Rolling brush2 yearsCheck Price
Spinning brush6 monthsCheck Price
Washable mop clothAs NeededCheck Price

That being said, we were able to make estimations based on replacement frequencies of similar products. Personal experiences may vary.

The cost to maintain the unit is around $112 per year which includes two filters, two spilling brushes and a five-pack of mop cloths each year. This also factors in the need for a new battery and new rolling brush every 2 years.

Roomba Maintenance

The maintenance for the Roomba 690 is fairly simple. Emptying the dust bin and monitoring the brushes and parts for wear will help keep your Roomba running smoothly.

Accessory / PartReplacement FrequencyReplacement Cost
HEPA filter2 monthsCheck Price
Spinning brush6 monthsCheck Price
Front wheel12 monthsCheck Price
Brushroll12 monthsCheck Price
Battery18-36 monthsCheck Price

Part replacement frequencies varies from 2 months for the HEPA filters up to 24 months for the bristle roller brushes.

As with any vacuum, the exact replacement time will vary based on use and personal experience.

The average annual costs to maintain this vacuum is around $26 per year (using generic parts). That is $86 less a year than the maintenance costs of the bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum.


bObsweep Battery

The bObsweep battery is 2,200 mAh and takes approximately 6 hours to charge. A full charge would enable the robot vacuum to run from 55-90 minutes, depending on the exact environment.

Size2,200 mAh
Charging Time6 hours
Run Time55-90 minutes
Replacement Cost Check Price

Roomba Battery

The battery for the Roomba 690 is 3,000 mAh, making it about 27% stronger than the bObsweep PetHair vacuum. The Roomba takes about 2 hours to charge and has a run time of up to 60 minutes.

Size1,800 mAh
Charging Time2-3 hours
Run Time90 minutes
Replacement CostCheck Price


All vacuum cleaner reviews on Modern Castle are put through our standard noise test. For this test, we use a sound meter to measure noise in terms of decibel level approximately 3′ away from the vacuum. 

Result: These two vacuums were very comparable on noise, varying only by one decibel. Compared to the bObsweep PetHair, the Roomba 690 was slightly louder.


bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum noise test
At 3′ away, the bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum emits 67 dB of sound.


Roomba 690 robot vacuum noise test
At 3′ away, the Roomba 690 robot vacuum emits 68 dB of sound.


bObsweep Value

The overall value of the bObsweep PetHair is pretty good. It’s around the moderate $$ pricing tier, making it an easier purchase for many buyers.

It performed well during the cleaning tests, had the XL dust bin for easier maintenance, and the remote control was a nice add. But it wasn’t as easy to use as I had expected and its larger size did make tight spots a little more challenging.

Maintenance frequencies were average and the customer service for maintenance issues was exceptional. But the larger number of parts and the higher cost for a replacement battery really added up when considering the total average annual costs to run this vacuum.

  • Warranty — 1-year limited, 5-year subsidized repair
  • Returns — 30 days
  • Company — Great
  • Value — Good

Roomba Value

Overall, the value of the Roomba 690 is very good, in my opinion. It does have a higher price tag, compared to the bObsweep, but the low maintenance costs plus higher cleaning performance are real assets for this vacuum.

In addition, the larger capacity battery, wifi connectivity, and included virtual barrier are all bonuses that add to the overall value of this robot vacuum.

Overall, the iRobot company did not have any red flags regarding customer service or iffy business practices, that I found. They also offer a warranty and 30-day return policy via Amazon.

  • Warranty — 1 year
  • Returns — 30 days
  • Company — Great
  • Value — Great


bObsweep Specifications

Length (inches)13.8
Width (inches)13.8
Height (inches)3.9
Weight (pounds)7.7
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery2,200 mAh
Dust Bin Capacity1 liter
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Roomba Specifications

ModelRoomba 690
Weight7.8 lbs
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery1,800 mAh
Dust Bin Capacity0.3 liter
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Bobsweep vs. Roomba, Which Should You Buy?

So bObsweep vs. Roomba, who is the winner? The bObsweep brought some interesting features and did perform a solid clean, but compared to the technology and capabilities of the Roomba 690, it just wan’t enough. Roomba 690 is the winner for this comparison.

The Roomba offer slightly better cleaning performance overall, comes with more accessories, includes wifi connectivity and smartphone control (as opposed to Bobsweep’s remote), has a significantly lower annual maintenance costs, and has a higher capacity battery.

For these reasons, the Roomba 690 is the better robot vacuum, in my opinion.

That said, I don’t want to leave you with the impression that the bObsweep is a bad vacuum by any stretch. It remains one of the better robot vacuums we’ve tested to date.

It’s cleaning performance just narrowly fell short of the Roomba. And while the lack of wifi connectivity, fewer accessories, a smaller capacity battery are negatives, they are somewhat balanced out by the lower price.

If bObsweep starts offering replacement accessory parts more inexpensively this would be a much closer robot comparison, in my opinion.

bObsweep vs. Roomba Winner? Roomba 690

The Roomba 690 takes another victory in this match-up against the bObsweep Pet Hair.

Roomba was able to outperform the bObsweep during the cleaning tests, has lower maintenance costs, wifi connectivity, a smaller footprint, and a larger capacity battery.

You pay a little more, but the features and performance you get are well worth the money.

Winner by Category

AccessoriesRoombaRoomba comes with the same accessories as bObsweep, but also had the virtual barrier and didn't need the blindfold stickers to navigate dark surfaces.
CleaningRoombaAlthough bObsweep slightly outperformed Roomba on the hardwood test, the Roomba was notably better on both low and high-pile carpets for sugar.
UsabilityRoombaThe user interface of the bObsweep was a little complicated. Although the LED screen displayed a large number of features it was more difficult to understand it. Roomba setup took less than 5 minutes to get it out of the box and pair it with my smartphone.
MaintenanceRoombaRooma’s annual cost to maintain is around $26, while bObsweep's annual costs are closer to $112. While bObsweep did have a lower sticker cost, these additional maintenance costs really add up over the lifetime of the vacuum.
BatteryRoombaThe Roomba battery is 3,000 mAh and the bObsweep battery is 2,200 mAh. Roomba also can generate a full charge in only 2 hours, while bObsweep can take up to 6 hours.
NoisebObsweepbObsweep was slightly less noisy at 67 decibels compared to the Roomba 690’s 68 decibels.
ValueRoombaAlthough Roomba has a higher cost, I think the added performance is worth it. Roomba offers better overall cleaning performance, has reduced maintenance costs, includes a virtual barrier, has wifi connectivity, and comes with a stronger battery.

Should You Buy the bObsweep?

Overall, the bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum was a strong contender. It did a nearly flawless job cleaning the hardwoods and performance only started to drop off during the carpet tests for fine debris (sugar).

A Robot Vacuum for Pets


Bobsweep PetHair Robot

The Bobsweep PetHair robot vacuum is a good option for those that need a robot vacuum that can handle pet hair. As a downside, the battery tends to drain quickly, meaning you have to charge it more frequently during use.Check Price

The real shortcomings for this vacuum was its bulkier size and increased maintenance costs. Although the initial cost was lower than the Roomba, the annual costs over the lifespan of the vacuum far outweighed that initial savings.

You Should Buy If You…

  1. Want an XL dust bin — Compared to the Roomba 690, the bObsweep dust bin is downright cavernous. Later models of the Roomba, like the Roomba 870, have a modified filtration system which allows for a larger dust bin, but the Roomba 690 just can’t compete in this category.
  2. Want a remote control — If you don’t like the idea of wifi connectivity, the bObsweep PetHair has a physical remote that works up to 10′ away to control the vacuum.
  3. Want troubleshoot assist — The large LED screen flashes numbers to alert you of certain troubleshooting issues. If “Bob” cannot help himself, my experiences with bOBsweep customer service department was top notch and the company was very quick to offer replacement parts and recommendations.

For more information or to buy check out the bObsweep PetHair here.

Should You Buy the Roomba?

The Roomba 690 offered excellent cleaning performance, wifi connectivity, a larger capacity battery (with shorter charging time), and a lifetime of lower maintenance costs (on average) to back it up.

An All-Around Great Vacuum


Roomba 690 Robot

The Roomba 690 robot vacuum is a good option for those looking for more convenient cleaning sessions. The 690’s dirt direction system means it can take a little longer to complete cleaning sessions, as it must first detect, and then eliminate dirt. However, the cleaning performance is still incredibly strong for a robot in the lower pricing tier.Check Price

The included virtual wall barrier was an added bonus that helps the Roomba 690 navigate better around the space. Although the dust bin size for the Roomba is much smaller than the bObsweep, it is still large enough to complete a cleaning cycle before needing to empty it.

You Should Buy If You…

  1. Want wifi connectivity —Pairing this vacuum with my smartphone took less than two minutes and I was ready to clean. With the app, I could start / pause a cleaning or program scheduled cleaning cycles for up to a week out.
  2. Want lower maintenance costs —Compared to the maintenance costs of the bObsweep PetHair, the Roomba 690’s maintenance costs were 75% less, on average.
  3. Want a stronger battery — The bObsweep PetHair comes with a battery that is 2,200 mAh, while the Roomba battery is 3,000 mAh. In addition, the Roomba takes only 2 hours to charge versus the bObsweep which takes up to 6 hours.

For more information or to buy check out the Roomba 690 here.

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