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Lanmu Dyson Dock Station Review

Derek Hales

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Dyson Accessories Holder


Lanmu Dyson Dock

The Lanmu docking station is an accessory holder attachment compatible with the Dyson V7 and V8. This docking station can be added to the wall mount included with each of these vacuums. By adding this accessory, the cleaning tools included with the Dyson V7 and V8 can be stored on the mount, versus in a separate area. While this is not a necessity for most people, it could be a nice addition to your Dyson vacuum.Check Price


  • Holds a total of 6 extra accessories
  • Inexpensive and saves storage space


  • The design is not the most user friendly with regard to inserting and removing tools
  • The branding on the box says the Lanmu works with the Dyson V10, but it does not

Lanmu Docks Station Design

The Lanmu docking station offers a simple design while also being quite intuitive. Two docks are included, as one is able to snap into the left and right side of the Dyson V7 and V8 wall mounts.

Lanmu docking station
Lanmu docking station

By adding one to each side of the wall mount, a total of six accessories can be housed on the wall (mount).

But how does it fit into the Dyson wall mounts?

Lanmu created this product so that it could pop in and out of their V7 and V8 wall mounts quickly. It uses the quick release system implemented by Dyson on most of their V-series vacuums.

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What is the Lanmu Dock Made of?

While we are not exactly sure what type of plastic the Lanmu is made of, it does seem to be fairly high quality.

The quick release button is also high quality and actually seems to be similar to the button on the Dyson V7 and V8 vacuum accessories.

Quick release button on the Lanmu docking station
Quick release button on the Lanmu docking station

By using a similar material the tools are able to fit into each individual slot quite easily.

Update Note – some reviewers on Germany’s Amazon are reporting that it also works with the V10. However, we’re not 100% certain, having not yet tested ourselves. But if you are in Germany and want to give it a try it’s an option. Thanks to Modern Castle reader Markus for pointing this out!

Lanmu Size & Dimensions

The Lanmu docks station is not a big accessory. The dimensions for each Lanmu connector piece (2 separate pieces) are:

  • Length – 6.5″
  • Height – 4.5″
  • Depth – 3.7″
  • Weight – 9 oz
Lanmu docking station size

Is the Lanmu Docking Station Easy to Use?

The Lanmu Dyson accessory holder is easy to use for the most part. The setup and usability of this product are virtually one in the same.

Steps to set up the Lanmu:

  1. Remove parts from box
  2. Snap right dock into right side of wall mount
  3. Snap left side dock into wall mount
  4. Add preferred accessories to each wall mount

Generally speaking, there is no difference between setting up and using the Lanmu docking stations. By inserting each side into its respective slot (right & left mounts), users are able to add any of the included accessories to the dock.

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Are the accessories easy to add and remove?

Snapping the accessories in and out of the Lanmu is easy. Once again, the quick release button system makes this process much faster.

Inserting and removing tools is easy with the quick release button
Inserting and removing tools is easy with the quick release button

To insert each accessory, just slide it into the slot you’d like it to be stored in. To remove them, depress the red button and pull the tool away from the mount.

Okay, but how easy are the Lanmu docks to install?

Adding the Lanmu docks to the Dyson wall mount (we used a V7 mount for our tests) was extremely easy. We slid the appropriate dock into its respective side on the wall mount and that was it. From there, we were ready to add the accessories.

Six extra accessories can be held by the Lanmu docks
Six extra accessories can be held by the Lanmu docks

These docks can be inserted and removed just like the accessories; by using the quick release system.

Initial struggles…

The biggest complaint we had with the Lanmu docking station is the packaging. On the box, Lanmu states that this dock fits the Dyson V7, V8, and Dyson V10 vacuum wall mounts.

After several attempts to fit the docks into the Dyson V10 wall mount, we were unsuccessful.

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One Potential Problem

Overall, the Lanmu is a well-rounded product. One area where I would like to see them improve is the track for inserting tools into the docking station slots. As users try to insert cleaning accessories into the allotted slots, they must have them perfectly lined up, or they wont properly lock in.

The quick release button on the accessories themselves needs to be squared up before inserting the tool, or the Lanmu will not be able to hold the tools in the appropriate fashion.

Aside from this small con, we were impressed with the Lanmu’s ability to act as a valuable addition to the Dyson wall mounts.

Is the Lanmu Docks Station a Good Value?

The Lanmu accessory holder offers a good value. The price is low, quality is solid, and usability is good.

Once you have got everything set up and in proper working order, the Lanmu is a pretty neat accessory. The ability to hold six accessories on the Dyson wall mount makes swapping between tools much easier.

Additionally, the Lanmu helps save storage space. By placing the tools in their respective slots on the Lanmu, you no longer have to keep an extra bag, bin, or mess of tools on your floor for the Dyson V7 or V8 vacuums.

All things considered, the Lanmu docks station is a solid product and can be a good addition for Dyson stick vacuum owners.

Who Should Buy the Lanmu Docks Station?

The Lanmu docking station could be a nice addition to almost any home with a Dyson V7 or V8. No more storing those exra accessories when they can be housed directly on this wall mount extension.

I would recommend the Lanmu docks station if…

  • You want to store your Dyson accessories with your vacuum – The Lanmu dock is a nice addition to the Dyson V7 and V8 vacuum wall mounts. Two docks are included and they are each able to house three accessories. Therefore, a total of six accessories can be stored with the vacuum on the wall mount.
  • You like the idea of having all cleaning tools together– If you’re sick of having to store your Dyson vacuum tools elsewhere, the Lanmu docks may be a nice addition.
  • Want a clean aesthetic – This Lanmu accessory offers a sleek appeal when attached to the Dyson V7 and V8 wall mounts. No more messes with tools floating around with the Lanmu added to your wall mount.

For more information on the Lanmu Dyson accessory holding docking station see here.

Why did the Lanmu docking station score the way it did?

  • Design – We really like that the Lamnu design utilizes a similar quick release system that Dyson uses. Provides solid locking snaps for all pieces.
  • Performance – Overall, very good (mostly due to design). Wish there was a more defined track to lock the accessories in, but that’s fairly minor.
  • Quality – All plastic construction, but feels like a good quality materials.
  • Usability – Super simple. Snap it in, snap it out. Not much to really do bad here (given the design concept).
  • Value – It’s a basic tool, but it does its job well and for a good price.
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 92%
  • Quality - 92%
  • Usability - 93%
  • Value - 94%


The Lanmu Dyson docking station is a nice addition to the Dyson V7 and V8. The Lanmu is designed to snap into the wall mount of either of these Dyson vacuums and hold their included cleaning accessories. It’s simple to install and simple to use. Utilizes a similar quick release system to lock Dyson tools into place.

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