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Siliware Dyson Accessory Holder Review

Derek Hales

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Holds Dyson Tools


Siliware Dyson Accessory Holder

The Siliware Dyson accessory holder (works on Dyson V7 / V8 and V10) is a great way to organize your extra Dyson V-series cleaning attachments. Simply add accessories to the extra slots provided by the Siliware accessory holder, then slide your Dyson tools into them. This accessory holder keeps them mounted with the vacuum’s wall mount, making it easy to store up to 8 tools.Check Price


  • Holds up to 8 extra accessories
  • Removes the need for extra storage space
  • Inexpensive and durable build


  • If a quick-release button is damaged, it is not an easy fix
  • Some of the slots for accessories face inwards, making it hard to remove the cleaning tool

Siliware Accessory Holder Design

The Siliware accessory holder offers a basic, but effective design. There is a right and left side accessory holder, meaning one for each side of the Dyson wall mounts.

Siliware Accessory Holder

By adding this accessory holder to the Dyson vacuum’s wall mount you can store up to 8 extra tools right next to their vacuum.

So how does it work with the Dyson vacuums?

Siliware designed this product with a quick release sysem that is virtually identical to that of Dyson. Therefore, the accessory holders simply snap into their respective sides of the Dyson wall mounts.

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What is the Siliware Accessory Holder Made from?

The Siliware holder is made a durable plastic.

Siliware Accessory Holder Materials

The quick release buttons on each holder are spring loaded and both provide a snug fit into the wall mounts.

Siliware Accessory Holder Quick Release Button

Since Siliware used a material similar to Dyson, the accessories are able to fit into the slots quite easily.

Size & Dimensions

The Siliware accessory holder is about average, with respect to other 3rd party Dyson accesory holders we’ve tested. Each of the holders (2 total) are 7.5″ long, 3.5″ tall, and 2.4″ deep. Additionally, each piece weighs 11.7 oz.

  • Length – 7.5″
  • Height – 3.5″
  • Depth – 2.4″
  • Weight – 11.7 oz
Size and dimensions of the Siliware Accessory Holder

Is the Siliware Accessory Holder Easy to Use?

The Siliware accessory holder is extremely easy to use and setup. In fact, setting up the accessory holder and using it are virtually the same thing.

Setting up the Siliware:

  1. Unbox all parts
  2. Insert right accessory holder into wall mount until it clicks
  3. Insert left accessory holder into wall mount until it clicks
  4. Choose which accesories you’d like to mount and add them to the holder

In reality, setting this unit up means using it. Although the main portion of setup is snapping the respective sides into place, users will constantly be adding and removing tools from the accessory holder.

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How easy is it to add and remove accessories?

Snapping accessories in and out of the Siliware accessory holder is extremely easy. Each slot allows the tools to pop right into place with the quick release button.

Siliware Accessory Holder Assembly

This is not always the case with accessory holders, but this is one of the best we have seen to date, with regard to actually holding the tools in the proper way.

How is the install?

Installing the Siliware Dyson accessory holders is just as easy as adding tools to the holders. The docks themselves also have the quick release buttons, meaning they can be snapped into the Dyson wall mount quite easily.

Siliware Accessory Holder Build

That said, these are a touch harder to squeeze into each slot (right and left sides) but in my opinion, this is a good thing.

The tighter hold of these docks in the Dyson V10 (see our full V10 review here) wall mount gives me more confidence that the accessory holder and tools will not disconnect from the Dyson vacuum wall mount.

Does anything else come with the Siliware accessory holders?

While the main components of this product are the accessory holders, Siliware also included a couple of extra items:

  • 2 replacement quick release buttons
  • Soft wire cleaning brush

The replacement buttons were a nice addition because over time the buttons on the accessory holders could become damaged or worn out. If this is the case, users are able to pop in a new quick release button in no time at all.

The soft wire cleaning brush was also an unexpected extra. This tool gives you the ability to clean hard-to-reach areas within the vacuum or cleaning accessories.

Is the Siliware Accessory Holder a Good Value?

The Siliware accesory holder offers a great value. Strong performer, low cost, durable quality, and simple usability. It’s hard to beat that combination.

Siliware Accessory Holders

As an accessory holder for the Dyson V7, V8, and V10 vacuums, this attachment allows you to better organize your Dyson cleaning accessories.

With the ability to hold up to eight extra accessories, the Siliware helps to reduce storage space. Eliminate extra bags of tools or wasted floor space by adding these tools to the slots available on the Siliware accessory holder.

All in all, this is a neat attachment for Dyson vacuums, and certainly worth adding (especially if you’re already using the wall mount).

Who Should Buy the Siliware Accessory Holder?

The Siliware accessory holder could be a beneficial addition to any Dyson V7, V8, or V10 vacuum owner.

I would recommend the Siliware accessory holder if…

  • You want to store your Dyson stick vacuum and its tools together – The Siliware accessory holder allows users to store the extra cleaning tools directly next to the Dyson stick vacuum. The quick release system used by Dyson is also used by Siliware on this accessory holder, making it easy to add or remove tools from the holder.
  • Want an inexpensive way to organize your Dyson cleaning accessories – This accessory holder is inexpensive and gives users the ability to get rid of the unnecessary bins and bags used to store the extra Dyson vacuum tools. Organize your tools by adding up to eight of them on the wall directly next to your Dyson stick vacuum.
  • Want a quality build and sleek look – This Siliware accessory holder is made from plastic and feels durable. Additionally, it provides a matching aesthetic when added to your Dyson stick vacuum wall mount.

Why did the Siliware Dyson accessory holder score the way it did?

  • Design – Simple, matches the look of the Dyson, and it just works. Not much else I’d want in a product like this.
  • Performance – Worked well during our test. Not a flawless quick release system, but pretty good for a 3rd party product.
  • Quality – All plastic, but seems to be a reasonable quality.
  • Usability – Again, there just isn’t much too the usability. Snap parts in and out, that’s it.
  • Value – Does what it says it does and at a decent price.
Organization at its finest
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 93%
  • Quality - 93%
  • Usability - 93%
  • Value - 94%


The Siliware accessory holder is designed to be compatible with Dyson V7, V8, & V10 vacuums. These accessory holders allow users to mount their vacuum to the wall and organize the cleaning tools directly next to the vacuum. Siliware also utilizes Dyson’s quick-release system present in the Dyson V-series vacuums, making it quick to remove and replace accessories from the holder. If you’re looking for a better way to organize your Dyson cleaning accessories, the Siliware accessory holder is a good choice.

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