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Stick Vacuum Reviews

Below is a complete list of all stick vacuum reviews on Modern Castle.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute$$$96%Check PriceRead Review
Shark IONFlex DuoClean$$$96%Check PriceRead Review
Dyson V7$$$96%Check PriceRead Review
Dyson V8$$$96%Check PriceRead Review
Dyson V6$$95%Check PriceRead Review
Roidmi F8$$94%Check PriceRead Review
Electrolux Ergorapido$91%Check PriceRead Review
Hoover Lynx$90%Check PriceRead Review
Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro$$84%Check PriceRead Review
Bissell Bolt$82%Check PriceRead Review
Shark Rocket ION$$Check PriceRead Review
Shark Navigator Freestyle$Check PriceRead Review
Shark Sweeper$Check PriceRead Review

We will be updating this table as we review more stick vacuums.

Stick Vacuum Testing & Scoring

Testing and scoring our stick vacuums does not deviate from the norm. We use the same process for stick vacuum reviews as we do for all other vacuum reviews on Modern Castle. A total of eight scoring factors combine to create an overall score after testing has been completed. The scoring factors are as follows:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Usability
  3. Value
  4. Maintenance
  5. Maneuverability
  6. Company
  7. Returns
  8. Warranty

When digging into each scoring factor, we have a certain set of questions and criteria that we consider in order to score the vacuum cleaner appropriately.

By doing so, we are able to combine objective data from our cleaning tests, as well as our own subjective analysis of the vacuum’s performance, helping us to score the stick vacuum fairly.

Throughout our series of tests, we strive to properly document every step of each test. By doing so, we are able to help provide a clearer understanding of the measurements and data analysis. 

All of the factors listed above will be discussed in detail below, but if you’d like to dig even deeper into our scoring and testing processes, please see our vacuum reviews page.

Our stick vacuum scoring process uses a weighted scale to rate each vacuum. Please see the weighting below:


The cleaning scoring factor makes up 25% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - cleaning section
Cleaning makes up 25% of the total score

Cleaning sounds like a simple topic, but it is truly one of the most important factors to take into account. A stick vacuum is designed to clean the mess you’re putting it up against, and that is exactly what we want to measure with each stick vacuum.

As we test stick vacuums, we use three different floor types: hardwood, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet. Each vacuum is tested on each of these floor types with four different debris types: rice, kitty litter, cereal, and sugar.

Once all of the tests have been completed, we merge together all of the data, analyze the cleaning performance, and give the stick vacuum an overall cleaning score. Our tests show how much debris (as a percentage) the stick vacuum is able to clean up.

Electrolux Ergorapido Ion Hardwood floor cleaning tests

In other words, if a stick vacuum was only able to lift 1 oz of sugar from the initial 3 oz spread across our low pile carpet, then we are able to note that the vacuum has cleaned up 33% of the debris field.

After all four debris types are tested across all three floor types, we compare the results to other vacuums we’ve tested and use this data to arrive at a final cleaning score for each stick vacuum.


The usability scoring factor makes up 15% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - usability section
Usability makes up 15% of the total score

Usability makes up 15% of the total score

Using a stick vacuum typically boils down to one main question:

Is the vacuum easy to use on a day-to-day basis?

The most important questions to answer when we take a look at the ease of use and setup of a handheld vacuum are as follows:

  • How heavy is the vacuum?
  • Is there a 2-in-1 attachment on the vacuum?
  • Is the vacuum corded or cordless?
  • If cordless, how long does the battery last before needing to be recharged?
  • If corded, how long is the cord?
  • How big is the dust bin?

Once these questions have been answered, we are able to determine an overall usability score.


The value scoring factor makes up 15% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - value section
Value makes up 15% of the total score

Modern Castle believes a product’s value should be determined by its price compared to the overall performance and quality you receive in exchange. Value should not be mistaken as price.

For example, a more expensive stick vacuum does not always mean it is a good value.

Stick vacuums have a wide range of prices; therefore, value is never a given. Some stick vacuums are extremely low priced and perform well, while others have a high price tag and could perform at a lower level.

As we work our way through scoring the value of a stick vacuum, we pay close attention to the cleaning performance of the unit.

If we find that a low-cost stick vacuum cleans at a level similar to that of an expensive stick vacuum, then we tend to score the value of the less expensive higher.


Because  the price of the more expensive unit is clearly not showing a major difference in performance, we need to ask what the logic is behind the price tag.


The maintenance scoring factor makes up 12% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - maintenance section
Maintenance makes up 12% of the total score

Maintenance may seem like a minor topic with regards to a stick vacuum, but it could certainly alter the performance of your vacuum if neglected. No one wants to end up with a vacuum that has lost its suction power due to an old filter or a tangled brushroll. Users should keep an eye on their stick vacuum’s recommended maintenance and try to abide by it as best as possible. By doing so, you will help the unit continue performing its best.

Similar to other vacuum cleaners – such as upright, handheld vacuums, and robot vacuum cleaners – our maintenance score revolves around two main factors:

  1. How much time does it take to properly maintain the stick vacuum?
  2. How much does it cost to maintenance the stick vacuum?


The maneuverability scoring factor makes up 12% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - maneuverability section
Maneuverability makes up 12% of the total score

As we move into maneuverability, we like to look at several factors; the weight of the vacuum, the vacuums turning radius, any extra attachments that come with the vacuum, and the overall size of the vacuum.

While these are just four of the factors we take a look at, the list goes on. Being able to maneuver a stick vacuum plays a large role in its ease of use.

Therefore, the vacuum should be of light to moderate weight. If it’s too heavy, users may experience fatigue while pushing it around. This may sound trivial to some, but it is certainly an important consideration for many users.

Additionally, turning radius is a huge factor.

The stick vacuum needs to be able to turn. A good example is the Electrolux Ergorapido. While testing this vacuum, we were able to swivel the head 180°, allowing us to tightly wrap around chair legs or other hard-to-reach places.

Extra accessories or attachments also allow users to dig into corners and crevices, and some hoses may even add length to the stick vacuum, which could be a game changer if the unit is corded.

Two-in-one designs are also something to pay attention to. If a stick vacuum embodies a two-in-one design, then you are more than likely getting a handheld vacuum with the purchase of your stick vacuum.

Typically, the handheld will be a smaller breakaway unit that detaches from the stick vacuum, allowing you to tackle more localized messes if needed. This design adds a great degree of value to the overall maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner.

Every one of these design components carries its own weight and could change the user experience in a positive or negative way. Choosing a stick vacuum that has a majority of these features will benefit you greatly.


The company scoring factor makes up 7% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - company section
Company makes up 7% of the total score

We think it’s important to also consider a company’s integrity when purchasing a vacuum.

  • Is the company honest?
  • Does it follow its own guidelines with regards to warranty terms and conditions?
  • Has it been involved in any frivolous lawsuits with consumers?

We do our best to answer these questions, which help to provide an informed score for the company factor.

Ultimately, we are trying to make a judgement call on whether the company deserves your business, in our opinion. All things considered, we want to break down how trustworthy the company is.


The returns scoring factor makes up 7% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - returns section
Returns makes up 7% of the total score

While return policies may not affect the performance, they could certainly act as a make or break factor when purchasing a vacuum. For the most part, consumers want to know the following:

How do the return policy terms and return length compare to other similar products?

Scoring return policies can be a bit difficult at times, seeing as the return policies differ among each retailer.

To judge the return policy, we look at the most popular retailer who sells the stick vacuum and base our score around that return policy.

For most vacuums, this tends to be (which incidentally has a great return policy), but there are others as well.


The warranty scoring factor makes up 7% of the total scoring weight for our stick vacuum reviews.

Vacuum review scoring - warranty section
Warranty makes up 7% of the total score

Warranty makes up 7% of the total score

Warranty may not be the most interesting scoring factor, but it definitely deserves some attention. Some decisions on purchasing a stick vacuum may even boil down to the warranty and how it compares to other stick vacuums. 

When scoring warranty, we take the following into account:

  • What’s the length of the warranty?
  • Are the warranty terms fair and reasonable?
  • Does the company tend to honor its warranty?

Stick Vacuum Brands

Stick vacuums could very well serve as your primary vacuum, or just a smaller vacuum you like to use when your primary is too much work. Whether it’s cordless or corded, stick vacuums often present themselves as a quicker option compared to more traditional upright vacuums.

Below are a few of the more popular brands. Over time we will review stick vacuums from each of these companies and compare them against one another.


As a company known for a wide range of products, stick vacuums are among some of its best products. Electrolux has been in business for quite some time and is even part of a “Family of Brands,” which consists of some other big name companies (Frigidaire and Eureka to name a few).

With regard to Eureka’s vacuum cleaner line, it includes quite the array of vacuums (including the popular Eureka EasyClean handheld vacuum).

That said, Eureka offers six different stick vacuum models, all which provide a different level of performance, from pet care to ultra deep cleans. The most expensive stick vacuum made by Electrolux is its UltraPower Studio.

electrolux ergorapido ion lightweight
Electrolux ErgoRapido Ion 2-in-1 is very lightweight

In addition to the UltraPower Studio is the Ergorapido Lithium Ion, which is the company’s lowest model. We have actually already tested the Ergorapido Lithium Ion, and found that it performed very well and offered a great value. Between the high and low end of the spectrum, Electrolux’s remaining models are:

  • Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Plus
  • Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra
  • Electrolux Ergorapido PetCare
  • Electrolux Ergorapido Power Ion


As a rather large company built around the idea of household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the life of busy people, Shark’s list of stick vacuums is impressive.

Shark IONFlex 2x Duoclean maneuverability
The Shark IONFlex can flex in the middle, allowing it to reach under furniture and other obstacles.

With such a wide variety of vacuums, mops, steam cleaners, etc., its stick vacuum line consists of five primary models:

  • Shark Rocket ION
  • Shark Rocket
  • Shark IONFlex DuoClean
  • Shark Navigator Freestyle
  • Shark Floor & Carpet Cleaner

Some of these models are cordless, some are corded, but each of them offers a lightweight design. Maneuverability is a major focal point for Shark’s vacuums, especially its stick vacuums. As you will notice, each of these models is built in a skinny fashion, allowing them to be maneuvered easily.

Shark has a massive vacuum line. For help deciding on which is the best option for you see our complete Shark vacuum reviews guide.

All things considered, Shark has a solid lineup of stick vacuums that we are looking forward to testing in the near future.


Dyson is a vacuum company known for its high-end products. With the name does come a higher price tag, but the performance of these vacuums is usually in-line with the amount you will spend.

Dyson V8 cordless vacuum
Dyson V8, a cordless stick vacuum

This company steers clear of lower end vacuums and offers a wide variety of higher end, top performing vacuums.

Within Dyson’s line of products is its stick vacuums. Although the company only has three current models, the models have a modern aesthetic and can be turned into a handheld vacuum at any time. These three models are:

  • Dyson V6
  • Dyson V7
  • Dyson V8

Each of these models increases in runtime. Additionally, the v6 and v7 both have a suction power of 100AW while the v8 offers a suction power of 115AW.

Types of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuums may not be complex, but there are a few different design configurations you can choose from.

2-In-1 Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums often come as a 2-in-1 configuration, meaning you may also be receiving a handheld vacuum with the purchase of your stick vacuum.

electrolux ergorapido ion 2-in-1

The Electrolux ErgoRapido Ion is a 2-in-1 and operates as an upright vacuum or handheld vacuum.

Some stick vacuum cleaners will have a separate handheld unit attached to the base of the vacuum and others may just simply split in half, turning into a handheld. Regardless, the 2-in-1 stick vacuums are a nice option to anyone looking for a new stick vacuum.

Pet Hair Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums designed specifically for pet hair could be a simple fix for a lot of users struggling to find the most efficient way to clean up the mess. Several vacuums sold today will claim to be a good option for pet hair, but the models built to tackle pet hair tend to perform much better.

These units are able to properly lift the pet hair and suck it up, while also working to avoid a tangled mess. This does not always mean the stick vacuum is tangle free, but it could certainly be a much friendlier option as compared to more traditional upright vacuums and their brushroll technology.

How Do Stick Vacuums Work?

Stick vacuums work in a multitude of ways, but their primary focus is to be maneuverable and small enough to get into spaces that larger vacuums cannot always reach. 

Additionally, these vacuum cleaners often run on a battery, meaning most of the time you do not have to deal with a cord while vacuuming. Bear in mind, there are stick vacuums that run via a cord, but a vast majority tend to be cordless.

Convenience is the big factor with stick vacuums. These units are usually light enough to be hung on a wall and removed quickly when needed.

Instead of bringing out the bulky upright vacuum, stick vacuums, similar to handheld vacuums, can be used as a quick fix for a variety of messes.

Contrary to handheld vacuums, stick vacuum cleaners have the ability to handle larger messes and they are not always a localized mess. Depending on the battery life (or length of cord), users can vacuum a large room, or multiple rooms.

What about Suction Power?

Finally, let’s talk about suction power. Although stick vacuums can be a good option for quick fixes, they may not always be the most appropriate option for a massive or deeply ingrained mess.

In other words, these vacuums do not always have a strong suction power, which means they may not be able to dig deeply into a high pile carpet and lift up dirt and debris.

There are some models that have enough power to extract deeper dirt and debris, but that is not necessarily always a strong suit of the stick vacuum cleaner. For higher suction power options take a look at our complete vacuum cleaner reviews guide.

Still can’t decide what you need? Please feel free to drop us an email via our contact form here.

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