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Oransi Mod+ Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Oransi Mod+ Hero
98 Purification
100 Filters
92 Build Quality
93 Usability
93 Maintenance
98 Overall Score
Tested With Scoring System 1.1

Best For

  • Large coverage area up to 1,361 sq. ft.
  • Low maintenance – estimated filter change once a year
  • Quick – easy setup
  • 1 filter with combined Pre Filter/Carbon/HEPA


  • Touchscreen controls have a slow response
  • No remote / app connectivity
  • No auto air quality sensor

Our Verdict

The Oransi Mod+ is the successor to the Oransi Mod. Updated features include increased coverage to 1,361 sq. ft. and an improved CADR rating of 375. The Mod+ had a fantastic performance in our tests, reducing PM2.5 to 0.1 within 1 hour. With its aesthetically pleasing look, exceptional purification performance, and expanded coverage, the Mod+ is an excellent upgrade from the standard Mod.

Filter Type: HEPA
Coverage Area: 1,361 sq. ft.

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Performance Summary

At Modern Castle we put air purifiers to the test.

We test 11 different factors that impact the performance, build quality, and usability of the air purifier. Below is a complete list of our testing categories and their performance.

Test TypeTest Data
PM2.5 (1 hour test)0.1 ppm
PM10 (1 hour test)0.2 ppm
Particles (1 hour test)16
AQI (1 hour test)1
Ozone Detected0.0 ppm
Filter QualityExcellent
Filter TypeHEPA, Carbon
Coverage Area1361 sq. ft.
Max Wind Speed13.1 mph
Noise Test 65.8 dB

Purification Performance

To test the purification performance of the Oransi Mod+, we placed it in a medium sized room in our office (~14’ x 10`). Next, we lit incense to introduce smoke and other particulates into the air for 30 seconds. After, we use a professional air quality detector to take a measurement of the smoke filled air.

Air Quality Testing Meter
Electronic testing meter we use to measure particulates and air quality

Next, we run the air purifier on the highest fan speed for 2 hours, taking measurements of the air quality at the one hour mark and the end of the test. Here is what we found:

Performance MetricStarting MeasurementAfter 1 HourAfter 2 Hours
PM2.590.3 ppm0.1 ppm0.1 ppm
PM10159.5 ppm0.2 ppm0.2 ppm

The Oransi Mod+ scored exceptionally well in our testing process. Compared to the standard Oransi Mod, it scored similar performance metrics after our 1-hour test. Both Oransi Mod and Mod+ easily beat the average performance for air quality tests (based on all of our tests to date). On average, we see air purifiers reduce PM2.5 to 0.47 and PM10 to 0.70 after the 1 hour test.

Below, we’ve included information on the testing criteria and what defines good vs. bad air quality. Simply, the lower the numbers the better.

Air Quality Pm 25 Index

After the first hour of testing, the Mod+ showed exceptional results in improving the air quality. When measured against our baseline, the Mod+ reduced PM2.5 from 90.3 ppm to 0.1 ppm, PM10 from 159.5 to 0.2, Particulates from 11,373 to 16, and AQI from 168 to 1. To achieve this level of improvement within 1 hour is a fantastic performance level.

Oransi Mod+ Front With Filter
Oransi Mod+ Front With Filter

Ozone Test

With most air purifiers ozone generation isn’t an issue. That said, some that use negative ion generators have the potential to create ozone. To test this, we run the Oransi Mod+, letting it run for 1 hour and measure the levels of ozone before and after with an ozone meter device.

Pre-test Ozone

0.0 ppm

Post-test Ozone

0.0 ppm

The Oransi Mod+ produced no measurable ozone during our testing.



The Oransi Mod+ has one filter, with three different filter layers.

Oransi Mod+ Prefilter

Pre-filter – These air filters are designed to catch large particles in the air before the main filters. It’s best designed to catch human/animal hair, lint, or large dust particles.

Oransi Mod+ Filter Carbon

Activated Carbon – These filters focus on capturing VOCs, odors, and gasses that the pre-filter and the HEPA filter miss.

Oransi Mod+ Filter HEPA

HEPA – HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air [filter]. HEPA filters are able to capture particulates as small as 0.3 microns.


The Oransi Mod+ has a coverage area of 1,361 sq. ft. with 2 air changes per hour or 563 sq. ft with 5 air changes per hour. It is best suited for medium / large areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and office rooms. Furthermore, the Oransi Mod+ does have a larger coverage area than our testing average of 709.7 sq. ft.

Coverage Area

1,361 sq. ft.


375 CFM

Wind Speed Test

Our wind speed test uses an anemometer placed directly on the air vents of the Oransi Mod+ to measure the fan speeds in miles per hour. We run it on the lowest and highest fan speeds and record the speed of the air coming out of the device.

Minimum Wind Speed

3.6 mph

Maximum Wind Speed

13.1 mph

When placed on the maximum fan speed, the Mod+ produced a wind speed of 13.1 mph. This speed is higher than the previous Oransi Mod and measured above our testing average of 11.79 mph.


Build Quality Test

The Oransi Mod+ is an aesthetically pleasing, heavy base, and well-built air purifier. While testing and moving this system around the lab, we made several observations about the solid feel and unique look of this product. The sides of the air purifier are covered in gray fabric, moving away from traditional air purifiers with all exterior plastic paneling. The stand is made out of heavy metal, giving it stability and weight to prevent accidental tipping.

PartBuild Quality
OverallVery Good
ControlsVery Good
DisplayVery Good
Oransi Mod+ Sideview
Oransi Mod+ Sideview

The handle adds great mobility to move the system around your home and / or office. However, it does not come with wheels, limiting it to being picked up to move. Additionally, if you have pets, the hair and fur of your animal may stick to the fabric paneling. This will add some extra maintenance time to clean the sides of the air purifier. Overall, we found the build quality to be excellent.

Noise Test

To determine the level of noise that the Oransi Mod+ creates we use a sound meter and measure the decibel levels on both the lowest and highest fan speeds. In addition, we measure the ambient noise levels of the room as a baseline comparison.

Ambient Noise

43.0 dB

Min Noise

43.3 dB

Max Noise

65.8 dB

Like other large air purifiers, when placed on the max fan speed, the system gets louder. During our testing, we started with ambient noise of 43 dB. When placed on the maximum fan speed, the Mod+ measured at 65.8 dB. This puts the Oransi Mod+ above our noise testing average of 61.5 dB, based on all the air purifiers we’ve tested to date.



Oransi Mod+ Handle
Oransi Mod+ Handle

The Oransi Mod+ is an exceptional air purifier with simple controls / display and a convenient carrying handle for added mobility.



The setup was relatively easy and quick. We recommend two people remove the air purifier from the box due to the weight and size. You will need to remove the plastic from the filter before plugging in the system. The filter is accessed through the bottom of the system. There is a lock switch that needs to be slid into the unlock position to access the filter. Once the switch has been moved, you can use the top handle to rotate the entire system counterclockwise, removing it from the metal base.

Oransi Mod+ Setup
Oransi Mod+ Setup

During the review, we did notice that the “Open” and “Close” labels on the bottom might cause some confusion about the current status of the locking mechanism. When the indicator line is over the “Open” label, the base and main body are locked. This label is meant to identify that you need to rotate the system in the direction of the arrow to unlock the base from the main body. The same goes for the “Close” label. It does not identify the current base and body locking status.


Controls & Display

The controls are located on the top and feature simple touchscreen controls. You can move the fan speed indicator by selecting the desired speed. There is also a red filter icon that will notify you when the filter is needing to be replaced.

While testing the different fan speeds, the touch screen can be slow to react. Dragging your finger across the fan speed bar is not recommended and will cause the screen to react poorly. The best method we found was to point and press at the 12 different desired fan speeds.

Wireless Controls

The Oransi Mod+ does not have any remote / app connectivity.

In The Box

  • Oransi Mod+
  • 1 Mod+ HEPA filter
  • User Manual
Oransi Mod+ Unboxed
Oransi Mod+ Unboxed 2


The Oransi Mod+ has an estimated yearly maintenance cost of $70. The following are the major maintenance tasks for the Oransi Mod+.

TaskDescriptionEst. Annual Cost
HEPA FilterReplace every 12 months$70 (All-In-One Filter)
Carbon FilterReplace every 12 months$70 (All-In-One Filter)
Pre FilterClean as needed$0

Size & Dimensions

The Oransi Mod+ is a large air purifier designed to cover a large area. With that, the size of the system is larger and heavier. The dimensions are: 25”(H) x 14”(L) x 14”(W) – 23lbs.

Height25.0″ (63.5 cm)
Length14.0″ (35.6 cm)
Width14.0″ (35.6 cm)
Weight23.0 lbs. (10.4 kg)


The following table details the product specifications according to the manufacturer.

Weight23.0 lbs.
FilterPre-Filter, HEPA, Carbon
Noise Levels65.8 dB (max)
Coverage Area1,361 sq. ft.
Wi-Fi CompatibleNo
Warranty3 years
PriceCheck Price

Product Evolution

The Oransi air purifier brand currently offers three variations of the Mod series. The Mod Jr., Mod, and Mod+. Each increases in size and air purification power / coverage. The Mod Jr. is designed for small to medium sized rooms with a max coverage of 878 sq ft. The Mod and the Mod+ are designed for medium to large rooms. However, the Mod+ does have a slightly larger coverage and better CADR rating than the standard Mod. Both the Mod and Mod+ have similar purification power.

The Oransi Mod+ launched in mid-2023. It is the 3rd model variant to join the Oransi mod family. It is also now the larger coverage area within the Oransi mod series.

Oransi Mod+ Sideview
Oransi Mod+ Sideview

How does Oransi Mod+ compare?

Below is a complete list of our air purifier tests and critical product data compared side by side to the average based on all of our air purifier tests to date.

The Oransi Mod+ performed exceptionally well in the purification performance testing compared to our Average Data. It easily outperformed the average air purifier performance (based on all of our tests to date).

Test TypeTest DataAvg. Data
PM2.5 (1 hour test)0.1 ppm0.47 ppm
PM10 (1 hour test)0.2 ppm0.7 ppm
Particles (1 hour test)1657.07
AQI (1 hour test)11.81
Ozone Detected0.0 ppm0.0 ppm
Filter QualityExcellentExcellent
Filter TypePre-Filter, HEPA, CarbonPre-Filter, HEPA, Carbon
Coverage Area1,361 sq. ft.716 sq. ft.
Max Wind Speed13.1 mph11.8 mph
Noise Test65.8 dB61.5 dB

Comparing the Oransi Mod+ to similar products like the Oransi Mod, AirDoctor 5000, and IQAir Health Pro, each outperforms our testing averages when testing purification performance. All have similar coverage and CADR rating, which validate the Mod+ as a powerful air purifier for medium to large areas.

In my opinion, what sets the Oransi Mod+ apart from the other competitors is its look and build quality. The entire mod series has a fantastic look and feel to the system that allows the unit to blend in with any living environment.

Other Air Purifiers to Consider

Create simple block module

Alen Breathesmart 75i Side

Alen BreatheSmart 75i

The Alen BreatheSmart Classic air purifier is a large purifier designed for XL spaces, cleaning up to 1,100 sf. every 30 minutes.

With any large air purification system, noise is a factor when increasing the fan speed for more purification power. In this instance, the Alen BreatheSmart 75i would be a good selection if noise is a factor. While it is not the quietest air purifier we have tested, for large rooms, this does have a quieter max fan speed of 50.3 dB, which is below our testing average of 61.5 dB

IQAir HealthPro Plus

IQAir Health Pro

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is a HEPA air purifier with a large coverage area of 1125 sq. ft.

This system is best used for medium to large rooms in a home or office. The air purification unit has a remote to allow for ease of use across the room.

Medify MA-125 air purifier

Medify MA-125

The Medify MA-125 air purifier is a large air purifier that has a coverage area of 4,100 sq. ft.

This air purification system is best used for extremely large areas. With its 4,100 sq. ft. coverage area, and excellent purification power, the Medify MA-125 will handle your large area needs.


How long do Oransi filters last?

Depending on the environment and individual settings, general HEPA filters should be replaced every 8-12 months. Oransi recommends every 12 months, however, the user experience will vary. The Oransi Mod+ does have a filter change indicator that turns red when the filter needs to be replaced.

How do you clean a HEPA filter?

HEPA filters cannot be cleaned. They must be replaced with new filter materials.

How do you clean the Oransi Mod+ purifier?

Maintenance is as simple as replacing the filter by following the steps in the user manual. The external fabric body can be cleaned using standard products and procedures.

Where is the best place to put the Mod+?

This is user/environment dependent. The system is designed to cover medium to large rooms. In my opinion, the Mod+ would be best suited for a living / family room.

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