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Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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pH boosted RO system

Sorso RO

Sorso RO System

The Sorso RO system is an under-the-counter RO with fantastic purification performance. In our tests, it was able to reduce or remove the majority of contaminants that could negatively affect health. While it did increase pH levels, Sorso states this is for your benefit. It uses a 5-part filtration system to purify the water. Setup and maintenance are a bit complicated, but Sorso can manage that for you for an additional charge.


  • Fantastically healthy water, 99/99 in our 3rd party lab tests
  • Relatively inexpensive filters compared to other water options
  • Free installation if you live in Toronto, New York, Orange County, or South Florida
  • 90 day trial period


  • Setup and maintenance can be complicated to complete by yourself
  • Increased pH levels, which can affect taste


Under-the-counter RO with healthy water
  • Design - 97%
  • Performance - 98%
  • Quality - 97%
  • Usability - 93%
  • Value - 96%


The Sorso RO system creates incredibly healthy water. It is an under-the-counter reverse osmosis system that uses a 5-part filtration system to provide purified water. Our laboratory tests showed that Sorso achieved a 99/99 water health score. Replacement filters are relatively cheap and ultimately it’s a simple solution for purified water.

In This Review

Purification Test | Filters | Waste Water | Filter Cost | Usability | Size | Summary

YouTube video

Sorso has a more unique and complex system than many others on the market. Click here to jump down page for a complete explanation of the system design.

Purification Test

To test the purification performance of the Sorso we partnered with SimpleLab, who provide a water testing service called TapScore. They send you a kit to gather your water and you send it back to them for laboratory testing. 

Tap Score boxes
Tap Score boxes

After testing, you get a detailed report on the various aspects of your water. These reports provide an overall TapScore as well as information on 3 main categories: health, aesthetic, and plumbing.

Sorso water filter system

For this test, we used softened unfiltered tap water from my home as the baseline. We filled a baseline testing kit, and after getting the RO system set up, we filled a separate kit with that water as well.

Sorso RO using faucet
Sorso RO using faucet

Below is an overview of how Sorso’s filtered water performed based on 3rd party laboratory analysis.

Health Risk


Plumbing Risk


Taste & Aesthetics


The comparison of the unfiltered vs. Sorso filtered results helps us further see purification performance.

ContaminantsUnfiltered waterSorso RO waterSorso Removed
Total THMs48.0 ppb0.0 ppb100%
Dibromochloromethane17.6 ppb0.0 ppb100%
Bromodichloromethane13.8 ppb0.0 ppb100%
Chloroform9.18 ppb0.00 ppb100%
Bromoform7.45 ppb0.0 ppb100%
Molybdenum0.0045 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Uranium0.0034 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Nickel0.0025 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Chromium0.0021 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Selenium0.0019 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Lead0.001 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Copper0.936 ppm0.0041 ppm99.6%
Strontium0.932 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Nitrate0.3 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Barium0.108 ppm0.0045 ppm95.8%
Boron0.142 ppm0.0 ppm100%
Zinc0.102 ppm0.0 ppm100%

Health Risk Analysis

The Sorso has fantastic results when it comes to health. In the unfiltered water we had tested there were many harmful materials that could negatively affect a person’s health. In addition to having known carcinogens, it can impact:

  • Kidney health
  • Liver health
  • Developmental outcomes
  • Immune systems
  • Gastrointestinal systems
  • Reproductive systems
  • Blood systems
  • Nervous systems
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Skeletal health

In comparison, the majority of these harmful materials were not found in the Sorso’s water sample. 

Sorso RO health impact materials graph (ppb)
Sorso RO health impact materials graph (ppb)

These graphs display the differences between the unfiltered water and Sorso water as tested by SimpleLab. These graphs don’t include all the information provided by TapScore, but rather the information that most impacted health.

Sorso RO health impact materials graph (ppm)
Sorso RO health impact materials graph (ppm)
Sorso RO health impact materials graph (ppm)
Sorso RO health impact materials graph (ppm)

You can view the complete laboratory report and analysis of the unfiltered water here, and the Sorso RO here.

Aesthetic Risk Analysis

Aesthetic is where the Sorso failed to shine as bright, even falling behind the unfiltered water, according to Tap Score. However, aesthetics are all about the taste and feel of the water. So this score is preferential to some degree. 

In the unfiltered water, they found sodium, magnesium, and copper, which all affect taste. These were not found in large amounts in the Sorso water, which is a positive note. 

Aesthetic Impact Ppm
Sorso RO aesthetic impact materials graph (ppm)

On the flip side, the pH level in the Sorso had increased when compared to the unfiltered water. 

Sorso RO pH comparison
Sorso RO pH comparison

The increase of pH from 7.9 to 9.4 could account for a bitter or baking-soda like taste and a possible slippery feel to the water. 

This is negligible in regards to health, but worth noting for those who prefer their water to taste a specific way. 

I would also add, while the 3rd party laboratory indicated a potential aesthetic / taste issue resulting from the heighted pH, in experience, I thought the taste was perfectly fine. The water tasted just as good as any RO water I’ve had.

Plumbing Risk Analysis

Plumbing is another area where the Sorso had less than stellar performance. It still performed better than the unfiltered water, but there are still places it could improve. 

The Alkalinity and CSMR were highlighted due to their likelihood of causing corrosion in your plumbing.

Sorso RO plumbing impact alkalinity
Sorso RO plumbing impact alkalinity
Sorso RO plumbing impact CSMR
Sorso RO plumbing impact CSMR

That said, these issues, while they apply to piping, don’t apply to the Sorso RO system. Due to it being installed under the sink, it doesn’t flow any of the filtered water through home piping. Therefore, these issues hold virtually no weight in our analysis. 

Sorso Water Filter Explained

The following is a direct quote from representative’s at Sorso:

“Our water system is quite unique. Unlike other systems our system has a quite comprehensive process.

We purify the water first to remove all contaminants but as you know once water is purified it becomes acidic (Demineralized) and it is very important to reestablish a healthy pH in your water to ensure that your water will not take anything away from you.

Sorso water filter system

We elevate the pH to 9.5, this is the optimal level as we want the water to make us as alkaline as possible. Due to this level of pH our water tends to taste sweeter. The more alkaline our bodies the less chance for diseases to live and thrive.

We naturally ionize your water to increase its ability to absorb and hydrate at a cellular level for better detoxification and hydration. Our minerals add back molecular hydrogen to your water enriching it to become antioxidant.”

Sorso vs. Brita vs. PUR vs. ZeroWater (& 7 Other Popular Brands)

We previously worked with SimpleLab to test many popular water filters for pitchers. Below is a table comparing the scores we received for those pitchers to the scores we received for Sorso.

ContaminantsSorso RO waterAquaTru ClassicWaterdropEpicWaterAmazon BasicsBritaPURZeroWater
Total THMs100%100%100%100%100%100%100%40.6%
Selenium100%100%100%100%100%100%Added 0.0021 ppm100%
Lead100%100%100%100%100%100%Added 0.0007 ppm100%
Nitrate100%100%Added 0.2 ppm100%100%100%100%100%

The Filters

The Sorso uses a 5-part filtration system to purify the water. It includes:

  • Pre-carbon
  • Post-carbon
  • HE reverse osmosis membrane
  • Alkaline PH Booster
  • Ionizer

The pre-carbon removes larger particles from the water, while the post-carbon removes Chlorine and Chloramines. 

The main reverse osmosis membrane does the majority of the work, removing harmful inorganic materials like lead, arsenic, or uranium. 

Sorso RO filters
Sorso RO filters

Following this are the alkaline pH booster and the ionizer. The alkaline pH booster adds back minerals to increase the pH to 8.5 – 9.5. This is where they believe the optimal pH water level resides. 

Next, the ionizer, through a process of electrolysis, helps ensure your body will absorb the helpful minerals

Filter Replacement Cost Analysis

We also performed an analysis of how much it costs per gallon of purified water and compared it to other filters and water solutions. These numbers are based on 600 gallons of water per year put through the system or the manufacturers recommendation. 

Sorso RO filter cost analysis graph
Sorso RO filter cost analysis graph

The Sorso isn’t the absolute cheapest option, falling somewhere in the middle. That said, it is still notably cheaper than many other options.

Keep in mind, this is a strict comparison of the price of the filter or purified water option, and the amount of drinkable water you get from it. 

Waste Water Test

With RO systems, waste water is created during filtration. Reverse osmosis systems can vary on how much waste water they produce. 

Some of the worst have a 10 : 1 ratio meaning they produce 10 gallons of wastewater for every 1 gallon of purified water, while the best RO systems promise a 1 : 1 ratio. 

Sorso RO tank
Sorso RO tank

The system complexity and purified water reservoir prevented us from testing this in-house. However, according to Sorso, all of their RO systems create wastewater at a 1 : 1 ratio, which is excellent.

Usability Tests

Usability for the Sorso is quite good. It is an under-the-counter RO system, which is great for those who want to maximize counter space. 


Setup is either incredibly simple, but will cost you some money, or incredibly complex. 

Sorso RO unboxed
Sorso RO unboxed

Free Setup – If you live in Toronto, New York, Orange County, or South Florida, setup is free and included with your purchase.

Plumber Setup – If you don’t live in one of these cities you’ll need to find a local handyman / plumber and have them set the system up for you.

Solo Setup – If you would rather set up the Sorso yourself, you will need a fair bit of time and a few tools. It’s not an easy setup, so you really need to know what you’re doing to get it properly installed.

Sorso RO under sink
Sorso RO under sink

Either way, with the device setup you will need to follow a few steps before the water is safe to drink:

  • Wait 1 hour until the tank fills up
  • Turn on the tap and drain the tank (10 mins)
  • Turn off tap and let tank fill up (1 hour)
  • Drain the tank again

From there the water should be safe to drink and use.


Maintenance is complicated, but infrequent. The only task really needed is replacing the filters. 

Pre-Carbon & Post-Carbon

1 year

pH Booster & Ionizer

2 years

High Efficiency RO Membrane

4 years

Upon purchasing replacement filters you can have them do the process for you, for an additional charge. 

Sorso RO hose connections
Sorso RO hose connections

If you would rather replace them yourself, it will require tools and time, but cost you less. While the replacement process is complicated, it isn’t as complicated as setting up the system itself.

Notably, the faucet has a blue indicator light on the handle itself. The indicator light will alert you when it’s time to replace the filters.

Size & Dimensions

The Sorso RO system is an under-the-counter RO system. Therefore, the majority of the bulk is placed under the sink. This can take up space, so it is something to be aware of.

Sorso RO
Sorso RO

Otherwise the only interactable piece for most users will be the faucet on top. This comes in 4 different colors that you choose between when purchasing.

These include:

  • Matte black
  • Chrome plated
  • Brushed nickel
  • Brushed Gold

We chose matte black for our version, and it looks nice with our kitchen décor. The faucet is easy to use, by simply twisting it you start or stop the flow of water. 

Sorso RO faucet
Sorso RO faucet

Sorso Mini vs. Premio vs. Pro

Sorso has 3 different versions of their RO system: the Sorso Mini, Premio, and Pro.

ContaminantsSorso MiniSorso PremioSorso Pro
Arsenic +3NA95-99%95-99%
E. coliNA99%99%

The Mini is the smallest, and does not include tanks which makes it great for smaller space. 

The Premio is the model we tested, and is larger including tanks and more filters than the Mini. 

Sorso RO logo
Sorso RO logo

The final model, the Pro, has a dual lever faucet system that lets you choose between pure water for washing, or ionized water for drinking. 

Should you buy the Sorso RO System?

I would recommend the Sorso RO System if you are looking for the following features:

  • Healthy drinking water: The Sorso RO had fantastically healthy purified water. The laboratory testing showed it was able to remove the vast majority of harmful contaminants that were found in our unfiltered water. 
  • Infrequent and cheap filter replacement: The filters in the Sorso need to be replaced every year or less depending on the filter. In addition, the filters are relatively cheap to replace. Furthermore, if you would rather not replace the filters yourself, Sorso will provide that service to you, for an additional charge.

For more information or to buy the Sorso RO System, click here.

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