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Roomba j7+ Review

Derek Hales

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A High-Tech Robot to Impress


Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba j7+ is a self-emptying robot designed to learn your habits and deliver a hassle-free cleaning experience. It can create smart maps, estimate cleaning time, and work around your schedule. Plus, it identifies obstacles in real-time and allows users to label them as permanent or temporary obstructions. Check Price


  • Solid cleaning performance, removed 96.4% of total debris in our tests
  • Advanced navigation that can detect and avoid obstacles in real-time (avoided all 3 obstacles we tested against)
  • Self-emptying dust bin that can store up to 60 loads of debris
  • Provides cleaning time estimates and reports
  • Can adjust its cleaning schedule based on your preferences


  • Higher price tag
  • Not as much suction as the Roomba S9+
  • Only vacuums, doesn’t mop


Avoids Obstacles + Self-Empty
  • Design - 100%
  • Performance - 96%
  • Quality - 96%
  • Usability - 100%
  • Value - 97%


The Roomba j7+ performed well across our battery of tests. It easily navigated our space, avoided obstacles with ease, and gets stuck far less than many other models we’ve tested. Cleaning performance trailed the higher-end S9+ and i7+, but not by much, still removing 96.4% of total debris. The j7+ takes a massive step towards complete hands-off vacuuming. For many consumers, it will be the best Roomba model on the market based on usability alone.

Launched in September 2021, the iRobot Roomba j7+ is designed to seamlessly blend with its surroundings. This is the first iRobot vacuum cleaner to use PrecisionVision Navigation, a cutting-edge technology that allows it to detect and avoid pet waste, charging cables, and other obstacles around the house. 

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read we’ve got our full Roomba j7+ video review here:

YouTube video

Performance Tests

To test the j7+ we ran it through 7 different tests to see how well it performed.

Our testing series includes:

  • Cleaning test
  • Hair test
  • Obstacle avoidance test
  • Navigation test
  • Speed test
  • Usability test
  • Noise test

Cleaning Test

We tested the Roomba j7+ on three different floor types and four different debris types. 





Low Carpet


High Carpet


On hardwood floors, the j7+ removed 100% of all debris.

Roomba j7+ hardwood floor - before
Roomba j7+ hardwood floor – before
Roomba j7+ hardwood floor - after
Roomba j7+ hardwood floor – after

On low-pile carpets the j7+ didn’t perform as well as we expected, only removing 90.7% of the total debris. Most of the debris missed was sugar, with small amounts of kitty litter and other debris mixed in.

Roomba j7+ low pile carpet - before
Roomba j7+ low pile carpet – before
Roomba j7+ low pile carpet - after
Roomba j7+ low pile carpet – after

The j7+ removed 98.4% of all debris on our high-pile carpet floor, just leaving behind a small amount of sugar and kitty litter. 

Roomba j7+ high pile carpet - before
Roomba j7+ high pile carpet – before
Roomba j7+ high pile carpet - after
Roomba j7+ high pile carpet – after

While these are still respectable scores, I was surprised by the performance of this latest model. Most previous models released within the last few years have consistently removed around 99% of debris across all floor types.

Here’s a quick comparison of the Roomba j7+ vs. other flagship Roomba models on the market:

Roomba Cleaning Comparison Chart
Roomba Cleaning Comparison Chart

The j7+ performed well on hardwood and high-pile floors, but seemed to struggle on the low-pile carpets.

Roomba j7+ cleaning
Roomba j7+ cleaning

Overall, the average cleaning score was still 96.37%, which is still really excellent performance.

Hair Test

In addition to our general cleaning test, we also performed a hair cleaning test.

Roomba j7+ cutting hair
Roomba j7+ cutting hair
Roomba j7+ placing hair
Roomba j7+ placing hair

We do this test by placing long strands of hair into the direct cleaning path of the vacuum.

Roomba j7+ after hair test
Roomba j7+ after hair test

We let the vacuum run over the hair, testing if the long strands will be removed by the vacuum and if they will get caught in the brushroll.

Hair Removed?


Hair Tangled?


The dual rubber brushes on the j7+ did a great job at grabbing the long strands of hair, while also not letting them get tangled in any of the brushes. The j7+ is among a very short list of robot vacuums that have been able to remove the hair, while also not getting wrapped around the brushroll.

Obstacle Avoidance Test

For our obstacle avoidance test, we wanted to see if the Roomba j7+’s PrecisionVision technology really was able to avoid objects and obstacles. This robot vacuum uses audio and visual sensors, as well as a front-facing visible light camera to detect and avoid common obstacles.

Roomba j7+ camera sensors
Roomba j7+ camera sensors

Currently, the j7+ is trained to recognize cords, headphones, and pet waste. As the Roomba continues to learn and collect data, it will start to recognize other objects it needs to avoid as well.

According to iRobot, this will be accomplished via software updates, as well as using a built in technology to notify you when it finds a hazard or obstacle. 

During our tests, we laid out a pair of headphones, a long cord, and a fake piece of dog poop. Then we let the j7+ run in the same room and observed its cleaning process.





Dog Poop?


The Roomba j7+ did an excellent job at detecting and avoiding all 3 obstacles.

Roomba j7+ obstacle avoidance test
Roomba j7+ obstacle avoidance test

In all instances when the j7+ approached any of these 3 objects, it would stop in front of it, and proceed to maneuver around it completely. 

iRobot is confident in this new technology, so much so, that they have made the Pet Owner Official Promise. The manufacturer guarantees to replace any Roomba j7+ that fails to avoid solid pet waste. So on the off chance that something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about the potential damage to the vacuum.

Navigation Test

Next we tested how well the Roomba j7+ was able to navigate and clean on a broader scale.

Our navigation tests are focused on 3 core requirements. We test if the robot can fully navigate and clean our space, not get stuck while cleaning, and return to the charger. 

Roomba j7+ cleaning
Roomba j7+ cleaning

To test navigation, we had the j7+ perform multiple full-clean runs through our office and studio.

Returned to Base?


Fully Cleaned?




During daylight hours the Roomba j7+ performed well.

  • It always returned to its base
  • Fully cleaned the space
  • Never got stuck in any tight spots

However, during the night I noticed the j7+ did not clean the full area like it did during the day.

iRobot notes that the Roomba j7+ does require a good amount of ambient light in order to properly navigate the expected area. 

Roomba j7+ good ambient light cleaning
Roomba j7+ good ambient light cleaning
Roomba j7+ low ambient light cleaning
Roomba j7+ low / no ambient light cleaning

During the night, the vacuum only cleaned the areas with enough ambient light, and avoided areas that were too dark for its sensors. This type of navigational limitation is fairly typical across many robot vacuum brands. Most robots need at least a little light to successfully navigate your home. 

Cleaning Speed Test

While cleaning speed isn’t everything, in our tests we found the speed to be pretty good.

Cleaning Area

~1,000 sq. ft.


65-80 mins.

The j7+ was able to navigate and clean our 1,000 square foot office and studio space within 65 to 80 minutes.

Roomba j7+
Roomba j7+

Overall, the j7+ did a good job navigating the area for cleaning. Provided it has sufficient lighting, it was able to easily navigate our entire area without issue. It never got stuck, avoided obstacles, and returned to its charger.

Usability Test

Usability on the j7+ is fantastic. The robot is equipped with numerous features that make it easy and convenient to use. Out of the box, the vacuum requires little to no setup to get started cleaning. 

Roomba j7+ and accessories
Roomba j7+ and accessories

Generally, Roomba robot vacuums come partially charged, however, it’s still a good idea to fully charge your j7+ before using it for the first time. 

After the vacuum is charged, you can simply press the top button and the j7+ will start cleaning and mapping out the area right away. It will automatically map your home as it cleans, or you can run a specific mapping training run to give it an easier time.

Additionally, the Roomba j7+ has other features that make using the vacuum even easier.

Voice Assistant?


Self Empty Bin?


iRobot Genius?


Automatic Mapping?


For precise controls, the iRobot Genius app allows you to configure the device to meet your needs. It allows you to map out your house, set up a cleaning schedule, and fine tune other settings of your device. Furthermore, the j7+ has smart home connectivity with Alexa or Google assistant, so you can control the vacuum with your voice.

Roomba j7+ debris bag
Roomba j7+ debris bag

Finally, the vacuum includes a self-emptying dustbin, so you don’t have to empty the device every time it’s full.

Overall, using the j7+ was incredibly easy. It has a smart features that make it one of the most advance robot vacuums on the market. Basically, you can set the robot to work around your schedule and preferences instead of having to keep an eye on it.

Noise Test

For our noise test, we let the j7+ run on hardwood floor and high-pile carpet, and measured the noise created by using a sound meter app.

Hardwood Floor

54.9 dB

High-Pile Carpet

45.9 dB

Self-Empty Base

77 dB

We let the vacuum run for 30 seconds and recorded the sound levels during that time.

Roomba j7+ logo
Roomba j7+ logo

On the hardwood floor, the j7+ averaged 54.9 dB, which is similar to a quiet office. 

Roomba j7+ noise test hardwood floor
Roomba j7+ noise test hardwood floor

When running on the high-pile carpet, the vacuum averaged 45.9 dB.

Roomba j7+ noise test high pile carpet
Roomba j7+ noise test high pile carpet

In addition, we also measured the decibel levels while the j7+ was utilizing the self-emptying dust bin feature.

The j7+ self-empty dust bin is considerably louder, while emptying the dustbin the noise level hits 77 dB.

Roomba j7+ Design 

The j7+ robot vacuum has a similar design to the Roomba j7. Overall, it’s sleeker and has a smaller cleaning base, which allows it to fit better under the couch, desk, and other pieces of furniture. 

iRobot’s latest robot vacuum boasts a clean interface with just one button. There’s also a built-in compartment for storing extra bags. 

Roomba j7+
Roomba j7+ on base

A cool feature is the front-facing visible light camera that allows it to detect obstacles from floor level. This technology is backed up by iRobot’s Pet Owner Official Promise (POOP). The manufacturer guarantees to replace any Roomba j7+ that fails to avoid solid pet waste. 

What does the bottom look like?

Its underside is very similar to the Roomba i+ and other S series robots, with an edge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface rubber brushes.

Roomba j7+ bottom
Roomba j7+ bottom


Here you’ll also see a small navigational wheel and two larger wheels that allow the robot to navigate different floor types. The smaller wheel enables the j7+ to make 360° turns. 

Curious about the j7+ smart home base? 

Like the Roomba i7+, Roomba i3, and other robots, the j7+ includes a self-emptying dust bin. Its Clean Base is sleeker and more compact than that of other Roombas, but large enough to store up to 60 loads before being emptied. 

iRobot has redesigned this component to take up less space. The home base for the Roomba j7+ is shorter compared to the previous models, which allows you to place it under a table. Plus, it serves as a charging station, eliminating the need for extra accessories. 

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Size & Dimensions

The Roomba j7+ has pretty much the same size as the i7+ and i3. It’s slightly shorter and wider, but the difference is negligible. 

Its measurements are as follows:

  • Diameter: 13.3″ diameter
  • Height: 3.4″ tall
  • Weight: 7.49 pounds 
Roomba j7+
Roomba j7+

The Roomba i3, by comparison, is 3.63″ tall, 13.26″ wide, and weighs 7.44 pounds.

Roomba i3+ Clean Base
Roomba i3+ Clean Base

How big is the charging base? 

As mentioned earlier, the smart home base for the Roomba j7+ is sleeker and shorter than that of other models. Here are its exact dimensions: 

  • Height: 15.8″ tall
  • Depth: 13.3″ deep
  • Width: 11.9″ wide

When the robot returns to the charging station, the system will suck up debris and store it in the dust bin. 

Roomba j7+ base
Roomba j7+ base

If you vacuum twice a week, you’ll only need to empty the dust bin every seven to eight months (however, you may want to do it more often to prevent mold and odors!). It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Accessories & Parts

The Roomba j7+ includes the following parts and accessories:

  • Self-emptying base
  • Dirt disposal bags (x2)
  • Filters (x2)
  • Corner brush (X2)
  • Line cord 

iRobot’s latest robot vacuum includes two dirt disposal bags, but you can purchase extra bags separately

Roomba j7+ filter
Roomba j7+ filter

Likewise, you can buy an extra set of filters or new rubber brushes as needed.


The j7+ is one of the most advanced robot vacuums we’ve tested so far. Plus, it gets smarter with each use. 

Let’s see its key features: 

1. Self-Emptying

The self-emptying dust bin is hands down one of the best features of the Roomba j7+. This technology can free up your time and make cleaning a breeze. 

On top of that, the j7+ has a much larger dust bin than other Roombas. It can store up to 60 days worth of debris, while the i3+ and i7+ can only hold up to 30 loads. Not to mention that you can reuse the bag multiple times before replacing it. 

2. Clean While I’m Away 

The Roomba j7+ is designed with your needs in mind. iRobot’s new robot vacuum will use your phone’s location to start cleaning when you leave home and stop when you return. 

Roomba j7+ cleaning on hardwood
Roomba j7+ cleaning on hardwood

3. Imprint Smart Mapping

Like other Roomba models, the j7+ will map out the rooms in your home and then memorize its layout. It can also remember specific rooms and clean based on individual preferences. 

Moreover, you can use the iRobot Genius app or your voice assistant to prioritize cleaning tasks. 

4. Scheduled Cleaning 

Users can set the Roomba j7+ to do its job around their schedule. The robot also provides cleaning time estimates and personalized suggestions. 

5. PrecisionVision Navigation

The j7+ uses machine learning to detect obstacles, from phone charging cables and socks to dog poop. Plus, you can leave feedback through the app. The machine will remember your feedback and become more efficient at avoiding obstacles. 

Roomba j7+ cleaning path - pet waste avoidance

Another cool feature is that you’ll receive app notifications when your Roomba encounters an unknown object. 

The robot will send a photo via the app so you can label it as a temporary or permanent obstacle. If it’s a permanent fixture (e.g.: a flower pot), the j7+ will mark it as a no-clean zone.

6. Smart Map Coaching

The j7+ will guide new users through the onboarding process to help them map out their homes and create custom floor plans. This allows it to follow a predictable pattern and clean each room according to your preferences. 

7. Real-Time Reporting 

After each cleaning job, the j7+ will let you know how many square feet it covered and how long it took to get the job done. You’ll also get a detailed map of the areas cleaned during a full cycle. 

8. Quiet Drive Mode 

If you’re having a phone call or watching TV, you can tell your Roomba to keep the noise down. 

9. Smart Home Integration 

Like other high-end Roomba robots, the j7+ is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can also fully control via the iRobot Genius app. 


The usability of this robot vacuum is really great due to the self-emptying dust bin, smart navigation, and personalized cleaning options. Think of it as a hands-free cleaning system tailored to your needs. 

Your only job is to install the app and make the necessary settings. The Smart Map Coaching function takes the guesswork out of this task so that you can fully customize your cleaning experience. 


Like the i7 and other premium models, the Roomba j7 requires no setup. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Unbox the robot and its accessories
  2. Plug in the charging station
  3. Place your Roomba on the charging station 

Generally, Roomba robot vacuums come partially charged. However, it’s still a good idea to fully charge your j7+ before using it for the first time. This will allow it to run a complete cleaning cycle so you can see how it performs and how long the battery lasts. 

Starting a Cleaning Cycle 

Using the Roomba j7+ is quite straightforward. To start a cleaning cycle, choose one of the following options:

  1. Press Clean on the robot. 
  2. Use the iRobot Genius app. 
  3. Use Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on your Roomba. 

For example, if you use Amazon Alexa, you can simply say “Alexa, vacuum the kitchen,” the j7+ will get to work. 

The iRobot Genius App

The iRobot Home app, or Genius app, is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Launched in 2020, the iRobot Genius Home Intelligence is an update of the app. This new feature allows users to set up Clean Zones, scheduled cleanings, and more. 

iRobot Roomba app smart mapping
iRobot app making a digital map of the Modern Castle home
iRobot Roomba scheduling
iRobot Roomba scheduling

Simply install the app on your smartphone or tablet and then make the necessary settings. Or you can just click “Clean” to place your Roomba into automatic cleaning mode. 

iRobot Select Membership

Beginning October 5, 2021, iRobot began offering their iRobot Select Membership. The Roomba j7+ and j7 are part of the program.

iRobot Select Membership
iRobot Select Membership Details

Essentially, this allows you to pay $99 (for the j7+) or $0 (for the j7) and then $29 / month to get a new Roomba j7+ / j7.

From there, you get a number of benefits:

  • You’ll get the Roomba j7+ or j7
  • The app will inform iRobot when you need new accessories (bags, brushes, etc.) and they will automatically be shipped to you.
  • An enhanced protection plan
  • A dedicated customer service support team
  • And, you can upgrade robots every 3 years!


Do iRobot Select Members own the robot? Or is it a lease?

Yes, users own the robot. If you cancel the membership before 3 years then there is no need to send the robot back. However, if you do cancel the membership your robot vacuum and clean base will stop working

How do robot upgrades over time work?

iRobot Select Members who keep their membership for 3 years are eligible to upgrade their robot. To do so, you just need to ship the robot back to iRobot (who pays the shipping costs both ways)

What is the iRobot Select Membership contract length?

There is a 2 year contract commitment. At the end of 2 years, the membership goes to month-to-month until terminated.

What robots are available within the iRobot Select Membership?

As of the launch, only the j7 and j7+ are available. However, iRobot plans to make other robots available to users.

Is the Roomba j7+ a Good Value?

The Roomba j7+ is on the pricier side, but it has some really cool features that you won’t see on other models. 

The front-facing camera, for instance, allows the robot to avoid obstacles and navigate your home as efficiently as possible. Another notable feature is the self-emptying dust bin, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance. 

Roomba j7+ top
Roomba j7+ top

We were also impressed with its scheduling capabilities and clean-time estimates. Basically, you can set the robot to work around your schedule instead of having to keep an eye on it. 

The j7 also comes with a 60-day home trial, meaning that you can test it for two months and return it if you’re not fully satisfied with its performance. 

Who Should Buy the Roomba j7+?

With its sleek design and smart features, the Roomba j7+ is one of the most advanced robot vacuums on the market. It’s also the only robot that can avoid solid pet waste, making it ideal for dog and cat owners

I would recommend the Roomba j7+ if you:

  • Have a busy schedule: The j7+ is able to detect your presence and adjust its cleaning schedule accordingly. Plus, it can identify obstacles, map out specific clean zones, and estimate cleaning time. These features make it suitable for those on a tight schedule. 
  • Want a self-emptying dust bin: The new Roomba will automatically empty its dust bin and can store up to 60 days’ worth of debris. You can leave home for weeks at a time without having to worry about emptying it every few days. Note that you still need to clean the filter for optimum performance. 
  • You’re looking for a hands-free cleaning system: The Roomba j7+ can be easily controlled through the iRobot Genius app. Even if you’re away from home, you can still turn it on and let it do its job. The advanced navigation system ensures an intuitive cleaning experience. 

Roomba j7+ Specifications 

ModelRoomba j7+
Weight7.49 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Imprint Smart MappingYes
Washable Dust BinYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Check PriceCheck Price

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