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Modern Castle Reviews Products for Home

Objective testing data, expert opinions, and real product reviews. That’s us.

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How We Test Products

#1. Research

We start by researching the product, trying to learn as much as we can before we test it.

#2. Test

Next, we move onto testing. We use tests that demonstrate how the product works in a real home.

#3. Recommend

Finally, we use all of our research, data, and tests to make a recommendation on who the product is best for.

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Who is Modern Castle?

We have a 3 person team. Derek tests products & maintains the website. Kayla researches, writes, and creates graphics. And Samantha helps keep us organized.

Modern Castle Team

We’ve been testing and reviewing products for over 6 years. Learn more about our team here.

Do you have a question we can help with? We’d love to help! Please send us an email here.