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Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier Review [HC452]

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Make Some Room On Your Desk

Shark In Air Purifier Hero

Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier

The Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier does the job of 3 appliances – a fan, a space heater, and an air purifier. It takes up a bit more space than any one of these products might individually, but its performance in each category is worth it. Regardless of the mode selected, the HEPA filter is engaged and your air will be cleaner. Shark utilizes a proprietary filter that they claim captures 99.98% of large,  small, and micro-sized particles.


  • It has extra functionality of competent fan and heater settings
  • Its relatively small size and light weight make it suitable for table/countertop placement
  • The coverage area of 500 sq. ft. is more than suitable for small to medium rooms


  • All controls are operated from a remote that can be rendered inoperable if the battery dies or is lost.
  • No dedicated sleep mode


Make Some Room On Your Desk
  • Design - 98%
  • Performance - 96%
  • Quality - 99%
  • Usability - 99%
  • Value - 96%

Purifiers, Cools, & Heats

This product is a fan, a space heater, and an air purifier. Subjectively, all 3 of these functions work well. Our performance tests yielded fantastic air purifying results, with PM2.5 and PM10 reaching 0.3 and 0.5 respectively after a two-hour testing period. Our noise tests showed it was quieter than most purifiers we’ve tested. Finally, the 3 in1 air purifier comes with plenty of controls without feeling overly complicated.

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Purification Performance

There are 2 versions of the Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier: the standard model and the Max version. The max version is essentially the same design but is much taller. Check out its performance here.

Shark In Air Purifier In Place
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier On Ground

To test the purification performance on the Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier, we place it in a medium-sized room (~14’ x ~10’) in our office. Using the Temtop LKC-1000S+ professional air quality detector, we took a baseline measurement of the current air quality. 

Air Quality Testing meter
Air Quality Testing meter

Next, we ran the 3-In-1 on the maximum fan speed for 2 hour. After 1 and 2 hours, we took an additional measurements of the mid-test and post-test air quality which we can then compare to the baseline.

Starting Baseline

  • PM2.5: 68.4
  • PM10: 116.3
  • Particles: 10,248
  • AQI: 157

After 1 Hour

  • PM2.5: 2.6
  • PM10: 4.5
  • Particles: 399
  • AQI: 10

After 2 Hours

  • PM2.5: 0.3
  • PM10: 0.5
  • Particles: 94
  • AQI: 1

We have recently updated our procedures to drastically increase baseline air quality to better gauge the performance of air purifiers. Before, a PM2.5 reading of 2.6 after a one-hour period would have been viewed as simply decent, but not great.

Achieving this performance from a baseline PM2.5 of 68.4 is actually pretty good indeed. This is a reduction of 96.1%. Within a two-hour period, a PM2.5 of 0.3 is decidedly excellent performance with a particulate reduction of 99.6%.

Shark In Air Purifier Pm Reading
3-In1’s PM1 Display
Shark 3In1 Air Purifier Pm . Reading
3-In1’s PM2.5 Display
Shark In Air Purifier Pm Reading
3-In1’s PM10 Display

AQI being brought down to 10 is, again, a bit underwhelming at the 1-hour mark. But After two hours, an AQI of 1 is excellent.

This device includes real-time measurements of PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10 within its info settings. We found it was reasonably good, but not as accurate as our dedicated air quality monitor. However, for the average consumer it’s more than sufficient.

Below, we’ve included information on the testing criteria and what defines good vs. bad air quality.

air quality index - PM 2.5 particulate matter index

We also tested this device on its fan and heater modes. Results were extremely similar, but ultimately improved when tested with the air purifier mode.

Overall, I’m left to believe that performance here is more than adequate, but still has some room for improvement. If you really need higher performing air purification, check out the Max version of the Shark 3-in-1.

The Filters

The Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier uses a HEPA filter of a proprietary design from Shark. They call it the “Nanoseal Filter”. Replacements are sold for $59.99.

Shark In Air Purifier Hepa Replacement
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier HEPA Filter

It is accessible via the back of the device and replacing is as simple as opening the back compartment, taking out the old one, and inserting the new one. 

They do sell an upgraded version of the filter that is treated with “microban”, which is designed to reduce bacteria build up within the filter. 

Wind Speed Test

For the wind speed test, we place an anemometer directly where the air ventilated from the Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier. We then measure the minimum and maximum fan speed.

Minimum Wind Speed

0.7 MPH

Maximum Wind Speed

7.1 MPH

These are modest speeds, but perfectly acceptable for the size of the device. The fan speeds are higher for the fan and heater modes. Again, these modes also purify air, but with a slight reduction in purifying performance.

Ozone Test

Additionally, we test to see if the Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier creates any ozone while running. To perform these tests, we take pre-test measurements using an electronic ozone meter. We let the air purifier run for 1 hour, take post-test measurements, and then compare the results.

Pre-Test Ozone

0.0 PPM

Post-Test Ozone

0.0 PPM

There is nothing in the design of this device to indicate that there would be ozone created by its use. Nonetheless, we like to check anyway. As expected, there was no ozone detected at the 1 and 2-hour marks of the performance tests.

Shark In Air Purifier Vent
Shark In Air Purifier Vent

As we mentioned earlier, we tested 1 and 2-hour marks after running the fan mode as well. No Ozone was detected then either.

Noise Test

For our noise test, we set up the Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier and use a sound meter app to take decibel readings from about 3 feet away. We start by measuring the ambient noise level without the air purifier running.

Next, we ran the 3in1 on the lowest fan speed and highest fan speed for 30 seconds, taking separate measurements of each mode.

Shark In Air Purifier Lcd
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier LCD Screen

Our results showed the following decibel levels from each mode.

Ambient Noise

39.3 dB

Level 4

39.3 dB

Level 6

54.3 dB

Noise was exceptionally restrained on this air purifier. Note, this is only for the air purifier setting. The fan and heater settings are louder.

The manual switch on the side of the device is the only way to switch from fan/heat mode to air purifier mode.

The lowest setting, 1 out of 6 fan speed, was indistinguishable from the baseline ambient noise of the room. 

At the highest setting, 6 out of 6 fan speed, it still only reached a maximum noise of 54.3 dB. This is relatively quiet and not likely to disrupt conversations or even sleep for some.

Overall, I think the Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier is quiet enough to keep close to a desk or bed without the noise being a concern.

Common noise levels:

  • 20 dB – rustling leaves
  • 30 dB – whisper
  • 40 dB – quiet library, babbling brook
  • 50 dB – refrigerator, moderate rainfall
  • 60 dB – normal conversation, dishwashers
  • 70 dB – traffic, showers
  • 80 dB – alarm clock, telephone dial tone

Usability Tests

The Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier has great usability. I found it had most every feature I like to use without it requiring me to install an app or have me cycle through lots of features using 3 buttons. 

It comes with a remote that essentially acts as a center console with the ability to be picked up and used at a distance. 

Shark In Air Purifier Mode Switch
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Mode Switch

There is a docking space for it at the top of the air purifier held in place by a magnetic connection. While docked, it will never fail to register inputs. Used at a distance, however, you will have to ensure the sensor is pointed directly at the purifier.

If you hold it up to your face, as felt natural to us, the sensor is pointed in the air and has difficulty reaching the device. 

This blend of a remote and onboard console is seamless and effective.


The setup of this device is quick and simple. After removing all plastic coverings, you must open the filter compartment to free the HEPA filter from its casing as well. There are many stickers to indicate this and other tips, which would all be best if removed before use. 

Shark In Air Purifier Filter Access
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Filter Access

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Shark 3-In-1
  • HEPA Filter
  • Remote
  • Power cord
  • Manuals

The remote also has a slip of cardboard that must be removed to engage the battery. 

Shark In Air Purifier Mode Selection
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Mode Selection

All of this should take less than 5 minutes, provided you are not reading every piece of information along the way. If you did, maybe it would take 10 minutes. 

Controls & App

There are more controls to this air purifier than many we’ve tested, especially at this size. Importantly, all of these controls are accessed via a remote. 

Shark 3In1 Air Purifier Remote Peg
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Remote Peg
Shark 3In1 Air Purifier Remote And Docking Space
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Remote Docking Space

These controls include:

  • On/Off Power
  • Setting a timer of up to 12 hours
  • Oscillate device nearly 180 degrees
  • Change brightness of display between 3 options
  • Increase/decrease temperature
  • Increase/decrease fan speed
  • Auto mode
  • Cycle through device info

The timer mode is a bit limited. It will only keep existing settings running until the hours set are exhausted. It cannot schedule time-of-day operation or pre-program a change to settings. 

Shark In Air Purifier Filter Life Display
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Filter Life Display

Oscillation is merely set on or off. There is no changing of the oscillation speed. There is no significant sound generated by this movement.

There is no dedicated sleep mode, but the brightness and fan speed settings are more than sufficient to set this on your own.

Information that you can check using the info button includes filter life:

  • Air quality measurements of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10
  • Time to clean estimate in minutes
  • Filter life estimate as a percentage
  • Clean air as a percentage

A rotating switch must be physically moved in order to choose between fan/heater and air purifier modes.

Shark In Air Purifier Vent Lever
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Vent Lever

There is also a vent with a vertical control lever to direct air further up or down.


Maintenance on the Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier is fairly simple with four areas to consider:

  • Exterior cleaning 
  • Interior cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Remote battery replacement

Exterior and interior cleaning should both be performed every two months with a handheld vacuum or microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris from the device according to the manual.

Shark In Air Purifier Replacing Hepa Filter
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Replacing HEPA Filter

The filter is estimated to last between 6-12 months depending on use. Remember the filter’s remaining lifespan is represented as a percentage on the device accessed via the info button.

Tip: the manual claims that reinstalling the filter upside down every 3 months can extend its life by balancing out the distribution of captured particles.

Finally, the remote’s battery should last up to 3 years, according to the manual. Because this particular device is unable to be used without this remote, I’d recommend keeping CR2025 lithium coin batteries on hand for when the old battery is used up.

Size & Dimensions

For functioning as three devices, the 3-in-1 Air Purifier isn’t overly large or heavy.

Here are the exact dimensions of the Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier:

  • Length – 10.43″
  • Width – 10.43”
  • Height – 23.62”
  • Weight – 12.78 lbs.

As we point out several times, the size and weight are perfectly suitable for placement on a table, desk, or counter. 

Shark In Air Purifier Size Comparison
Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier Size Comparison

In fact, to get the most out of the fan and heater features, I’d recommend placing it there. However, there is a vent lever to direct the air upwards if you don’t have the counterspace.


Weight12.78 lbs.
Wifi CompatibleNo
Room Coverage500 sq. ft.
Max. Wind Speed7.1 mph
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty2 year
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier?

I would recommend the Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier if you’re looking for the following features:

  • Fan and Heating features: Not only does the air purifier have great performance, but you can get this while receiving cool or hot air. Most air purifiers are only that – air purifiers. This device can take the place of 3 appliances. This product provides amazing control of one’s air quality and temperature.
  • Fantastic usability: This air purifier is small, lightweight, and has useful controls. You can fit it on a table or counter. You can use the oscillating setting to move better. You can do all of this with an easy, intuitive control console that also happens to be a remote.
  • Extremely quiet: This model does not have a dedicated sleep mode, but even at max noise 3 feet away, it is still fairly quiet. At speeds of 3 or lower, you would barely distinguish it from the ambient noise in your room.

For more information or to buy the Shark 3-In-1 Air Purifier, click here.

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