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VORII ElementDesk V2.0 Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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The VORII desk is an adjustable height standing desk with dual-motor movement and a sleek, but ergonomic design approach. It has a wide level of desk heights, ranging between 24-50″.

Modern, Standing Desk with Dual Motor


VORII ElementDesk

Our first impression of the VORII was the extraordinary build quality. It’s heavy, which makes assembly more difficult. But, once setup, it’s an incredibly solid desk. The steel frame and MDF table top look and feel fantastic. We tested a 2-tone aesthetic, but there are 7 finish options (4 toppers and 3 frames) that you can mix and match. Biggest con is setup, which was a solid 45 minutes with 2 people. It’s easy to use with an intuitive control panel, 4 programmable heights, and convenient cable management.Check Price


  • Dual-motor makes for less strain on a single motor during operation
  • 30-day trial and 7-year warranty
  • Offers 4 different desktop finishes and three base finishes
  • Extraordinary material quality. The frame is SPCC cold rolled steel and weighs ~70 pounds, while the top is MDF and weighs ~44 pounds.


  • Extremely heavy (over 100lbs), which could be a negative if you plan to move it around a lot
  • Long assembly time with some minor issues with screw threading


Heavy Duty & Beautifully Modern
  • Design - 99%
  • Performance - 99%
  • Quality - 99%
  • Usability - 98%
  • Value - 95%


The VORII Elementdesk is a sit-to-stand workstation with dual-motor adjustability and an exceptional build quality. It comes in three different sizes and a handful of different finishes and spans from 24″ up to 50″ high. The setup and assembly of this desk were kind of a pain, mainly because the desk weighs well over 100 pounds. Even so, I also see the extra weight as a testament to high quality of the materials used. The desk comes with a cord management system and programmable presets for 4 custom desk heights.

Rather watch than read? See our VORII ElementDesk V2.0 review below:

YouTube video

Desk Design

The VORII desk is an adjustable height desk that quickly converts between standing height and sitting height with a 25″ adjustable range.

VORII ElementDesk V2.0 sitting mode
VORII ElementDesk V2.0 sitting mode

It uses a dual-motor system, which helps the desktop to raise and lower quieter than many other single motor systems, as well as more efficiently.

VORII Element desk design

What is it made of?

This desk is made up of two basic parts—the metal base and the wood top.

The Base

The adjustable base of the desk uses two “I-shaped” metal legs to provide stability and a power point for height adjustments.

Powdered leg for the VORII Elementdesk adjustable-height desk
Powdered leg for the VORII ElementDesk adjustable-height desk

VORII boasts its dual-motor system, which uses a motor on each leg for lifting or lowering the desktop as needed. According to the manufacturer, the frame can lift up to 300 pounds and has a noise level of 45 dB.

VORII powered leg
VORII powered leg

The frame is build from SPCC steel, which is a cold rolled commercial quality steel.

There are three different finishes you can choose from on the base:

  • Matte Black
  • White
  • Silver Gray

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The Top

The top of the desk is made of a single piece of MDF with a veneer finish. Curves in the shape of the top have been ergonomically designed to better fit your body as you work, whether that be sitting or standing.

There are four different finishes you can choose from on the top:

  • White
  • Black
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Wood Grain

For this review (and all the photos you see on this page), we tested the matte black steel frame and white table top.

The Controls

The controls are on the front of the desktop. These controls can program up to four memory preset heights for customized user preferences.

Controls for of the VORII Elementdesk - making adjustments
Controls for of the VORII ElementDesk – making adjustments

This is certainly a nice feature, especially if you plan on swapping back and worth between sitting and standing or sharing the desk with other users.

In addition, built-in anti-collision detection intelligently retracts the desk when encountering resistance.

Build Quality

The build quality of this desk is fantastic and felt well thought out during our performance review.

It is EXTREMELY heavy, which is a bit annoying while you’re getting it inside and set up. But once it’s put together it really is solid and well-built desk.

This desk is arguably the nicest desk I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Small details like the integrated cord management, clarity on the digital display, and plastic feet added to the steel frame really helped to take this design to the next level in terms of usability and quality.

VORII Elementdesk - build quality
VORII ElementDesk – build quality

Size & Dimensions

The three table top sizes available:

  • 55″ long
  • 60″ long
  • 71″ long

All three of these lengths have the same adjustable height range:

  • Minimum desk height: 24.4″ (62 cm)
  • Maximum desk height: 50″ (127 cm)

Minimum Height

Minimum height of the VORII desk

Maximum Height

Maximum height of the VORII desk

I will add here that the minimum desk height is much lower than I was expecting. At barely 2′ tall, this desk could almost pass for a child’s desk at this level.

VORII desk minimum height (24.4")
VORII desk minimum height (24.4″)

I am 6′,1″ and at the maximum height, the desk was still quite tall. Although the minimum height felt too low and the maximum height felt too tall, I think the huge range in heights only adds to the overall usability of the VORII desk.

How heavy is the desk?

Again, I’ll reiterate here, this desk is HEAVY—quite a bit heavier than I expected. The base is around 70 pounds and the table top is around 44 pounds.

If you plan to move the desk around at all you’ll either want it on a carpet / rug or put felt / sliding feet on it. This is what we did during testing, as I was worried about moving it and damaging our hardwood floors.

Setup & Assembly

The assembly of the VORII ElementDesk is pretty serious. It took 2 people about 5 minutes to unbox and then a solid 45 minutes to assemble.

Unboxing the VORII ElementDesk
Unboxing the VORII ElementDesk

Instructions, for the most part, are pretty good. I would suggest reading through all of the instructions first so you can see where you’re going. It’s easy to finish a step a little too soon and then need to backtrack (which is what happened to us when we were attaching the legs to the tabletop)

VORII instructions for setup
VORII instructions for setup

Most of the screws and connection points went in without issue. However, we did have issue getting the screws to thread properly for the cable management cover.

Parts to assemble on the VORII standing desk
Parts included with the VORII ElementDesk

It was sort of a non-issue, as these screws don’t need to hold the cables all that tightly. But given the well machined screwed holes we saw elsewhere we were a little surprised they didn’t go in easier.

We had a similar issue screwing the control unit to the bottom of the desk. One screw went in without issue for a snug fit, but the other didn’t quite thread as securely.

VORII cords before cable management cover goes on
VORII cords before cable management cover goes on

While I’m less concerned about the cable management cover, the control panel being loose is a bit of a bummer.

However, this would be relatively easy for most DIY’ers to fix with a different screw or adhesive method (3M dual lock would probably be my preferred method).

Underside view of the VORII ElementDesk during assembly
Underside view of the VORII ElementDesk during assembly

Despite the issues with some of the screw and connection joints, most of them went in without issue.

Overall, the assembly process is definitely a lengthy one and took longer than I expected.


Once the desk is set up it’s pretty easy to use.

#1. Control Panel

There is a simple control panel that is intuitive and makes it easy to raise and lower the desk.

Raises and lowers at the same rate 22 seconds to completely raise or completely lower 1.16” per second
Raises and lowers at the same rate 22 seconds to completely raise or completely lower 1.16” per second

#2. Programmable Preset Heights

In addition, you can set programmed height levels to automatically change the height to suit different users or different working styles. This is super nice if you’re frequently raising / lowering the desk.

#3. Cable Management

The cable management cover is another nice deatail about this desk. Basically, you can place all of the cables in the center of the desk (underneath) and the cover keeps them all out of the way and invisible.

Cable management for the VORII adjustable Elementdesk
Cable management for the VORII adjustable ElementDesk

The only cables that come out are the power cable and the cable to the control panel (both of which you could use cable ties to further get out of the way. This is a small, but super nice design touch.

Clean aesthetics with a desk, especially one that’s raising up and down, is a must, in my view.

Speed Test

Before we were done with the VORII, we ran a quick speed test to see how fast the desk moved and to what degree this effected the overall usability (if at all).

Here were our findings.

Speed to Raise or Lower

Same rate

Max to Min Travel Time

22 seconds

Distance Traveled Per Second

1.16″ per sec

Should You Buy the VORII Desk?

I would recommend the VORII if you’re looking for the following in a standing desk:

  • Dual motors: Not all standing-height adjustable desks include a separate motor for each powered leg, but it does feel like a nice and higher-end addition. The raise / lower is extremely smooth, relatively quick, and further speaks to the overall design quality.
  • Heavy body: If you don’t plan on moving the desk often, you may appreciate the incredibly heavy build of the VORII adjustable desk. With a base coming in at 70 lbs and the top at 44 lbs, this desk isn’t going anywhere.
  • Lots of options: VORII offers ElementDesk V.20 in three different lengths and with an adjustable height range of over 2 feet. You can choose from four different top finishes and three different frame / base finishes. This is a huge amount of options compared to other products we’ve seen and may be a deal maker if you’re most concerned about the desk’s design aesthetic.

Click here to learn more or to check the price on the VORII desk.

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