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Air Purifiers

Our team has tested air purifiers from numerous popular brands and companies, including traditional HEPA filters and bleeding edge PECO filters.

Our air purifier reviews objectively compare models by testing them against real world conditions, while monitoring with an electric air quality measurement device. You’ll find in-depth tests on air purifiers of all types, form factors, room sizes, and price points down below.

What’s on this page?

Popular Air Purifier Guides & Reviews

Best Air Purifiers

What’s the best air purifier for your home? We’ve tested air purifiers from popular brands including Dyson, Molekule, Oransi, Levoit, and others.

Our complete best air purifiers guide compares these brands and models looking at purification performance, filters, square foot coverage, smart features, sensors, and more.

Air Purifier Reviews

We use an electronic particulate / air quality device to measure and test air purifiers. We use this data to compare, score, and identify the best air purifiers.

Our team has tested air purifiers from a litany of brands and at a variety of price points. Use the following list to find the air purifier review you’re looking for.

Air Purifier Comparisons

Narrowed down your search to just a few models? Perfect.

Use our side-by-side air purifier comparisons below to take a deep dive into the pros and cons of different models and brands that are similar to each other. Our comparison guides look at performance, specs, features, and more to give you a top-down comparative picture.

Air Quality Resources

Below, we have a list of our air quality resources and guides. These guides are designed to answer important and frequently asked questions about air purifiers and air quality.

Are they safe? Do they actually work? What’s inside dust? How does an air purifier operate? We answer all of these questions and more in our in-depth guides below.

Other Air Reviews

Not finding what you need from the guides above? We’ve got you covered.

In the list down below we look at broader air quality and air augmentation needs. Whether you need a fan, heater, humidifier, or something else, we have guides and reviews that cover these topics.


Still unsure of what air purifier is best for you? No problem. Please use the comment form below to ask any questions you may have.

If you have other suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear those also.

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  1. I’ve used your website in the past with help picking a vacuum and air purifier. I’m now in need of a humidifier but I’m not sure you review them. Just a suggestion and thanks for all the help in the past!

    • Hey Joshua,

      We’ve tested a few humidifiers in the past, but nothing that was an incredible stand out.

      Honestly, we didn’t see much interest in humidifier reviews so we stopped doing them.

      While we haven’t tested their humidifiers, we have tested a ton of Levoit air purifiers. We’ve found them to be among the very best value air purifiers on the market. I fully expect their humidifiers would be a similar value / performance level. I’d suggest taking a look at those first.

      You can find them here –

  2. Thank you for the chance at something so awesome .. would so love to have this in my house !! With all the issues I go through with my sinuses .. this would sure bring me the comfort I sure need


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