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Air Purifiers

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Our team has tested air purifiers from numerous popular brands and companies, including traditional HEPA filters and bleeding edge PECO filters.

Our air purifier reviews objectively compare models by testing them against real world conditions, while monitoring with an electric air quality measurement device. You’ll find in-depth tests on air purifiers of all types, form factors, room sizes, and price points down below.

What’s on this page?

Best Air Purifiers

What’s the best air purifier for your home? We’ve tested air purifiers from popular brands including Dyson, Molekule, Oransi, Levoit, and others.

Our complete best air purifiers guide compares these brands and models looking at purification performance, filters, square foot coverage, smart features, sensors, and more.

Air Purifier Reviews

We use an electronic particulate / air quality device to measure and test air purifiers. We use this data to compare, score, and identify the best air purifiers.

Our team has tested air purifiers from a litany of brands and at a variety of price points. Use the following list to find the air purifier review you’re looking for.

Air Purifier Comparisons

Narrowed down your search to just a few models? Perfect.

Use our side-by-side air purifier comparisons below to take a deep dive into the pros and cons of different models and brands that are similar to each other. Our comparison guides look at performance, specs, features, and more to give you a top-down comparative picture.

Air Quality Resources

Below, we have a list of our air quality resources and guides. These guides are designed to answer important and frequently asked questions about air purifiers and air quality.

Are they safe? Do they actually work? What’s inside dust? How does an air purifier operate? We answer all of these questions and more in our in-depth guides below.

Other Air Reviews

Not finding what you need from the guides above? We’ve got you covered.

In the list down below we look at broader air quality and air augmentation needs. Whether you need a fan, heater, humidifier, or something else, we have guides and reviews that cover these topics.


Still unsure of what air purifier is best for you? No problem. Please use the comment form below to ask any questions you may have.

If you have other suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear those also.

About Derek Hales

Derek HalesDerek Hales is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of He has been featured in Fast Company, Reader's Digest, Business Insider,, She Knows, and other major publications. Derek has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University. Hales has been testing and reviewing products for the home since 2014.

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51 Comments on “Air Purifiers”

  1. Hi Derek,
    Great information delivered in a fun way, thank you. We have 2,400 square feet single level tract home built in the late 1980’s, so not exactly air tight. Most of the rooms have taller than normal ceilings, for example the living room is perhaps 22′ and the family room averages about 18 feet, so the cubic feet is somewhat big. The bedrooms are near to one another, and two of them have interior double doors that remain open and would permit better air-flow. We’re okay with off-shore manufacturing except for China due to political concerns. It’s just two of us (elderly) in the home, no pets, but would like especially to reduce dust and allergens. We are okay spending more for value if needed, and would consider 2 or 3 units if that is more efficient. It is not critical in our minds to have every square foot purified at all times. We realize that noise is related to CFM, so would put at least some value on quieter at roughly the same CFM. We have looked at your reviews on Winix 5500-2 and the Rabbit A-2 and A-3 as possibilities, and also checked out some that we didn’t see your reviews on, the Winix AM90, Winix AQ, IQ Air. Do you have some thoughts for us, please? Sorry for a message that rivals War and Peace in length, I probably could have been more concise if our air quality was better. 🙂 Thank you in advance, Derek! Go Jayhawks.

    • I have not tested the AM90, AQ, and only 1 from IQ Air. No reason why simply lack of time / busy testing other products.

      However, I know both Winix and IQ Air are highly reputable brands. I am confident that just about anything you purchase from them is going to be a high performance product.

      Winix 5500-2 or Rabbit A2 / A3 are great choices. I would recommend one of those first, only because I have actually tested and can vouch for their performance. But again, I think you’re hard pressed to go wrong with any model from either brand.

  2. Thanks for ur reply derek one last question haha i also need a humidifier on for my dry skin ( the air purifier for my dust mite allergy from eczema lol) do i need to place that away from the air purifier or close to each other is optimal?

  3. hi derek awesome reviews , im from australia and im looking for a air purifier for my bedroom, it also has a computer setup i was wondering where abouts should i place the purifier (my bed is on one wall, the computer is opposite wall with a window)? im deciding between the hp09 dyson or the xiaomi pro 4or the one you recommended the levoit core 300? i was looking at the dyson range and it looks like u havent tried the newest version yet the hp09?

    • Generally, I think placing it closer to where you physically lie / sit down is best, as that’s where you’re going to breathe the most air.

      However, if you’ve got lots of dust coming in via the door or vent it may be better to just place it closer to the source of the contaminants.

  4. Hello I have a 1900 sf condo and wondering the best option to get. Willing to get two one for living room and one for bedroom. Was looking at mila. What do you think.

    • Two Mila purifiers should be more than enough for the coverage area. You might could even try one first if you wanted to leave it on high.

  5. Hi Derek
    First thanks for what you do.🙏🏻😇 I need air purifier just for my bedroom near my bed and one for living room kitchen. Have bad allergies and MD has been telling me for years now I’m 75 and in SS bracket financially

    • Go with the Levoit Core 300 –

      I’d put one in the Kitchen / Living room and one in the Bedroom. Leave them on the highest setting you can and replace the filters once per year.

      It’s the most inexpensive, yet high performance purifier I’ve tested. Perfect for your situation.

    • I have Honeywell hpa250 I don’t see a review for that but I did look up my current Honeywell and apparently they’ve updated hpa5200 it looks very nice but I don’t see any reviews at all for those Honeywell air purifiers unless I’m missing something

  6. Have you reviewed or tested the Mila before? Looks like it was marketed well via Kickstarter, but is it a good product in your opinion?

  7. Hello,

    My wife and I are expecting a baby in early July. Wanted to know what air purifier you would recommend that’s not to loud but works well.


    Robert Joseph

  8. Hi Derek,

    I’m curious about the MA-50 (Medify Air Purifier) and wondering if you have had an opportunity to review this brand? It seems very similar to the Oransi mod, but more affordable.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Derek. What is the best air purifier for cat urine that has been sprayed on (and saturated) a staircase? the Mila looks good – but since we can’t live there yet, we don’t want a motion sensor device.

  10. I received an AIRDOCTOR 3000 as a christmas present. It has an ionizer on/off switch. I haven’t been able to find any info on using the ionizer. Any information on this product would be appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Hey Jay,

      It’s not a model we’ve tested yet, so I’m not certain. However, I would think you’ll be perfectly safe using the ionizer.

      The types of ionizers on most air purifiers are low power enough so as to create no / little ozone, IE, they are safe.

      If you’re worried though, just leave it off. It will not dramatically impact performance either way.

  11. Hi, i am looking for an air purifier for dust specifically in my bedroom. not the whole house. which air purifiers are best for dust in terms of budget and value.

  12. Hi Derek,
    I am curious about the performance of the Okaysou airmax 10l pro, I am not finding much info. I purchased the Taotronics ap003 based on extensive reviews, your testing and price for my living room area of 325sf, but am now looking for another larger one for our bedroom which is a 1/4 loft- (No door at top of stairs, and 8ft knee wall on 1 side. Modified vaulted ceiling with 10ft in the middle, 4ft on one side and 6 1/2 on the other-290sf. It seems your review of the Airmax 8L wasn’t great so I’m leary of just user reviews of the 10L. Otherwise I would most likely just purchase another Tao ap003, or also looking at the levoit h133. I haven’t received it yet so we’ll see how the Tao does. Trying to keep the price pt at $150-180 mark. I appreciate the feedback and your time. Thank you! laurie

    • Based on my experience with the Airmax 8L I would be surprised if the Airmax 10L Pro is a massive improvement. The Airmax 8L just wasn’t even close to what would you call “good” performance. That to me speaks to a more serious design issue. As a result, I would personally opt for another brand.

      Taotronics had solid performance, so that’s a safe bet.

      Levoit’s H133 is also a safe bet. I’ve tested almost everything they’ve made and been impressed with the performance, quality, and price.

      I would suggest going with one of those brands. And get the size that is most appropriate to your room.

  13. Air purifier real life review.

    Tosot KJ350G vs Winix 5500-2
    Since my request to review of the Winix 5500-2 and the comparison to the Tosot KJ350G
    That are priced the same at around $160, I bought them both.
    Now, this is just my personal early assessment.
    But, I had two of them in a 300 sqf joint leaving dining room area.
    And then in around 400 sqf Master bedroom for a week in rotation.
    We feel that the Tosot KJ350G is a clear winner with his H13 true HEPA filter.
    Tosot KJ350G
    The positive.
    – Tosot was much better in eliminating allergens from the air comparably.
    – Tosot carbon filter dose a great job in eliminating odors as well.
    – Tosot Auto function worked better in comparison.
    The negative.
    – No remote.
    – Not washable pre / carbon filters.
    – Location of handheld on two sides required 2 hands handling (heavier)
    – feels noisier comparably in lower fan speeds.
    Winix 5500-2
    The positive.
    -Winix looks a bit better.
    – Winix have stronger fan.
    – A remote.
    – Washable pre / carbon filters.
    – Location of handheld center top single hands handling possible.(lighter)
    -feels quieter comparably in lower fan speeds.

    The negative
    – The Winix carbon filter is not that affective in removing odors its have palette based carbon filter not fiber.
    – We felt that the Winix HEPA filter doesn’t remove all of the allergens from the air.
    – Winix Auto mode is a bit wacky.
    – The plasma wave feature of the Winix is like the Tosot UV feature, No one can really tell how helpful and effective it really is.
    – Both units are Energy Star rated.
    – both units filter replacement cost is same, around $40
    Please shoot me an email when you do the review and compression of this two units.
    Looking forward to seeing that.
    Thanks David.
    This was a real life feel test of the units.
    No particles or VOC, AQI, noise level etc. levels where measured and compered.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, David. This is super helpful!

      We’re currently testing the Winix 5500-2 and I expect we’ll publish that review later this week.

  14. Looking on all your air purifiers reviews you missing important and very popular review of the Winix 5500-2 and if you can compare it with the other solid Tosot KJ350G purifier will be great.

    • Thanks, David. We’ve received quite a few requests for Winix. So I am going to go ahead and order that one now.

      We’ll have a test and review up in a couple of weeks.

  15. Hi! Great review and well done. I’m looking at the Levoit Core 300, Germ Guardian AC4825E and Molekule mini & Mini plus. Other than air purifying, which one would be best for my smell as well. Thank you

    • None of them are going to be miracle workers in terms of smells. However, the Levoit Core 300 should be the best among these 3.

      It has the largest carbon filter, which is the essential filter to best remove offensive smells and odors.

  16. I’ve used your website in the past with help picking a vacuum and air purifier. I’m now in need of a humidifier but I’m not sure you review them. Just a suggestion and thanks for all the help in the past!

    • Hey Joshua,

      We’ve tested a few humidifiers in the past, but nothing that was an incredible stand out.

      Honestly, we didn’t see much interest in humidifier reviews so we stopped doing them.

      While we haven’t tested their humidifiers, we have tested a ton of Levoit air purifiers. We’ve found them to be among the very best value air purifiers on the market. I fully expect their humidifiers would be a similar value / performance level. I’d suggest taking a look at those first.

      You can find them here –

  17. Thank you for the chance at something so awesome .. would so love to have this in my house !! With all the issues I go through with my sinuses .. this would sure bring me the comfort I sure need