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Rug & Love Review

Derek Hales

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A Modern, Washable Area Rug

Rug & Love

Rug & Love

Rug & Love is a line of machine washable area rugs with a range of colors and patterns. All of their rugs have a 2-sided fringe design and are made from a mix of chenille and cotton yarns. Overall, I was impressed with this rug and thought it performed exactly as advertised. It looks great, cleaned up well in the washer / dryer, and it feels nice.Check Price


  • Interesting designs that are reversible (including many major city maps)
  • Comes in a variety of patterns, styles, and sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Pretty good thickness (especially at this price point) and feels nice


  • Does not come in larger rectangle sizes (like 8×10 or larger)
  • Ships folded instead of rolled and takes many days to flatten (we needed to wash ours to get the creases out)


Budget-Friendly & Feels Nice
  • Design - 95%
  • Performance - 98%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 96%
  • Value - 96%


The Rug and Love area rugs are low pile, machine-washable rugs that come in a range of patterns, colors, and sizes. All rugs are also reversible, which is a nice feature because these each only come in one colorway. Overall, I was happy with the performance and thought it held up well in the wash. The corners turned up a bit when vacuuming, but they flopped right back down when I kicked it over with foot after cleaning.

Rug & Love Design

The Rug & Love area rug is an area rug with a low pile and a machine-washable design. You can toss this rug into most standard washers or dryers for easier maintenance.

Design of the Rug and Love area rug
Design of the Rug and Love area rug

Rug & Love offers a variety of patterns to choose from, ranging in color and pattern, but all of the rugs have a subtle, short fridged edging on the two shorter sides for a little extra detail.

Rug & Love with a table on it
Rug & Love with a table on it

These rugs lack a non-skip backing, but you can purchase a non-skid pad seperately. Instead, the back of the rug is essentially an inverse of the colors used on the front of the rug.

Front and back of the Rug & Love area rug
Front and back of the Rug & Love area rug

It’s simple and this design approach helps it hold up better in the wash as well.

Rug & Love edge close up
Rug & Love edge close up

City Map Area Rugs

One of the main claims to fame from Rug & Love is their unique lineup of reversible city map rugs. The current list of available cities includes:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Los Angeles (brown / orange)
  • Los Angeles (beige)
  • Miami
  • New York
  • San Francisco (gray / red)
  • San Francisco (black)
Rug & Love city map area rug
Rug & Love city map area rugs (limited selection shown)

Each of the city rugs come in a separate colorway, which is a little limiting, but I like the reversible nature of these designs so if you don’t like one side, you can try out the other side for a slightly different color palette.

For reference, we tested out the New York city map.

Rug & Love Size & Dimensions

There is a range of sizes with the Rug & Love area rugs. Available sizes include:

  • 6′-7″ x 2′-6″: runner nice for shorter hallways or between a double bathroom vanity
  • 9′-10″ x 2′-6″: perfect for longer hallways
  • 4′-11″ x 2′-6″: good for a bathroom vanity, front or back door entryways or small accent areas, like a private seating area or in front of a kitchen sink
  • 4′-1″ x 5′-11″: ideal for smaller living spaces / playrooms or to put under a coffee table
  • 5′-1″ x 7′-7″: nice for for medium-sized living spaces or for placing the seating partially on the rug

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What’s It Made Of?

The Rug & Love area rug is made of chenille and cotton yarns, which makes it soft, yet durable.

Showing reversible Rug & Love design
Showing reversible Rug & Love design

The blended materials also provides some contrast in texture and pile between different parts of the pattern.

On the short sides of the rugs, there is an ivory fringe trim, while the two longer sides have a more standard looped edging.

Fringe Side

Fringe side of the Rug & Love area rug
Fringe side of the Rug & Love area rug

Standard Side

Standard side of the Rug & Love area rug
Standard side of the Rug & Love area rug

I found all of the edges to be pretty durable, even after washing.

Sometimes, this is not the case with fridges edges, but since the fringe is soo short, it doesn’t seem to be a problem here.

How to Clean the Rug & Love?

One of the most attractive features of the Rug & Love area rug is its washable design.

To wash the rug, simple follow the instructions below:

  1. Machine wash in cold water, using mild, non-bleach detergent.
  2. Dry on low heat or air dry.

To spot clean, use soap or a milk detergent, working in small area as needed.

For everyday maintenance, you can also vacuum with a standard upright, stick, or robot vacuum.

I would avoid vacuums with too much suction considering the low pile of the Rug & Love.

Close up of the material on Rug & Love
Close up of the material on Rug & Love


We cleaned the Rug & Love with our washer and dryer (wash on cold with air dry) as well as vacuuming with a robot vacuum & cordless stick.

Rug & Love fringe close up
Rug & Love fringe close up

Following manufacturer guidelines, we didn’t notice any edges curling (which is sometimes noted as a problem with the Ruggable area rugs).

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After vacuuming, the edges did fold up slightly from the suction, but then easily went back down when I kicked it over with my foot.

Rug & Love Value

Is Rug & Love a good value? The overall value of the Rug and Love tends to vary based on what exactly you’re looking for in an area rug.

The price point for these rugs is not excessively expensive, but not really inexpensive either. As with any high quality rug, it’s a bit of an investment, especially for the larger sizes.

Detail pattern of the Rug & Love
Detail pattern of the Rug & Love

But the rug is reversible, machine-washable, and comes in a lot of different styles and designs so there are plenty of options.

Especially if you like the custom maps offered by Rug & Love, you can end up with a unique piece without dropping a huge amount of cash.

Should you buy a Rug & Love?

I would recommend a Rug & Love if you’re looking for the following in an area rug:

  • Washable. These rugs are a single piece and the whole thing is machine-washable in a standard washer and dryer. It was easy to wash and I didn’t notice the edges curling. Cold wash. Air dry. The whole process was pretty simple.
  • Low Pile. Low pile design is easy to clean, even for a robot vacuum. It also is not much of a trip hazard if that’s a big concern in your household.
  • Reversible, Unique Designs. In a world of rugs that all seem to be the same, I was happy to see some unique patterns offered by Rug & Love, especially the more unique city maps. As an added bonus, all rug designs are reversible, which is another nice feature to mix up the color or if you get a spot on one side and don’t have time to clean it immediately.

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