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Dyson HP04 vs. HP02 vs. HP01

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The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool line of air purifiers offers an impressive amount of airflow in a compact design. Not only do they purify the air, they also offer heating and cooling options as well. 

Today, we’re going to compare the Dyson HP04 vs. HP02 vs. HP01 to help figure out which air purifier would be the best fit for your needs.


Best Overall

Dyson HP04
  • Type: Desk
  • Filter: HEPA + Carbon
  • Air Flow: 310 liters / sec
Check Price

Best Value

Dyson HP02
  • Type: Desk
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Air Flow: 200 liters / sec
Check Price
Dyson HP01
  • Type: Desk
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Air Flow: 200 liters / sec
Check Price

What’s the Best Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier?

Finding the best air purifier comes down to personal preference. Your needs and desires will differ from someone else’s when looking to purchase an air purifier.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier - size
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier

That being said, Dyson makes excellent, top-performing air purifiers that meet the needs of many users. Whether you’re looking for something compact for personal use, or something powerful enough to purify a large living space…Dyson has a selection of good options.


  • Triple Functionality. The Dyson Pure Hot Cool HP01, HP02, and HP04 all offer heating, cooling, and air purifying in one unit. The Intelligent Thermostat means once the specified temperature is reached, the heating or cooling turns off automatically while air purifying continues.
  • Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Dyson’s sealed filtration system captures up to 99.97% of all allergens, odors, and harmful air particles. This ensures that the air in the room is almost perfectly clean, a welcome detail that both asthma and allergy sufferers can appreciate.
  • Bladeless technology. Dyson’s signature bladeless technology helps keep children and pets safe, even when the Pure Hot + Cool system is running. Each model is also easy to clean, only needing a quick wipe down every now and then. Forget about having to wipe down each blade, and any particles in the air will be removed once the unit is back in use.
  • Different options available. Each model has it’s own price point, with features and technology increasing the cost per newer model. For those who just want the triple functionality, the HP01 would meet most needs. For technology lovers, the additional features in the HP02 and HP04 are worth the extra cost.


  • Cost can be a concern. Even with all the functionality and on board technology, the cost is still steep for an air purifier. The fact that it’s also a heater and fan helps lessen the blow. Still, these systems are definitely on the higher end of the pricing, with the HP01 being the most affordable.
  • Maintenance costs. Replacing the Dyson HEPA and carbon (in the HP04 model) filters can be pricey. One way to save is to find third party retailers with off-brand options rather than using the Dyson branded filters. Also, the better the initial air quality of the room, the longer the filters should last between replacements.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04

Best Overall Dyson HP Purifier


Dyson HP04

The Dyson HP04 is the most advanced purifier in the HP series. It offers heating, cooling, advanced filters, and maximum air flow for faster, more efficient purification performance. Check Price

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 is our best overall pick because of the high air flow, larger size, and technological capabilities. Of the three, the HP04 maxes out at the highest air flow of ~ 310 liters / sec.

Real time monitoring ensures peak air quality at all times, and the various methods of control make mode changes easier than ever. It’s heavier and taller than the other models, yet still compact enough to fit atop a desk or on the floor. 

Dyson HP04 Hot Cold air purifier
Dyson HP04 air purifier

When it comes to comparing the HP01 vs. HP02 vs. HP04, the HP04 is the only one that uses a dual filter design. It also has the greatest oscillation range at 350° (the HP02 has a range of 180°, while the HP01 only has 70° range). 

Yes, it’s the most expensive of the three models. But it offers the most advanced features, capabilities, 2 filter design, and higher air flow rate.

APP NOTE – One important note on the app. In the US and some other countries you cannot control the heating function with the app. This is due to a Federal law regarding remote control for space heaters.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP02

Best Value Dyson HP Purifier


Dyson HP02

The HP02 is an excellent value if you’re looking for a Dyson purifier with heating and cooling, but don’t want to foot the bill for the HP04. It has a slightly slower air flow rate than the HP04, but is still capable of purifying air in medium to large sized rooms. Check Price

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP02 is our best value pick thanks to its lightweight design, single HEPA filter, and Quiet Mark accreditation.

This models also has the app-based real-time air quality controls.

The HP02 doesn’t have the super high air flow at ~ 310 liters / sec that the HP04 does, but it can still purify, heat, and cool a large room. It also offers the same technology options that the HP04 does at a lower price tag, making it a better value in our eyes.

Dyson Pure Cool Fan - Link app
Dyson Link app – works with the HP Series heaters and the TP Series fans

If you prefer a higher air flow or a dual filter system, you’ll want to go with the HP04.

NOTE: According to Dyson purifiers with a lower airflow rate can still purify large spaces. The airflow rate refers to the speed of airflow. Slower purifiers will simply take longer to purify than models with a faster airflow rate.

The HP02 is more expensive than the HP01, but it packs more technology features, making the higher cost worth it if technology is important to you.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01

The Original Dyson HP Purifier


Dyson HP01

The HP01 is the most basic design in the HP series, has the same filters and airflow rate as the HP02, and lacks air quality detection technology. It is also frequently as expensive or more expensive than the more advanced HP02. Check Price

If you look at the HP01 and HP02 models, they are hard to tell apart. They both have most of the same specs:

  • Lightweight
  • Same dimensions
  • Same air flow

But the HP01 lacks the technology features of both the HP02 and HP04. It has a digital display that will tell you the current temperature, but does not have the capability to adjust purification settings based on current indoor air quality.

Dyson HP01 digital display
Digital Controls on the HP01

If real-time air quality readings and automatic adjustments are important to you, the HP02 or HP04 would probably be a better choice. If you don’t need those features, the HP01 could be the model for you.

But keep in mind that the price difference between the HP01 and the HP02 is pretty negligible. It also seems like the HP01 just isn’t as widely available at retailers. As a result, we tend to prefer the Dyson HP02 over the HP01.

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Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Purification Tests

We use a standard purification test that all air purifiers go through for Modern Castle reviews, and the Dyson HP series is of no exception.

How we test?

This is how our tests are performed:

  • Close off doors, windows, and air vents in a medium-sized room
  • Start with the initial measurement of air quality once the room is sealed
  • Turn the air purifier on high and let it run for 1 hour
  • Measure the air quality again and compare it to the initial test
Air Quality Testing meter
Electronic testing meter we use to measure particulates and air quality

The Numbers

There are two indexes that we use to make the final determination, shown in the chart below.

  • PM2.5 = Particulate matter 2.5 micrometers and smaller
  • PM10 = Particulates matter 10 micrometers and smaller
  • AQI = air quality index, a standard government index based on different air quality factors
air quality index - PM 2.5 particulate matter index

The air quality index (a number of different independent factors go into these numbers) and the particulate matter index (how many pollutants are in the air).

While we haven’t gotten our hands on all of the models in the Dyson HP series, we can look at other Dyson results from similar sized air purifiers to get an idea on performance.

For example, check out the DP04, a desktop air purifier with similar dimensions and airflow.

Dyson DP04

You can find our full Dyson DP04 tests and review here.

Starting Baseline

  • PM 2.5: 4.9
  • PM 10: 8.5
  • Particles: 359
  • AQI: 20

After 1 Hour

  • PM 2.5: 0.3
  • PM 10: 0.3
  • Particles: 29
  • AQI: 0
Dyson Pure Cool DP04 air purifier
Dyson Pure Cool DP04 air purifier

Based on the size, air flow, and filter type, we would expect the results of the DP04 to be similar to the results for all of the Dyson HP air purifiers. The main differences between the HP series models are:

  • Technology: The HP04 and HP02 have improved technology systems that allow for the purifier to intelligently gauge current air quality and adjust as needed.
  • Filter Type: The Dyson HP04 uses a HEPA + Carbon filter, while the HP02 and HP01 rely on a slightly less advanced 360 Glass HEPA filter.
  • Amp Size: The amp on the DP04 is a circle, while the amp on the HP Series is more of an elongated oval.

HP04 Filter

Dyson DP04 HEPA and Carbon Filters
HEPA and Carbon Filters

HP02 / HP01 Filter

Dyson air purifier filter
HEPA Filter

That being said, none of these differences are significant enough that we would expect drastic changes in overall performance between the models.

Dyson Performance: Across the Board

All of the Dyson air purifiers that we review live up to the name. Air quality always improves in our tests by 97% or better.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the numbers below, which are quantitative tests performed on two other models of Dyson air purifier — the TP04 and the TP02.

Dyson TP04

Starting Baseline

  • PM 2.5: 7.4
  • PM 10: 12.1
  • Particles: 599
  • AQI: 30

After 1 Hour

  • PM 2.5: 0.2
  • PM 10: 0.2
  • Particles: 14
  • AQI: 0

You can find our full Dyson TP04 tests and review here.

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 air purifier
Dyson Pure Cool TP04 air purifier

Dyson TP02

Starting Baseline

  • PM2.5: 2.8
  • PM10: 4.1
  • Particles: 279
  • AQI: 11

After 1 Hour

  • PM2.5: 0.2
  • PM10: 0.2
  • Particles: 29
  • AQI: 0

You can find our full Dyson TP04 tests and review here.

Dyson Pure Cool TP02
Dyson Pure Cool TP02

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Dyson Pure Series Types

Dyson has an established line of air purifying series, each with unique features from other series. Currently, there are four different types:

The HP series is notably one of the most expensive series produced by Dyson, but considering features, it really brings a lot to the table.

Top Features

In a way, it serves as a one-stop-shop, mimicking the features and specs of many of the other Dyson air purifiers.

  • Size: They are compact enough to be considered body purifiers and desk purifiers.
  • Power: They are powerful enough to match the airflow of some tower purifiers.
  • Smart: They have real-time air quality detection.

In addition to these features, the HP Series is the only Dyson Series that offers heating AND cooling. As a result, it can be easier to justify the higher price for a Dyson air purifier, since it can be used year-round.

To learn more about the other Dyson air purifying model series, check out our past reviews where we break down all the specs, features, and technology options.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Comparison

Here, we breakdown all the specs of the three models to make it easy to compare each of the HP series air purifiers.

Dyson HP04Dyson HP02Dyson HP01
Dyson Pure Cool Hot HP04 air purifier Dyson HP02 air purifier
ModeHeating & CoolingHeating & CoolingHeating & Cooling
Max Airflow310 liters/sec200 liters/sec200 liters/sec
Amp Size30.1" x 8.1" dia. 24.9" x 6" dia. 24.9" x 6" dia.
Weight12.36 lbs.8.6 lbs.8.6 lbs.
AccessoriesRemote ControlRemote ControlRemote Control
FilterHEPA + Carbon360 Glass HEPA360 Glass HEPA
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead Review

Should you buy a Dyson Pure Hot Cool?

Dyson has some of the best high-end air purifiers on the market. The HP series couples excellent purification and air flow with heating and cooling (via the fan). It’s a good year round option for many.

You should consider buying a Dyson 3-in-1 air purifier if you want:

  • Apps and smart technology – While the HP01 doesn’t have wifi and app capabilities, the HP02 and HP04 do. Stay connected with the ability to track air quality and change modes even while not at home. The built in voice control uses a compatible voice service to control the unit hands free, while auto mode adjusts air flow to maintain air quality at all times.
  • Different modes – Each model offers different modes for more versatility. Use the air purifier in personal mode to keep the air flowing directly at you, or on diffusing mode to purify, and heat or cool the air in the room. Sleep mode will turn the unit to the quietest setting and dim the display, making sure sleep continues uninterrupted. In the HP02 and HP04 models, there is even more mode functionality, including auto and custom modes.
  • Year-round use – The HP series offers heating and cooling for comfortable year round use. Set it to air purify all year, with heat in the winter to warm up and fan in the summer to cool down the room. Furthermore, you can reverse airflow direction for the purification without the breeze.
  • Desktop size – Use any of these models on the desktop, at your bedside, or on the floor. The versatility and lightweight design means it can travel from room to room with minimal effort, ensuring top air quality and preferred temperature wherever you go. 

Want more information or ready to buy one of these models?

Click here to learn more about or to buy the HP04, HP02, or the HP01.

Have more questions?

That’s what we’re here for! If we haven’t answered all of your questions, or if you just need clarification, we’re ready to help you out.

Simply comment below, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours with a response.

Heats, Cools, & Purifies
  • Design - 98%
  • Performance - 100%
  • Quality - 98%
  • Usability - 100%
  • Value - 97%


The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifiers are mid-sized purifiers that heat, cool, and purify the air. Their airflow isn’t quite as high compared to other Dyson air purifiers (namely the DP04 and TP04), however, it’s sufficient for most homes. The trade-off being that you get a little lower air flow, but gain the ability to heat the air. The ability to both heat and cool makes these great year round purifiers. For most consumers the choice comes down to the HP04 or HP02. Get the HP02 if you’re on a budget and get the HP04 if you just want the best. Given its age, lack of wifi, cost, and difficulty in finding it, the HP01 isn’t a great option, in our view.

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