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AirDoctor 5000 Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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We tested the largest air purifier from AirDoctor, the AirDoctor 5000. Let’s get into our review and see how it did.

Excellent performing large air purifier

AIRDoctor AD5000

AirDoctor 5000

The AirDoctor 5000 is a large HEPA air purifier that is simply designed. It lacks app connectivity or a remote control, uses simple buttons on top, and wheels on the bottom. What it lacks in features it makes up for in size and performance. Our tests showed the 5000 was able to reduce PM2.5 by 94.7%, achieving a PM2.5 of 0.1. 


  • Large coverage area, 1001 sq. ft. area
  • Fantastic purification performance, reduced PM2.5 and PM10 to 0.1
  • Reduced total particulates from 396 to 19
  • Easy to use and move


  • No app connectivity or remote control
  • On the pricier side


Simple large design; fantastic performance
  • Design - 98%
  • Performance - 100%
  • Quality - 98%
  • Usability - 95%
  • Value - 95%


The three words that come to mind regarding the AirDoctor 5000 are: simple, large, and fantastic. Out of the box, it was easy to set up, use, and maintain. The addition of wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around. The size of the 5000 is large, but that gives it a significant 1,001 square foot coverage area. Most importantly, it had an amazing performance. In our tests, it reduced PM2.5 and PM10 to 0.1. It isn’t the cheapest option, but that performance is hard to beat.

In This Review

Purification | Filters | Noise | Usability | Size | Specs | Summary

Purification Performance

To test the purification performance of the AirDoctor 5000, we:

  • Place in medium sized room
  • Take baseline measurements of air quality
  • Run device on max power for 1 hour
  • Take post-run measurements of air quality

With that information we then compare the baseline and post-run data to determine the cleaning performance of the AirDoctor 5000.

Starting Baseline

  • PM2.5: 1.9
  • PM10: 3.2
  • Particles: 396
  • AQI: 7

After 1 Hour

  • PM2.5: 0.1
  • PM10: 0.1
  • Particles: 19
  • AQI: 2

After 1 hour, the AirDoctor 5000 removed 95.2% of air particulates from the medium-sized room we tested in (~14’x10’).

Additionally, the AirDoctor 5000 improved PM2.5 air quality by 94.7%

AIRDoctor AD5000
AirDoctor 5000

To get these measurements, we used the Temtop LKC-1000S+ professional air quality detector. This device allows us to get precise readings and performance bearings before and after the test. 

Air Quality Testing meter
Electronic testing meter we use to measure particulates and air quality

Below, we’ve included information on the testing criteria and what defines good vs. bad air quality. In essence, the lower the post-run data, the better. 

air quality index - PM 2.5 particulate matter index

The Filters

The two tall HEPA filters are the key to the AirDoctors’ purification performance. On either side of the device are 4-stage filters that clean the surrounding air.

These include:

  • Pre-filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Negative Ion Generator

The pre-filter catches the larger particles floating around in the air like hair or dander.

AIRDoctor AD5000 pre-filter
AirDoctor 5000 pre-filter

After that, VOC’s and odors are removed by the layer of activated carbon

Finally, the main line of the defense is the HEPA filter. It catches airborne particulates as small as 0.003 microns.

AIRDoctor AD5000 filters
AirDoctor 5000 filters

Optionally, you can choose to turn on the negative ion generator, which attaches negative ions to particulate matter in the air, causing them to stick to a surface. 

Noise Test

Our noise test measures how loud the AirDoctor 5000 is in each mode. We run the air purifier and measure the level of noise with a sound meter from about 3’ away. 

AIRDoctor AD5000 fan
AirDoctor 5000 fan

Our results showed the following decibel levels from each mode.


27.3 dB


32.5 dB


53.9 dB

We found the 5000 to have a noise range of 27-54 dB. Overall, it can be loud at the high end, but for night time sleeping, the quiet mode will be more similar to the level of whisper. 

Common noise levels:

  • 20 dB – rustling leaves
  • 30 dB – whisper
  • 40 dB – quiet library, babbling brook
  • 50 dB – refrigerator, moderate rainfall
  • 60 dB – normal conversation, dishwashers
  • 70 dB – traffic, showers
  • 80 dB – alarm clock, telephone dial tone

Usability Tests

Usability for the AirDoctor is good. It is a large air purifier, but has wheels on the bottom to help move it around. Unfortunately, there is no app connectivity or remote control, but what it forgoes in features it makes up for in performance. 

AIRDoctor AD5000 wheels
AirDoctor 5000 wheels


Setup is simple as there really aren’t any extra accessories or complex steps.

AIRDoctor AD5000 filters
AirDoctor 5000 filters

Here is what comes in the box:

  • 5000
  • HEPA filters (2x; pre-installed)
  • Activated carbon filters (2x; pre-installed)

Once the AirDoctor 5000 is out of the box you need to remove the packaging surrounding the filters and then reinstall the filters. Setup is really that simple.


As mentioned previously, there is no app or remote to control the AirDoctor AD500 wirelessly. However, there are 6 touch buttons on top to control all of the features. 

AIRDoctor AD5000 controls
AirDoctor 5000 controls

Besides basic functionality like fan speed and power, you can:

  • Turn on / off auto mode
  • Dim lights
  • Set a timer
  • Turn on / off negative ion generator

In addition, there are 2 indicator lights letting you know when you need to replace the HEPA and carbon filters.


Maintenance for the AirDoctor 5000 is straightforward. Occasionally, sensors will need to be wiped clean and filters will need to be replaced.

On average, we find HEPA filters need to be replaced every 6-12 months and carbon filters every 12 months depending on usage. 

AIRDoctor AD5000 opening lid
AirDoctor 5000 opening lid

You will also need to wash the pre-filter as needed, but make sure to let it dry completely before putting it back into the air purifier. 

Size & Dimensions

The AirDoctor 5000 is quite large, but that gives it a large coverage area as well.

In 1 hour it can circulate through a 1,001 sq. ft. area 4 times and a 2,001 sq. ft. area 2 times. In addition, the device has wheels, so it’s easy to move around if needed. 

AIRDoctor AD5000
AirDoctor 5000

Here are the exact dimensions of the AirDoctor 5000:

  • Length – 16.0
  • Width – 16.0”
  • Height – 28.8”
  • Weight – 32.6 pounds


Weight32.6 pounds
FiltersCarbon, HEPA, Negative Ion
Wifi CompatibleNo
Room Coverage1,001 sq. ft.
CADR534 cfm
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the AirDoctor 5000?

I would recommend the AirDoctor 5000 if you’re looking for the following features:

  • Extra large coverage: With the 5000’s size you would expect a large coverage area and you get it. In one hour, it can circulate the air 4 times in a 1,001 square foot area. In the same hour it can exchange the air in 2,001 square foot area 2 times. If you are looking for coverage for large rooms or even modest sized apartments, this is a great option. 
  • Ideal purification performance: The AirDoctor 5000 had incredible performance in our purification tests, reducing PM2.5 and 10 to 0.1. Additionally, it brought the airborne particulates down to 19 from 396. This is exactly what we look for in a high performance air purifier
  • Ease of use: While the 5000 isn’t compatible with an app, it is incredibly easy to use. There are few buttons on top, and practically no accessories. Furthermore, it has wheels on the bottom of the air purifier that make it easy to move around if needed.

For more information or to buy the AirDoctor 5000, click here.

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  1. Will I be able to get a good discount on required filters when needed as I just purchased the 5000 model 8/20/2022 or need to buy a couple now , or are there any free one coming with my new air purifier…. Thanks kindly , Randy Sessions

    • Every new AirDoctor includes 1 startup filter. After that, you’ll need to buy replacements every 12 months or so.

    • Yep…seems broken. I am emailing to see if I can get AirDoctor to issue a new / updated code now. Should be working later tomorrow or Tuesday.