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STUDY: A Clean Home Yields More Sex, Less Stress

Derek Hales

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According to a Modern Castle survey of 1,035 Americans, sex and stress may be linked more tightly to cleaning habits than originally thought.

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How Does A Clean Home Effect Sex?

Survey respondents consistently showed that couples who have dirtier homes have, on average, less sex, while couples with more clean homes are having more sex.

How Cleaning Effects Sex Per Month

And not by insignificant numbers either.

Individuals (all relationship status) who said they had an extremely clean home had sex an average of 7 times per month. At the same time, individuals with a mostly dirty or extremely dirty home only had sex 4.65 times per month.

Married Couples with Cleaner Homes Have More Sex

In the case of married couples, it becomes even more extreme.

Married couples that have cleaner homes have 39.1% more sex than those with dirty homes.

These super clean households have sex 2.48 times per week, compared to just 1.51 times per work for dirtier homes.

Splitting Cleaning Tasks

Should just women clean? Or just men?

The best answer may be both.

Couples Who Split Cleaning Have More Sex

Couples who divided the cleaning tasks in their home had 34.5% more sex than those who didn’t split the tasks up.

Which Gender is Cleaner?

According to our survey respondents, women are 10.6% cleaner than men.

Women Are Cleaner than Men

Each gender rated their own cleaning habits.

Cleaning vs. Stress

If you’re finding yourself stressed about work, family, or just life, cleaning your home may be helpful.

Clean Home Means Less Stress

People with cleaner homes reported their stress was 26.0% lower than those with dirtier homes.

In fact, there is a convincing trend that the more clean your home is, the less tress you feel.

Productive Workers Are Productive Cleaners

Even in cases where an individual was working 50+ hours a week, they still seemed to dedicate more time each week to cleaning.

People who worked 50+ hours per week also cleaned 4.1% longer each week compared to those who worked less than 20 hours per week.

People who worked more also cleaned more

Perhaps this is due a certain level of momentum. If you find yourself going going going all week long at work it may be easier to maintain that momentum when you get home.

What Age Cleans the Most?

Middle adulthood seems to be the age range where individuals spend the most time cleaning each day. 25-44 year olds spent an average of 55.5 minutes per day cleaning.

What age range cleans the most?

As people get older they tend to gradually clean less.

Perhaps due to a lack of energy or perhaps due to a lack of necessity, as younger individuals are more likely to have larger messes due to more children in the home.

Average Time Spent Cleaning Per Day

On average, each person spends 52.2 minutes per day cleaning.

However, most people, 22.4% of us, only spend 15-30 minutes per day cleaning.

How much time do people spend cleaning

Cleaning in Dog vs. Cat Homes

Our survey respondents clearly showed that homes with dogs are significantly cleaner than homes with cats.

Dog homes are 22.8% more clean than cat homes.

Dog vs. Cat Homes Cleaning

Are cats more dirty? Or just the people who own cats? We couldn’t tell from our data.

Homes with no pets are 6.9% cleaner than dog homes and 28.1% cleaner than cat homes.

Cleaniest State in the USA

Louisiana was the cleanest state in the USA, narrowly beating out Maine (#2) and Kansas (#3) for the top spot.

Cleaniest & Dirtiest State in America

Dirtiest state in America?

That title goes to Mississippi, with Hawaii (#49) and Massachusetts (#50) capturing the runner up spots.

Our Data

Data was collected as part of a survey. 1,035 respondents completed the survey. Survey respondents were asked to answer questions related to home, cleaning, sex, stress, in addition to demographic, age, and gender questions.

Respondents were residents of the United States, ages 18+.

The data was compiled and analyzed by our in-house team.


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