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Dreame L10 Pro Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Good Potential, But Falls Flat


Dreame L10 Pro

The Dreame L10 Pro has all the specifications and features to be a really great 2-in-1 robot, but the performance really just missed the mark in our cleaning tests. It did pretty good on hardwoods, but low pile and high pile carpet were both big misses, only collecting between 60-80% of debris dropped.Check Price


  • Boasts up to 4000 Pa in suction power
  • Double as a 2-in-1 for vacuuming or mopping
  • Good cleaning performance on hardwoods, 98% debris removal


  • Poor performance on carpet, removed only 59% of debris on low carpet and 80% on high carpet


A 2-in-1, But Not Great for Carpets
  • Design - 94%
  • Performance - 79%
  • Quality - 94%
  • Usability - 95%
  • Value - 70%


In terms of hardware and software, on the surface, the Dreame L10 Pro looks great. It’s got everything you expect of a capable mid-tier LIDAR-enabled robot. However, there is clearly something going on in terms of suction and/or brushroll that’s limiting the performance of this robot. The specs say it has 4,000 Pa of suction power, which is much higher than many other robots we’ve tested. However, cleaning performance just wasn’t great. It’s unclear to me where the gap is, but needless to say, the performance left much to be desired. Because the cleaning performance is ultimately the most important part of any vacuum, I find it hard to recommend the L10 to any home with multiple flooring types. If you only have hardwoods, the L10 Pro could be acceptable. We strongly prefer the Dreame D9 over the L10 Pro.

Table of Contents

🧪 Performance

For cleaning performance, we do an in-house test on all vacuums we review. This test involves testing each vacuum against three different floor types and four different debris types.

We test the vacuums on the following floors:

  • Engineered hardwoods
  • Low pile carpet
  • High pile carpet
Cleaning performance test - dry debris
Cleaning performance test – dry debris

And against these four debris types:

  • Dry cereal
  • Rice
  • Kitty litter
  • Sugar

How did it do?

I am really surprised at the overall performance of the Dreame L10 Pro. On the surface this looks pretty similar to Roborock’s S5 and S6, however, the performance, especially on low pile carpet, just wasn’t there.

I’m really shocked at the volume of debris missed.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floor

On hardwood floors, the Dreame L10 cleaned 98% of debris by weight.

Dreame L10 cleaning hardwood floors
Dreame L10 cleaning hardwood floors

It left a little debris in the corners, but for the most part, pretty good performance for the debris it was able to get on top of.

This test is really where it performed the best and performance went downhill from here.

Low Pile Carpet

On low pile carpet, the Dreame L10 cleaned 59% of debris by weight.

Dreame L10 Pro cleaning low pile carpet
Dreame L10 Pro cleaning low pile carpet

As I stated above, this a pretty noticeable drop in performance between hardwoods and low pile carpet. It left a huge volume of both kitty litter and sugar.

Missed debris from the Dreame L10 Pro
Missed debris from the Dreame L10 Pro

The L10 Pro was able to collect nearly all of the rice and all but one piece of cereal, but I was pretty surprised (and disappointed) at the poor performance for kitty litter and sugar.

High Pile Carpet

On high pile carpet, the Dreame L10 cleaned 80% of debris by weight.

Dreame L10 Pro cleaning high pile carpet
Dreame L10 Pro cleaning high pile carpet

This is definitely better performance on high vs low pile carpets, but still not great. It managed to get most of the kitty litter this time, in addition to perfect removal on rice and cereal. However, it left a large percentage of the sugar behind.

At 4,000 Pa, the L10 should have more than enough suction power. So there really seems to be something else going on with the performance. Perhaps the brushroll design? Perhaps a hardware / software defect on our model?

No matter how you slice it, the L10 on carpet with small debris is just not a great combination.

Mopping Performance

Mopping performance was pretty good, albeit typical, of what we expect from this type of a mopping attachment. It’s the standard microfiber attachment that we’ve seen on many other models.

Nevertheless, it’s still a good solution for pretty good mopping.

Dirty mopping pad for the Dreame L10 Pro
Dirty mopping pad for the Dreame L10 Pro

How does it work?

There is a thin water tank that the mopping pad attaches to. As it drives around, the water slowly releases and soaks the microfiber pad, allowing dirty and debris to be cleaned off the floor and stick onto the pad.

🧬 Design

From the top, the Dreame L10 looks pretty promising. The overall design closely mimics the Roborock lineup with a centrally located LIDAR sensor and simple controls.

Controls include:

  • Spot Clean
    • Press briefly to begin Spot Clean Mode for cleaning small areas
  • Power/Clean Button
    • Press and hold for 3 seconds
    • Press to begin cleaning after the robot is powered on
  • Status Indicator
    • White: Cleaning or cleanup is completed
    • Blinking Orange: Error
  • Dock Button
    • Press to send robot back to the charging dock
Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum - top view
Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum – top view

There are additional features available via the app when paired with your smartphone.

What’s under the hood?

The lower part of the top panel lifts up to allow access to the dust bin, HEPA filter, and cleaning tool.

Under the hood of the Dreame L10 Pro
Under the hood of the Dreame L10 Pro

How does it navigate?

Overall navigation was pretty good. It’s got LIDAR and a front sensor, which do a good job of helping it navigate, avoid obstacles and map the room.

LIDAR sensor and controls on the Dreame L10 Pro
LIDAR sensor and controls on the Dreame L10 Pro

What’s on the underside?

The underside of the Dreame L10 Pro has the following parts:

  1. Edge sensors: lets the vacuum know when it is approaching an edge or stair to prevent drops
  2. Central brushroll: a spiral brushroll that rotates and pulls debris into the dustbin
  3. Side spinning brush: cleans edges and corners by sweeping debris into the central cleaning path
  4. Wheels: 2 large wheels on the size to help navigate flooring transitions and 1 directional wheel at the front of the vacuum for navigation
  5. Charging contact pins: helps the L10 know when it’s reached the docking station and properly charging
Underside of the Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum
Underside of the Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum

The Brushroll

The brushroll on the L10 Pro is not really anything to write home about. It’s your standard hybrid design of spiral bristles and composite paddles.

Dreame L10 Pro brushroll
Dreame L10 Pro brushroll
  • Bristles are good for gently sweeping debris across hard surface flooring.
  • Composite paddles are good for agitating carpet fibers and loosening stuck-on or ground-in dirt or debris.

I can appreciate that it uses two materials, but it still rotates around a single axel, which can cause tangles. This brushroll does have a set of comb teeth to help prevent that, but performance numbers don’t lie.

Even with the teeth, there are still obvious issues with this brushroll.

The performance on carpet is a red flag with this model, which leads me to believe that there is something subpar about the brushroll.

Size & Dimensions

The Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum is pretty average-sized and not too heavy. It’s less than 4″ high which means it can fit under most furniture without a problem.

Here are the exact specs:

  • Diameter: 13.8″
  • Height: 3.8″
  • Weight: 8.15 pounds
Size of the Dreame L10 Pro
Size of the Dreame L10 Pro

Parts & Accessories

So we’ve hit the basic highlights with the Dreame L10 Pro. What all comes with this robot vacuum?

The list isn’t incredibly long, but here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum
  2. Charging dock
  3. Charing Cable
  4. Dust bin (not shown)
  5. Mopping attachment; pad and tank
  6. Spinning brush
  7. Cleaning tool (not shown)
  8. User Manual (not shown)
Dreame L10 Pro accessories
Dreame L10 Pro accessories

Overall, these attachments are standard for what we see on most other simple 2-in-1 robots. It is simple and straightforward. The quality is also pretty typical, which is to say good.

I will add here that the dust bin, filter, and mopping tank are all washable, which can be a nice feature if you’re concerned with maintenance.

🔰 How Does It Compare?

When comparing apples to apples, how does the Dreame L10 Pro rank among the competition? We decided to find out in this mini head-to-head of the Dreame L10 Pro vs. Roborock S7 vs. Roomba e5.

Dreame L10 Pro

Roborock S7

Roborock S7 robot vacuum - black

Roomba e5

Roomba E5

Overall, I would say that the L10 did okay in a side-by-side comparison, but also didn’t really stand out as a big winner either. While it checks a lot of the same boxes in terms of features, the poor performance really hurts it.

Dreame L10 Pro vs. Roborock S7 vs. Roomba e5

FeatureDreame L10 ProRoborock S7Roomba e5
2-in-1Vac + MopVac + MopVac Only
App ControlYesYesYes
Digital MappingYesYesNo
Read ReviewThis PageRead ReviewRead Review
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

In many cases, you can get more vacuum for a lower cost than what the Dreame can offer with the L10 Pro model. Earlier this year we tested the Dreame D9, which is a similar price point, but performed notably better than the L10 Pro in our performance tests.

👍 Usability

Getting Started


Daily Use


Getting Started

Setup on the Dreame L10 is simple and takes only a few minutes. Here’s what you’ll need to do, upon receiving the vacuum.

  1. Remove all original packaging and protective materials.
  2. Install the spinning brush to the underside of the vacuum.
  3. Plug in the charging dock.
  4. Allow the vacuum to charge completely prior to first use.

As with most other robot vacuums, the Dreame L10 Pro comes with a bit of a charge when it arrives, but it’s usually best to let it charge fully before running it the first time.

Dreame L10 Pro cleaning carpet

This ensures that the vacuum can properly navigate and map our your home with one charge.

Daily Use

Aside from the lackluster performance on carpet, the Dreame L10 Pro still has some nice features that make the vacuum easier to use on a daily basis.

Some of the best features include:

  1. 2-in-1 Vacuum or Mopping: easily switch between dry vacuuming and damp mopping
  2. App Control: pair your smartphone to the vacuum using the MiHome / Xiaomi app.
  3. Voice Control: compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices
  4. Scheduled Cleaning: use the app to set up a pre-programmed time when you want the vacuum to clean
  5. Cleaning Modes: switch between four modes—Quiet, Standard, Strong Turbo
  6. Zoned Cleaning: creates a digital map of your space and lets you specify exactly which areas you want to be cleaned
  7. Do Not Distrub: prevents the vacuum from running or making any audible alerts during a set range of hours (ex: 8pm – 8am)
  8. Spot Clean: cleans a square area in straight lines (up to 5’x5′)


General maintenance of the Dreame L10 Pro isn’t hard and takes just a couple of minutes.

Front sensor on the Dreame L10 Pro
You can wipe the front sensor down with a dry lint-free cloth.

The to-do list consists of:

  • Empty the dust bin. Wash as needed.
  • Wash the microfiber mopping pads as needed.
  • Check the brushroll for clogs and tangles.
  • Clean the filter. Wash and / or replace as needed.
  • Wipe down sensors.
  • Replace battery as needed.
Dustbin on the Dreame L10 Pro
Dustbin on the Dreame L10 Pro

Both the dust bin and filter are washable so you can empty out the contents and then wash these parts to extend the life and keep it looking like new.

📰 Specifications

Below is a table showing the full list of specifications of the Dreame L10 Pro:

SpecificationsDreame L10 Pro
ModelL10 Pro
Weight8.15 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery5,200 mAh
Run Time150 mins
Dust Bin Capacity570 mL
Water Tank Capacity270 mL
Includes Digital WallYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer, other retailers will vary
Warranty1-Year Limited
PriceCheck Price

🥇Should You Buy the Dreame L10 Pro?

Honestly, the performance of the Dreame L10 just really fell flat in our testing. Considering how much it struggled to clean carpet (both high and low pile carpet), I would really only recommend the Dreame L10 if you’re looking for robot vacuum for hard surface flooring.

If you only need to clean hard surface flooring like hardwoods, tile, or vinyl flooring, the Dreame L10 Pro could be a good enough option.

If you’re looking for something that is better suited for multi-floor cleaning, I would probably suggest something else. The Dreame D9, which we tested earlier this year, performed massively better in our cleaning tests.

Click here to learn more about or to buy the Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum.


  • May 3, 2021 – Initial version of the page was published.

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  1. Did you get a bad unit? Do you have videos for the dreame reviews?

    Other review channels have it slightly better than the d9

    • It’s a possibility.

      I reached out to our contact at Dreame with our findings and we did not get any response.

      I was surprised at the lackluster performance. In general, I’ve been pretty happy with Dreame as a brand. But the L10 Pro feel pretty flat in our tests.