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Eufy RoboVac x8 Hybrid Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop


Eufy RoboVac x8 Hybrid

The Eufy RoboVax x8 Hybrid is a 2-in-1 vacuum-mop combo that can mop & vacuum at the same time. It has automatic mapping and in-app controls that allows you to fine tune the map. It performed well in our cleaning tests, removing 94.4% of debris by weight across 12 tests.Buy on EufyLifeBuy on Amazon


  • Able to both vacuum and mop
  • Good vacuum performance, removed 94.4% of debris in our tests
  • Auto-mapping and in-app controls
  • Easy maintenance with washable parts


  • No auto-empty base despite a fairly expensive price point
  • Cleaning performance on low pile carpet was good, just not great. Only removing 89.5% of debris by weight.


Robot vacuum with mopping functionality
  • Design - 95%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 96%
  • Value - 90%


The RoboVac x8 Hybrid performed well during our testing process. It removed 94.4% of all debris types across 3 floor types. It did get stuck a couple of times, but otherwise was able to fully navigate the space. The x8 did a good job managing hair and pet fur without it getting tangled in the brushroll. The 2-in-1 design of the x8 hybrid allows the robot to vacuum and mop at the same time and with good performance.

Performance Tests

To test the Eufy Robovac x8 Hybrid we ran it through 8 different tests to see how well it performed.

Our testing series includes:

  • Cleaning test
  • Mopping test
  • Hair test
  • Pet fur test
  • Navigation test
  • Cleaning speed test
  • Usability test
  • Noise test

Cleaning Test

We tested the RoboVac x8 on three different floor types and four different debris types. We ran the x8 on the max suction setting for the duration of these tests.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


On hardwood floors, the x8 removed 98.1% of all debris types. It left only small amounts of sugar, kitty litter, and rice on the floor. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid hardwood test - before
RoboVac x8 Hybrid hardwood test – before
RoboVac x8 Hybrid hardwood test - after
RoboVac x8 Hybrid hardwood test – after

The RoboVac struggled the most on low pile carpet removing 89.5% of all debris. It mostly left sugar on the floor with some kitty litter.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid low pile carpet - before
RoboVac x8 Hybrid low pile carpet – before
RoboVac x8 Hybrid low pile carpet - after
RoboVac x8 Hybrid low pile carpet – after

On high pile carpet, the robot vacuum removed 95.7% of all debris types, leaving behind a mix of sugar and kitty litter with a small amount of cereal.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid high pile carpet - before
RoboVac x8 Hybrid high pile carpet – before
RoboVac x8 Hybrid high pile carpet - after
RoboVac x8 Hybrid high pile carpet – after

I noticed that when the dust bin got full the RoboVac would leave behind a small amount of debris when picking up the vacuum from the floor. While the amount of debris left behind was minimal, it was frustrating to see any debris left behind.

The Eufy x8 has a BoostIQ feature, which will automatically switch the suction mode based on the floor type.

If you have a variety of floor types in your home you may find this feature to be useful as it will automatically pick the best suction mode for the floor it is on.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid
RoboVac x8 Hybrid

Overall, the cleaning performance was good, but not amazing. It did a good job removing debris from the hardwood and high pile carpet, but it struggled to remove smaller debris types on all floor types.

Mopping Test

For our mopping tests we let the RoboVac x8 Hybrid clean our 1,000 sq. ft. office and studio space.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid before mop test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid before mop test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid after mop test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid after mop test

The robot did a good job mopping the floor pulling a significant volume of dirt and small debris on the cleaning pad. While it doesn’t compare to a standalone mop, it does perform well enough to perform regular maintenance cleaning.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid mop attached
RoboVac x8 Hybrid mop attached

The x8 automatically switches to the mopping mode when the water tank is attached to the device. There are no settings to change the flow of the water from the device.

However, I felt there was a good amount of water coming from the device to effectively clean the hardwood floor.

Hair Test

For our hair test, we place long strands of hair into the direct cleaning path of the vacuum. We let the RoboVac run over the hair, testing if the long strands will be removed and if they will get caught in the brushroll.

Hair Removed?


Hair Tangled?


RoboVac x8 Hybrid after hair test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid after hair test

The brushroll on the x8 did an excellent job at grabbing the long strands of hair while it passed over. I did notice a single strand of hair tangled in the brushroll after the test, however, a single strand is functionally irrelevant.

Overall, great performance from the Robovac x8 Hybrid.

Pet Fur Test

The RoboVac did a good job of managing pet hair during our test. For the pet fur test, we place pet fur on high pile carpet, run the robot vacuum over the fur, and check to see how much is left on the floor and if any of the fur got tangled.

Pet Fur Removed?


Pet Fur Tangled?


The x8 was able to remove the vast majority of the hair, but wasn’t able to agitate the carpet deep enough to remove the strands that had worked their way into the carpet.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid before pet fur test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid before pet fur test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid after pet fur test
RoboVac x8 Hybrid after pet fur test

However, it didn’t get any pet hair tangled into the brushroll, instead, the pet fur got stuck to the body of the robot vacuum itself. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid pet fur on vacuum body
RoboVac x8 Hybrid pet fur on vacuum body

While it was easy to wipe off the device quickly, I could see the Eufy x8 tracking some of the pet fur into other locations of the house as it finishes its cleaning process. 

Navigation Test

Next we tested how well the Robovac x8 Hybrid was able to navigate and clean on a broader scale.

Our navigation tests are focused on 3 core requirements. We test if the robot can:

  1. Fully navigate and clean our space
  2. Not get stuck while cleaning
  3. Return to the charger
RoboVac x8 Hybrid base
RoboVac x8 Hybrid base

To test navigation, we had the x8 perform multiple full cleaning runs through our office and studio.

Returned to Base?


Fully Cleaned?




The x8 Hybrid was able to fully navigate our office space while cleaning. It did occasionally get stuck on a table leg, but that only happened 3 out of the 10 full cleaning cycles we’ve done so far.

We didn’t setup any “no-go” zones on the map, but if we were going to use the X8 long-term I absolutely would create a no-go zone around the table legs to avoid issues.

Can the Eufy Roborovac X8 Hybrid clean in the dark?

The x8 is able to clean both well-lit and dark areas, however, it definitely does better with full lightning.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid day cleaning
RoboVac x8 Hybrid day cleaning
RoboVac x8 Hybrid low-light cleaning
RoboVac x8 Hybrid low-light cleaning

The RoboVac was able to navigate the majority of our office space during low-light hours, however it did miss some of the darker areas. If you’re able to run the Eufy RoboVac x8 during daylight hours that will result in better navigational performance.

Cleaning Speed Test

During our tests, the x8 was able to navigate and clean our 1,000 sq. ft. office and studio space within 50 to 60 minutes. 

Cleaning Area

~1000 sq. ft.


50-60 mins.

Overall, the RoboVac was able to successfully navigate the space and clean it within a good amount of time.

We found the x8 to be a good bit faster than many of Roomba’s high-end flagship models when it comes to cleaning speed. 

Usability Test

Using the Eufy x8 was easy and straightforward. It comes partially charged out of the box, so Eufy recommends charging the device completely before running it.

It comes with a variety of accessories that are used to maintain the RoboVac and use the mop feature.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid unboxed
RoboVac x8 Hybrid unboxed

Here’s what is included in the box:

  • Eufy RoboVac x8 Hybrid
  • Charging base
  • Power adaptor
  • 1x extra filter
  • 1x extra side brush
  • 5x cable ties
  • Water tank
  • Washable mopping cloth
  • 5x Disposable mopping cloths
  • Waterproof pad


Setting up the x8 Hybrid is as simple as plugging in the charging base and setting the vacuum itself onto the base to let it charge. Once it is done charging, you can turn it on and have it start mapping out your house. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid base with power cord
RoboVac x8 Hybrid base with power cord


The RoboVac x8 has physical controls on the device that allow you to use basic functions. You have a button to turn the vacuum on/off. This power button will also change colors depending on the status of the robot vacuum.

There is also a charging button that will stop the progress of the x8 and send it back to the base for charging.

RoboVac x8 Hybrid controls
RoboVac x8 Hybrid controls

The final button is a spot cleaning button. Pressing this button will put the x8 into spot mode, which will thoroughly clean a 4.9’x4.9’ area.

Having these physical buttons is great, but for full functionality you will need to connect the x8 to the app.


The EufyHome app offers finer control over the x8. Connecting with the app was easy with the help of the in-app instructions. 

Once connected you can perform the first run of the RoboVac. This will start the automatic mapping process as it cleans throughout the house. 

 RoboVac x8 Hybrid cleaning
RoboVac x8 Hybrid cleaning

With the mapping done, you will get a live image of what the floorplan looks like and will be able to edit it as needed.

I found the ability to assign rooms and zones helpful for cleaning specific areas. Additionally, you can set up “No-Go Zones”, which will prevent the x8 from cleaning in those areas. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid logo
RoboVac x8 Hybrid logo

All of the features are easy to do on the smartphone, allowing you to quickly edit the floor map to your current needs. 

If you plan on using the x8 on multiple floors, you can use the multi-map saving feature, which allows the vacuum to automatically save and switch to the appropriate floor plan. Note that you will need to carry the device up/down stairs.

The app also allows you to:

  • Manually control the device
  • Adjust suction settings
  • Check cleaning reports
  • Set up a custom schedule
  • Adjust other minor settings as needed

Additionally, you can connect the x8 to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the vacuum with your voice. 


The x8 is designed to be easily maintained to keep it running smoothly. Most of the pieces can be removed without any tools, however the spinning brush does require a screwdriver to be removed. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid detaching dustbin
RoboVac x8 Hybrid detaching dustbin

Emptying the dustbin is simple: 

  • You remove the dust bin 
  • Empty out the debris into a trash can 
  • Plug the dust bin back in

Eufy even includes a cleaning tool that attaches onto the dustbin. This cleaning tool can be used to clean out the nooks and crannies of the dust bin and then be reattached when done. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid cleaning tool
RoboVac x8 Hybrid cleaning tool

Additionally, the filter is washable allowing for simple cleaning as the filter gets dirty. The Eufy Robovac x8 also comes with an extra filter, so while one is drying from being cleaned you can plug in the other and have it continue cleaning. 

The spinning brush can also be washed as needed, or replaced with the extra brush when it has reached the end of its lifecycle. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid filter
RoboVac x8 Hybrid filter
RoboVac x8 Hybrid spinning brush
RoboVac x8 Hybrid spinning brush

The mopping feature comes with 2 types of cleaning pads: a washable pad and 5 disposable pads. 

The washable pad can be rinsed thoroughly with running water and left to air dry, while the disposable pads are designed to be single use and thrown away. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid disposable mop pads
RoboVac x8 Hybrid disposable mop pads

Overall, cleaning the device was incredibly easy and the choice to include an attachable cleaning tool made every day maintenance quick. 

Noise Test

For our noise test, we run the RoboVac x8 on a high pile carpet and measure the noise created using a sound meter app. We measured the sound from about 3’ away and tested the four different power options the x8 has. 


41.3 dB


49.6 dB


53.5 dB


55.8 dB

Common noise levels:

  • 20 dB – rustling leaves
  • 30 dB – whisper
  • 40 dB – quiet library, babbling brook
  • 50 dB – refrigerator, moderate rainfall
  • 60 dB – normal conversation, dishwashers
  • 70 dB – traffic, showers
  • 80 dB – alarm clock, telephone dial tone

The noise level of the x8 ranges from 41-55 dB. This level of noise is similar to the hum of a refrigerator or a quiet library. Overall, it isn’t too loud, but it can be noticeable, especially if it is running on higher settings. 

RoboVac x8 Hybrid Specifications

Modelx8 Hybrid
Diameter345 mm
Height97.2 mm
Weight~7.7 lbs
Floor TypesAll types
Battery5,200 mAh
Vacuum Run Time180 mins.
Mop Run Time140 mins.
Dust Bin Capacity400 mL
Water Tank Capacity250 mL
Charge Time4-5 hours
Noise Level49.6 dB (Power mode)
Spot CleaningYes
Zone CleaningYes
Room CleaningYes
Digital MappingYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1 Year
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the Eufy RoboVac x8 Hybrid?

I would recommend the RoboVac x8 Hybrid if you’re looking for the following features:

  • Hybrid robot mop and vacuum: The x8 is both a mop and vacuum cleaner at the same time. It has the functionality to handle daily mopping and vacuuming, keeping your house clean of dust and dirt. 
  • Good cleaning performance: It performed well during our cleaning tests. It removed 94.4% of all debris across 3 floor types. Additionally, it was able to manage long strands of hair, clean up the majority of the pet fur, and the mop was able to handle the daily dirt and dust that accumulated. 
  • Great mapping features: The automatic mapping feature makes getting the x8 Hybrid cleaning your house quick and easy. With the app, you can easily adjust your map assigning “No-Go” zones, rooms, or even specific areas to focus on. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain: It is easy to maintain the RoboVac and keep it running like new for a long time. Most of the parts are simple to remove without tools and a good amount of them can also be washed. Additionally, Eufy added a little cleaning tool that makes cleaning out the filters or brushrolls incredibly easy.

For more info and to purchase the Eufy Robovac X8 hybrid visit or Amazon.

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