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Campaign Living Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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If you’re in the market for seating in your living room, but don’t want the hassle of in-store shopping, it may be time to consider Campaign Living and their Campaign sofa.

This sofa is available online, assembles in minutes without the use of additional tools, and has a sleek, mid-century modern aesthetic.

With an easy assembly that competes with the likes of IKEA, but a higher quality build and look that competes with higher priced showroom products, Campaign Living floats in the middle ground between these two.

The Online Customizable Sofa


Campaign Sofa

The Campaign sofa was designed for people who are looking for simplicity with a mid-century modern design twist. The furniture collection is quick and easy to put together. Return policy isn’t great at 14 days, but it’s still something. Additionally, the Campaign Living collection includes an armchair, love seat, and sofa, allowing you to mix and match for a whole room design.Check Price


  • Easily assembles in minutes
  • Replaceable fabric covers if it gets damaged
  • Over 15 different upholstery fabrics to choose from


  • Limited 14 day return policy and must be in original packaging
  • Comes in at a higher price point, vs. comparable brands
  • No technology integration for USB or power

Campaign Living Materials & Design

The Campaign Living collection, has a few different furniture pieces in it, that use a similar collection of parts and pieces.


The legs of the Campaign couch simple screw into the bottom of the sofa. They are made of solid American hardwood and then coated with a clear water-based finish. There are two available finishes for legs—maple or oak hardwood with a mahogany stain.

Campaign Living furniture legs


The Campaign Living frame is made of laser-cut, powder-coated, cold-rolled steel. Unlike modular sofas like, the Burrow, which has a frame divided into many parts, the Campaign Living frame uses wide-span steel for structural stability and the absence of joints or weak points in the frame.

Campaign sofa review frame


The seat is made from high-resiliency, polyurethane foam. It is free of any flame-retardants and 100% recyclable. One unique aspect about the Campaign furniture sets is that they offer replacement furniture cover sets.

Campaign Living couch seat cushions

Using concealed velco tabs, these replacement sets allow you to change out the look of your Campaign sofa without the added expense of replacing the frame or structural components.

Campaign considers their seat cushions to be MEDIUM-FIRM.

All of the fabrics used for Campaign sofa upholstery are made up of 97% polyester and 3% nylon. To clean the fabrics, spot clean or hand wash and air dry. See our vacuum cleaner reviews for whole home cleaning or best handheld vacuums for spot cleaning in between couch cushions.


The arms of the Campaign sofa are shipped separately from the rest of the sofa. There is only one height available and the box standard sized—29″ x 9″ x 38″. In total, the arms weight 42 pounds when they arrive at your doorstep.

Campaign Living couch arms

Looking for low arms? Check out the Burrow couch review, which offers two arm heights for their sofa.


The backs of the Campaign sofa are made of polyester fibers. These cushions are also made of 100% recyclable materials. You can select from any of the standard Campaign sofa fabrics (17 colors currently offered).

Campaign Living Couch back

Campaign considers their back cushions to be SOFT.

Similar to the seat cushions, back cushions are also included in the replacement couch cover sets. These covers can be purchased separated from the whole piece of furniture, which allows you to save some cash, but swap our colors as desired.

If you’d’ like to see other affordable furniture with a great design, see our best furniture guide. It’s got great starting points for design and furniture choices in every room.

Campaign Living Furniture

The Campaign couch is a part of a larger collection of Campaign furniture. Their entire line-up includes:

  • a chair
  • love seat
  • sofa
  • pillows (three sizes)
  • replacement fabric covet sets
  • replacement leg sets (available in two stain options).
Arm Chair33"L x 37"D x 32"H15 minutes
Campaign love seat furniture designLove Seat61"L x 37"D x 32"H15-20 minutes
Campaign sofa furniture designSofa86"L x 37"D x 32"H15-20 minutes
Campaign decorative pillows furniture guidePillows22x22", 18x18", 12x20"NA
Campaign sofa furniture collection flat-packCoversVariesNA
Campaign Living sofa furniture leg setLegsNA

How to Assemble A Campaign Living Couch

Assembling the Campaign sofa takes between 15-20 minutes and takes two people. The table above outlines additional assembly times and people required for each piece.


Actual assembly is also pretty straightforward. When your sofa arrives, it’ll come in two boxes. The smaller box (29″ x 9″ x 38″) contains the the arms while the larger box has all the parts for the actual sofa (25″ x 11″ x 88″).

Campaign Living furniture assembly


Once you have all the pieces, it’s simply a matter of sliding the pieces into place and locking them tight. No additional tools are needed, besides the tools that come in the box.

Campaign Living furniture velcro assembly

One important note – as you are unboxing your couch, loveseat, or chair, make sure you don’t destroy the box. In the event you want to return the couch you’ll need to send it back in its original packaging to get a refund.

Is the Campaign Living Sofa Comfortable?

Details and specifications aside, is the Campaign sofa actually comfortable? Buying a sofa online, it can be hard to tell, especially since the word “comfortable” means different things for different people.

What one user could find to be extremely firm, may be just right for another. That being said, there is a certain range of comfort that most people deem acceptable.

Based off of that Campaign Living says about their own products, they deem the seat cushions to be moderately firm and the back cushions to be soft.

Campaign sofa comfort rating scale

Below are what users are saying about how comfortable the Campaign Living couch, love seat, and chair are:

Erica M.

“I was worried about the firmness because the cushions don’t look super thick, but it’s really comfortable and comfortably sits our family of four on movie night. Definitely full sized.”

Tommy G.

“The steel frame is very sturdy, and the cushions are comfortable and firm.”


“True to color, very comfortable, and super easy to assemble–the hardest part was fitting the cushions into their covers”

Douglas M.

“I found this chair to be very sturdy, substantial, comfortable, well designed and engineered…”

Water Monkey

“This is a very nice casual chair. It sits low to the ground (the legs are about 5″ tall), but is very comfortable, and I am 6′ tall.”

How to Buy Campaign Furniture


Ordering the Campaign sofa is quite easy. You can purchase directly from their website or use a third party site.

  1. Select the size: Chair, Love Seat, or Sofa
  2. Select the finishes: 17 fabric options and two leg options
  3. Select any accessories: Pillows, extra cover sets, or extra leg sets
How to order Campaign living furniture


Campaign offers free shipping on all orders. Their free shipping will take 1-2 days to process the order and then 3-5 days to ship the item. If all goes smoothly, you should have your new couch in 5-7 days from the time you place the order.

Campaign Living furniture box

Campaign does not offer any upgraded shipping options for expedited delivery or “white glove” delivery with assembly.

As a side note, Campaign does not currently ship international orders.

Trials & Returns

Campaign Living has a 14-day trial period where you can try our your couch in all the way your like.

If you find that it’s not a great fit for your life, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price, as long as it is mailed back in the original packaging (so you’ll have to hold onto those big boxes!)

Should You Buy the Campaign Sofa?

So we’ve done a full rundown of furniture startup, Campaign Living. Is the Campaign sofa the next big thing to hit the flat-pack furniture market? And more importantly, is it right for your home and your lifestyle?

I would recommend the Campaign Living Sofa for people who are looking for:

  • Easy assembly: As a member of the flat-pack family, the Campaign sofa, love seat, and chair is inherently easy to assemble, with parts that require no additional tools for setup. Overall, assembly takes between 15-20 minutes for most of the pieces in the collection.
  • Replacement fabric covers: Campaign is one of the only known flat-pack providers who offer replacement fabric cover sets. This makes it easy to swap it out, if you get a stain that’s just not salvageable, or simply want to mix up the color palette of your living room.
  • Expanded fabric options: Unlike its competitor, Burrow, the Campaign collection offers 17 unique colors that you can specify for your couch, including Flat Weave fabrics (7 colors), Merino Weave fabrics (3 colors), or Brushed Weave (7 colors). Of the three types, Brushed Weave is the only selection that does not offer any stain-resistant capabilities.

To learn more about the Campaign sofa or to buy one for yourself, check them out here.

Please note that this review is based on our assessment of the design, materials, specifications, and 3rd party reviewer experiences. We have not yet tested the Campaign Living couch. As such, some of the above review scores deviate from our typical scoring methodology. These will be updated when we have completed our full test.

Update Log

  • May 20, 2019 – As of today Campaign terminated our affiliate relationship with them. We removed some links and changed other links pointing to and updated them to affiliate links (where you can also buy Campaign furniture). Our score and opinions on Campaign furniture remain unchanged.
  • August 3, 2018 – Updated the review score as part of our site-wide 1.0 scoring overhaul. Score increased from 92% to 94%.
Lots of Fabric Choices, Easy Assembly
  • Design - 96%
  • Performance - 92%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 93%
  • Value - 93%


The Campaign Living sofa is easy to assemble and easy to maintain. Replacement fabric covers are available, which is a nice saving grace in case they are ever ripped or stained. With 17 unique fabric colors, there are lots of options. It’s not a cheap sofa, however, it’s nicely priced and a good overall value.

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