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Molekule Mini Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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The Molekule Air mini is here! But is it worth the money? Let’s find out now.

A Compact, Value PECO Purifier


Molekule Mini Air Purifier

The Molekule Mini is a more compact version of the larger Molekule Air purifier. It has a little less than half the range of the full size purifier, but is also about half the price. If you’re looking for PECO technology, with the modern aesthtic of a Molekule, the Mini is a great option.Check Price


  • Less expensive price, compared to the Molekule air purifier
  • Hybrid filter design combines the pre-filter and PECO into one replaceable filter
  • Small footprint and smaller energy consumption compared to the original Molekule air purifier


  • Smaller area coverage (only up to 250 sf)
  • Although less expensive the the Molekule Air, it is still a pricy purifier, compared to others on the market

Molekule Mini vs. Molekule Air

Below we have a high-level comparison of specs and features of the full size Molekule Air vs. the Molekule Mini.

SpecsMolekule AirMolekule Mini
Diameter8.25" dia.8" dia.
Weight18 pounds7.3 pounds
Room Coverageup to 600 sf.up to 250 sf.
Energy Consumption28-80 watts20-50 watts
Noise Level20-55 dBa30-50 dBa
Fan SpeedsN/AFive
Filters2 filters1 filter
Maintenance Costs$130 / yr$99 / yr
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Read ReviewRead ReviewYou're Reading It

Prefer to watch rather than read? You can find our Molekule Mini review & comparison below:

Molekule Mini Design

The Molekule Mini, officially called the Molekule Air Mini (but we’re just going to call it Molekule Mini), takes the overall design of the full-sized Molekule air purifier and reduces it to a smaller unit. The smaller unit is suited better for small bedrooms, studio apartments, or home offices.

Similar to the regular Molekule air, the Molekule mini is also cylinder with simple controls.

Molekule mini air purifier
Molekule mini air purifier

The Molekule Mini has a matte white finish with rounded edges, while the larger Molekule has a machined body style with sharper edges.

The Filters

The Molekule Mini uses a hybrid filter that combines the jobs of the Molekule Air’s two separate filters (pre-filter and PECO filter) into one efficient filter.

The pre-filter portion helps to capture larger airborne particles while the PECO filter is designed to destroy finite particulate.

PECO filter close up
PECO filter close up

FYI: The Molekule Mini hybrid filter is slightly less expensive to replace compared to the Molekule filters ($99 for the Mini filters vs. $130 for the full-size Molekule filters)

The Controls

Controls on the Molekule Mini are simple and displayed in a touch-screen design. They are illuminated by glowing LEDs which allow you to easily change fan speed of the purifier without bulky or obstructive buttons.

LED controls on the Molekule mini air purifier
LED controls on the Molekule mini air purifier

Is there a remote control?

Unlike the larger Molekule, the Molekule Mini doesn’t have a remote control or wifi connectivity. Without wifi, you won’t be able to control the Molekule Mini from your smartphone.

The Details

One nice feature that the Mini has is a well-designed cord-wrap. While this may sound like a trivial feature, it really says a lot about the overall attention to design details incorporated into the Molekule Mini.

Using the cord wrap you can better conceal extra cord so it doesn’t detract from the design of your room.

Cord wrap on the Molekule Mini air purifier
Cord wrap on the Molekule Mini air purifier

One detail I was not specifically impressed with is the “handle”. For reference, the larger Molekule air purifier has a leather carrying handle that spans across the width of the purifier. The carrying handle on the Molekule Mini feels like more of a felt material and you pick it up from one side.

carrying handle on the Molekule Mini
carrying handle on the Molekule Mini
carrying handle on the Molekule Air
carrying handle on the Molekule Air

It does still feel well made. However, it seems like it wouldn’t have cost much more to include a leather handle like the full sized Moleule has.

What is PECO?

PECO technology is something that is unique to Molekule.

PECO (aka: Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) technology is proprietary to Molekule. This technology uses a special filter that is activated by light shining onto the filter membrane.

Molekule air purifier filter system
Molekule air purifier filter system

The light creates a reaction on the surface of the filter which destroys pollutants by breaking down the molecular structure.

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HEPA filters are designed to capture airborne particulate down to 0.3 microns.

PECO filters are designed to remove that same particulate, but do so by destroying it. Despite the two different approaches, each filter type can drastically reduce the amount of airborne bacteria and improve indoor air quality.

True HEPA filters stop particles from traveling into clean air
How HEPA filters trap particulates

Both filter types will also require proper maintenance and regular replacement of the filters. Remember to refer to manufacture guidelines when deciding when to replace any filter.

RELATED: For more information on HEPA based air purifiers see our Dyson TP04, Dyson DP04, Rabbit Air MinusA2, and Oransi EJ120 reviews.

Size & Dimensions

The dimensions of the Molekule Mini are significantly smaller than the regular Molekule. This makes sense since it’s designed to treat the air in smaller rooms.

The Molekule Mini treats air up to 250 sf. vs. the larger Molekule treats air up to 600 sf.)

  • Width: 8″ diameter
  • Height: 12″ tall
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs.

For comparison, here are the dimensions of the full-size Molekule air purifier. They have a similar diameter, but the Mini unit is about half the height as the full-size Molekule.

Molekule air purifier size & dimensions
Molekule air purifier size & dimensions

Accessories & Parts

The Molekule Mini can be broken down into three main parts:

  1. The Base: the gray plastic piece that holds the filter and shell in place
  2. The Filter: a hybrid filter (pre-filter and PECO) that treats the air; designed to destroy harmful particulate and airborne particles
  3. The Shell: made up of a matte white composite material with LED controls on top and a felted carrying strap on one side
Parts disassembled on the Molekule Mini air purifier
Parts disassembled on the Molekule Mini air purifier

Overall, these parts are designed simply and add to the overall modern look of this purifier. It easy to take this purifier apart and put it back together, as needed.

Molekule Mini carrying bag
Molekule Mini carrying bag

This purifier also comes with a small carrying bag with the Molekule logo on it.


Overall, the performance of the Molekule Mini air purifier was pretty impressive. It is quiet to operate and easy to control.

Testing Series

Our testing consisted of setting up the Molekule in a medium-sized bedroom in my home. I took a baseline measurement before the start of the test to gauge current air quality. Then, I ran the Molekule Mini for 1 hour and took another set of measurements.

The difference between the baseline and post-run data tells a lot about the overall performance of the Molekule Mini.

What were the results?

Starting Baseline

  • PM2.5: 3.9
  • PM10: 5.9
  • Particles: 329
  • AQI: 16

After 1 Hour

  • PM2.5: 0.6
  • PM10: 0.9
  • Particles: 49
  • AQI: 0

Within 1 hour the Molekule removed 85.2% of air particulates from the medium-sized room we tested in (~12’x12′).

Molekule improved PM2.5 air quality by 65%.

In order to take these measurements, we used the Temtop LKC-1000S+ professional air quality detector. By using this device, we were able to get precise measurements both before and after our test.

Below, we’ve included information on the testing criteria and what defines good vs. bad air quality.

air quality index - PM 2.5 particulate matter index

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How loud is the Molekule?

According to the manufacturer, the Molekule Mini is just as loud as the full size Molekule.

Depending on fan speed, the Mini noise level ranges from 30-50 dBa.

The Molekule regular ranges from 30-55 dBa, as broken down below:

  • Silent: 30 dBa
  • Auto: 42 dBa
  • Boost: 55 dBa

Setup & Usability

Setup of the Molekule Mini was easy and intuitive, following the steps below.

  1. First, unbox the purifier and remove all excess packaging.
  2. To remove the shell from the base, twist it counterclockwise.
  3. Unwrap the filter and place it on the base.
  4. Align the logo on the shell with the arrow on the base. Twist the shell to lock it in place.
  5. Unwind the power cord and plug it into the bottom of the purifier.
Molekule Mini setup guide
Molekule Mini setup guide

You’re all set to clean. To adjust fan speeds, you can use your finger to simply tap the center button. The illuminated LEDs display the current fan speed (1-5).

The First 48 Hours

Molekule warns that the purifier can give off a strong smell within the first 48 hours. When we ran the Molekule Mini during our in-home test, we found that to be true as well.

After about 48 hours, the smell dissipated. But if you’re extremely sensitive to strong odors, you may want to run this purifier in a different room for a couple days.


The main maintenance task to keep the Molekule Mini up and running is proper replacement of the main filter.

Installing the PECO filter into the Molekule Mini
Installing the PECO filter into the Molekule Mini

As mentioned above, the Molekule Mini has one filter refill pack costs $99 for a year’s supply of clean air.

The full-size Molekule has two filters. One refill pack costs $65 for 6 month’s supply of clean air. That is $130 for a year’s worth.

Is the Molekule Mini a good value?

Overall, I would say that the Molekule Mini is a decent value. If you love the simple look of the larger Molekule air purifier or are specifically looking for an air purifier that uses PECO technology instead of HEPA, the Molekule is a solid option.

Air intake detail on the Molekule Air Mini purifier
Air intake detail on the Molekule Air Mini purifier

I like that the introduction of the Molekule Mini presents a similar purifier with comparable performance (albeit a smaller air range), but provides it at a much lower price point than the original Molekule.

That being said, if you’re open to HEPA or PECO, there are some HEPA air purifiers that had better performance and at a lower price point.

Molekule Mini Specifications

Width (inches)8"
Weight7.3 pounds
Filters1 hybrid filter (PECO + Pre-filter combined)
Wifi CompatibleNo
Room Coverage~250 sq. ft.
Filter Costs$99 / year
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the Molekule Mini Air Purifier?

In conclusion, the Molekule Mini is solid air purification solution for smaller spaces.

It has a sleek, modern look with simple controls, nice detail details, and good performance when it comes to purifying the air.

I would recommend the Molekule Mini if you’re looking for an air purifier with the following features:

  • Want PECO at a lower price: If you like the looks or technology of the Molekule air purifier, but don’t want to foot the bill for the larger unit, then the Molekule Mini is an excellent option. The Molekule Mini provides the same technology for less.
  • Want a smaller footprint: This air purifier is designed to clean up to 250 sf. of clear airspace. For reference, the full size Molekule Air can clean up to 600 sf. The Mini is smaller, lighter, and treats less air. It’s the perfect size for small bedrooms, nurseries, dorm rooms, or home offices.
  • Want simple controls: The Molekule Mini has simple LED controls that adjust the overall fan speed of this unit. While there’s no wifi connectivity or remote control, it’s easy to adjust the speed manually, as needed. For most users, I think this is a fine solution. Simply turn it on at a noise level you can live with and then leave it alone, that’s it.

For more information or the buy the Molekule Mini air purifier, click here.


  • October 16, 2019 – 16 hours after our initial version was published we corrected a few errors, including product weight, official name, and air quality sensor info. We also swapped out an image that was messed up.
  • October 16, 2019 – Initial version published.
Smaller Footprint for a High-End Purifier
  • Design - 99%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Quality - 100%
  • Usability - 92%
  • Value - 94%


The Molekule Mini is a sister-purifier to the larger Molekule Air purifier that is twice the size and can treat over twice the amount of air. Unlike traditional; HEPA filters, which captures airborne particulate, the Molekule Mini uses PECO technology to destroy the particulate altogether. It’s a new approach to an old airborne problem. It’s certainly not cheap, but it provides an effective solution using a different type of purification.

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4 Comments on “Molekule Mini Review”

  1. The Wirecutter tests showed in a real world environment the Molekule didn’t filter particulates anywhere near as well as even the $99 Blue Air Blue 411. Wirecutter even went as far to say it was the worst performance from an air purifier they’ve seen in the 5 years of testing they’ve been doing.
    The Vacuum wars tests showed the Molekule was ineffective against common household VOC’s. Enviroklenz tested the Molekule in addition to a few other units and the Molekule fared very poorly. Molekule responded saying that particulates weren’t everything and that they believe in testing air purifiers in labs and not in real world environments.
    I don’t live in a lab, I live in an apartment, and I like my air filters to filter.
    The problem I have is the Molekule is getting bested by FAR cheaper units. And in your own tests not just the high end units bested the Molekule the $130ish Coway Mighty performed better as well. PECO filtration doesn’t appear to be working, now I haven’t seen any mold virus bacteria tests, that may be Molekules saving grace. But the real world tests so far (including yours) show that the Molekule doesn’t work against far cheaper units.
    As for built quality the Molekule Mini is plastic. There are also reports of the PECO LEDS brightness fading in the molekules which are needed for the PECO process. For $400, you can get an Austin Air Healthmate JR, or an Allerair Airmed 1 or 3, or a Blue air option (quite a few at $400) and those units are TANKS the Allerair has a 10
    year warranty to boot.
    At the Molekules $800 level you could get pretty much whatever you want, including top shelf IQ Air, Blue Air, an Amaircare 2500 w/ VOC upgrade, Austin airs top units, and several others from reputable brands with proven performance. I fail to see how you find ANY value in Molekules products with the performance these units are showing and the price they demand.

    • Thanks for the other information on those tests, Brandon. If that’s what their tests showed I can understand how they wouldn’t look kindly on the Molekule.

      Based on current tests the Molekule performed well in our particulate tests. Perhaps not as well as you would like it to be for the price point, which I think is a fair point, but well enough, in our view.

      There are some consumers who like the idea of the PECO filter as compared to the HEPA. That is fundamentally who this purifier is best for, in our opinion.

  2. This purifier, like the Molekule, performs poorly compared to traditional HEPA filters even in your own testing. And you haven’t even TOUCHED “proper” air purifiers at the same price point as the Molekule and the Mini (Blue Air, Amaircare, Allerair, Austin Air, Airpura, IQ Air…)
    With performance trailing options that are sometimes a quarter the price or less, how can you recommend the Molekules so highly? Especially in light of their failure in the Wirecutter and Vacuum wars tests?

    • I wouldn’t say that Molekule or Molekule Mini performed poorly. Both achieved PM2.5 of less than 1 and an AQI of 0. I would say that’s a good level of purification.

      You’re right, we haven’t tested those, but most are on our list (I’ll add the others as well). Honestly, it’s just a time / money issue. We have a very small team and a small budget to purchase these purifiers (in the event a manufacturer isn’t willing to send a sample unit for us to test).

      With respect to Wirecutter & Vacuum Wars, I’m not familiar with their results or tests. In general, I avoid reading other reviews so as to not be influenced by their opinions.

      You’re not wrong though. Based on our testing data the Molekule and Molekule Mini didn’t get PM2.5 and PM10 levels as low as other high-end HEPA purifiers we’ve tested (Dyson, Oransi, and Rabbit Air were all better). So it definitely loses points there, especially with respect to value. But to say it’s a poor performer is just untrue. If you just want good purification at the cheapest price available you absolutely should not buy Molekule.

      Where Molekule offers advantages, in our opinion, is through the PECO filter, build quality, and overall aesthetic design. If these aren’t important to you then you should absolutely buy a different purifier.

      I hope that answers your questions and better explains why we reviewed it the way we did.