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Hobot 298 Review

Derek Hales

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Advanced Window Cleaning Robot



The Hobot 298 window cleaning robot is an advanced robot with the ability to clean large windows with ease. A removable water tank and spraying nozzle make for a more user friendly design, as compared to older Hobot window cleaning robots. With a square design, this Hobot covers more surface area with every pass. The large cleaning pad located on the bottom of the Hobot 298 works to agitate, lift, and remove dirt, grime, and other substances off of your glass. Especially good for hard to clean windows. Overall cleaning performance is good, but much better when window cleaner is applied.Check Price


  • Removable water tank with a nozzle spray design.
  • Wifi connectivity allows users to control the unit from their phone (or with included remote control).
  • Great for hard to reach windows.


  • On the expensive side.
  • Struggles with thicker, caked on debris.

Hobot 298 Design

The design of the Hobot 298 is similar to some of the other Hobot window cleaning robots (see our Hobot 198 review here), but it does have its own unique design characteristics as well.

Top of Robot

The top of the Hobot 298 has an interesting design.

Hobot 298 Window Cleaning Robot

There is a:

  • battery indicator light
  • a start / stop button
  • a power switch
  • water tank
  • power port

Each of these items are labeled clearly on the Hobot 298, making it easy for the user to understand what is what when operating the 298.

Bottom of the Hobot

Once flipped over, the bottom of this Hobot is fairly simple. There are two tank-like wheels, several velcro pads (used for attaching the cleaning pad), and an aerated oval.

Hobot 298 Bottom

The holes on the bottom are used to create suction onto the window you are cleaning.

Overall Look

Aesthetically speaking, the Hobot 298 has a cool look.

An all white color scheme, square shape, and sharp edges give it a more modern feel.

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Size and Dimensions

When it comes to the size of the Hobot 298, it is about average. While it is larger than the Hobot 198, it is the same size as the Hobot 288 and 268.

The Hobot 298 window cleaning robot is:

  • Width:  10″
  • Height:  10” tall
  • Thick:  4″
  • Weight:  2.65 lbs.
Hobot 298 Size

Accessories & Parts

The Hobot 298 does include a few different extra parts and accessories.

The following items are included with the 298:

  • Remote control
  • 3 cleaning cloths
  • Extension cord
  • Power adapter
Hobot 298 Remote

While these are all parts that are necessary for the Hobot 298 to operate, it is nice that three cloths are included instead of just one.

Additonally, the extension cord gives the robot a bit of extra length when cleaning larger windows.

Hobot 298 Features

The Hobot 298 has taken a step up from the previous Hobot window cleaning robots, with regard to features.

Spray nozzle

Probably the most notable feature about the Hobot 298 window cleaning robot is its spray nozzle. Most of the window cleaning robots require users to wet the pad before putting the unit to work.

The Hobot 298 works by spraying the window as it cleans.

Hobot 298 Spary Nozzle

Extension cord

Included with the Hobot 298 is an extension cord, which is virtually essential to cleaning windows of any size.

The extension cord of ~20 feet long.

If you’re cleaning a large number of windows you may want to get an additional extension cord so you don’t have to keep finding close power plugs.

Wifi Connectivity & App control

The Hobot 298 has wifi connectivity, giving users the option of connecting their smartphone through the Hobot app.

Hobot 298 App

The app allows users to:

  • Control the exact movement of the 298
  • Place the Hobot in three different directional cleaning modes
  • Start and stop the robot
  • Increase the amount of water / speed at which the Hobot 298 is ejecting and traveling


Performance on the Hobot 298 was interesting. We ran a couple of different tests to see which cleaning modes worked best and why.

Test #1

The first test was a success, but not to the highest degree. After letting the Hobot 298 run up and down the sliding glass door, we saw the following:

  • The Hobot was not able to reach the edges of the glass
  • The dust outside was too thick for the Hobot to remove completely
  • There were some streaks left on the glass
  • The spray nozzle fires towards the lower third of the robot, meaning the top portion of the cleaning pad is not always using solution to clean
Testing Hobot 298 robot
Placing the Hobot 298 on the window

Although these were some of the flaws, there were some positive notes as we moved the Hobot 298 to the inside portion of the glass:

  • Much better cleaning performance compared to previous Hobot we tested
  • Basic light dirt, smudges, and fingerprints were removed easily

All in all, the cleaning performance from the first test was decent, but not overwhelmingly impressive.

The score for cleaning the outside portion of the glass was 80%, while the inside score was 94%.

Hobot 298 cleaning a window

Test #2 results

Once we moved onto the second test, we saw a much better cleaning performance. This test included spraying the glass (inside and outside) with a glass cleaner, followed by placing the 298 on the glass and letting it run a full cleaning cycle.

Our results were as follows:

  • Hobot 298 glided across the glass and removed the vast majority of dust caked onto the glass
  • Minimal streaks
  • Cleaner sliding glass door without a doubt
  • Did not seem to struggle staying fully attached to the window

In the end, we have found if you’re using the Hobot without any window cleaner sprayed onto the glass, it is best suited for indoor surfaces with easy-to-clean messes.

Hobot 298 after cleaning window
Cleaning pad after cleaning, showing the dirt that was removed

That said, for tough messes / caked on dirt, you’ll want to apply a bit of window cleaner to the window and/or to the Hobot pad itself to help improve performance.

Setup & Usability

Setting up and using the Hobot 298 is simple, from beginning to end. There are not many steps to setting up the robot, and using it is virtually a hands-free process.

How to Setup

In order to get the ball rolling, users have to set up the Hobot 298 by completing the following tasks:

  1. Remove all parts from the box
  2. Apply cleaning cloth to bottom of the unit
  3. Fill water tank
  4. Plug in
  5. Setup app (if desired)
Hobot 298 Water Tank Solution

App Setup

If you want to control the 298 via the Hobot smartphone app, it does need to be connected.

To connect the app to the robot, users must download the app, turn on the robot, and voila! The app automatically connects itself to your Hobot.

Bear in mind, you will need to have bluetooth turned on in order to connect the two devices.

Using the Hobot 298

After getting everything setup, using the unit is as simple as popping it on your window and turning it on. From there, the Hobot 298 will begin cleaning for you.

Hobot 298 Usability

Hobot 298 Maintenance

Maintenance on the Hobot 298 is of the utmost importance. For a unit like this, disregarding the maintenance will directly hinder the overall performance of the unit.

The most important areas to focus on are the wheels, laser sensors, water tank, and cleaning cloth.

Each of the wheels should be wiped down before every use, as should the two laser sensors.

Hobot 298 Wheel

With regard to the water tank and cleaning cloth, this is more or less dependent on how often the 298 is being used.

The more you use it, the more often the cleaning cloth should be changed (removed and washed) and the water tank should be refilled.

Hobot 298 Cleaning Pad Removal

Is the Hobot 298 a good value?

In the end, the Hobot 298 is an okay value. The cleaning performance varied, depending on whether or not the cleaning solution was applied directly to the glass or added into the tank of the Hobot.

Hobot 298

That said, the price is a bit high for the cleaning performance. Considering the price, I would have expected the Hobot 298 to clean well on its own, without having to manually apply cleaning solution to the glass.

On the other hand, if you’re okay with having to do a bit of the work on your own, the Hobot offers a solid value for those users who have larger windows, windows that are know for collecting dust frequently, or windows that are hard to reach.

Long story short, the Hobot 298 could be a good value, but it really depends on your home, expection levels, and how you plan to use it.

Hobot 298 Specifications

Below you’ll find a complete table listing the important facts and features about the Hobot 298:

Width (inches)10"
Weight2.65 pounds
Cleaning Pads3
Wifi CompatibleYes
Window SizeMedium & Large
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Hobot 298?

The Hobot 298 could be a nice addition to a lot of homes, but it’s definitely best for dealing with light to moderate messes and hard to reach windows.

Hobot 298 is best if you:

  • Want a robot to clean your windows: As a robot, the Hobot 298 does all of the window cleaning for you. You no do not have to wipe or spray the windows, as this unit is designed to do the dirty work for you. 
  • Want wifi connectivity: With wifi connectivity, the 298 can be controlled from a smartphone.
  • Want a good indoor performer: After testing the 298, the Hobot proved to be quite a good performer, indoors. Exterior windows that have lots of dirt / dust are a more significant challenge for the Hobot. To clean more dirt / dust on windows you’ll likely need to apply window cleaner (as we did in our tests).
  • Don’t mind a higher price tag: This Hobot is a on the expensive side. However, there really aren’t many companies trying to do robotic window cleaning. If you want to experience maximum robot cleaning the Hobot is still one of the best choices available.

For more information or to buy the Hobot 298 click here.

Why did the Hobot score the way it did?

  • Design – The addition of the water sprayer is a big plus over other Hobot models.
  • Performance – Good at handling light / moderate messes, but struggled with caked on dirt / dust (unless we manually applied window cleaner).
  • Quality – Seems to be well made. Mostly plastic parts.
  • Usability – Plug it in, stick it to the window, and let it go. It’s intutive and easy to use.
  • Value – Not amazing, but not bad.
Window Cleaning Robots Are Here!
  • Design - 96%
  • Performance - 94%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 95%
  • Value - 90%


The Hobot 298 is a window cleaning robot designed to automatically clean windows and glass. The Hobot is a self-navigating robot with a built-in cleaning tank reservoir and spray nozzle. The 298 performed well at removing light / moderate debris, but struggled with caked on dirt. However, spraying a bit of window cleaning to help it was a huge improvement. Includes a remote control and can also be controlled via smartphone. It’s not the end-all-be-all, but it’s a major step in the right direction for quality robotic window cleaning.

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