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Proscenic 820s Robot Vacuum Review

Derek Hales

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A Simple, Budget Robot Vacuum


Proscenic 820s Robot Vacuum

The Proscenic 820s has smart features like app control, voice control, straighter navigation, digital smart mapping, and self-adjusting suction based on floor types. While it does struggle with cleaning fine debris on all floor types, it still offers some nice features that could make this a soild option for you and your home. Check Price


  • Smarter navigation with straighter paths
  • Long run time—up to 120 minutes
  • Multiple control options (remote, app, or voice-activated)


  • Struggled with cleaning performance on carpet
  • Does not include boundary markers

Proscenic Design

The Proscenic robot vacuum is another take on the simple, budget-conscious robot. It’s thin and sleek with simple buttons and a number of digital smart features.

Proscenic robot vacuum review
Proscenic robot vacuum review

The Proscenic has minimal controls on the vacuum and instead relies on the smartphone app connection or the wireless remote control for the majority of its features.

On the underside, the Proscenic robot vacuum, it looks much like what we’ve seen from competitors.

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The set up under the Proscenic includes:

  • Spinning side brushes x 2
  • Charging contact pins: for finding the dock and making a wireless connection to charge
  • Large wheels: for navigating over flooring transitions
  • Small directional wheel: for steering and turning the robot
  • Brushroll: dual-spiral with soft bristles and rubberized paddles
Underside of the Proscenic robot vacuum
Underside of the Proscenic robot vacuum

Wireless Control

The Proscenic robot vacuum can be controlled wirelessly using three different methods.

  1. Voice control: This vacuum can be controlled with voice commands when paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  2. App control: There is also an app to download on your smartphone that allows you to start, stop, or schedule a cleaning cycle from your phone, wherever you are.
  3. Remote control: Last, there’s also a physical remote control that allows for wireless connectivity without having to set up wifi.

The remote control has the following buttons and functions:

  • Power on / off
  • Start / pause a cleaning
  • Return to charging dock
  • Spot clean
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Manual navigation
  • Max cleaning
  • Auto clean
  • Edge clean
  • Carpet boost
  • Low suction
  • Max suction
Proscenic robot vacuum remote control
Remote control

Top Features

In addition to the features listed above, the Proscenic 820s has an assortment of other features that add to its overall value.

Some of the best features include:

  • Scheduled cleanings
  • Included remote control
  • Drop detection
  • Automatic recharge when the battery gets low
  • Automatic suction adjust for varying floor types
  • 4 different cleaning modes
  • 600 mL dustbin
  • Up to 120 minute run time
  • Charge time = 3-4 hours
  • Max 1800 Pa suction

App Control

The Proscenic app provides additional features that can only be accessed on the app. With the WiFi connection, you can schedule, monitor, control, pause and customize cleaning.

Proscenic robot vacuum details
Proscenic robot vacuum details

The app can be accessed wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection.

You can also check the digital map and cleaning history of your vacuum.

Size & Dimensions

The Proscenic is a compact robot vacuum with a slim profile.

Exact dimensions of the Proscenic robot are listed below:

  • 13″ diameter
  • 2.9″ tall

This vacuum weighs about 9.5 pounds.

Size of the Proscenic robot vacuum
Size of the Proscenic robot vacuum

Accessories & Parts

The Proscenic 820s robot has a pretty basic assortment of parts and accessories. Aside from the vacuum itself, you can expect the following items in the box.

What’s in the Box?

  • HEPA filter
  • Side brushes (x2)
  • Remote Control
  • Adapter
  • 600 mL Dust Bin
  • Docking Station
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush

Proscenic Performance

To assess the overall performance of the Proscenic robot vacuum, we set up some cleaning obstacles in our at-home testing lab.

Our tests included a variety of messes, ranging in debris size. We used cereal, rice, kitty litter, and sugar for our performance tests.

Cleaning test debris types
Testing Debris – From left to right: Rice (3 oz.), Kitty Litter (3 oz), Cereal (1 oz), Sugar (3 oz)

Overall, the cleaning performance of the Proscenic was pretty decent. It performed better on hardwood floors, but struggled with fine debris on all flooring types.





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Cleaning Hardwoods

On hardwoods, it scored an average of 93%, leaving behind a decent amount of sugar and other fine debris particles between the floorboards.

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This is not something we’ve seen before from other robot vacuums in the field, but it is definitely a struggle with the Proscenic.

Proscenic robot vacuum cleaning hardwoods
Proscenic robot vacuum cleaning hardwoods

Cleaning Low Carpet

On low carpet, we noticed the same struggles as on hardwoods, but at a more extreme level. Although it’s not immediately apparent in the image below, this robot vac left a surprising amount of sugar buried in the carpet fibers.

Proscenic robot vacuum cleaning low pile carpet
Proscenic robot vacuum cleaning low pile carpet

The Proscenic only captured 86% of debris on low carpet.

Cleaning High Carpet

Cleaning high carpet, we noticed the same issues as on low carpet. Struggles with fine debris led to poorer performance overall on denser or longer carpet fibers.

The Proscenic only captured 85% of debris on high carpet.

Proscenic robot vacuum cleaning high pile carpet
Proscenic robot vacuum cleaning high pile carpet

To help with cleaning performance on all floor types, Proscenic does include a technology that automatically adjusts suction power based on floor type.

This helps to conserve battery power when cleaning hard surface flooring and use maximum power for high traffic areas or high pile carpets.

That being said, I’m not sure how well it actually works, given the cleaning performance from our tests.

Setup & Usability

Setup and overall usability is pretty easy with the Proscenic. The body of the robot lacks a lot of direction, but the remote is informative and the app offers even more features and settings.

After upboxing this robot vacuum:

  1. Charge it up.
  2. Select a cleaning mode.
  3. Let it run.

You can start a cycle immediately by pressing the start button on the vacuum or the remote control.

For more flexibility, you can pair the vacuum with your smartphone or voice-enabled Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.

Here’s how long it will take to set up each aspect of control:

Physical Control


App Control

< 5 mins

Remote Control


Voice Control

< 5 mins

How do you pair the robot with your Wifi network?

Pairing the robot vacuum with your wifi network is simple to do and only takes a few minutes. The steps below detail the pairing process.

  1. Download the app to your smartphone.
  2. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, connect your phone to your home’s Wi-Fi network.
  3. Follow the user manual to pair the vacuum to your smartphone.
  4. To enable voice-activated cleaning cycles, you can add the vacuum to your AI device, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Regardless which method you decide to go with, you should be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Like I said, it’s quick and painless, even for setting up advanced features like scheduling and voice control.

Proscenic robot vacuum detail shot
Proscenic robot vacuum detail shot


Maintenance of the Proscenic 820s basically boils down to a short list of tasks. None of these jobs are particularity difficult, but they are important in order to keep the vacuum performing at its best.

Maintenance tasks include:

  • Regularly wiping down the sensors
  • Regularly emptying the dust bin
  • Cleaning or regularly replacing the HEPA filter as needed

Is the Proscenic robot vacuum a good value?

So overall is the Proscenic robot vacuum a solid value? I would say that it’s a decent value.

Side view of the Proscenic robot vacuum
Side view of the Proscenic robot vacuum

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It does have some nice features, like the:

  • 600 mL dust bin
  • Long 120-minute run time
  • Straighter navigation
  • Good control options

But the cleaning performance just really left me wanting more. It does pretty good cleaning larger debris types, but fine debris is still a normal thing for most households.

For a better value, I would have liked to see cleaning performance somewhere in the 90% range, especially because you can find similar models at a comparable price point at this performance level.

Proscenic Specifications

Width (inches)13"
Weight5.73 pounds
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Suction PowerMax 1800 Pa
BatteryLi-ion, 2000mAh
Run TimeUp to 120 minutes
Charging Time3-4 hours
Dust Bin Capacity600 mL
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Should you buy the Proscenic robot vacuum?

I would recommend the Proscenic if you’re looking for a robot vacuum with the following features:

  • Multiple control options: The variety of ways to control the Proscenic is a real bonus. If you prefer wifi-connectivity you can control it using your smartphone or voice commands. But if you don’t want to use wifi, you can also use a physical remoter control or press the vacuum directly.
  • Long run time: The Proscenic has run time that can span up to 120 minutes. The auto-adjusting suction power likely helps this run time to be longer as well.
  • Straighter navigation: If you don’t have a lofty budget, but really want a robot vacuum that can drive around in straighter, more logical paths, the Proscenic could be a nice option. It also offers smart mapping, which can be viewed directly from the app on your smartphone.

For more information or the buy the Proscenic 820S robot vacuum, click here.

An Okay Inexpensive Performer
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 88%
  • Quality - 90%
  • Usability - 93%
  • Value - 94%


The Proscenic robot vacuum is a budget robot vacuum with wifi connectivity, app control, voice control, a physical remote control, and even digital smart mapping. It offers 1800 Pa suction that can self-adjust depending on varying floor types. On our performance tests it did struggle with fine debris on all floor types which hurt the overall scoring of this vacuum, but if you mainly have hardwood floors or just want a budget option, this robot vacuum could certainly fit the bill.

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