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Xiaowa Roborock E35 Review

Derek Hales

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Robot Mop & Vacuum Combination


Xiaowa Roborock E35

The Xiaowa Roborock e35 is both a robot vacuum and mop. While Xiaowa is known for their robot vacuums, they have ventured out and created a new Roborock model that has the ability to vacuum, mop, and sweep your floors in one single pass. By adding the mopping and sweeping feature, this Xiaowa Roborock vacuum is one of their most advanced models yet.Check Price


  • Has the ability to vacuum, mop, and sweep all at the same time
  • Large battery that gives the vacuum a longer run time, up to 150 minutes
  • Advanced navigation for more complicated floor plans


  • The Xiaowa e35 tends to struggle with finer debris types on carpeted flooring.
  • This robot vacuum moves quite slow on high pile carpeting.

Note On Models & Names

Roborock’s names and models can be confusing (even for us). We built a brief guide to explain the differences between the various models. Check out our Roborock reviews and comparisons here if you need help.

Xiaowa Roborock e35 Design

The design of the Xiaowa Roborock e35 is extremely similar to the other Xiaowa Roborock vacuums, but particularly similar to the Xiaowa Roborock Lite.

What’s on the top half?

Along the top of the e35 are the following parts

  • Power buttons
  • Removable dustbin
  • Navigation sensor
Xiaowa Roborock e352 robot vacuum

As you flip the unit over, the bottom of the Xiaowa e35 contains:

  • Multi-surface brushroll
  • Three wheels
  • Spinning brush
  • Mopping pad and water reservoir (if added onto the unit)
Bottom of the Xiaowa Roborock e352 robot vacuum

Keep in mind, the mopping pad and water reservoir can also be removed if you do not want it to be used during a cleaning session.

Xiaowa Roborock e35 Aesthetics

At first glance, the Xiaowa e35 has a nice, modern look. Instead of the traditional robot vacuum, all-black color scheme or even the Xiaowa Roborock’s all white color scheme, this vacuum contains a sleek charcoal gray color all around.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 cleaning

The top of the e35 is simple, yet does have a sophisticated feeling about it. Similar to the Xiaowa Lite, there is not a lot to the top of the vacuum, but this minimalistic approach gives it more of an advanced feel overall.

How does the Xiaowa Roborock e35 work?

Much like most robot vacuums, this Roborock robot vacuum does most of the work on its own. Power it up manually, or from a smartphone, and let it take care of the dirty work for you.

To power up, press the button on the top of the Xiaowa Roborock e352

Whether the e35 is vacuuming or mopping, the only extra work required from you is filling up the water tank and emptying the dustbin.

Aside from these two tasks, the Xiaowa Roborock e35 works by memorizing your home’s floor plan and making its way around your home to vacuum and mop where necessary.

Size & Dimensions

The Xiaowa Roborock e35 is virtually identical in size to the other Xiaowa robots within the Roborock line.

How big is the vacuum?

  • 12.99” wide
  • 3.86” tall
  • 7 lbs.
Size and dimensions of the Xiaowa Roborock e352

Compared to most other robot vacuums, this model does not fall far from the rest of the field. It is built in a circle and carries dimensions similar to a vast majority of other robot vacuums in the industry.

Accessories and Parts

With regard to accessories, the Xiaowa Roborock e35 includes the following extras:

Charger included with the Xiaowa Roborock e352

CHARGING DOCK | The Xiaowa e35 includes a matching charging dock. The vacuum can return to this dock when it needs to charge the batter.

Water reservoir included with the Xiaowa e352

WATER RESERVOIR | A water reservoir is included with this vacuum, allowing users to attach it and have the Xiaowa robot vacuum also serve as a robot mop.

Mop pad included with the Xiaowa e352

MOPPING PADS | Two mopping pads are included as well. These pads can be attched to the water tank and used to mop up your floors during a cleaning cycle.

Filter included with the Xiaowa Roborock e352

FILTERS | The Xiaowa Roborock e35 comes with two filters. One is already inserted into the dustbin while the other is a backup for your vacuum.

Xiaowa Roborock e35 Features

This Xiaowa Roborock shares some similarities with the Xiaowa Lite and Xiaomi mi, but the e35 definitely includes some changes.

Vacuum and Mop Combo

Not only does this Xiaowa Roborock vacuum, but it also has the ability to mop your floors. Users have the option of attaching a water reservoir and mopping pad to the bottom of the vacuum, which will then allow the unit to mop your floors after it vacuums up the debris along the way.

Xiaowa e352 mopping mud on a tile floor

Therefore, as you send this robot vacuum out to clean your home, you could be knocking out two cleaning tasks at once, with a single product.

App Control

Using the app is fairly straight forward.

  1. Let the app discover your devices
  2. Connect to your network by entering your password
  3. Take control of your robot
Xiaowa Roborock robot vacuum app control

The app tells you the battery level, allows you to start / stop cleaning cycles, and also lets you choose from 4 different cleaning modes:

  1. Silent
  2. Standard
  3. Strong 
  4. Max

Cleaning Performance





Low Carpet


High Carpet


The overall cleaning performance of the Xiaowa Roborock e35 robot vacuum was solid.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The Xiaowa Roborock e35 performed exceptionally well throughout our hardwood floor tests.


While not every debris type was cleaned up to a level of 100%, all four were picked up at a level of 98% or higher.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 cleaning hardwoods

The only slight hiccups came from the kitty litter and sugar, which had remains between 1-2% left on our testing lane after the Xiaowa e35 completed its cleaning cycle.

Nonetheless, this is an above average performance for a robot vacuum on hardwood floors.



Kitty Litter






Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

Performance on the low pile carpet was nearly as good as the hardwood, with one exception; sugar.

How so?

From what we were able to see, the Xiaowa e35 made more of a point to go over certain areas and agitate the debris multiple times. In the end, this helped to pull up the debris from the carpet, leading to a virtually flawless run for the vacuum.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 cleaning low pile carpet

Yet, we did see an issue arise with the sugar. As a more finite debris, the Xiaowa was not able to dig deep enough into the carpet to fully remove the sugar. While rice, kitty litter, and cereal all received scores of 100%, the sugar landed at 66%.



Kitty Litter






High Pile Carpet Cleaning

In the end, the high pile carpet test showed results were similar to the low pile carpet tests.

What were the differences?

The differences came from sugar and kitty litter, where less of both were cleaned. On the high pile test, we saw 61% of the sugar get removed from the carpet, whereas the low pile test had 67% of the sugar removed.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 cleaning high pile carpet

Kitty litter dropped from 100% on low pile carpet down to 84% on high pile.

Aside from these differences, the Xiaowa robot vacuum was able to remove 100% of the other three debris types on the high pile carpet.



Kitty Litter






Mop Cleaning Performance

As we mentioned before, the Xiaowa Roborock e35 also has the ability to mop your floors.

Now, bear in mind that this mopping feature is not necessarily a scrubbing mop, but more of a damp pad that drives over the dirt or debris that was just vacuumed up off of your floor.

That said, the mopping performance from this unit was still pretty good. At first, we did not expect this Xiaowa vacuum to be able to handle the mess we created, but it had no issues.

How did we test it?

In order to test the mopping ability of this vacuum, we spread wet mud across a tile floor. From there, we attached the mopping pad and water tank to the back of the Xiaowa e35 and sent it out for a cleaning cycle.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 Robot Vacuum mopping test

After about 7 minutes of cleaning, we found that this Roborock vacuum was able to used the combined effort of a vacuum and mop to remove ~95% of the mud off of the tile flooring.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 Robot Vacuum mopping test results

There were some spots that could have been better (notably the grout lines), but overall, the mop performance offered by this vacuum did an above average job of removing the mud from our tile floor testing lane.

Dirty mopping pad after a cleaning cycle

Usability & Maneuverability

Both usability and maneueverability are quite simple to understand with this robot vacuum.First up, how to use the Xiaowa e35?To use this robot vacuum you have a couple of different options:

  1. Fire it up by prssing the power button on the vacuum itself and choosing a cleaning mode
  2. Using the Roborock smart phone app to setup a cleaning cycle
Xiaowa Roborock e352 app control

Both methods are easy to manage. The app does have more options, which is typically where users gravitate to when using this Xiaowa Roborock robot vacuum.

Controlling the Manueverability

Manueverability is another beneficial characteristic about this robot vacuum. As a user, you don’t have much say over the unit’s maneueverability. Instead, the Xiaowa e35 will drive around your home, memorize where it has been, and use that memory to complete efficient cleaning sessions around your home.

Xiaowa roborock e352 floor mapping

That being said, it is a robot vacuum, which means it is smaller in size and has the ability to drive under and around furniture with ease. Plus, you don’t have to be the one pushing it around those hard-to-reach areas.

Emptying the Dustbin

Emptying the dustbin is quick and painless. Simply lift up the main flap on the top of the vacuum, pinch the tabs on the dustbin itself to remove it from the robot, push the dustbin’s flap down, and dump the trash into the trash can.

To remove the dustbin simply pull on the tab and pull the bin away from the vacuum

Water Reservoir and Mopping Pad

This Xiaowa robot vacuum also has the ability to mop your floors, which means you’ll need to fill up the water tank and place the mopping pad on the water tank.

To fill up the tank remove the rubber tab and pour water into tank

In order to fill up the water reservoir, you can remove it from the vacuum, open up a small rubber flap that encloses the tank, and fill it up with water. From there, attach a mopping pad to the bottom of the tank by using the velcro provided on the tank and pad.

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Xiaowa Roborock e35 Maintenance

Maintenance around the Xiaowa e35 robot vacuum is nothing to worry about. The main areas to pay attention to are:

  • Changing / cleaning the filter
  • Checking the brushroll for tangles
  • Washing the dustbin screen after mopping
  • Change the mopping pad
Remove the filter by pressing it away from the dustbin

While these are the main areas to focus on, on a more frequent basis, you will want to pay attention to the battery over time.

By paying attention to the overall maintenance of the Xiaowa Roborock e35 robot vacuum, you will help ensure that your vacuum is given the best chance to perform well. If you choose to ignore maintenance, the performance level may decline over time.

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Is the Xiaowa Roborock e35 a good value?

The overall value of this Roborock vacuum is above average. It offers a strong cleaning performance, average cost, and some extra features that most robot vacuums do not offer.

Xiaowa Roborock e352 Robot Vacuum Review

First off, the cleaning performance as a vacuum was great, but it was also able to mop quite well, which certainly earned the unit some bonus value points.

Additionally, the smart mapping of this vacuum is a neat feature. The ability of this vacuum to clean, go charge up, and pick back up right where it left off is impressive for the overall cost of this robot vacuum.

Therefore, if you’re ready to take the leap into the robotics world, the Xiaowa Roborock e35 could certainly be a great option.

Xiaowa Roborock e35 Specifications

Below you’ll find a complete table listing the important facts and features about the Xiaowa e35 robot vacuum cleaner:

ModelXiaowa e35
Length (inches)12.99"
Width (inches)12.99"
Weight7 pounds
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Dust Bin0.64L
Suction Power2000Pa
Battery Size5200 mAh
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Xiaowa Roborock e35 Robot Vacuum?

The Xiaowa Roborock e35 is an interesting robot vacuum, as it has the ability to mop your floors while simultanously vacuuming them. Although its primary function is to act as a vacuum cleaner, it certainly does not shy away from being a good mop.

This vacuum is well worth giving a shot if you’re interested in a combination cleaner that does the dirty work for you.

Roborock e35 is best for:

  • Want a robot vacuum and mop combo: The Xiaowa Roborock e35 acts primarily as a robot vacuum, but also doubles as a mop. The unit works by sucking up debris in its path and mopping up any dust or dirt in its way from there on. This is one of the most impressive combinations we have seen in a robot to date.
  • Want something for all floor types: Additionally, this unit can be used on virtually any indoor floor type, and be successful. Bear in mind, it’s not perfect when it comes to sugar on carpets, but for most other debris types it does well.
  • Want a solid performer: The overall performance of this robot vacuum is above average. It is not the absolute best we have seen, but for the price, you pay it is certainly worth the money.

For more information on the Xiaowa Roborock e35 robot vacuum, see here.

Why did the Xiaowa e35 robot vacuum score the way it did?

  • Design – Clean aesthetic, sipmle design, easy to understand, easy to use, good app.
  • Performance – Above average performance. Sugar performance problem wasn’t a surprise (most robots struggle), but we weren’t thrilled with the kitty littery on high pile performance.
  • Quality – Like most Xiaowa products, it’s not the absolute best, but it’s better than the average. Pretty solid quality overall.
  • Usability – Super simple to use. Auto device discovery on the app is a nice feature. Overall app control is solid.
  • Value – App control + mopping + vacuuming, solid value overall.


  • April 15, 2019 – Changed product name from E352-00 to the more accurate E35. See our explanation on the model naming conventions at the top of the review.
Powerful Robot Vacuum & Mop
  • Design - 94%
  • Performance - 92%
  • Quality - 93%
  • Usability - 97%
  • Value - 94%


The Xiaowa Roborock e35 is a robot vacuum that also has the ability to mop your floors. As one of the most advanced Roborock vacuums, the e35 is able to navigate your home with ease, clean up messes when necessary, and remember exactly where it has been. Therefore, back to back cleanings are much more effective and efficient around your home. if you’re in the market for a new robot vacuum, it may not be a bad idea to explore the Xiaowa Roborock e35 robot vacuum.

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