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Rullus Wallet Review

The Rullus wallet is an ultra-slim minimalist wallet that has an aluminum outer shell and the flexibility to hold up to 5 cards.

But can a wallet designed this simply really meet all your needs on-the-go? Let’s dive into today’s review and find out.

Compact Minimalist Wallet

Rullus Wallet

Rullus Wallet

The Rullus Wallet is an ultra-compact, minimalist wallet with a simple design and the capacity to hold up to 5 cards within two heavy-duty aluminum plates. Those plates are secured with a thick rubber band that holds it all together. It’s simple, sleek, and good for people who don’t want to carry a lot. Based on our usage tests, overall we really like the Rullus. It’s super light and compact. And so far I haven’t missed my money clip at all.Check Price


  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Aluminum outer plates are RFID blocking for added security
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • Only holds up to 5 cards
  • Limited options for other accessories like loyalty cards, cash, or coins


Compact, Durable, & A Great Value
  • Design - 95%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Quality - 96%
  • Usability - 96%
  • Value - 96%


The Rullus wallet is a great buy, in my opinion. It is compact, durable, and affordable. The biggest downside is that it maxes out at 5 cards and doesn’t really have a great way to carry cash, but for people who are truly moving towards a minimalist lifestyle, these are likely reasonable expectations for a modern wallet. I was happy with the build quality and material quality of this wallet as well. It uses thick aluminum plates on the outside of the wallet and holds it together with a thick rubber banding. As I use it longer I will come back and report an update on usability, but the initial impression of the Rullus is quite positive.

Rullus Wallet Design

The design of the Rullus wallet is extremely simple, so simple that it almost feels like overkill to even dedicate an entire section to cover it.

Rullus Wallet in hand
Rullus Wallet in hand

Aesthetically it’s incredibly minimal, which I personally really like. It is just two simple metal plates with the rubber band in the center holding them together.

It comes in three different color options—black, silver, and polished.


Rullus Wallet - black


Rullus Wallet - silver


Rullus Wallet - polished

The band is black with all three options, but there is talk of Rullus offering different colored bands in the future.

This wallet holds a maximum of 5 cards. Honestly, it’s not a huge number, but then again, it was easy for me to drop down to 5 cards when I first switched over to a minimal wallet 18 months ago. I think many users would likely experience the same.

Rullus wallet review

As a final note, there is a small notch in the top of the wallet that makes it easier to slide out cards as you need then, instead of trying to force the plates apart from the outside.

What’s the Rullus Wallet made from?

The Rullus Wallet is made of two aluminum plates (6061 alloy) and secured together with a tight banding that secures the plates and holds your cards in place.

Rullus wallet with cards
Rullus wallet with cards

The band that holds the two aluminum plates together feels like rubber. It’s got a little elasticity to it, but it’s also extremely taut, which is ultimately what keeps the aluminum plates close enough together to hold your cards

Build Quality

Despite being extremely thin, the aluminum plates are relatively thick. This gives me a lot of confidence in the long term durability and ability to block RFID scanners


This wallet is simple, but it does have a few stand-out features. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • RFID blocking: The outer shell of this wallet is RFID-blocking meaning that it provides an extra layer of digital security for your cards stored inside. Without this technology, would-be hackers may find it easier to digitally swipe data from your cards or perform identity theft.
  • Extremely durable: The metal exterior is resistant to scratches and corrosion from daily use.
  • Lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty. If at any point the wallet is damaged, you can opt for a refund or a brand new wallet.
  • Easy to use: The simple design means that the Rullus wallet is incredibly easy to use. There are no fancy parts, just a small notch in the plates that makes it easier to pull apart and slide out the cards you need.

How big is the Rullus Wallet?

The Rullus Wallet is relatively small and extremely thin.

Here is a quick comparison of the wallet next to everyday items like a pen, phone, and keys.

Rullus Wallet size comparison
Rullus Wallet size comparison

Here are the dimensions of the wallet:

  • Length: 2″
  • Height: 3.25″
  • Depth: 0.15″
  • Weight: 1.97 oz (empty)

With 4 cards loaded in, the weight went up to 2.5 oz, but that’s still extremely light.

Compared to a traditional leather wallet, it is about 1/4 of the thickness.

Rullus wallet compared to a traditional leather wallet
Rullus wallet (on the right) compared to a traditional leather wallet (on the left)

Even compared to a thin, modern, metal wallet like the Ridge Wallet, the Rullus is still thinner. The plates are a little thinner and it skips exterior additives like the curved money clip (as shown on the Ridge Wallet on the left).

Rullus wallet compared to the Ridge Wallet
Rullus wallet (on the right) compared to the Ridge Wallet (on the left)

The weight of this wallet is 36% thinner than the Ridge Wallet (without any cards), but the Ridge wallet has a larger card capacity as well, which also effects the size.

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What comes in the box?

Included with the initial purchase, you’ll receive the following parts and accessories:

  1. Rullus Wallet
  2. Aluminum Case
  3. Extra Band
  4. Manual

Everything comes packaged in a sleek aluminum case, which makes for a great gift or even if it’s for yourself, it’s fantastic packaging.

Aluminum case for the Rullus Wallet
Aluminum case for the Rullus Wallet

This wallet has no money clip or even the option to add a money clip, which is a bit of a bummer, as I personally still like to carry at least a little cash. However, for many people I can see this being a non-issue.

As is, it wouldn’t be impossible to slide cash in between your cards, but not really designed for that.

Using the Rullus Wallet

My initial impressions of this wallet are positive. It looks and feels great, is super thin and light, and the build quality / design seems solid. By all counts, we expect good things from our long-term usability test.

Profile view of the Rullus wallet
Profile view of the Rullus wallet

Right out of the box the band is extremely tight. It’s a bit hard to squeeze the cards in. Within a week or so it breaks in and is easier to slide cards in and out.

NOTE: The usability test began on February 26th, 2021. I will update this section as our testing continues. This wallet is currently being tested by three different users.

Is it a good value?

The price of the Rullus Wallet comes in around half the price of the Ridge Wallet, a close competitor.

The three colors available on the Rullus Wallet
The three colors available on the Rullus Wallet

Considering the thickness of the metal plates and the overall usability of this wallet, it feels like a good value for many people.

If you regularly carry 5 cards or less and don’t carry much cash, the Rullus Wallet could be a great buy.

Who Should Buy the Rullus Wallet?

If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet that is super sleek and durable, the Rullus could be a great option.

Sliding the cards out of the Rullus wallet
Sliding the cards out of the Rullus wallet

I would recommend this wallet if you’re looking for the following:

  • Want a compact wallet: No surprise here, this wallet is THIN. It’s smaller than my phone and designed for compact carry of only the necessities when you go out. It easily fits in my pocket with my keys and was comfortable.
  • Want an RFID blocking wallet: The thick aluminum plates feel durable and double as RFID blocking, which helps to provide additional digital security against would-be hackers.
  • Don’t have a lot to carry: If you regularly carry only 5 cards or less (or want a wallet that forces you to downsize), the Rullus is a fantastic option. Having a small capacity also means you can’t easily carry cash in this wallet, but that may be a non-issue for most people.

For more information or to buy the Rullus Wallet, visit here.


  • March 11, 2021 – Initial version of the page was published.

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