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Roidmi F8 Cordless Vacuum Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Ever heard of the Chinese made Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum?

As a cordless stick vacuum designed to be versatile, long lasting, and contain a powerful performance, we are here to discover if the design meets the reality.

Continue reading below to discover if the Roidmi F8 is the right cordless vacuum for you.

Chinese Stick Vacuum


Roidmi F8

The Roidmi F8 is a versatile stick vacuum designed to make vacuuming less of a chore. This vacuum cleaner has the ability to function as both a handheld and stick vacuum, allowing users to clean a variety of areas. With a long run time (55 minutes), solid cleaning performance (93%), and excellent build quality, the Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum will be a nice addition to almost any home.Check Price


  • The Roidmi F8 offers a powerful cleaning performance on all indoor floor types.
  • This stick vacuum has a long run time, lasting 55 minutes on standard mode.


  • The Roidmi has a tendency to clog with larger debris types, if moving too quickly.
  • This vacuum stands at a somewhat awkward height for cleaning in stick mode.

Table of Contents

Roidmi F8 Design

The Roidmi F8 stick vacuum offers a design that looks extremely similar to the Dyson V-series, such as the V8 or V10. That said, there are several noteworthy differences.

Here are the details:

The body of this Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum is quite unique. The handle is connected directly to the body of the vacuum, in addition to the dustbin and power controls (on / off switch & suction mode). The body also contains a small button that can be depressed to change the vacuum from a stick to a handheld.

You’re probably wondering about the cleaning head:

As you move down the unit, the cleaning head can be found at the end of the wand (stick). While the cleaning head does offer an extremely simple look, the functionality is still impressive.

Roidmi F8 cleaning head being used on a low pile carpet
Roidmi F8 cleaning head being used on a low pile carpet

There are a couple of different cleaning head options:

  1. a soft roller cleaning head ideal for hard surfaces
  2. a multi-surface cleaning head ideal for all floor types

What about the aesthetic?

The overall aesthetic of this stick vacuum is sleek. An all-white color scheme with a few red color pops makes for one of the most modern and forward-looking vacuums we’ve tested to date. Here again, the aesthetic does resemble a Dyson V-series stick vacuum in many ways.

Roidmi F8 stick vacuum
Roidmi F8 stick vacuum

How Roidmi F8 Cleans

The Roidmi cleans through two main processes:

  1. Soft roller tool is used to lift dust, dirt, and debris on hard floor surfaces without damaging them.
  2. Multi-surface tool is used to clean through agitation. This method is primarily used for carpets, helping to lift and remove hair, as well as dig deeper into the fibers of the carpet.

Soft Roller Cleaning Head

Cleaning with the soft roller head is most efficient when used on hard floor surfaces. The soft head is able to smoothly roll over both small and large debris, helping to create a smoother vacuuming session.

Soft roller brush in the Roidmi F8 cleaning head
Soft roller brush in the Roidmi F8 cleaning head

Multi-Surface Cleaning Head

The multi-surface cleaning head cleans through agitation and suction. Although this head can be used on hard floors, it is best used on carpeted surfaces. Reason being, this cleaning head works to agitate and lift dirt and debris out of the fibers of a carpet.

Roidmi F8 multi surface cleaning head
Roidmi F8 multi surface cleaning head

It’s definitely nice getting both the soft roller head and multi-surface cleaning head in one package. These heads are similar to Dyson’s V10 Absolute, and other Absolute models offered on the V6V7, and V8.

Power Modes

The Roidmi F8 also has three power modes for cleaning:

  1. standard suction
  2. medium suction
  3. max suction

You can swap between these modes by pressing the power button until you have cycled to the suction mode you desire. Users will notice a difference in the sound as well as the overall performance.

Pressing the power button both turns the vacuum on/off and changes the suction mode
Pressing the power button both turns the vacuum on/off and changes the suction mode

The standard suction can be used for longer cleaning sessions that do not need extra power.

On the other hand…

The medium and max mode can be used when more power is required. That said, your total run time will be decreased when using the higher suction modes.

Roidmi Size & Dimensions

The Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum is a touch smaller than some of the other stick vacuums we have tested thus far. This specific model comes in at 42″ tall, 10″ wide, and has a total weight of 3.3 lbs.

  • Length – 42″
  • Width (cleaning head) – 10″
  • Depth – 6″
  • Weight – 3.3 lbs
Roidmi F8 size and dimensions

Roidmi F8 Accessories & Parts

This stick vacuum includes a good number of extra parts and accessories. Everything included helps to enhance the overall versatility of the vacuum, in addition to the maintenance of the unit.

The Roidmi stick vacuum includes the following accessories:

Soft brushroll included with the Roidmi

Soft roller brush: A soft roller cleaning head is included with the Roidmi. This cleaning head is best used when cleaning on hard floor surfaces.

Multi-surface brushroll included with the Roidmi

Multi-surface brushroll: Instead of providing another cleaning head, Roidmi included a multi-surface brushroll that can be inserted into the cleaning head, in place of the soft roller brush. This brushroll is best used on carpeted surfaces.

Soft extension tube included with the Roidmi F8

Soft pipe extension: A flexible hose is also included with the Roidmi. This accessory is to be used as an attachment when in handheld mode, allowing for more flexibility.

Crevice tool included with the Roidmi F8

Crevice tool: The crevice tool works to get into the nooks and crannies that cannot be reached with a standard cleaning head. This tool can be used when in stick or handheld mode.

Charger included with the Roidmi stick vacuum

Charger: A pin-connecting charger is included with the Roidmi stick vacuum. The charger plugs into the wall and then connects to the Roidmi at the top of the handle – through a pin connector.

Wall mount included with the Roidmi stick vacuum

Wall mount: A magnetic wall mount holds the vacuum on the wall when it is not being used.

Filter included with the Roidmi F8

Filter: An extra filter is included with the Roidmi. This is a nice addition, as you do not have to worry about purchasing another filter right off of the back. Roidmi has you covered with the extra filter.

Mini-motorized brushroll included with the Roidmi F8

Mini-motorized brushroll: A smaller version of the cleaning head with a multi-surface brushroll is included with the purchase of a Roidmi stick vacuum. This cleaning tool can be used when the vacuum is in handheld or stick mode and is best used to help lift pet hair or other debris off of furniture in your home.

Dusting brush included with the Roidmi F8

Dusting tool: A soft bristle dusting brush allows users to dust / vacuum delicate items in their home.

Cleaning tool included with the Roidmi F8 stick vacuum

Cleaning tool: A cleaning tool is included to help remove tangles in the brushroll as well as dirt / debris from the filters.

With the large number of extra cleaning tools and accessories included with the Roidmi, there is not much of a need to look for other parts.

This vacuum comes with a wide variety of tools that allow users to clean a wide array of surfaces in both handheld vacuum and stick vacuum mode.

Cleaning Tests

The following vacuum cleaner tests are designed to show how the Roidmi F8 vacuum performs on different surfaces, picking up a variety of debris types.

We test on three different floor types, including:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Low pile carpet
  • High pile carpet





Low Carpet


High Carpet


For each floor type we test the vacuum cleaner against:

  • Rice – 3 ounces
  • Dry Cereal – 1 ounce
  • Kitty Litter – 3 ounces
  • Sugar – 3 ounces

Each of the aforementioned debris types was spread across our testing lane. The base surface of our testing lane is an engineered hardwood floor. For our carpet tests, we slide in a low pile and high pile carpet insert on top of the hardwood floor.

Cleaning test debris types
Testing Debris – From left to right: Rice (3 oz.), Kitty Litter (3 oz), Cereal (1 oz), Sugar (3 oz)

Our vacuum cleaning process strives to be as consistent, fair, and true to real world use as possible. Our tests utilize the following procedure:

  1. Measure the weight of the testing debris and the weight of the empty vacuum debris container.
  2. Spread the respective debris type evenly across the central portion of the testing lane.
  3. Run the vacuum cleaner over the testing lane.
  4. Measure the weight of the now filled container and take notes on the cleaning performance.

For more great vacuum cleaning tests, see our complete vacuum cleaner review series here.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The hardwood floor cleaning tests were a success for the Roidmi. All debris types were cleaned up at a level of 99% or higher.



Kitty Litter






But there was an issue:

Although the Roidmi was able to suck up all of the cereal, it was not able to hold it all. A small clog occurred during this test, which blocked the remaining cereal from entering the dust bin. Therefore, a good chunk of cereal was left inside of the stick/cleaning head.

Roidmi F8 hardwood floor cleaning tests
Roidmi F8 hardwood floor cleaning tests

Once we turned the vacuum off, the cereal that did not make it into the dust bin fell out of the cleaning head and onto our testing lane.

This lead to another mess that we had clean up.

See here for other great hardwood vacuums we’ve reviewed.

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

The low pile carpet tests were similar to the hardwood floor tests for the most part. There was more of an issue with the sugar as well as the same issue with cereal (clogging).



Kitty Litter






So here’s the results:

Kitty litter and rice were no match for the Roidmi, but the sugar and cereal lead to some extra work for the vacuum cleaner.

First up, sugar. The sugar test was a bit of a surprise. After running the Roidmi over 3 oz of sugar spread across our testing lane, the vacuum was only able to suck up 82% of the sugar. By doing so, there was still a clearly visible 18% of sugar left within the fibers of the carpet.

Roidmi F8 low pile carpet cleaning tests
Roidmi F8 low pile carpet cleaning tests

As a low pile carpet, I somewhat expected the Roidmi F8 to get at least 90% of the sugar. That said, we were able to run this stick vacuum over the remaining sugar – in max suction mode – which was able to grab 14% of the remaining 18%. Still not a perfect score, but much better than the original results.

I’m sure you’re wondering about cereal:

Once again, cereal created a clog in the dust bin, meaning most of the cereal was not able to make its way into the dust bin. We then saw more cereal dumped onto our testing lane after powering the vacuum off.

High Pile Carpet Cleaning

Last but not least, the high pile carpet cleaning test.



Kitty Litter







Rice, kitty litter, and sugar all proved to be simple messes for the Roidmi.

On the other hand, the cereal was much more of a challenge from the get-go of this test. Unlike the hardwood floor and low pile carpet tests, the cereal was only sucked up 48% of the way before clogging.

Roidmi F8 high pile carpet cleaning tests
Roidmi F8 high pile carpet cleaning tests

After sucking up 48% of the cereal, the Roidmi was not able to suck up any of the remaining cereal. Therefore, a decent mess was left on our high pile carpet.

One positive note…

The high pile sugar test was much more of a success for the Roidmi. The vacuum automatically noticed it was working on a thicker carpet and moved itself into max suction mode. By doing so the vacuum was able to suck up 98% of the sugar.

Is the Roidmi F8 Easy to Use?

The Roidmi F8 stick vacuum is easy to use, but there are multiple moving parts that could cause some confusion for users.

First, let’s talk setup:

Setting this vacuum up is relatively simple. After unboxing all of the pieces and removing them from their plastic wrap, most of the pieces will snap together. Users can decide to assemble it as a stick or handheld vacuum right out of the gate, since none of the pieces come pre-assembled.

To assemble the Roidmi F8, simply snap the pieces together
To assemble the Roidmi F8, simply snap the pieces together

Dust Bin

The dust bin is an interesting piece of the puzzle. Removing the dust bin from the body of the Roidmi is not difficult, as there is a small button on the bottom of the bin that can be depressed to release the bin.

The problem?

After releasing it, emptying the debris from the inside of the dust bin was a bit trickier. Although there was a sticker on the unit demonstrating how to open the bin, it was still not clear in my eyes.

To empty the dust bin pull on the small tab at the base of the unit
To empty the dust bin pull on the small tab at the base of the unit

After fooling around for a few minutes, I was able to open the dust bin via the small latch on the side of the unit.

Cleaning Heads

Unlike most stick vacuums, the Roidmi includes one cleaning head with two different brushrolls. Therefore, users have the option of rotating the bruhsroll on the vacuum but will use the same head with each brushroll.

That said, changing the brushrolls was also a bit different than most. There is a small latch that has to be slid in order to pop off a piece of plastic, allowing users to change the brushroll. In my opinion, this was not easily identified and a less intuitive way to change the brushroll.

While it may be tightly secured with the plastic piece covering the edge of the brushroll, I do believe a better method could have been used to swap out each brush.

2-in-1 Versatility

Being able to go from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum is one of the biggest benefits with the Roidmi stick vacuum. The process is quick and painless. Simply depress the connecting button on the wand (stick) and remove the attached piece.

From there, users have the option of connecting any piece they would like to the stick or directly into the body of the vacuum.

The Roidmi F8 can also be used as a handheld vacuum
The Roidmi F8 can also be used as a handheld vacuum

The versatility this vacuum offers gives users the opportunity to clean a wider array of areas, more efficiently.

The big surprise on the Roidmi F8?

Roidmi also offers a smartphone app. After using this app for just a few minutes, I am impressed. There is no setup required. Once you have downloaded the app, it automatically connects to your Roidmi via Bluetooth technology.

From there, you have the ability to check on virtually every facet of the vacuum cleaner. For example, users can check on the status of their filter within the Roidmi. The app will tell you the remaining life of the filter and its current status, with regard to cleaning time and distance.

App user interface for the Roidmi F8 stick vacuum
App user interface for the Roidmi F8 stick vacuum

This is just one of the many options available within the app offered by Roidmi.


Maneuverability on the Roidmi is quite good. The ability of this vacuum to swap from stick to handheld mode in less than a minute is a major benefit.

  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Suction: 115AW
  • Height: 42″
  • Modes: 3

The Roidmi F8 stick vacuum maneuvers well. Turning, laying flat, and squeezing into tight spots are some of its best features with regard to maneuverability.

The Roidmi F8 turns with ease
The Roidmi F8 turns with ease

The most annoying part…

Yet, the height of this stick vacuum did feel a bit off. It was almost as if it needed to be a bit taller in order for me to comfortably clean. While I am a taller person (6’1″), my wife, Samantha, is much shorter (5’6″) than I am and had a similar feeling when using the vacuum.

You’re probably wondering about handheld use:

While in handheld mode, I did not have any complaints around maneuverability. The Roidmi is light enough to carry around and comes with a good number of extra tools and attachments that make cleaning different areas of my home extremely easy.

The overall maneuverability of the Roidmi is solid, but the height is one area where I would have liked to see a bit of improvement.

Roidmi Replacement Parts & Maintenance

The following table indicates the frequency at which you will likely want to replace the various parts and components of the vacuum.

However, your individual experiences may vary

Accessory / PartReplacement FrequencyReplacement Cost
FilterAs neededCheck Price
Multi-Surface BrushrollAs neededUnknown
Soft BrushrollAs neededUnknown

Maintenance on the Roidmi is not complicated to keep up with, but it is crucial to the overall performance of the vacuum.

  • Replace the filter – Changing the filter on the Roidmi is of the utmost importance. This stick vacuum uses a 4 way filtration system, but you only have to replace two of the four pieces; foam filter and HEPA filter. The main filter can also be washed, but Roidmi recommends replacing the filter periodically.
  • De-tangle brushroll – Making sure the brushroll is free of tangles from hair, carpet strands, or any other debris is crucial. The vacuum’s ability to suck up any other debris with a tangled brushroll drops dramatically.

Annual maintenance costs for the Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum should be around $24 / year, which would include replacing the filter twice per year.

How loud is the Roidmi F8?

All vacuum cleaner reviews on Modern Castle are put through our standard noise test. For this test, we use a sound meter to measure noise in terms of decibel level approximately 3′ away from the vacuum.

The Roidmi F8 landed at an average level of noise, coming in at 70 db on the standard cleaning mode.

Roidmi stick vacuu nosie test

How long can the Roidmi F8 vacuum run?

All cordless vacuum reviews on Modern Castle are put through a standard assessment of battery size, run time, life, and replacement cost.

Size2,500 mAh
Charging Time2-3 hours
Run Time55 minutes
Replacement CostUnknown

Is the Roidmi F8 a Good Value?

The Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum offers a solid value. Priced in the $$ category for cordless stick vacuums, the overall cleaning performance and versatility of this vacuum is hard to beat.

But what about cleaning?

Throughout our cleaning tests, the Roidmi performed above average. Although there were some hiccups with sugar and cereal, the overall performance was still good. The two cleaning heads included with the unit were able to clean up a vast majority of the debris.

Roidmi F8 Value

Maneuverability was another strong suit of the Roidmi. This vacuum can be operated as a stick or handheld, which certainly earns some points in terms of overall maneuverability.

Let’s talk maintenance: 

Maintenance costs are fair, and there is not much to change. Focus on the filter first and brushrolls second, and the Roidmi should continue to perform at a high level.

With regard to warranty and returns, Roidmi offers a 1-year warranty. Additionally, Roidmi offers a 30-day refund policy.

Roidmi F8 Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the Roidmi stick vacuum:

TypeCordless Stick
ModelRoidmi F8
Width 10"
Weight3.3 lbs.
Floor TypeAll (indoor)
Battery2,500 mAh
Dust Bin Capacity0.4 L
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Roidmi F8 Stick Vacuum?

The Roidmi F8 vacuum is a great option for a wide variety of users. Its versatility and strong cleaning performance have landed it a top spot among our the stick vacuums we’ve tested to date.

I would recommend the Roidmi F8 if you’re looking for the following features in a vacuum:

  • Want a great versatility in a 2-in-1 vacuum – Although this is a stick vacuum, the Roidmi can also be used as a handheld vacuum. Several extra attachments are included with this model, allowing users to swap modes quickly for different cleaning styles.
  • Want a long run time – The Roidmi has the ability to run for up to 55 minutes on a full charge at low power. This should be more than enough cleaning time for typical homes.
  • Want an above average performer – There were some struggles with performance, but the overall scores were quite good. If you’re in need of an above average performer and don’t want to spend an insane amount of money, the Roidmi F8 could potentially be a good fit for your home.

For more information on the Roidmi F8 see here.

Scoring Details

  • Design – overall design was great. I would have liked to see a washable lifetime filter and a slightly longer design, but those were the only negatives.
  • Performance – the problems with cereal clogging resulted in missed points. Biggest disappointment was sugar tests on low pile carpet and cereal on high pile. Otherwise, overall performance was great.
  • Quality – Build quality looks and feels fantastic. Not much to complain about here. If it holds up over time it could earn more points.
  • Usability – 2-in-1-design, lots of tools / attachments, and app control? One of the most impressively easy to use vacuums we’ve tested.
  • Value – Not cheap, but not over priced other. You get a lot for what you pay for. The unknown on the battery replacement leaves a little something to be desired.

Update Log

  • August 27, 2018 – the initial version of the page was launched.
Excellent Build Quality & Cool Usability
  • Design - 94%
  • Performance - 93%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 96%
  • Value - 94%


The Roidmi F8 is a cordless stick vacuum with great power, versatility, and adaptability. The 55 minute run time is more than long enough for most users. There are a ton of extra attachments and tools. We saw a few slight hiccups on our low carpet sugar tests and cereal tests, but overall, cleaning performance was top notch. It’s not expensive, but also not cheap. An overall good value that many users would find an excellent vacuum for all around the home.

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  1. Avoid this hoover at ALL cost! I bought the frist one (F8/S1, the same name in different regions), which developed some sort of battery issue after just 3 charges. When the battery reaches ~80% it stops the motor completely. You can still turn it on, but then it stops in a second, no matter the standard gear. There is no indication of what could be the problem, since the app doesn’t indicate anything wrong nor does the on-board LED, so I am clueless. At first this was happening when battery reached ~30% but very quickly it rose to ~80%. I contacted the support and got a replacement hoover (hooray?!). Well, after the first hoover the same problem appeared, currently it stops hoovering at 40%, which I again expect to soon become somewhere around 80%… I sent all the proof to them but the support now says that “hoovering at the highest level for 12min is fine” (they mean turbo, which is something above 180W), but I WASN’T hoovering on max level, it was MEDIUM (130W)! 🙂

  2. Hello,

    With regard to long term maintenance, is the battery user serviceable and if so, will replacements be made available?

    While it’s not as simple a swapping the battery on a power tool, the Dyson does have this ability. I’d prefer a kitted up Riodmi if it saves a few bucks but worry that after a few years a degraded battery will seriously decrease the runtime.

    Thanks for the great and thorough review!

  3. Thank you so much for this review. There are so many mediocre reviews out there, but this was so in depth.
    Really appreciate you taking the time to do this. 🙂