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Valyou Furniture Review: Feathers Sofa Tested

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Valyou is a furniture company that creates all types of quality furniture with budget-friendly pricing. Based in Hawaii, they strive to design furniture that is comfortable to use and easy to set up all while looking great in your home. 

We got to test out the Feathers sofa from Valyou. Wondering if this sofa is a good fit for your home? Let’s dive into our review.

Soft, High Quality Furniture At Great Value


Valyou Feathers Sofa

The Valyou Feathers sofa is an incredibly comfortable and soft couch that is easy to assemble straight out of the box. The poly foam filling and blended fabric come together in a well-built sofa that you will melt into. Based on our tests, we found the Valyou Feathers to be comfortable with great pressure relief and reasonable support depending on the weight of the user.Check Price


  • Good quality build and materials
  • Assembles in 10 minutes without tools
  • Easy to clean with stain-resistant fabrics
  • Plush softness and comfortable to sit or lie on


  • 20% restocking fee upon returning the sofa
  • Heavyweight persons may not get the support or pressure relief they need due to the relative softness


Easy To Assemble, Excellent Quality & Plush Comfort
  • Design - 94%
  • Performance - 94%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Usability - 95%
  • Value - 96%


The Valyou Feathers sofa offers various sizes ranging from 3-to-6 seaters. While the size can vary, the high-quality design remains throughout. During our testing, we found the sofa to be fast to assemble and comfortable to sit on, all while offering a simple and modern aesthetic. The poly fiber filling in the cushions offers a soft feeling you can relax into, with great pressure relief whether you are sitting or lying down.

Who Is Valyou?

Valyou is a furniture company based out of Oahu, Hawaii that makes various types of furniture for all around the house. Their goal is to make quality furniture at a reasonable price that looks good too. 

Valyou Feathers relaxing
Valyou Feathers sofa

They have a wide selection of furniture to choose from for the living room, bedroom, dining room, and even décor options. 

Valyou Feathers Sofa Testing

At Modern Castle we try to bring a testing-driven approach to all of our reviews. For sofas and couches we complete six different tests to help showcase the feel and comfort attributes.

The following is based on the 4-seater model of the Valyou Feathers Sofa.





Pressure Relief








Bounce Test

First we started off with our bounce test. To test bounce we drop a 12 pound medicine ball from around 18″ above the primary seat cushions and see how high it bounces back up.

The bounce of the Valyou sofa is low. Because of the poly foam fill used in the sofa, the energy quickly dissipated and reduced the amount of bounce given from the sofa. 

Sinkage Test

The materials used in the sofa make the sinkage quite deep. Even people who are relatively lightweight will sink through the layer of poly foam comfort material down into the base foam fairly quickly. As a result, you definitely want to be someone who enjoys a high degree of softness and lots of sinkage.

Valyou Feathers sinkage
Valyou Feathers sinkage

I could see that heavyweight persons might find the Feathers sofa lacking in support. In which case you may want to consider the Valyou Loft or Valmoana sofa, both of which offer firmer support.

Pressure Relief Test

There is a high amount of pressure relief especially for light and moderate weight persons. The top layer of foam in the seat and back cushions create excellent softness, which feels great to sit and recline into.

Valyou Feathers laying on sofa
Valyou Feathers laying on sofa

However, heavier persons may find it creates a new source of pressure as they sink through the comfort materials and into the less comfortable poly foam base and foundational frame. 

Support Test

The Valyou Feathers couch has a moderate amount of support. Because of the materials used, the sinkage and pressure relief of the sofa are high. However, this also means the support is somewhat more abrupt and delivered through the foundational frame itself.

Valyou Feathers seat cushion removed
Valyou Feathers seat cushion removed

If you are a lightweight or a moderate weight person then you will find the support to be fine. However, heavyweight users may feel that it isn’t supportive enough to handle their larger stature. 

It’s important to really understand that the Feathers sofa is soft. That softness feels great, but it also means that there isn’t much pushback before you’re hitting the support foam and frame. 

Cooling Test

The Valyou Feathers offered great cooling during our testing series. Poly foam in general can retain heat, however, the overall design of the sofa still does a nice job at prevention any significant heat retention.

Valyou Feathers cooling test before
Valyou Feathers before cooling test
Valyou Feathers cooling test after
Valyou Feathers after cooling test

Firmness Test

The Valyou Feathers sofa is soft. As I mentioned previously, the poly foam filling creates a soft feel that you can sink down into.

firmness 3

While this softness is preferred by some, others may think it too much. If you prefer your sofa to have a little more firm feeling to it, you may consider the Valyou Loft sofa or Valmoana sofa. 

Valyou Feathers Materials & Design

The Valyou Feathers is made of the same set of materials regardless of the size chosen. The parts include:

  • Legs
  • Base
  • Seat
  • Arms
  • Pillows
  • Back

Options & Dimensions

The Valyou Feathers Sofa has 4 different size options to choose from depending on size you need. The sizes range from 3 seater to 6 seater and they have either beige or grey colors available for every size.

Valyou Feathers 4 seater
Valyou Feathers 4 seater
Valyou Feathers 5 seater
Valyou Feathers 5 seater
Valyou Feathers 6 seater
Valyou Feathers 6 seater

The dimensions of the Valyou are almost the same across the different sizes. The only difference is the length itself. Arms, back, depth, and legs are all identical across the various seating options.

Here are are the dimensions of the 3 seater version we tested:

  • Depth: 40”
  • Length: 84”
  • Height: 28”
  • Leg Height: 2”
  • Arm Height: 25”
  • Weight Capacity: 1200 lbs.

How does it go together?

The sofa comes out of the box mostly pre-assembled. For that reason, the back, seat, and arms all come attached in their different sections. 

With the sectionals out of the boxes, you simply need to align the connection bridge, and buckle the pieces together to form a unified sofa. 

Valyou Feathers bottom
Valyou Feathers bottom

After that, re-align the cushions if they have moved around while connecting the sofa, and position the included pillows to your taste, and you are done.

What is it made of?

The fabric of the sofa is made up of a combination of linen, Egyptian cotton, and microfiber.

The cushions and pillows are packed reasonably well to allow a good amount of sinkage and pressure relief while sitting on the sofa. 

Valyou Feathers Sofa seat cushion materials
Valyou Feathers seat cushion materials

The seat cushions have a 2 piece assembly:

  • 1 layer of high density poly foam
  • 1 layer of high density soft foam

This combination of materials gives the sofa a soft feeling when sitting or lying on it, while still offering support through the foam included. 

The back cushions and pillows are 100% poly fiber fill. They are packed at a fairly dense capacity.

Valyou Feathers back cushion insert
Valyou Feathers back cushion insert

The feathers sofa is soft, which creates a super plush feel, but also one that isn’t as supportive as a firmer sofa.


The legs of the Valyou Feathers couch are made of ash wood, and then covered in a metallic paint.

Valyou Feathers leg
Valyou Feathers leg

The legs come pre-attached onto the base of the sofa, and keep the sofa low to the ground. While the design of the legs is simple, it matches the sofa well and helps create the modern aesthetic.


The frame of the sofa is made of pinewood, and it comes in sections that you connect together, no tools required. 

Valyou Feathers bottom
Valyou Feathers bottom

These separate sections are shipped in separate boxes to allow Valyou to ship their sofa quicker and cheaper than if it was all together. Consequently, this also allows you to move the sofa and position it easier, if needed. 


The seat of the Feathers sofa is the more complex of the cushioning pieces. It has an exterior fabric cover that can be removed and machine washed.

Valyou Feathers seat cushion foam
Valyou Feathers seat cushion foam

The interior of the cushion is made up of a layer of what seems to be wool batting, followed by the full seat cushion. Additionally, the seat cushion is compartmentalized sections of poly fiber filling on top of a 2” poly foam base. 


The design of the arms will be the same regardless of what size sofa you choose. They are covered in the same fabric blend as the rest of the sofa and are constructed to have a squarish design for the top. The side of the arm connects seamlessly with the back of the sofa with a uniform design.

Valyou Feathers sofa side
Valyou Feathers sofa side

The arms are padded with a small amount of foam to help with pressure relief and comfort, but it is minimal and designed mostly for support. 


Included with the sofa are 4 pillows to set up how the user sees fit. Similarly to the other cushions, the cover is removable and machine washable. The cover is removed via zipper that is hidden on the back of the pillow by a fabric flap that conceals it. 

Valyou Feathers pillows
Valyou Feathers pillows

Within the exterior, is a fully encased pillow insert. This insert has no zipper, which is preferred by most, because it minimizes the chances of comfort materials escaping.

Valyou Feathers pillow insert and cover
Valyou Feathers pillow insert and cover


The back cushions are essentially giant versions of the pillows. In a similar manner, they also have a removable fabric cover that zips off like the pillows and seat cushions

Inside is a large insert filled with poly fiber fill. The cushion is sufficiently filled to give it the proper shape, while still feeling comfortable and soft to lie on. 

Valyou Feathers back cushion zipper
Valyou Feathers back cushion zipper

The cushions themselves have 3 compartmentalized sections of filling that helps prevent the poly foam from clumping up on one side. 

Quality & Comfort

Overall, the quality of the Valyou Feathers sofa looks and feels excellent. The comfort materials evenly spread out and are high quality, which helps provide an extremely plush feeling.

Valyou Feathers sofa
Valyou Feathers sofa

The fabric blend has a soft yet durable feel and the stitching on all of the fabrics looks incredibly well done. During our assessment of the quality, I didn’t notice any loose threads and only once did I see any comfort material escaping beyond the cushions.

I like that the seat and back cushions use the compartmentalized sections to keep the poly fiber in place.

How to assemble the Valyou Feathers Sofa?

Assembling the Valyou Feathers was incredibly quick and easy. The couch is divided into sections that connect together via a connection bridge and buckle. 

Valyou Feathers connection bridge
Valyou Feathers connection bridge

The different sections together come out of the massive boxes they arrive in, already put together. The rest of the setup process requires no tools and takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

Here is a quick rundown of how to setup the Valyou Feathers couch:

  1. Unbox the sections of the couch (the amount of sections depends on the size of the sofa you select) and removed all the packaging materials
  2. Rotate the sofa seats onto their backs and align the different sections via the connection bridge
  3. Once the sofa is aligned, snap the buckles into place to keep the sofa fit together in a single unified form.
  4. Flip the sofa to the upright position and adjust the seat cushions, back cushions, and pillows to your liking
  5. You’re done

FYI: If you are not sure if the sofa is the right choice for you, make sure to save the original packaging. Valyou only accepts returns or exchanges if original packaging the product came in, is returned with it.

The boxes the sofa came in were huge, possibly some of the largest cardboard boxes I have ever seen. Despite the size of the boxes, the assembly process was simple.

Wash & Care

The Valyou Feathers couch is designed with materials that are stain resistant and easy to clean. Both the pillow and cushions inserts were easily removed from their exterior covers. Getting the inserts back in, was a different story. 

Valyou Feathers insert and covers
Valyou Feathers insert and covers

The seat cushions in particular require several minutes to get the insert pushed back in fully and lined up with the corners and edges. 

Here are the steps to fully clean the sofa:

  1. Clean the upholstery. This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner to quickly clean up any loose particles. If you have different nozzle attachments, you can use them to get into the cracks and crevices of the sofa. 
  2. Treat any stains. This can be done with water or an appropriate solvent-based cleaner. Once the cleaner is applied let it sit and sink in, then take a microfiber cloth and blot the stains. Scrubbing at the stains may let them spread out or sink into the fabric of the sofa.
  3. If additional cleaning is needed, you can remove the covers from the cushions and pillows and put them in the washing machine. Valyou recommends washing the covers on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Make sure you zip up the covers before starting the cycle otherwise they may get tangled up in the wash.
  4. You can line dry the covers once they are done washing, but some people prefer to put the cover on while it is still damp.

The cleaning process is simple, and the ability to machine wash the fabric covers makes it an easy process even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Valyou Feathers washing cover
Valyou Feathers washing cover

The blend of materials in the covers is also meant to be stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about covering the sofa in plastic.

How to buy a Valyou Feathers Sofa?

While Valyou has two locations in Hawaii and shipping is available in all 50 states.. They also have a 14-day return policy if the sofa ends up not working out.

Here is how to place an order:


On their website, you can browse and pick the right product for you. Once on the page for that specific product, you can select between the different sizes (if available) and available color options. 

Valyou Feathers website
Valyou Feathers website

The page for the product includes pricing, images, and warranty options to choose from. 

The page also includes:

  • Dimensions
  • Instructions for assembling the product
  • Instructions for caring for the product


As Valyou’s factory is located in Hawaii, the shipping times can vary depending on your location. Before the sofa leaves the factory it goes through a handling process.

Handling time can take anywhere between 1-5 business days, for us to do a deep quality check, pack, secure and ship your order.

Once that is complete they ship your order. If you are located in Hawaii or the west coast it can take 1-5 business days to arrive. However, if you live on the east coast, expect a longer shipping time ranging from 5-12 business days. 

Valyou Feathers sofa
Valyou Feathers sofa

There will also be a shipping fee, which depends on the location the sofa is being shipped too. This shipping fee can change as well depending on the service requested. If desired Valyou can drop off the package on the curb, or help bring it into the room you want the sofa in. 

Here is a list of the estimated shipping costs depending on location and service selected:

LocationCurbsideInside RoomPickupAssembly included
West Coast$99$250Unavailable Unavailable
East Coast$199$350 Unavailable Unavailable

Trials & Returns

All of Valyou’s items have a 14-day trial and return period. If you decide that this sofa doesn’t fit your needs during this time, you can return it, but it does come with a fee.

Valyou charges 20% of the price paid for the product when processing a return. They also require that the original packaging the product came in, returns with the package back to them.

Valyou Feathers sofa
Valyou Feathers sofa

They also offer a one-time free exchange for an item of equal or greater value. So if you decide the sofa or color doesn’t look quite right, you can find another option that suits you and work with them to exchange it.

Keep in mind that you will still need to keep the original packaging in order to perform an exchange.

Should you buy the Valyou Feathers Sofa?

With all of that in mind, is the Valyou Feather Sofa the right choice for you? It offers an incredibly soft feel that you can sink down and relax into, all with great quality build and materials.

I would recommend the Valyou Feathers for people who are looking for the following in a sofa:

  • High-quality materials excellent build: The different materials chosen are of a good quality and add to the overall look and feel of the sofa. The build is done with precision to increase the life of the sofa, all while providing comfort with a modern look. 
  • Simple and quick assembly: Even though the boxes it came in were big, the assembly process was simple. No tools are required and it takes 10 minutes to have the couch ready to go. 
  • Excellent comfort and softness: The Feathers sofa is quite soft all around. The pillows and cushions being stuffed with poly fiber fill give the sofa a great feel that you can sink into.
  • Easy to clean: The ability to unzip and remove the covers to clean and wash makes it simple to care for. The stain-resistant fabric is an added bonus that helps maintain the sofa even when accidents happen.

For more information or to purchase the Valyou Feathers Sofa click here.

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