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Goplus Spin Mop Review

Derek Hales

Written By: Derek Hales

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Are you a fan of the more traditional mop style? If so, Goplus may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Goplus is a spin mop with a bucket that is designed to tackle virtually any mess that a mop may need to clean up. This week, we’re ready to test the Goplus and determine how well it performs.

Continue reading below to discover if the Goplus is the right spin mop for you.

A Simple Spin Mop


Goplus Spin Mop

The Goplus spin mop is a great mop overall, but there are some areas where I would’ve liked to see improvements. The cleaning performance and majority of the usability are both strong pros, but the quality and way you wring out this mop hold it back just a bit. Nevertheless, still a solid buy considering the price.Check Price


  • The Goplus spin mop had good cleaning performance on all testing types.
  • This spin mop is a convenient option for larger messes.


  • The Goplus spin mop can be more of a task to wring out compared to some other spin mops we have tested.
  • This mop has a poor degree of maneuverability.


Goplus Spin Mop Design

The Goplus spin mop offers an extremely simple design. There are no complicated processes involved with this mop or its overall design.

The Looks

The Goplus design is nothing fancy. It has a purple and white body with a brushed metal wand.

The mop has an extendable handle and a cleaning head. Then there is also the bucket, which is also quite simple. Within the bucket are a max fill line and a wring out section.

When wringing out the mop, users can place the head of the mop within this section of the bucket and spin the mop to drain it of water.

Goplus spin mop & bucket
Goplus spin mop & bucket

Cleaning Heads & Pads

On the bottom of the wand is the cleaning head and pad. The cleaning pad is made up of a large number of microfiber strands, which come together to form one cleaning pad.

The cleaning pad contains a plastic connection ring, which is where the cleaning head can be pressed down onto the pad to snap it into place.

How the Goplus Spin Mop Cleans

The Goplus spin mop doesn’t offer multiple cleaning methods; it is a one-and-done kind of mop. This method of cleaning could be considered manual mopping.

Manual Mopping

This Goplus mop doesn’t have a special cleaning style. Users can dip the cleaning head in water / cleaning solution and manually mop their floors.

The Goplus spin mop cleans through manual mopping
The Goplus mop after cleaning in watered (dyed green for visibility) and mud

This style is more of a traditional method as compared to robot mops, steam mops, or electronic floor cleaners. Some examples to compare against would be the Braava 380tHoover Twin Tank, and the Bissell Crosswave.

Size & Dimensions

The Goplus spin mop stands at 47.2″ in height and 7″ in width. The bucket is also 17″ long, 9.6″ wide, and 8.7″ tall.

Additionally, the combined weight of the mop and bucket is 2.9 pounds.

  • Mop length – 47.2″
  • Mop width – 7″
  • Bucket length – 17″
  • Bucket width – 9.6″
  • Bucket height – 8.7″
  • Combined weight – 2.9 pounds
Goplus size and dimensions

Accessories & Parts

This Goplus spin mop does not include a ton of extra parts and accessories.

The following parts and accessories are included with this spin mop:

Cleaning pad included with the Goplus spin mop

Cleaning Pad: Two cleaning pads are included with the Goplus spin mop. These pads are microfiber and can be washed and reused. If you want more mop replacement heads see here.

Bucket included with the Goplus spin mop

Bucket: A bucket is also included with the Goplus spin mop. The bucket is used to hold water for cleaning as well as wringing out the mop.

While there are not a bunch of extra accessories included with this mop, there are not a lot needed to operate this unit. The mop, cleaning heads, and bucket are all you need to get started with the Goplus spin mop.

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Cleaning Tests

The following tests are designed to show how the Goplus spin mop performs as both a mop and a sweeper.

We tested the Goplus spin mop as a mop on tile flooring, spreading three different debris types across the floor and attempting to mop the debris up over three separate passes.

Next, we tested the Goplus spin mop steam mop as a sweeper, making several sweeping passes across a dusty hardwood floor. After doing so, we took a look at the floors and made our assessment of the Goplus’s cleaning performance.









For starters, the mop test contains three debris types:

  • Dirt / mud
  • Honey
  • Water (dyed green for visibility)

Each of these debris types offer a different level of stickiness and consistency, allowing us to test the Goplus spin mop against a light, heavy, and liquid substance. All three debris types are spread across our testing lane in three separate sections.

Goplus mopping tests - before
Goplus mopping tests – before

Throughout our mopping tests, we try to give real-life examples and be as consistent and fair as possible. The mopping test procedure goes as follows:

  1. Measure out 3 oz of water (dyed green for visibility) and spread the water across the back of the testing lane.
  2. Squirt honey in the middle of the testing lane, covering a majority of the width of the lane.
  3. Create a muddy substance from dirt and water then spread the mud with a shoe.
  4. Make a pass across the testing lane and compare the amount of each debris type mopped up on pass one to the untouched debris.
  5. Make pass number two across the lane and analyze the amount of each debris type mopped up.
  6. Make a third pass, if necessary.

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Mopping Tests

The Goplus spin mop performed quite well throughout all of our cleaning tests. There were not many hiccups along the way as we tested the Goplus in a few different situations.

Water Cleaning

Cleaning up water was a breeze for this mop. To my surprise, the Goplus spin mop’s cleaning pad was able to soak up a large amount of the water before it began to spread the water across our testing lane.

Water test against the Goplus spin mop
Water test against the Goplus spin mop

After a single pass over the water, the mop soaked up nearly half of the total water we spread out across our tile floor testing lane. Two more passes and we found that there was hardly any water left on the lane. Yet, we did find that the mop was spreading the water into other areas of the lane as we continued mopping.

This was not a huge issue, as we were able to wring out the mop and make one final pass over the lane and there was no water remaining.

Mud Cleaning

The mud test was another winner for the Goplus spin mop. A single pass over the mud left virtually no mud on our testing lane. The water and microfiber cleaning pad were able to lift all of the mud from our testing lane

Mud test against the Goplus spin mop
Mud test against the Goplus spin mop

The mud test was probably the most impressive cleaning test we completed.

Honey Cleaning

Honey was an area where I expected the mop to show a bit of struggle, yet that was not the case. Once again, the mops ability to drench the sticky debris helped it get through the honey without any issues.

Honey test against the Goplus spin mop
Honey test against the Goplus spin mop

Overall, our cleaning tests proved to be an easy match for the Goplus spin mop.

Sweeping Tests

Much like the mopping tests, the sweeping tests were another success story for the Goplus mop. We selected a patch of hardwood floor with high foot traffic and mopped over the area.

Used cleaning pad on the Goplus spin mop
Used cleaning pad on the Goplus spin mop

After doing so, we found that the Goplus spin mop was able to remove the layer of dust and dirt from our hardwood floors with ease.

Is the Goplus Spin Mop Easy to Use?

Using the Goplus spin mop is not a difficult task. This mop is one of the most basic mops we have tested to date.

Setting It Up

Once all parts are removed from the box, users must screw the wand together. This is completed by inserting a portion of the wand into the centerpiece of the wand and rotating the cap until the wand is securely fastened together.

Assembling the Goplus spin mop takes less than 2 minutes
Assembling the Goplus spin mop takes less than 2 minutes

From there, users must screw the wand into the cleaning head. After screwing the head to the wand, the cleaning head can be attached.

Lay the pad flat on the ground with the plastic wring facing upwards and push the bottom of the cleaning head into the pad. You will hear a snapping noise as everything is properly attached.

Filling the Bucket

Filling the bucket is easy. Take the bucket in its entirety to the sink and fill it with water until you have reached the max fill line. Avoid going over this line or you will have issues wringing out the cleaning pad.

Wringing It Out

To wring out the cleaning head, place the head into the spin portion (white tray) of the bucket. From there, loosen up the bottom half of the wand and spin the mop using your hands. The cleaning pad will compact due to the pressure of spinning, and fling the water in the bucket.

Wrining out the cleaning pad on the Goplus is completed by manually spinning the mop
Wringing out the cleaning pad on the Goplus is completed by manually spinning the mop

This was one of the flaws I found with this mop. In my opinion, the foot pedal pumping action used by the O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop is a much more efficient way of wringing out a mop.

The manual spinning of the Goplus can become tedious, as compared to the simple pumping of a foot pedal from the O-Cedar.


Maneuverability on the Goplus is good, but not great. The way the cleaning head rotates is an area where I would have liked to see Goplus do a bit better.

  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Power: Manual
  • Height: 47.2″
  • Turning: 30°


When trying to turn the Goplus spin mop, you have to first apply pressure to the head of the mop from an angle. This will release the mop’s cleaning head and allow it to turn. If you do not do this, you will find yourself trying to turn the mop with a stiff head.

Flat Lay

On the positive side, the ability of this mop to lie virtually flat is impressive. We were able to basically drop this mop flat on the ground without having the cleaning head come up off of the ground. This is a major benefit when trying to clean underneath furniture and other obstacles in your home.

The Goplus spin mop is able to lie flat on the ground without having the head lift up
The Goplus spin mop is able to lie flat on the ground without having the head lift up.

Movement Ease

One other positive maneuverability note about this mop is the total weight. The combined weight of the mop and bucket (without water) is only 2.9 pounds. Once you add water, the weight will vary but it never felt unreasonably heavy as I was cleaning.


The following table indicates the frequency at which you will likely want to replace the various parts and components of the mop. However, your individual experiences may vary.

Accessory / PartReplacement FrequencyReplacement Cost
Cleaning padAs neededCheck Price

Maintaining the Goplus spin mop is simple. Wash and replace the cleaning pads as necessary and clean the bucket as needed. There is not a ton of work required from the user when it comes to maintaining this mop.

Maintaining the Goplus spin mop on an annual basis should be around $6.This includes replacing cleaning pads twice a year.

If you do decide to use a cleaning solution in addition to water when mopping, your annual costs could be a bit higher.

Is the Goplus Spin Mop a Good Value?

The Goplus spin mop offers quite a good value. The price is extremely low, the performance is well above average, and the ease of use is hard to beat.

Go plus spin mop review

Throughout our cleaning tests, we saw a solid performance from this Goplus mop. All three debris types were mopped up with ease.

Maneuverability was an area where I believe Goplus could’ve done slightly better, but the overall level of movement was good.

Maintenance is another pro, as the annual costs are among the lowest we have seen to date.

With regard to warranty and returns, Goplus offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return period, via

Goplus Spin Mop Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the Goplus spin mop:

TypeSpin mop
ModelMagic 360°
Weight2.9 lbs.
Floor TypeAll hard floor (indoor)
Water Tank Capacity6 L
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the Goplus Spin Mop?

The Goplus spin mop is a well-rounded mop that could be beneficial to a wide variety of users. Its simplicity and strong cleaning performance make it one of the more impressive mops we have tested to date

I would recommend the Goplus if you’re looking for the following features in a spin mop:

  • Don’t mind more of a traditional mop – The Goplus spin mop comes with a basic mop and a bucket. Users have to drench the cleaning pad in water and mop their floors. There is no special cleaning style about this specific mop, so you will want to be sure you are okay with a minimalist mop.
  • Don’t need a ton of bells and whistles – This spin mop does not come with any special features (besides spinning to wring out water).
  • Want a strong performer – Although the Goplus spin mop is fairly basic, the cleaning performance this mop provides is hard to beat.

For more information on the Goplus spin mop visit here.

Simple design, Impressive performance
  • Design - 93%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Quality - 88%
  • Usability - 91%
  • Value - 92%


The Goplus spin mop is a simple mop designed to handle a wide variety of messes. This mop is extremely easy to use and takes no time to setup. If you’re a fan of a more traditional mop and don’t mind manually mopping your floors, the Goplus could be a good, inexpensive option.

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