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LIFX Beam Kit Review

Derek Hales

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Smart LED Décor


LIFX Beam Kit

The LIFX Beam Kit is an LED beam decor piece that’s a great way to add color and light around your home. The beam is adjustable, multicolor, dimmable, and doesn’t require a hub to work. Takes about 5 minutes to setup and is simple to use. A great addition to your smart home lineup.Check Price


  • Comes with 7 separates units — 6 beams and a corner for layout customization
  • Customizable LED colors via smartphone
  • Compatible with smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • Can be extended with extra beam sections and corners (max 8 sections & 2 corner)


  • Primarily only used for accent lighting
  • Definitely not inexpensive

LIFX Smart Beam Kit

The LIFX Beam Kit is a set of seven parts — 6 straight beams and one corner. This kit can be assembled in:

  • Multiple configurations
  • A range of 16 million colors
  • With dimmmable brightness
  • With 10 zones per beam
LIFX Beam Kit review

The beams are quick and easy to combine or separate, using magnetic connections, and the whole assembly plugs into a traditional wall outlet (plug type A).

What do you use LIFX beams for?

The LIFX beam set is great for unique accent lighting that can be used independently or to frame special pieces, like a media center or console.

LIFX Beam Kit and LIFX Smart Bulb
LIFX Beam Kit can create millions of different color combinations and themes

The beam can be programmed to show one color for the entire assembly or divided — offering up to 10 different zoned areas per beam for a lighting display that is truly unique.

What makes it smart?

Like the LIFX smart light bulb, the LIFX beam set offers wireless control directly from your smartphone using the LIFX app or via voice control.

LIFX Beam kit app configuration
LIFX Beam kit app configuration

It is compatible with a wide range of smart technologies including:

  • Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Microsoft Cortana

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How are LIFX beams installed?

The LIFX beams are installed using 3M Command strips that stick directly to the wall and limit damage when it’s time to move them.

LIFX Beam Kit command strip install
All sections have a pre-installed command strip on the back, for easy install

This also means no need to drill holes into your wall.

Size & Dimensions

As mentioned above, the LIFX smart beam kit includes 6 straight beams and one corner beam. Assembled end to end (without the corner) this smart light set could stretch up to 70″ long and is 1.37″ wide and 0.78″ thick.

LIFX Beam kit section
The end of the single beam section, which doubles as a powered magnetic connector

Here are the exact specs for each beam segment:

  • Length: 11.8″
  • Width: 1.37″
  • Height– 0.78″
  • Weight – 0.21 pounds

Accessories & Parts

The LIFX smart light beam set is a pre-packed kit of parts, needed to install a unique lighting display in your home. The kit includes the following:

  • 6 straight beams
  • 1 corner connector
  • 0.5m cable (from power plug to controller)
  • 2.0m cable from controller unit to beam
LIFX Beam Kit parts
LIFX Beam Kit sections, power, corner, and controller

LIFX Beam Kit Performance

The performance and usability of the LIFX Beam Kit was similar to the LIFX smart bulb in a lot of ways. They use the same LIFX app, have the same color options, and are both incredibly simple to setup.

To score this are, we’re looking at the following specs:

  • Ease of Setup
  • Control
  • Customization
  • Light Output
  • Expansion

Ease of Setup

Setting up the LIFX smart beams is intutive and relatively simple.

Installing the LIFX Beam Kit

Installing the LIFX is easy, but using a level can help depending your configuration.

It is quick and easy to connect or disconnect the beams (they use magnetic connections). Once you decide on a layout, install just consists of peeling back the adhesive cover to the 3M Command strips and sticking it to the walls.

LIFX Beam Kit Installation
3M Command Strips make installing fairly painless

To control the unit you’ll need to use the app or voice control, but both are intuitive and easy to use.

The LIFX smart beam kit does not require a smart hub to work — only a wifi connection and pairing the device to a wifi network takes around 5 minutes, in our experience.


The LIFX smart beams can be controlled using two different methods:

  1. Using the LIFX app on your smartphone
  2. Using voice control (when paired with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, etc)

NOTE: LIFX is also compatible with the smart device system, Samsung SmartThings.

LIFX Beam Kit

Using the LIFX app or voice control…

This hands-free approach does require a bit of setup, but as mentioned above, it takes just a few minutes.

Basically, you’ll need to connect to your wifi network and pair your LIFX beams. Once paired you’ll be able to control each beam independently of one another to adjust brightness or color.

From the app you can customize settings, apply pre-set beam themes, or create new effects. Each beam has up to 10 zones that can be customized for a truly unique look.


The LIFX smart light beams are incredibly customizable. You can change up the layout (6 beams and 1 corner included in the kit), the color (16 million color options with 10 different zones per beam), or the brightness (dimmable from your smartphone or voice control).

LIFX Beam Kit configuration options
LIFX Beam Kit configuration options

Light Output

The light output of the LIFX beam kit was surprisingly bright. The exact output at full brightness is not listed, but LIFX does offer up the wattage usage. The usage of 6 beams at full brightness is somewhere around the equivalent of 27 watts.

LIFX Beam Kit white light full power
LIFX Beam Kit at full power (white light)

One quick note:

Wattage usage doesn’t equal light output. In traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, they take more watts to run than a modern LED style bulb. In many cases, the LED style bulbs will actually put out a higher amount of light without requiring more wattage usage to do it.


The LIFX Beam Kit arrives at your doorstep with expansion in mind, including 7 separate pieces to use for customized configurations. However, if you want a little more length or an extra corner piece, you can add those.

The beam kit supports up to 8 beam sections and 2 corners per controller.

Is the LIFX Beam Kit a Good Value?

LIFX smart beam kit - value

If you’re looking for a unique approach to custom accent lighting, the LIFX Beam Kit can be a great option and considering all the parts that are included it’s a pretty decent value.

It includes 7 different segments for a unique layout to suit your space and is easy to customize color and light output.

You can control the beams from your smartphone, voice control, or from the unit itself (which is the only option that doesn’t require an internet connection).

The beams are also easy to install on most interior walls. Note: The LIFX beams are not approved to mount on the ceiling or exterior applications.

If you’re looking for a large custom lighting installation, the LIFX Beam Kit is an excellent value with lots of options for customization.

LIFX Smart Beam Specifications

Below is a table showing the full list of specifications of the LIFX Smart Beam Kit:

LIFX Beam Kit
LIFX smart light bulb
SizePer Beam: 11.8 x 1.37 x 0.78 in
Kit contains 6 beams and 1 corner
Life Span22 years (LEDs)
Beam Zones10 controllable zones
Light TypeColor-Changing LED (16 million colors)
Light StrengthDimmable
Wattage Use27 W for 6 beams at full brightness
ControlSmartphone control, Voice control
Hub Required? No
PriceCheck Price

Who Should Buy the LIFX Smart Beam Kit?

THE LIFX Smart Beam Kit is a 7-part kit of 6 linear beams and 1 connecting corner. These beams are dimmable, offer over 16 million colors that can be combined across 10 different zones per beam. That means a lot of options in terms of layout, color, and light output.

I would recommend the LIFX Beam Kit if you’re looking for the following features in smart lighting system: 

  • Easy to control: The LIFX beams are easy to control using the LIFX app on your smartphone or voice control (when paired with a smart device).
  • Customizable size: These beams are also easy to customize the size and layout, making it large and impactful or sleek and modern. Using all straight pieces, you can make an assembly up to 70″ long.
  • Easy to install: Install is also incredibly easy with the LIFX smart beams. They come with included 3M Command strips on the back of each beam. These strips are approved for standard indoor wall applications, but not approved for ceiling or outdoor applications.

For more information on the LIFX smart beam kit, see here.

Why did the LIFX smart beam kit score the way it did?

  • Design – Simple and intuitive. Setup is painless. Works great and looks great.
  • Performance – Does exactly what they claim do to do and does it well.
  • Quality – 22 year life span on the LEDs themselves. I doubt the controller will last that long, nevertheless, feels and looks like a quality product.
  • Usability – Incredibly simple to install and use. I did not need to consult the instructions. Plug it in, get the app, done.
  • Value – Definitely not cheap, but is a fairly unique product and great usability. Solid value overall.
LED Decor Made Easy
  • Design - 95%
  • Performance - 95%
  • Quality - 94%
  • Usability - 97%
  • Value - 90%


The LIFX Beam Kit is a customizable, modular, dimmable, LED decor piece for the modern home. It’s controlled via your smartphone or with voice control. Takes just a few minutes to install and customize with the app. A great way to add light or a color pop to any room and easily integrated into your broader smart home setup.

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