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It only takes a few small changes to your daily life to make a big impact on how much water you use. Water conservation is important because we need water to live.

Water Conservation Resources

If we don’t take care of our water supply, we won’t have enough clean water to drink, cook with, or bathe in. Plants and animals can also suffer when they don’t have clean water. Learning about how to protect and save water is important, and it can also be fun!

Conserve Water With Aqua

Watch a video about a girl named Aqua and how she learns about saving water. Then, you can print out a coloring book or comic book for more fun.

25 Ways You Can Be a Water Hero

National Geographic Kids offers 25 tips for how you can help to conserve water and protect the planet.

Water Conservation Activity Book

Learn about the water cycle and water conservation while having fun with the word scrambles, mazes, and quizzes in this activity book.

Water Tip Tank Game

Test your memory by flipping over the cards to match the pairs. For every pair you find, you’ll learn a helpful tip about using water wisely.

Water Conservation Workbook

This workbook is filled with activities and games about water and ways that we can use less of it.

WaterSense for Kids

If you’re thirsty for knowledge, the EPA can help with this page of facts, activities, and games.

Water Use Calculator

You can use this handy calculator to find out the amount of water your family uses. The calculator will add up the number of gallons you use on a daily basis.

Drop in the Bucket

This worksheet can help you think about how much water is used all over the world and where that water comes from.

Facts About Water

This brochure has a lot of fun tips about water that you may not have heard before.

Conservation Concentration

This matching game covers all kinds of conservation, not just water conservation. Find the matching pictures as fast as you can: The clock is running!

Teaching Conservation in America

In this article, former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar talks about getting kids involved in learning more about conservation.

How Much Water Do You Use at Home?

Did you know that you use a lot of water in your everyday life? Enter your answers about things you do every day and you can learn how much water you use.

Saving Water Outdoors

This page has tips and tricks for saving water while gardening.

Water Conservation Tips

The state of Indiana offers helpful tips for how to conserve water all around your house.

Ten Tips for Outdoor Water Conservation

This page has a bunch of fun and helpful tips that you and your family can use while trying to save water inside and outside of your home.

Stop Water Waste

Even small actions can help to save water, like turning off the sink while you’re brushing your teeth.

Earth Savers: Water Conservation Tips for Kids

This page lists some fun and easy ways to conserve water and keep your town’s water from getting polluted.

Edible Aquifer

Create your own model of an aquifer out of sweet treats to learn about where your water comes from. When you’re done, you can eat the results!

Play a Game to Learn About Water Conservation

This fun board game was created by a Girl Scout troop leader to teach her troop about water use. It’s a great way to learn while having fun!

Water Conservation Activities for Kids

Try these fun activities you can do at home to learn about the importance of water conservation while obtaining life-long habits that are good for the environment.

Conservation Puzzle

Each of these puzzles promotes smart habits and teaches you about water while you have fun.

Water Conservation for Kids: How Kids Can Help to Save Water

Saving water doesn’t have to be something only adults can do; even kids can help out around the house to keep water from being overused in your home and town.

Conservation Facts for Kids

Scroll down to learn some incredible facts about how we use water and how you can use less of it.

Water Activity Book

Conserving water can be fun! San Jose Water has created some fun activities to help you learn more about water conservation.

Professor Davis Green Saves Water

Play a matching game to learn about ways to save water, or play a game that asks you to find water leaks and save the town’s water supply. Play both to become a certified water conservation whiz!

The Water Game

This is a great game for a group of friends or a whole class to play outside while learning about water conservation.

Water Conservation Tips for Kids

These 35 tips can help any kid do their part to save water inside and outside of the home.

A Teacher’s Guide to Water Conservation

This lesson includes games, activities, and facts that your class can use together to become water-wise!

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